To. ITZY, From. JYP Family

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • To. ITZY, From. JYP Family
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  • BOSHAN _skz
    BOSHAN _skz 4 days ago

    Where's stray kids !!!?

  • Shirira Asakura
    Shirira Asakura 7 days ago

    Jyp Family💖❤💕❣💓💞💗💘💝

  • Gladis Tazaka
    Gladis Tazaka 13 days ago +2


  • Gladis Tazaka
    Gladis Tazaka 13 days ago

    MR. JYP please give a subtitle on all videos 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • LoVe BtS YoU cAnT sToP mE

    Welcome ITZY! We'll make sure to *FANCY* You and give you *DALLA DALLA* 's

  • Sweech Smooch
    Sweech Smooch 20 days ago

    I was waiting for stray kids

  • A I N S l E Y
    A I N S l E Y 21 day ago +2

    I only understand
    Come and get it got7
    Dalla dalla

  • Hyunjinnie
    Hyunjinnie 21 day ago +1

    I miss our Suzy 😭❤️

  • Cyrene Villanueva
    Cyrene Villanueva 26 days ago

    I love to see all the JYP artists support there princess💖😍

  • Cyrene Villanueva
    Cyrene Villanueva 26 days ago

    I'm happy and proud because I've been with them since then and I promise to support them at the end💖
    ITZY is so cool,sexy,hot they can dance ,sing,rap all they are so Talented and cutie😍💖We love ITZY 😘we support you until the end 😘

  • MyDay _2705
    MyDay _2705 26 days ago

    Hey guys! If you have vlive you can watch this with English subs here:
    If you don’t have vlive, you can get it on the App Store or google play and it’s completely free! Most of the JYP official videos on TheXvid that do not have English subs can be found on vlive with English subs

  • tAeHyUnG Kim Is blank
    tAeHyUnG Kim Is blank 29 days ago +1

    They look like they were forced to be happy 💀

  • Gayuh Pamungkas
    Gayuh Pamungkas 29 days ago


    • MyDay _2705
      MyDay _2705 26 days ago

      Gayuh Pamungkas hello, I don’t know if you’re being serious about this comment, but if you are please don’t start any fan wars. If you don’t like ITZY please remember that it’s just because you have a different taste in music than others. I personally don’t like Blackpink, but I respect them because I know that it’s not their fault and it’s just because they don’t suit my style of music. Honestly, from this comment, you’re not doing nothing but making yourself look bad. As far as I know, ITZY did nothing that would make Blinks hate them. ITZY fans don’t need any fan wars right now and I’m pretty sure Blinks don’t need them either. So please stop trying to start fan wars when you have nothing to base it off of except competition. But even if it’s about competition, look, life is pretty much filled with competition. Going to school? You’re competing with your classmates to get in that top 10 and go to a good uni. Getting a job? You’re competing with the other people who want that same job. Playing a sport? Well there’s competition everywhere in the sports world. Same with the music world. You’re closest friends who work in the same industry as you are still competition. So I said it before and I’ll say it again: commenting this is doing nothing except making you look bad and make it seem like you’re 10 years old and know nothing about the real world. ITZY doesn’t need fan wars and neither does Blackpink or any other Kpop group for that matter.
      Okay this came out longer than I expected but please, ITZY is ITZY, Blackpink is Blackpink. Even if you don’t like one of them, you still have to respect them as they have worked hard to get to where they are today. It’s not like they just woke up one day and suddenly debuted. I’m not saying you can’t like them, of course you can not like them; you just have to respect them.

  • Kevin Zhao
    Kevin Zhao Month ago

    who's that at 1:46?

    • MyDay _2705
      MyDay _2705 26 days ago

      Kevin Zhao that’s jimin, also known as Jamie and she’s part of 15& and is a host on ASC (after school club)

  • 트와이스사랑해


  • potaeto fries
    potaeto fries Month ago

    When i saw this vid i knew i wont understand what they're saying lol but still watching

  • Anonymous Bang
    Anonymous Bang Month ago

    *i can totally understand the subtitles, thx.*

  • Park Nayoen Hye
    Park Nayoen Hye Month ago

    Ryujin, She is so Lucky😍 Because She is Aghases🦄🍏

  • Park Nayoen Hye
    Park Nayoen Hye Month ago


  • Prince Tiro
    Prince Tiro Month ago

    Ahh no eng sub

  • [영혼]YeongHon
    [영혼]YeongHon Month ago


  • Kh Em
    Kh Em Month ago

    Hihihi english please :(

  • Dan L
    Dan L Month ago

    와 JYP 아이돌 최고다

  • Julianne Harttt
    Julianne Harttt Month ago

    Am the only one who noticed this? But Yuna resembles Tzuyu a bit

    ONCE _KEN Month ago


  • najeongmosajimidachaetzu fromis 9

    Even tho they don't put subtitle I'm so thankful ITZY belong to JYP ♥

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika Month ago

    We need a reaction video from Itzy now...

    ANONYMOUS Human Month ago +1

    I MiSS You Suzy 😘❤️

  • sydney diamond twice are legend

    I MISS SUZY!!!😫😫😫😫😫

  • jimin thicc
    jimin thicc Month ago +1

    Im glad i studied korean. Now I just need to read the subtitles to understand.

    • YarnCatzzz OwO
      YarnCatzzz OwO Month ago +1

      @jimin thicc oh it's ok then

    • jimin thicc
      jimin thicc Month ago

      @YarnCatzzz OwO im sorry but that's a lot of work tho. Besides Im not that pro in Korean. I just understand the words written in the subtitles but Im not sure with the exact proper construction of the sentences if ever I will translate.

    • YarnCatzzz OwO
      YarnCatzzz OwO Month ago +1

      Could you translate?

  • Nathalie Lanit
    Nathalie Lanit Month ago

    I need to learn korean

  • Fauzia
    Fauzia Month ago +1

    So baek yerin is not part of jyp again or what?

  • Jason Mortel
    Jason Mortel 2 months ago

    I need English sub

  • Tyche thegreek
    Tyche thegreek 2 months ago

    Subtititle please T.T

    CLERT FOX 2 months ago

    glad i learned korean for 2 years it was worth it

  • Ch3s1r3 0nc3
    Ch3s1r3 0nc3 2 months ago

    Awww...while warching this vid its like i am gonna cry from the speech of JYP Family to ITZY 😭😢

  • Adelia Magfirotul
    Adelia Magfirotul 2 months ago +8

    Owww Bae suzy..😭
    why out from JYP

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 2 months ago

    0:46 i wonder why he laughed
    I guess he understood that the fact that he is reading from somewhere has become obvious.😂

    FOREVER GLOW 2 months ago

    were is the rest of got7??

    FOREVER GLOW 2 months ago

    twice are supporting itzy so don't compare them anymore

  • malki zuravin
    malki zuravin 2 months ago


  • Ald2215 ms
    Ald2215 ms 2 months ago

    Twice filmed this at their Pocari Sweat advertisement shooting

  • LaziLy
    LaziLy 2 months ago

    They misspelled million during twices introduction 😂 ITZY welcome to the family!

  • Brandy Arzu Mella
    Brandy Arzu Mella 2 months ago

    This video: Lemme add korean subs to korean subs

  • Peter Widik
    Peter Widik 2 months ago

    They are family. I cry to see all of JYP Idol to support each other and loving eachother. So warmfull💕💕

  • Karen
    Karen 2 months ago

    The fact that the only one that I understand is Jimin.

  • SuperAvocado
    SuperAvocado 2 months ago

    Creating english subtitles don't take too much time and JYP is a big company with hundreds of staff...
    Putting subtitles is a good marketing strategy to attract foreign fans and it doesn't require much effort. C'mon JYP, what are you doing???

  • JOJO slow
    JOJO slow 2 months ago


    PARKCHOU KIMLEECHA 2 months ago

    I only understand the'one in a million hello we are Twice' Itzy congratulations on your debut

  • 전지나Jina
    전지나Jina 2 months ago

    You should add subtitel to international fans, i really not understand what's going on

  • Jemay Im
    Jemay Im 2 months ago

    JYP please put subtitles. We will appreciate it all. 😊

    JENSOO 4EVA 2 months ago


    JENSOO 4EVA 2 months ago

    ITZY fans cant wait to their fandom name

  • 장서영
    장서영 2 months ago +1

    전 개인적으로 다른 소속사도 너무너무 좋지만...JYP는 전부 칙하고 노래도 다 좋고ㅠㅠ 최고인것 같아 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠ

  • 에리스elise
    에리스elise 2 months ago +1

    사랑해, 있지!

  • Kpop World TV Show
    Kpop World TV Show 2 months ago

    Got7 have younger group Stray Kids!
    Twice have young group too!? ITZY

  • Pratama's TV
    Pratama's TV 2 months ago

    there is no stray kids? ohmy.

  • 세요?뭐하
    세요?뭐하 2 months ago

    Stray kids? Boy story? :( i know these two are rookies as well but welcoming as JYP family ain't a problem right? :(

  • BrahmsLover
    BrahmsLover 2 months ago

    정말 기라성같은 선배들이네 ㅎㅎㅎ
    쇼케이스 mc를 걸그룹레전드 원더걸스가 해주다니 ㅎㅎ 진짜 영광이다

  • P범
    P범 2 months ago

    박진영pd님은 왜 응원 안해주세요 흥

  • Brixxmin1429
    Brixxmin1429 2 months ago +1

    they put korean subtitles because its for ITZY guys... not us :)

    PROUD_ MULTIFANDOM_-3- 2 months ago

    Welcome to the JYP family ITZY!! we will support you until the end

  • Eunice Oropel
    Eunice Oropel 2 months ago


  • David Santos
    David Santos 2 months ago

    Eng sub plss

  • minari미나_YT
    minari미나_YT 2 months ago

    Twice x itzy!

  • Worldwide Handsome BITCHES


  • I’m everywhere I’m nowhere

    why does Twice look like their going to make an advertisement for Pocari sweat?

  • Number 1 : SF9 and Monsta X

    I watched a good cover : ITZY - WANT IT ? (COVER BY ZUASENAI).

  • Bigo Fans
    Bigo Fans 2 months ago +1

    now Suzy left JYP :(

  • cotton candy
    cotton candy 2 months ago


  • cotton candy
    cotton candy 2 months ago


  • Lee Lris76
    Lee Lris76 2 months ago

    Why stray kids not ?

  • Nayeonie 235
    Nayeonie 235 2 months ago


  • Seanyotoke YGxJYP
    Seanyotoke YGxJYP 2 months ago

    where are 2pm members?😥

  • 00ナース
    00ナース 2 months ago

    Please, put eng subtitle, try a least looks like u care with ur international fans. af

  • nisuke 23
    nisuke 23 2 months ago

    Waahhh mahal namin kayooooo from philippines😍💖

  • 妤 妤
    妤 妤 2 months ago


  • 윤동하
    윤동하 3 months ago +2

    JYP에 있지가 있지~

  • Angel Reedus
    Angel Reedus 3 months ago +1

    TWICE!!! ❤

  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 3 months ago +2

    Guys we stan the right company 😊😊👍👍

  • X o g u d.
    X o g u d. 3 months ago

    Uwuu tzuyu is gonna be an unnie now she's so happy aaaaa

  • GOT7 darling
    GOT7 darling 3 months ago

    น่ารักอ่ะ GOT7 ไม่รู้ขะเขียนไหร่ดี

  • Chungha `
    Chungha ` 3 months ago +1

    I'm waiting for Stray Kids to congratulate them..

  • kim Jon
    kim Jon 3 months ago

    twice 💞💞💞😻

  • RyuJen Stan
    RyuJen Stan 3 months ago

    omg mark and bam bam, i miss them♥️

  • RyuJen Stan
    RyuJen Stan 3 months ago

    i. need. translation. right.NOW

  • changbeens
    changbeens 3 months ago


  • kpop lover 6782
    kpop lover 6782 3 months ago +1

    I hate itzy stop wasting your time on talentless girls

  • Irma Benitez
    Irma Benitez 3 months ago

    Stray kids?

  • Paola Rodriguez Kpoper forever

    que lindo que tengan el apoyo de la familia de JYP

  • Sooyaaa_Jichu Slays at Everything

    subtitles please!

  • Multifandom In your area!

    I am actually thankful I understand a little LOL

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman 3 months ago

    my 2 fav companies that I love (cuz they treat artists like family) are Bighit and JYP

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman 3 months ago


  • Ella Mae Concepcion
    Ella Mae Concepcion 3 months ago

    english caption pleeeeease!!! 😭😭

  • Meiah Sullivan
    Meiah Sullivan 3 months ago

    Youngjae 🥰😭

  • Bunny AERI
    Bunny AERI 3 months ago

    Where Taecyeon, Nickhun, Chansung, JunK, Wooyoung ? :"(

  • RosieKookieBeomgyuRyujinLovelies

    I'm new to JYP artists, can someone tell me who everyone is?? I'm so confused lol

    • broccoli bang Christopher
      broccoli bang Christopher Month ago

      This might be late but here's the list anyways
      *Wonder girls* (disbanded girl group. Yubin and hyelim were in the video (at the end))
      *Miss A* (disbanded girl group. Suzy went solo for a while and was in the beginning of the video)
      *2PM* (2nd gen boy group, Junho (member of 2PM) was second in the video)
      *2AM* (disbanded 2nd gen boy group. Since all members left JYP they weren't in the video, but they are forever in JYP nations hearts)
      *15&* (girl duo, both members went solo. Jiminxjamie was in the video, baek yerin although wasn't)
      *GOT7* (active boy group, three members (youngjae, mark and bambam from left to right) were in the video) [JJ project and JUS2 are both boy group duo's with got7 members, jjp debuting before GOT7 and JUS2 after]
      *Day6* (boy band (rock) of 5 members, originally 6)
      *Twice* (active girl group, also nations girl group, of 9 members)
      *Stray kids* (9 membered boy group debuted in 2018, although weren't in the video)
      *Itzy* (5 membered newly debuted girl group)
      *Baek a yeon* (solo female active artist)
      *Nakjoon* (solo male artist who is also a DJ)
      *Boystory* (a Chinese boy group)
      And of course, *JYP* (founder of JYP entertainment)
      Many members from old groups went solo and are still from JYP like wooyoung, Junho, jun.k, nichkhun, yubin, hyelim, etc
      G.O.D was a first gen legend from JYP
      Other ex-JYP artists include rain, park jiyoon, g.soul, San E, Fei and jia (ex miss A members)
      Jeon Somi debuted in I.O.I under JYP, although she left some time back

  • Sniped Up!
    Sniped Up! 3 months ago

    What are Jeongyeon and Momo doing?

  • 마동석
    마동석 3 months ago

    모모는 인사를 하는 건지 안 하는 건지 모르겠다 아무리 그래도 고개는 좀 숙여라