Stranger Things | Holidays Upside Down | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Happy holidays from Stranger Things! Millie, Finn, Noah, Caleb, Gaten, and Sadie teamed up in Mike’s basement to wrap presents for some of our biggest Stranger Things fans. And things turned a little...upside down.
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    Stranger Things | Holidays Upside Down | Netflix
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  • falloutskyy
    falloutskyy Day ago +1

    Cant wait for S3 !!!
    Hey guys, some time ago i did an Stranger Things inspired instrumental,
    feel free to check it out :
    :) Thanks!

  • Lisa Oppa
    Lisa Oppa 4 days ago

    Did he just said ”Jennie from BlackPink”?!

  • Lamanda Sheryl
    Lamanda Sheryl 4 days ago

    “i’m into cardi b” KKSJAKAJAJ WRAPPER NOT RAPPER

  • Loida Blen
    Loida Blen 5 days ago


  • Leann Jaco
    Leann Jaco 5 days ago

    How are you OMG I love stranger things

  • [ONE:1]Koenigsegg
    [ONE:1]Koenigsegg 6 days ago

    97% Jennie from Blackpink
    2% Actual things discussing about this video
    1% This

  • Eren Bazancir
    Eren Bazancir 7 days ago


  • Li Bli
    Li Bli 9 days ago

    JENNIE 💖👑

  • Korissa Moore
    Korissa Moore 10 days ago +1

    People behind camera: who is the best Wrapper?
    Millie: Umm I’m into Cardi B
    Sadie: ....

  • Zeynep KURU
    Zeynep KURU 10 days ago

    I love your my babes❣💕

  • Boriiing Lastname
    Boriiing Lastname 10 days ago +1

    I be flossing
    I be flossing
    I be flossing

  • HQU
    HQU 10 days ago

    CHRISTMAS! Not "the holidays".

  • Maia B
    Maia B 11 days ago

    Sadie getting hurt by Noah for 2:21 minutes

  • *-*Ravenclaw Love*-*
    *-*Ravenclaw Love*-* 11 days ago

    Finn :Jennie from Blackpink
    Me: *spots out tea*

  • krystal dalton
    krystal dalton 11 days ago


  • Jason Swoyer
    Jason Swoyer 12 days ago

    Love the show... Woohoo

  • Siobhán mckenna
    Siobhán mckenna 12 days ago

    *when you don't know who jennie from blackpink is and everyone in the comment section is talking about it*

    • Siobhán mckenna
      Siobhán mckenna 9 days ago

      +Jenny Bansag ok thx

    • Jenny Bansag
      Jenny Bansag 9 days ago

      BLACKPINK is a South Korean "KPOP Group" consist of 4 members which are JISOO, JENNIE, ROŚE & LISA. They're one of the Popular and Talented Kpop group. 🙂

  • I feed off souls
    I feed off souls 12 days ago +1

    Finn: *stop. stepping. on. my. GIFT*

  • izzi berkel
    izzi berkel 12 days ago

    unpopular opinion: noah is not cute and kind of annoying

  • steella
    steella 13 days ago

    “Millie’s the worst rapper” -Gaten

  • Olive Riggins
    Olive Riggins 13 days ago

    Millie is the best rapper!

  • Enid Rhee-Grimes
    Enid Rhee-Grimes 13 days ago +1

    LMAO Noah looks like a praying mantis at 0:43. Being all sneaky until he strikes and he's like "AND NOW I'LL TAKE THIS FROM YOU"

  • cupid’s arrow
    cupid’s arrow 13 days ago +1

    0:42 sToP STePpiNg oN My giFTs!!

  • GachaGirl
    GachaGirl 13 days ago


  • Night Memes
    Night Memes 14 days ago

    Who's watching in 2017?

  • George Garcia
    George Garcia 14 days ago

    Well Dustin got a new hat 😊

  • Davion hendrix
    Davion hendrix 14 days ago


  • Amelie Joyce
    Amelie Joyce 14 days ago +1

    I get goosebumps everytime I hear the theme song

  • Doublecherrysoda
    Doublecherrysoda 14 days ago

    Their like drunk teens

  • Bradigans D
    Bradigans D 15 days ago

    0:44 SNATCHED

  • Rocio Danforth
    Rocio Danforth 15 days ago +1

    ❤Millie is the worst wRapper!😂 caught that!! Miss this gang❤ i REALLY hope this last season just rocks it!!👍❤

  • Thyaguin vieira.s.s
    Thyaguin vieira.s.s 15 days ago

    Alguém do brasil

  • Oona Heiskanen
    Oona Heiskanen 15 days ago

    0:19 Jennie from blackpink

  • vivamcc
    vivamcc 15 days ago


  • Madison Rockwell
    Madison Rockwell 15 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the 'Camp Know Where' hat Gaten was wearing?

  • Rishita S
    Rishita S 15 days ago

    I wish got a gift 💓😭

  • Queens
    Queens 15 days ago +2

    1:16 fillie fans : crazy

  • gettinmonee
    gettinmonee 15 days ago

    Still waiting on season 3 Julio

  • Eggo Queen
    Eggo Queen 15 days ago

    *”STOP STEPPING ON MY GIFTS!” Finn is mood.”*

  • Me the Funny Model
    Me the Funny Model 15 days ago

    1:03 why Noah and Millie,why😵

  • Moniketa Mx
    Moniketa Mx 15 days ago


  • jade chivers
    jade chivers 16 days ago

    I love stranger things and the cast I wish I could act on the show

  • Gabriel Begoody
    Gabriel Begoody 16 days ago

    When The Kids From Stranger Things React To Winter Break

  • Diana Villatoro
    Diana Villatoro 16 days ago

    They're wearing what they're supposed to wear for season 3 but covering it.

  • Diana Villatoro
    Diana Villatoro 16 days ago

    0:43 Woah noAH...

  • Elli Nolan
    Elli Nolan 16 days ago

    What I’m a Stranger Things super fan where’s my gift ?

  • Jedi Bob
    Jedi Bob 16 days ago

    Woah they grew up a lot

  • *Gucci FlipFl_ops* MSP


  • Lucas santos
    Lucas santos 16 days ago +1

    Max sua linda ❤

  • life with carmen
    life with carmen 16 days ago

    I love how onist Noah is

  • Teo Garson
    Teo Garson 16 days ago


  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson 16 days ago

    Does anyone realize in the new season three photo that Dustin is wearing the same hat?

  • *•. arabella sims .•*

    aren’t they just precious 🥺☁️🍓✨

  • diego wood
    diego wood 16 days ago

    all of there balls have dropped finally they don't sound like baby

  • Cris Taekook stan
    Cris Taekook stan 16 days ago

    "jennie from blackpink" MIKE, I LOVE YOU 💙

  • Muaadh Doumnbia
    Muaadh Doumnbia 16 days ago

    Yes!!!!! Stranger things 3 is coming out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh K
    Josh K 16 days ago +1

    Dang, they've grown so much! Can't wait for season 3 ^_^

  • Gianluca Maurini
    Gianluca Maurini 17 days ago

    I would like season 3

  • mo0nchld
    mo0nchld 17 days ago

    I did not expect that “Jennie from Blackpink”.

  • Dude Dagger
    Dude Dagger 17 days ago

    how has even died of bloodloss from those nose bleeds

  • Tegan Marie
    Tegan Marie 18 days ago

    Cadie cadie cadie

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 18 days ago

    I get the feeling people are gonna stop watching Stranger Things after this season. The kids are getting older and...where else can the series go without being kind of repetitive.

  • matt _cpri
    matt _cpri 18 days ago

    Noah and Millie are the best

  • Matei Cristian Florea
    Matei Cristian Florea 19 days ago +2


  • panda jen
    panda jen 19 days ago

    Omg!!!! I am such a big fan of stranger things

  • Emxxax Gaming
    Emxxax Gaming 19 days ago

    *sTop sTePpinG oN mY gifTs*

  • jorge carvajal
    jorge carvajal 19 days ago

    It's Weird i like see them wearing shorts?

  • Javier Ruvira
    Javier Ruvira 19 days ago


  • Kimberly Vanessa`
    Kimberly Vanessa` 19 days ago

    Sadie was a whole mood the entire video.

  • Garry Gleason
    Garry Gleason 20 days ago

    0:54 my aunt had that eleven doll on the tree

  • Caroline Shriver
    Caroline Shriver 20 days ago +1


  • Erika_ Msp
    Erika_ Msp 20 days ago

    Who dislikes this video then, they should go to the upside down!
    (597 people upisde down, wow)

  • zxarxlerxt x
    zxarxlerxt x 20 days ago

    jennie from blackpink XDDDD LMAOOO

  • Unknown
    Unknown 20 days ago

    See we need more 6/6 content like this

  • Paola Lara Villafuerte

    Love yuo😍

  • Monti Dey
    Monti Dey 20 days ago

    Millie is the worst wrapper and she is the the worst while sadie is the best wrapper and she is the best

  • SealCloud
    SealCloud 21 day ago

    1:03 when kids found drugs and fortnite

  • el's waffle
    el's waffle 21 day ago

    noah dancing is my spirit animal

  • el's waffle
    el's waffle 21 day ago

    *J E N N I E F R O M B L A C K P I N K*

  • Atom Quest
    Atom Quest 21 day ago

    Them song

    Du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du

  • PL46U3
    PL46U3 21 day ago

    I hate kids

  • Julana Bb
    Julana Bb 21 day ago

    I love stranger things sooo much

  • Julana Bb
    Julana Bb 21 day ago

    Plz me

  • Ceyda Bilgin
    Ceyda Bilgin 21 day ago

    How did they chose those people ? How did they decide they are the biggest fan?

  • Deku The Smol Bean
    Deku The Smol Bean 21 day ago

    *Why didn't I get a gift??*
    Nah kiddinh, that's really sweet of them, LOVE the show and the actors!
    Hol up. Where and hOw dO I sign up to be a sUpEr fAn?!??

  • lol, kids.
    lol, kids. 21 day ago


  • Kevin R
    Kevin R 21 day ago

    Why not just say Merry Christmas? What other holiday uses all of their decorations?

  • fill my cup
    fill my cup 21 day ago


  • A Solo
    A Solo 21 day ago +1

    Happy holidays. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 stranger things.

  • Cassy's Waffles
    Cassy's Waffles 21 day ago

    Who is the best at wrapping gifts?
    Finn: definetly sadie
    Gaten: sadie
    Caleb: sadie everything she does is perfect, not like that!!

  • Cassy's Waffles
    Cassy's Waffles 21 day ago

    What did sadie and the crew without finn shouting?

  • It's Clekken647
    It's Clekken647 21 day ago

    You guys should put "his eyes" by Psuedo Echo for the season 3 song

  • Koopa troopa original
    Koopa troopa original 22 days ago

    Oh my god i love this!

  • Cidelia Coelho
    Cidelia Coelho 22 days ago +1


  • Lxnely._. Potato._
    Lxnely._. Potato._ 22 days ago

    what are yall talking about saying stuff about blackpink cuz i dont see jennie

  • sedusc TV
    sedusc TV 22 days ago

    why am i crying?? love u noah

  • Lainee
    Lainee 22 days ago

    I like how they’re talking about gift wrapping and Millie says the best rapper is cardi b 😂 love Millie 💗

  • Voldemort
    Voldemort 22 days ago

    Why are you wearing shorts on Christmas!?

  • Deq'Ah Bieha
    Deq'Ah Bieha 22 days ago

    I'm sorry but did Finn really just said Jennie from Blackpink???

  • Luciano Nunes Carvalho Carvalho

    Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!