HoN Top 5 Plays of the Week - September 16th (2019)

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
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    The weekly HoN Top 5 Plays is here again with the best plays that happened this week! Shoutout to everyone sending us these plays and big respect to TobakaZ for editing this video! Follow him at thexvid.com/user/tobak7
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Comments • 42

  • SkraDadaw
    SkraDadaw 22 days ago

    Masis ada ini game?

  • hellnickyable
    hellnickyable 24 days ago

    I'm from SEA, i've switch to playing DotA 2, after learning that there won't be any new big patch coming to HoN anymore. i decided to dl the SEA HoN in Garena and play few game every week. even if it will possibly not cahnge anything but i want to be the part of the community that is keeping this game alive. I hope thailand will manage to make the game their national game like how SC:BW is in South Korea

  • Stuck Weeb looking ass

    some of these plays were just really bad considering the enemy played like a bunch of retards lmao

  • D3ad H3ad
    D3ad H3ad 29 days ago

    Бля ХОН жив!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • segredos13
    segredos13 29 days ago


  • Kj_mast_er
    Kj_mast_er 29 days ago

    MK said "you better keep up" xd

  • HoN_yatskie_ ARIEL LABITAD JR.

    As what silhouette said he's in this top 5...soulstealer survived at 3hp WoW..so great..
    Riftwalker was on #1got quadkills
    Noob 5 hellbourne ..LoL

  • N on
    N on Month ago

    คนเก่งไม่ค่อยเยอะล่ะ มีแต่topกากๆ

  • Warchief Titan
    Warchief Titan Month ago

    That Ss gameplay was boring and normal as heck.....that hero has ridiculous amount of dmg with his skills and aa and he simply spammed it, i uploaded several time my gameplay and never was chosen...but Ss where even monekys get killls get displayed

  • Gold Cookiez
    Gold Cookiez Month ago +1

    Sil didn't live up to his/her name

  • Knight Shadow
    Knight Shadow Month ago +2

    Best of the THIEVES ...Wildsoul...LOL

  • Bankbankbank CH
    Bankbankbank CH Month ago +1

    Name in game Electric’II
    I send replay to you,Upload Please🤟🏻

  • Eldernawi
    Eldernawi Month ago +6

    Watching this makes me wanna go back to HoN

  • Balanar6236
    Balanar6236 Month ago

    That ws is shit - he missed a 1 hit kill

  • lucianO'
    lucianO' Month ago +2


  • NNnainoi
    NNnainoi Month ago +3

    แม๊กมัส WP ดิไอสัส มึงเขินกูรู้ 5555

  • Misha
    Misha Month ago

    Been watching for years but this is finally the first complete dogshit episode. Usually one good play. Rip scumbagnetwork. You will be missed

  • pizzamagnet
    pizzamagnet Month ago +3

    Would have made my whole
    Week if I made a king or kill like WS did😂

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra Month ago +4

    It's a fair top 1 for Rift

  • ArchytheMad RA
    ArchytheMad RA Month ago +4

    "better keep up" *ANGERY*

  • S7 Charanthon
    S7 Charanthon Month ago

    that drunken so idiot

  • Nomar Larraquel
    Nomar Larraquel Month ago +12

    Watching your channel since 2013 and I'm still here . ❤

  • xkpblt
    xkpblt Month ago +11


  • Saad Khan
    Saad Khan Month ago +22

    No way that Soulstealer play was top 2 worthy. It’s something so casual and anyone with good predictability can do it provided they know SS spell range. I wouldn’t put it at top 5 even!

    • jahweed
      jahweed Month ago

      That play actually made me dislike the whole Video

    • Reisen Udongein Inaba
      Reisen Udongein Inaba Month ago

      Engineer also lose control of hero after use E(prolly tried to click the mine) and attack creep 1 time and that’s enough cuz engineer’s attack rate and animation is so damn slow.
      I used to play aggro engi and this is hurt to watch.

    • Stuck Weeb looking ass
      Stuck Weeb looking ass Month ago

      @jesper stenström and i oop

    • jesper stenström
      jesper stenström Month ago

      Ye that ramp was shit

    • jesper stenström
      jesper stenström Month ago

      @Stuck Weeb looking ass That was flags for shift + clicking, he qued movement hahaha.

  • LegioNNairE`.
    LegioNNairE`. Month ago +18

    LOL WILDSOULs gameplay was the best :D

  • Glitch Gaming
    Glitch Gaming Month ago +8

    mk: can’t touch this

  • Trion Juggernaut
    Trion Juggernaut Month ago +7

    Silo was the best here

  • Rendy Gunawan
    Rendy Gunawan Month ago +5

    2 view 5 like

  • Luciano Leal
    Luciano Leal Month ago +4


  • D. Toch
    D. Toch Month ago +4