Swae Lee Drops His Wallet With $100,000!

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown, known professionally as Swae Lee, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is one half of the hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd with his brother Slim Jxmmi. In 2017, he was featured on the single "Unforgettable" by French Montana, which reached the top three on the Billboard Hot 100. His debut studio album, Swaecation was released on May 4, 2018, as a part of a triple album set, which also contained the studio albums SR3MM by Rae Sremmurd, and Jxmtro by Slim Jxmmi. He was later on the single "Sunflower", from the Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, which has peaked at number one on the Hot 100, becoming his first top-charting single as a solo artist.
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Comments • 2 175

  • Icebox
    Icebox  2 years ago +73

    💎 Shop Now - www.icebox.com 💎

    • Boondocks
      Boondocks 2 years ago +1

      Icebox I got $50 what can I get maybe a Glass of water cuz I’m broke

    • Jesus Sanchez
      Jesus Sanchez 2 years ago


  • N1CK
    N1CK 3 years ago +622

    Swae looks like the baby from Ice Age 1 grown up.

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 3 years ago +937

    Rappers comin thru Icebox like it the candy store...he came thru!

    • Andy Ramirez
      Andy Ramirez 3 years ago

      Didnt they get robbed?

    • Nugweasle
      Nugweasle 3 years ago +2

      LeBeautiful like it is the candy store thank you very much

    • Derreck Foreal
      Derreck Foreal 3 years ago +2

      @Christian Delfranco uu

  • FuzzyDancingBear
    FuzzyDancingBear 3 years ago

    Thank you Rae Sremmurd for everything you continue to do for us

  • Dat
    Dat 3 years ago +2206

    hes my favorite member of rae sremmurd. slim jxmmi is a close second

    • Isaiah 63: 1-6
      Isaiah 63: 1-6 2 years ago

      Floyd Mayweather yes they are, they just doing they own things, but they forever gon be rae sremmurd, they both said so

    • Mystic
      Mystic 3 years ago

      Dat u still everywhere

    • Reecy the Rapper
      Reecy the Rapper 3 years ago


    • Detroit Mi Dunkin
      Detroit Mi Dunkin 3 years ago

      Who's the third???

  • Agosto Cobain
    Agosto Cobain 3 years ago +721

    Spends a 100 grand, brings him a Capri sun.

    • Muhammad Akram
      Muhammad Akram Year ago

      Capri sons is really nice

    • Ginjer Key
      Ginjer Key Year ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm weak

    • Chuy X
      Chuy X Year ago

      Rappers comin thru Icebox like it the candy store...he came thru!

    • Alexander Andazola
      Alexander Andazola Year ago

      the ice box offers caprisuns and drinks n shit foo

    • Bane
      Bane 2 years ago

      Giving alcohol would be smart for them, they make bolder money choices.

  • MaRCoS
    MaRCoS 3 years ago +222

    I can’t even afford to walk in ICEBOX😂

    • d w . Baltimore
      d w . Baltimore 2 years ago


    • Amazigh Aichiou
      Amazigh Aichiou 2 years ago

      @Shepherd Of Fire cause they also pay for the workers like the
      diamond setter and all this shit

    • 2 MELO
      2 MELO 2 years ago

      @Muff's Creations only if you got money to blow like that. then it might be a good deal for the rich

    • Muff's Creations
      Muff's Creations 2 years ago +2

      Actually u can

    • 2 MELO
      2 MELO 2 years ago

      @K Silk 😂

  • yoah nzika
    yoah nzika 3 years ago +1028

    The guy doesn’t even know where he performed last night😂

    • jay c
      jay c Year ago

      Thats a guy??!

    • Circus Charlie
      Circus Charlie 2 years ago

      On that schedule you simply won't know.

    • Denver Houston
      Denver Houston 2 years ago

      And it was the ATL hawks arena at that, dude is green as a pool table,

    • Chiefkeefscousin
      Chiefkeefscousin 3 years ago

      Desiree Silva hes made enough money to last him a life time lmaoo

    • che10461
      che10461 3 years ago

      This world has to end soon...

  • RicardoMo
    RicardoMo 3 years ago +1

    I dare someone to say Swae Lee don’t deserve the money. Dude stays putting out hits and dope hooks

  • Elijah D
    Elijah D 3 years ago +654

    9:56 they literally just tempt him into spending as much as possible shit is scary

    • Muhammad Akram
      Muhammad Akram Year ago

      They just tryna make him spend more money
      So they get more money 2 it's what they do with all rappers

    • Chthonian121
      Chthonian121 2 years ago

      That's their job! They're successful at it too.

    • Josh 01
      Josh 01 3 years ago

      Eli Thomas i think youll find thats what every business does

    • Sikul
      Sikul 3 years ago

      They sell 12k as 14k too lmao they fucked over

  • Thatdoesntcostmoney
    Thatdoesntcostmoney 3 years ago +3

    “You just gotta get it. You just got to get it!” Damn these rappers just eat this shit up.. way too easy for icebox...ridiculous

  • harry lee
    harry lee 3 years ago +1

    Thats why i like swae Lee so much. Humble, pretty talk, kind of person. 😊

  • Leo Zhang
    Leo Zhang 3 years ago +3484

    Hope everybody reading has a blessed day and gets rich

  • Protein Bagel
    Protein Bagel 3 years ago +364

    swae lee looks like the little kid in ice age

  • Unique Mechanics
    Unique Mechanics 3 years ago

    Swae knows whats good when it comes to the bling.


    Saludos Y Respeto!!!🇲🇽

  • denilson ferreira
    denilson ferreira 3 years ago

    Swae Lee es lo mejor

  • Johnny Quickshot
    Johnny Quickshot Year ago +38

    They should call grills, “frostbites”

    • BrownOreos | CNG
      BrownOreos | CNG Year ago +1


    • C- Dubb
      C- Dubb Year ago +3

      Dude!!! That's a Hella underrated comment!!! That's one HELLUVA Idea you have there!!!

  • Vortex
    Vortex 3 years ago +64

    I thought the title meant the video's gonna show him dropping his wallet on the floor spilling 100K then picking them back up

  • Happy Face Sad
    Happy Face Sad 3 years ago +70

    So we not gonna talk about how she just handed Sway a Caprisun.

    • Chris Wands
      Chris Wands 11 months ago

      Baby’s need there sippy cups

    • Jonas B
      Jonas B Year ago

      Shit be bussin tho

    • Muhammad Akram
      Muhammad Akram Year ago +2

      Ikr Capri Suns is good though

    • Bruh239
      Bruh239 2 years ago +15

      can you imagine having to stock your store fridge with juice boxes for the rich children that come in. lawd

  • Brandon Vangieson
    Brandon Vangieson 3 years ago +196

    My dude dropping 100k and drinking that juice box lol

    • Agiel Adnachiel
      Agiel Adnachiel Year ago

      @Kim Jong-un ayyo kim jong!

    • TB7yt
      TB7yt Year ago +1

      How tf is that funny

    • ina Vag
      ina Vag 2 years ago +13

      @Kim Jong-un needs to be some fiji mandarine gold-filtered nectar-juice in a platinum plated glass carafe, if u ask me ;)

    • Kim Jong-un
      Kim Jong-un 2 years ago +5

      You can't have juice of your rich?

  • Herson Pineyro
    Herson Pineyro 3 years ago

    Swae lee is my favorite cause he don’t curse a lot and he chill! He don’t do that extra stuff! He can ft in any type of music which is good

    • KID DRIP
      KID DRIP 2 years ago

      I mean I disagree with the cussing part but I dont watch him enough to pay attention so u prolly right

  • Ian Patrick
    Ian Patrick 3 years ago +16

    "I've got an Icebox where my heart used to be." lol reminds me of that song.

  • Aka Savitar
    Aka Savitar 3 years ago +460

    If you reading this I hope you never go broke again 🙏💪💯

    • Jones Manga
      Jones Manga Year ago

      Let's stay on the grind people. Keep pushing and keep it real always.

    • Bennis Osei
      Bennis Osei 3 years ago


    • Mahle Dayimani
      Mahle Dayimani 3 years ago +1

      Word ma man, i hate to be broke...i wish the same for you too.

    • Abdul
      Abdul 3 years ago

      thank you my bro

    • StarsBtw
      StarsBtw 3 years ago

      Tyrell Graves I was never broke

  • Changing Tides.
    Changing Tides. 3 years ago +62

    Icebox are for real some fences attests. They are the real hustle. If the rappers were really smart they would put some money together and make a place just like this! Real talk!!

    • DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna
      DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #0ne0fone #1hunna 2 years ago

      They would have to buy diamonds or have a mining business, which is a very rough business

    • Theo E
      Theo E 2 years ago


    • Niko Enciso
      Niko Enciso 2 years ago +1

      Icebox stay taxing rappers

    • Addie & Daddy
      Addie & Daddy 3 years ago +18

      Changing Tides. Facts. All these rappers claim they hustlers but getting hustled by these old world money heads

  • Andzile Dlamini
    Andzile Dlamini 3 years ago

    Icebox just filled with good quality😢❤👌

  • White Alligator
    White Alligator 2 years ago +22

    Swagg lee seem so down to earth

  • gheee Mhaaale
    gheee Mhaaale 3 years ago +17

    all that money and all this dude needs is a sandwich (or just anything to eat) and a gym membership.

    • Roidhead
      Roidhead 3 years ago

      I swear thats a tee for toddlers he's wearing

    • oliver green
      oliver green 3 years ago

      Shiet with that money he could of freed the hood in one city even if for a year to give them ability to be financially progressive , these stones will ultimately he snatched by one brother with a thirst for quick cash and clout and then rae fades into oblivion we need to start thinking bigger than the chains around our brain 💯

  • rarest1ne
    rarest1ne 3 years ago +63

    Swae lee man y’all gotta stop sleeping on him he’s got a solo project on the way and the 4th Rae Sremmurd album to on the way so y’all gonna see how 🔥🔥🔥🔥it is

    • Jeremy 95
      Jeremy 95 3 years ago +2

      IML WAY That’s because he isn’t a rapper 😂

    • Jordan Reitzes
      Jordan Reitzes 3 years ago +3

      No one's sleeping on him though😂

    • Oh Elio
      Oh Elio 3 years ago

      Free ad

  • Touchy Subjects
    Touchy Subjects 3 years ago +1

    Swea Lee got his homeboy a chain too. That’s what’s up keep making good music bro.

  • Poker Junky
    Poker Junky 3 years ago

    i'm so impressed by these young talented men, but spending to much money is sad.

  • Mersay W.
    Mersay W. Year ago +7

    Who is that happy to spend 100k I would be crying a river

    • DShine
      DShine Year ago

      Not if you super rich

  • African.Prince
    African.Prince 3 years ago

    Literally holding my house in his hands

  • Kleeko
    Kleeko 3 years ago

    Love Swae Lee❤️

  • Konspiracy Beats
    Konspiracy Beats 3 years ago

    Swae seems like a pretty chill dude.

  • J Mor
    J Mor 3 years ago

    Love these type of icebox vids exp Especially the one with Diablo

  • Mochie
    Mochie 3 years ago +6

    You work hard you get better things in life it alls pays off

  • Tainted One
    Tainted One 3 years ago

    Young brother living living! #Salute

  • arbitrary_library
    arbitrary_library 3 years ago

    I think they gave Swae good customer service :)

  • HypnotizedJay
    HypnotizedJay 3 years ago +4

    Gives icebox 10 mil
    Takes all jewelry

  • Ygor Antoni
    Ygor Antoni 2 years ago

    o dono da loja agradece kkkkkkkk

    INTENTIONALLY CRUEL* 3 years ago

    For the people that are actually into jewelry would know to buy the type of watch you want plain, then bust it down.

  • Smokin’ Joe
    Smokin’ Joe 3 years ago

    I though he was literally going to drop a wallet with 100k in it

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey111 3 years ago

    He seems like a really cool dude

    BAKER TSC 3 years ago

    Swae is banked up... reminds me of the same vibes I have...

  • mkw9999vr
    mkw9999vr 3 years ago +2

    3:52 the way he says that is so smooth

  • Sai kiran Grandi
    Sai kiran Grandi 3 years ago +59

    I was waiting for the wallet to get dropped

  • MTran0708
    MTran0708 3 years ago +2

    the markup on these jewlery must be insane

  • Mario
    Mario 3 years ago +1

    Spend this money on food not on ice😂

  • Kuhi
    Kuhi 3 years ago +39

    Swae Lee Im dropping some bucks man !
    Nah man just take all
    Edit: Omg thanks for 40 likes!

  • Maurice Patterson
    Maurice Patterson 3 years ago +1

    Never understood why some of us go threw the trouble to let the world know we have some pocket change.

  • YourMeh Bi-tc-h
    YourMeh Bi-tc-h 3 years ago

    I always get jealous when seeing things like this i mean yea i give them props they worked hard in life but it just reminds me of my life and how i am not gonna lie im not doing good in school im having struggles and when i see shit like this is just reminds me am i gonna have any of this later in life i mean yea its a good motivation to do good and learn to get a job in life but idk why it just makes me think about my life and how i just know ill never have the extra money to spend 100k on shit that is just to make you look good i mean obviously if you have the money and can do that hell props to you but low key i start to get sad when these videos are in my recommendations and i know i know im petty and childish saying that but tbh im just venting online where i wont care if im judged

  • z4 Visuals
    z4 Visuals 3 years ago

    You ever notice how the people who sale all of this jewelry rarely ever have it on?
    Being tolerated when you have something someone wants is very obvious when you don't have anything to give them.

  • Jan Rodriguez
    Jan Rodriguez 3 years ago +243

    Swae Lee looks like the missing fifth Ninja Turtle.. 😂🐢 Swaeleetello

  • Saintlouis
    Saintlouis 3 years ago

    swae lee a legend

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 3 years ago +38

    Rappers the most financially savvy people there are...... lol you know what is fly.... a poppin 401k and retirement plan lol

    • Daniel Kozma
      Daniel Kozma 3 years ago

      Andrew Johnson is the finest sarcasm

  • Gio Kelliee
    Gio Kelliee 3 years ago

    Oh! he dropped a bag on some ice he didn't lose shit I was gonna say #SwaeLee 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 no cap

  • Public Beats
    Public Beats 3 years ago

    I get it, it’s the game. If you wanna make a wave you have to go to icebox and drop 100 grand, but god damn, just a portion of that money would solve so many of my problems.

  • Donald Brandy
    Donald Brandy 3 years ago

    What I do like about the lil g,he seems like he's cool as ever in humble

  • Fie Joa
    Fie Joa 3 years ago

    Well, this is what happens every day at a Gucci store.

  • itsjrose s
    itsjrose s 3 years ago

    props to him for staying strong with down syndrome and fame!

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 3 years ago

    Couldve started his own jewelry business

  • Tauileva T.
    Tauileva T. 3 years ago

    3:25 When your kids are already grown up but in your eyes they still babies

  • Tate
    Tate 3 years ago

    He has bought more engagement rings from this guy than anyone else... I'm done!!!

  • Marcos S.G
    Marcos S.G 3 years ago

    O cara é rico ,quando tem preguiça de contar todo o seu dinheiro !kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • WarxpedSzN
    WarxpedSzN 3 years ago

    she handed his ass some koolaid 😂😂😂😂

  • Fockndonutbruv
    Fockndonutbruv 3 years ago +2

    Is it just me or does the way swae lee say boy is great

  • Edgar Cruz
    Edgar Cruz 3 years ago +1

    Man I.B. needs a money counting machine... make that shit quick and easy for these rappers bruh...

  • Victor Ortega
    Victor Ortega 3 years ago +3

    Wish I damn had that kind of dough I'd be iced!!!

  • M. M.
    M. M. 3 years ago +1

    Poor sway lee you can see him transforming

  • Mercedes Musse
    Mercedes Musse 2 years ago +2

    This is how I wAnna spend my life

  • Corey Nunoo
    Corey Nunoo 3 years ago +2

    They should have a money machine that counts ya money there. Swae your suppose to give him 100k you have him dam near 200k. 🤦🏾‍♂️ kids that why you gotta learn math in school 🏫

  • ItzSalty
    ItzSalty 3 years ago +1

    At 1:47 the dude big dude with the white shirt would be me just looking at everyone getting iced out cuz I wouldn’t be able to afford any of that 😂

  • 2 MELO
    2 MELO 2 years ago +2

    only ice box i walk into is the fridge

  • Fred White
    Fred White 3 years ago +1

    “I think it’s very strong” and barely bends the metal

  • Garduzaa
    Garduzaa 3 years ago

    they really gave bro a caprisun😂😂😂

  • Weecho
    Weecho 3 years ago

    Man i hope i reach this level of money.

  • A Mitch
    A Mitch 3 years ago

    “I need that pretty shit”.-Swae Lee

  • KENNETH_94
    KENNETH_94 3 years ago

    legend has it rappers still going to ice box for jewerly
    *trippie redd and migos at johnny dang store laughing

  • Elizabeth Polson
    Elizabeth Polson 3 years ago +7

    ''F#$k IT JUST TAKE ALL MY MONEY'' i died

  • Nexx Tocomeup
    Nexx Tocomeup 3 years ago

    🔵 Swae Lee a MFKN boss 💪🔥💯

  • Veo 16
    Veo 16 3 years ago

    I feel bad for Swae. He’ll be broke within months of any career downturn. I hope he ditches these leeches he surrounds himself with. And finds some genuine company.

  • ZA
    ZA 3 years ago

    Damn I dropped my wallet w 200
    Bucks 😞

  • ᄋ설티토드
    ᄋ설티토드 3 years ago

    They tryna make him spending all his money "you should get it, I see it, that's all you, yea just do it" they know EXACTLY what they doin when a celebrity walk in😂

  • Hey…
    Hey… 3 years ago +1

    I’m on a Swae Lee youtube binge watch

  • Stevie Builds
    Stevie Builds 3 years ago +4

    Okay, but I dropped a $20 on the floor and that had me eating ramen 3 days that week, get on my level.

  • Robert Cooper
    Robert Cooper 3 years ago

    Fuck it just take all my money 🔥

  • JayOne
    JayOne 3 years ago

    Cant even remember the last time I used paper money.

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 3 years ago

    Glad these videos are longer now

  • Vinum
    Vinum 3 years ago

    Wonder if they’ve ever heard of a debit card? Is bringing all that cash necessary?

  • Ryan Gee
    Ryan Gee 3 years ago +9

    damn this young guy , they are treating him like royalty.

    • hey lol
      hey lol 3 years ago

      is he really that young? 😂 i mean, he's 23.

    • 9V6
      9V6 3 years ago

      Money talks

  • Its Chelsea MF
    Its Chelsea MF 3 years ago

    I feel like Swae would be chill to kick it with. He doesn’t act like most of these arrogant ass rappers around now. He feelin’ himself in them diamonds tho😍💎shine babyyy, do ya thang🕺🏽

  • asap zavii
    asap zavii 3 years ago

    That's pocket change 😂

  • Elias sandavol
    Elias sandavol 3 years ago

    THE KING OF MELODIEZ 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Compass Markets
    Compass Markets 3 years ago +1

    I wonder how much in reality that jewelry costs and how much profit did that man make of that sale

    • pousXB
      pousXB 3 years ago

      Price of metal (+ some profit/gram) and subpar diamonds can be bought for a few cents or dollars a stone and no one would tell the difference

  • JMG784
    JMG784 Year ago

    Dude still got the pants tagg 😂😂😂

  • reed skull
    reed skull 3 years ago

    pay attention the level of the diamond isn't 14/20k but "oh man this ice hurt my eye"

  • Lit Costello
    Lit Costello 3 years ago

    I (EXPLETIVE) love this

  • Marco
    Marco 3 years ago +20

    You are never too old to drink caprisun 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  • jerran rumbley
    jerran rumbley 3 years ago

    Nobody fucked with him until I started banging his shit. I love this guy 💯💯