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Top 10 MasterChef Season 8 WORST DISHES!

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
  • Do you know the Top 10 MasterChef Season 8 worst dishes? Think of a reality TV cooking show and you think… you guessed it: Masterchef! Thanks to Chef Gordon Ramsay’s satirical wit, the catty comments from competitors, the oh-so-delicious gourmet dishes, and of course… the drama! What makes Masterchef such a coveted title isn’t a mystery to this season’s contestants. But before anyone gets to the top, they’ve got to ride through the downs of the worst dishes! Ready to find out which ones made it to Season 8’s top 10 Masterchef worst dishes?
    Season 8 of the American competitive reality TV series MasterChef premiered on Fox on May 31, 2017. Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi returned as judges while Aarón Sanchez joined the cast as the third judge. The season was won by Dino Angelo Luciano with Eboni Henry and Jason Wang finishing as co-runners-up for the white apron.
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    0:35 Difficult To Look At Pancakes
    1:52 Dry, Gray, Scrambled Eggs
    3:19 Jennifer’s Fish and Chips
    4:41 Confused Hanger Steak Dish
    6:10 Reba’s Coconut Shrimp
    7:41 Murky Broth and Undercooked Dumplings
    9:11 Adam’s Raw Chicken
    10:57 Rough Chocolate Truffles
    12:25 Raw Salmon
    14:05 Underbaked Soufflé
    - Mark’s dish, unfortunately, didn’t quite hit the mark. His pancake with baked eggs, bacon, and cilantro failed to impress Gordon Ramsay.
    - Unfortunately for Heather, her eggs had too much pepper. It was so bad, it made Chef Christina Tosi gag and cough! Her eggs were also too gray from too much of the black pepper.
    - The challenge was to recreate Gordon’s British fish and chips in 45 minutes. Fish and chips is a English classic.
    - The elimination challenge was to cook hanger steak. It’s a prized cut. But cook it the wrong way, and it becomes inedible.
    - Everyone had to make an incredible dish starring coconut. Unfortunately for Reba, her coconut shrimp with asparagus and coconut sauce didn’t sit well with the judges.
    - Jenny wasn’t comfortable making broth from the get-go and it certainly showed in her dish. Her dish was also salty. The murky broth was a result of using too much heat.
    - As for Adam… Unfortunately, his chicken was....RAW!!! And raw chicken is a capital offense in Ramsay’s book.
    - Even if his flavor was perfect, Daniel’s ganache wasn’t smooth enough. At this point everything was about the details and the judges just weren’t having it.
    - Yachecia, who had 40 minutes on the clock, made sweet and hot salmon with braised swiss chard, Tuscan white beans, and Citrus Cream Sauce.
    - Chef Christina thought that Cate’s cheese souffles were a little bit more sturdy but underbaked in the center. An under-baked souffle does NOT make a souffle.
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    Top 10 MasterChef Season 7 WORST DISHES!
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      Theres a motive that you only have so few views unlike other videos with the same content its because you dont let us hear the chefs its like a fucking kid talking while im trying to hear the TV the chef is already talking what is wrong when they talk stfu !

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