Deploying Spring Boot Apps to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk - First 10 Steps

  • Published on May 20, 2022

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  • Murali Mohan
    Murali Mohan 2 years ago

    Great tutorial... simply amazing. I have been a fan of yours for a long time sir. Your tutorials help in hand-holding newbies like me very much.

  • manmeet kaur
    manmeet kaur 2 years ago

    Nice detailed video Ranga. It would be great if you can use CLI to run the application on Elastic beanstalk rather than console, since as developers we rarely access the console.

  • sanketh s
    sanketh s 11 months ago +2

    Thanks Ranga, the fact that EBS uses 5000 port is a very important information i was not aware of, spent a lot of time troubleshooting the issue.
    This video saved me

  • paranjpea
    paranjpea Year ago

    Hi Ranga. Thanks for the wonderful video. I am facing some issues deploying a springboot application with jsp. I used web inf and under that jsp the way it's explained in some other video.. but it is not accessible after deploying on aws.can you please help as I am stuck on this past one week

    • paranjpea
      paranjpea Year ago

      I have also gone through the udemy course

  • Ramanatha B
    Ramanatha B 2 years ago

    Hi Ranga Rao...Thanks a lot for making this video. It really helped me to understand basics quickly...

  • Gary Boriskin
    Gary Boriskin Year ago

    I'm working through the whole 6 hours course on Udemy now. I'm having problems with step 34:
    Creating mysql DB in RDS and configuring environment to connect to DB. I'm getting exception: Caused by: com.mysql.cj.jdbc.exceptions.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure. Has anyone seen this ?

  • D P Studio
    D P Studio 2 years ago

    Great Job , its technological course and people comment on english learnings here, please ask questions related to the course do not disturb on tech savvy listeners

  • Venkat nukala
    Venkat nukala 2 years ago

    good video for starting AWS Beanstalk . Thank you

  • Prashant Chamoli
    Prashant Chamoli 2 years ago

    Micro-services and cloud next, please!

  • Hussein Ali
    Hussein Ali Year ago

    Thank you very much for wonderful video.
    please help
    Elastic Beanstalk deploy working on postman and not on browser

  • Priyank Agrawal
    Priyank Agrawal 2 years ago

    What if i want to setup Zuul API gateway? I created Zuul API gateway, microservice and deployed on EC2 instance but it refused to connect to microservice.

  • Aakash akshay
    Aakash akshay Year ago

    I have deployed spring boot and mongoDb -now how I can deploy react next js frontend ?? please help me out ...waiting for your response .thank you in advance.

  • Amarnath Yadav
    Amarnath Yadav Year ago

    I am not able to find the GitHub repository here, Please provide to clone the project

  • Raghavendra C
    Raghavendra C Month ago

    Please make vedio on how to deploy or host the spring boot appliacation along with the mysql databse(containing many entites) to the gcp (google cloud platform)

  • Ambati Ramachandra Purushotham

    Good job...

  • A Obaidi
    A Obaidi Year ago

    I see the course for $14.99 but when I log in to my Udemy account it goes back to $129 ????

    • Oscar Navarrete
      Oscar Navarrete Year ago +1

      you must find the offers. Udemy always offers discounts, you have to jut find them at the moment.

  • suruchi verma
    suruchi verma 2 years ago +1

    I am able to set up and deploy my own SpringBoot Application but URL is giving 502 Bad Gateway Error

    • Shubham Keshri
      Shubham Keshri Year ago

      Same here

    • jesse2006
      jesse2006 2 years ago +1

      turns out for me I was developing in Java 11 and AWS only supports up to Java 8 which is really weird since they are such a big company. when i compile project in Java 8 it fixed the bad gateway error but now it can't see my controllers because of some issue with JSP, my project works perfectly from the runnable jar locally :/

    • suruchi verma
      suruchi verma 2 years ago +1

      resolved it by using port as 5000

    • jesse2006
      jesse2006 2 years ago


  • A Obaidi
    A Obaidi Year ago

    Where's coupon code?

  • Math & CSS
    Math & CSS 2 months ago

    Ranga makes java concepts so easy.

  • A Obaidi
    A Obaidi Year ago

    Your course is expensive and the coupon code not in the descriptions!!!!

  • Murali Mohan
    Murali Mohan 2 years ago

    Some feedback..
    1.Tier is not pronounced not Tie-er. it is Tea-yer.
    2. Instead of Welcome. ........... back, you can say Welcome back.
    2. For Ohio, it is not O-hee-o. It is O-haai-O.

    • A Obaidi
      A Obaidi Year ago

      Hahaha this is English lesson yeah

    • Venkat Vara Prasad Malledi
      Venkat Vara Prasad Malledi 2 years ago +8

      As if you are born in Africa and speaking great English. Ranga Rao is not your English teacher, he is doing some work to help community if you like watch it otherwise go away.

  • Ankit Yadav
    Ankit Yadav 2 years ago

    It's not Enviraunment....
    It's pronounced En Wire On Mennt.
    Gets very annoying when u repeat it

    • Murali Mohan
      Murali Mohan 2 years ago

      Yeah.. It's Tinglish pronunciation. (Telugu + English). That's why he is saying it Envy-raan-ment.