The Meg Official Trailer #1 (2018) Jason Statham, Ruby Rose Megalodon Shark Movie HD


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  • John Bungay
    John Bungay 12 minutes ago

    Jaws remastered

  • Violet
    Violet 14 minutes ago

    I’m here wondering if the dog gets eaten or not.

  • Sr . _ . Nova
    Sr . _ . Nova 18 minutes ago

    O filme so vai se passar no mar

  • Rynne Forest
    Rynne Forest 21 minute ago

    Jaws on steroids.

  • Kwick Comedy
    Kwick Comedy 22 minutes ago


  • Munchies romero
    Munchies romero 33 minutes ago


  • ada konidari
    ada konidari 34 minutes ago

    Finally, it's here🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Hannah Bear
    Hannah Bear 42 minutes ago

    Never swimming in ocean again

  • M o o n s
    M o o n s 45 minutes ago

    Welp sadness the dog, I just keep seeing the trailer with dog trying to swim away in ads and I'm so done.

  • Hola k ace soy amelie

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥2 years..Waiting.for , 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ahannamus Prime
    Ahannamus Prime Hour ago

    Shut up, Meg.

  • Fructuoso Torres-Leite

    OMFG This is definitely going to be a bad movie but I still need to watch it because of Statham and Megalodon :D

  • Houdbare Couscous
    Houdbare Couscous 2 hours ago +1

    Is a megalodon srsly that big

  • Croix Galvan-Dubois
    Croix Galvan-Dubois 2 hours ago

    2:01 His face.

  • J.I. GaminG
    J.I. GaminG 2 hours ago

    Even the meg wanted a piece of Jason statham

  • Hayden Howell
    Hayden Howell 2 hours ago

    Shut up, meg

  • Nur zum Kommentieren
    Nur zum Kommentieren 3 hours ago

    „Shut up Meg"

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 3 hours ago

    This film is going to make a LOT of people not want to go sailing or swimming in the sea.

  • زينب بنت المدينه

    hal min almmkn alaishtirak fi qanati

  • Karson Armand
    Karson Armand 4 hours ago

    Lol I like how it plays the happy music with the meg trying to get them!!

  • Larauna Connell Thomson

    *"we need a bigger boat"*

  • TheLion'sRoar
    TheLion'sRoar 4 hours ago

    I swear to FUCKING God that dog better live

    MONA BONA 5 hours ago

    Bro that's terrifying at the end where it came up 😣😣

  • Blusuck
    Blusuck 5 hours ago

    this couldve been so much better

  • Bts Angelic Smiles And Jimin Smol Pinkie

    Anybody besides me hope the dog doesn’t get eaten??. 🙁😢

  • graf orlock
    graf orlock 5 hours ago

    must b summer we have to endure yet another shark movie. ho hum

  • Sekai Uzuki
    Sekai Uzuki 5 hours ago

    The kraken, and the megalodon.

  • BenjyBo42
    BenjyBo42 6 hours ago


  • Marichat & Adrienette 4 life

    1:28 I love how it's just playing classical music in the middle of a disaster😂😂 "Don't you guys ever watch shark week?"

  • Mia Pliniussen
    Mia Pliniussen 8 hours ago

    This music kinda concerns me

  • Hruday
    Hruday 8 hours ago

    0:55 is that PewDiePie

  • Tommy Sin
    Tommy Sin 8 hours ago

    I WANT to watch this movie so much but I HAVE Thalassophobia. Pros & Cons 😁😂

  • Gamer ArmyCz
    Gamer ArmyCz 9 hours ago

    Ouhh shoot! 0:14

  • Gamer ArmyCz
    Gamer ArmyCz 9 hours ago

    Thanks god now they make a real shark that dosent look like a plastic and Animated!

  • PsYcOpiNk
    PsYcOpiNk 9 hours ago

    Looks awesome but i hope it doesn't have negative connotations 4 great whites n sharks 🦈 in gen. The Jaws movies did alot of damage towards sharks, hopin we r educated more this time round. Sharks can b gentle, n r not the ferocious human killers thy r made out to be.
    Peace, love and respect for the ocean light!

  • Karla Leal
    Karla Leal 10 hours ago

    So cool can't wait to watch

    FIREPHANTOM 115 12 hours ago

    Whatever the name for fear of sharks is and deep water I have so I won't sleep for about a week

  • Circuitex
    Circuitex 12 hours ago

    Jaws 5

  • Giovanny Serna
    Giovanny Serna 12 hours ago

    Jaws 5

  • AmazingDuck
    AmazingDuck 13 hours ago

    Will the megalodon put Dwight's stapler in jello?

  • Skylight Wolf
    Skylight Wolf 13 hours ago

    How about just ban ocean visitation

  • Young Robin Hood
    Young Robin Hood 13 hours ago

    Don’t let the doggie die

  • Tylar's vlogs and skits

    Why the dog I HATE THIS 😡
    🐋💥🐶 (no)👎

  • Kiki Swaik
    Kiki Swaik 13 hours ago

    This is why I saw “fuck no” to swimming in deep water.

  • unicorn Slime
    unicorn Slime 14 hours ago

    Omg i hope there ain't no mega shark at a beach if i go

  • VideoGamer Ninja
    VideoGamer Ninja 15 hours ago +1

    Is this supposed to be horror.

  • Luis Miguel
    Luis Miguel 15 hours ago

    Jaws rules. Rad!!!

  • FlakeyJakey
    FlakeyJakey 17 hours ago +1

    Is that one of the many unfunny guys from vine?

  • Harriet Bunny
    Harriet Bunny 17 hours ago

    1:09 scared the crap out of me

  • Theoneand onlySienna#1
    Theoneand onlySienna#1 17 hours ago

    OMG now I want to see it right now!

  • Hec†or G.
    Hec†or G. 18 hours ago

    I hope the dog lives

  • paksau1
    paksau1 18 hours ago

    Ok where did they get the black guy...we dont do the seas...we dont mess with things in the sea unless it's on the grill...white people always making movies about killing stuff where THEY live...we dont live there any yes I'm going to watch it though😁

  • Justin y
    Justin y 18 hours ago

    Heck to the no

  • Snow Red
    Snow Red 18 hours ago

    Literally shark tank

  • Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera 18 hours ago

    This motherfucker is Jaws on steroids!!😂

  • Samuel Glyn
    Samuel Glyn 18 hours ago

    Looks scary! Good thing sharks aren't real.

  • SpectacularNub
    SpectacularNub 19 hours ago

    Is that Page fucking Kennedy?

  • awesome puppys
    awesome puppys 19 hours ago

    I know

  • Lance DC&MarvelFan
    Lance DC&MarvelFan 19 hours ago

    So it's basically Bad-Ass Jason Statham vs Jaws.....*on steroids*

  • kl316
    kl316 19 hours ago

    Where is Peter, Lois, Stewie, and Chris?

  • sishtar shea
    sishtar shea 19 hours ago

    “it’s a megaladon”
    false. big shark

  • sishtar shea
    sishtar shea 19 hours ago


  • TheDeadManZone12349
    TheDeadManZone12349 20 hours ago

    I feel like someone out there is gonna make a meme out of this with Meg from Family Guy.

  • Radoslav Kolev
    Radoslav Kolev 21 hour ago

    Great novel - destroyed by money greedy yes-men. That`s what happens when you are desperate for cash. Get the most talentless washed up action star on board, get some no names and the worst movie director of all times Jon Turteltaub ("National treasure" guys - that`s how bad it is). The guy is even worse than Uwe Boll.
    Mix this crap with some soup opera comedy and drama and you have a blockbuster piece of shit.
    Mr Steve Alten I`m so sorry these money greedy geniuses destroyed your hard work in such a disrespectful way. Personally I`ve been waiting for a decent movie adaptation of it since I was a little kid.
    And this is the unholy crap we get. What a disgrace!

  • Margarita Hernandez
    Margarita Hernandez 21 hour ago

    Wow no words just WOW

  • Psgetti Gaming
    Psgetti Gaming 21 hour ago

    Rain my boy

  • ading adormeo
    ading adormeo 21 hour ago

    I hope it's not just a good trailer movie..

  • OmqItz_Loren
    OmqItz_Loren 21 hour ago

    I seen this but a dog was in the water and it was swimming and I cried

    BAY MAX HAMADA 22 hours ago

    1:33 *Fuck this shit im out!*

  • Leah Cook
    Leah Cook 22 hours ago

    this film would be so much better if the rock was is in it :b

  • Markel Nicholson
    Markel Nicholson 22 hours ago

    2:20 what would you do if you looked down and saw something like that coming up after you

  • Simona Forgione
    Simona Forgione 23 hours ago

    At least they’re extinct!

  • Larry Ortiz
    Larry Ortiz 23 hours ago

    I hope that dog is not John wick dog,cuz if is,MEG your done

  • emily
    emily 23 hours ago

    The dog better be okay or I will kill the shark and the writer who wrote that dog in there

  • Nomad Star
    Nomad Star 23 hours ago

    I only wanna watch this movie to find out whether or not the dog survives

  • I am A Mouse
    I am A Mouse 23 hours ago

    1:33 rest in pepperonis dog

  • I am A Mouse
    I am A Mouse 23 hours ago

    I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going

  • Okay.
    Okay. Day ago

    Rip doggo

  • Marla Rios
    Marla Rios Day ago

    I love the song their playing !!

  • TheWalf
    TheWalf Day ago

    Not the dog... the dog shouldn’t die ;-;

  • Kairi Chan
    Kairi Chan Day ago

    This shark is even bigger than Jaws!?😨

  • D Godfrey
    D Godfrey Day ago


  • Crystal Wolf
    Crystal Wolf Day ago

    I saw this when I was about to watch a vid on youtube but only for 3 secs

  • Average_Panda
    Average_Panda Day ago

    This is why no one goes to loot lake

  • Debate Brothers
    Debate Brothers Day ago

    This is one shark movie that I'm not going to miss.

  • Leo Caldwell
    Leo Caldwell Day ago

    Whenever I hear that song I think of Finding Nemo. XD

  • 1lapmagic
    1lapmagic Day ago

    This is a made for SyFy movie right?

  • Alex The Gamer 2008

    *Chew on this you ugly b-*

    • Alex The Gamer 2008
      Alex The Gamer 2008 2 hours ago

      *It looks Heroic, But it kinda has a negative attitude*

    • Leah Cook
      Leah Cook 22 hours ago

      when you realize your a family friendly movie and just manage to make it clean

  • MusicRocks 70s
    MusicRocks 70s Day ago

    I’m seeing this with my cousins aunts and uncles 😊 I can’t wait!!! Jaws 4

    I AM JM PRO Day ago

    Jason Statham Is Back Yay!!!

  • Mark De La Rosa
    Mark De La Rosa Day ago

    Is this based on the book Meg?

  • Sakura-Chan l
    Sakura-Chan l Day ago

    *When you and your bestfriend get in a fight so she sends a shark to kill you*

  • Ren The Villain
    Ren The Villain Day ago

    Had me on the edge till the song came hopefully they stick to the "Dark" tone

  • Jeanette Valdez
    Jeanette Valdez Day ago +1


  • Deep Nacho
    Deep Nacho Day ago

    Couldn’t they have given it a better name?

  • Guy10169
    Guy10169 Day ago

    Shut up, Meg!

  • Poljohn Lamayo
    Poljohn Lamayo Day ago

    Felt sorry for the shark as soon as I saw Jason Statham...

  • Melissa
    Melissa Day ago

    Have you noticed that these movies rely on giant sharks being where giant sharks aren't?

  • BlazingFury
    BlazingFury Day ago

    So is it a comedy or...

  • cuphead or cupz
    cuphead or cupz Day ago

    Why don't they make a movie of the helicoproin