5 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • 5 Amazing Inventions You NEED To See

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  • Jakob atle Datugan
    Jakob atle Datugan 22 hours ago

    0:09 Hey look! It’s vanoss!

  • Akira Kamisaru
    Akira Kamisaru Day ago

    I Can See Chip Being Used In Horror Films.

  • mdjey2
    mdjey2 Day ago

    0:46 have fun!

  • Tech Gadgets TV
    Tech Gadgets TV Day ago

    Awesome inventions! 😍

  • caleb fink
    caleb fink 2 days ago

    2:26 not sure about that one

  • Cérik Lemoine
    Cérik Lemoine 2 days ago

    real dog is better than that robot

    GRIMLOCK07 5 days ago +1

    Does "CHIP" have a "Guard" Mode or a "SIC 'EM" button??

  • Robert Pywell
    Robert Pywell 5 days ago

    how much gadgets have you been sponsered by??

  • ChrispyChicken
    ChrispyChicken 5 days ago

    I was hoping for more comments that talked about how headphone jacks are going extinct

    • ChrispyChicken
      ChrispyChicken 5 days ago

      +Choc Chip I agree that they shouldn't. Doesn't change the fact that a lot of phone companies are taking it away

    • Choc Chip
      Choc Chip 5 days ago

      They aren't and they shouldn't. Screw the phone industry's shenanigans.

  • Licky Time
    Licky Time 6 days ago

    Stick tinfoil onto the infra red detectors.
    Congratulations, you are now invincible.

  • Kony 872
    Kony 872 6 days ago

    Plus there is already a measuring app on your phone

    • Kony 872
      Kony 872 4 days ago

      I have an iPhone6s plus

    • WindyWolf
      WindyWolf 4 days ago

      Kony 872 it’s only for iPhone 5S/6/6S/6PLUS/6SPLUS/SE/7/7PLUS/8/8PLUS/X/XR/XS/XSMAX (All phones $200-$1500)

  • Kony 872
    Kony 872 6 days ago

    6:06 sorry iPhone 7 and up users

  • Baljinder Singh
    Baljinder Singh 6 days ago

    Awesome owl

  • zouroman
    zouroman 7 days ago

    1:53 really? XxlastbulletxX

  • Leanna Bacon
    Leanna Bacon 7 days ago


  • Mansoor Al Kabi
    Mansoor Al Kabi 7 days ago

    Very bad. Too slow and hangs all the time.

  • Eduard Šajgalik
    Eduard Šajgalik 8 days ago

    did he said. plug it into a earphones jack on your iphone? so 20's

  • felixio
    felixio 9 days ago +1

    Paintball is shit now after FATHER.IO

  • Ann Ikenwa
    Ann Ikenwa 10 days ago


  • Maxime R
    Maxime R 10 days ago +1

    RIP Ipin
    New phones dont have headphones jacks xD

    • Maxime R
      Maxime R 5 days ago

      Google Pixel don't have jacks
      And I know the new iPhones don't have it either
      Not sure for the other

    • Choc Chip
      Choc Chip 5 days ago

      Actually SOME phones. phone with no headphone jack = worthless

    • Universal - Mobile Gaming
      Universal - Mobile Gaming 6 days ago

      Actually just apple

  • Kris Tucker
    Kris Tucker 10 days ago

    that fake gun app looked soooooo BAD

    ****EDIT: They ALL are SO BAD XD

  • rolf neumann
    rolf neumann 11 days ago

    Cool audio EKKO

  • rolf neumann
    rolf neumann 11 days ago

    Cool cam ULO

  • Darkhoarde Gaming
    Darkhoarde Gaming 13 days ago

    Captures snapshots on demand
    Devs: scene transition to woman's bedroom

  • SH HS
    SH HS 13 days ago

    Chip pickup hear inn wheles.. and dies :-(

  • Kevin Keegan
    Kevin Keegan 13 days ago


  • Nory Floranus
    Nory Floranus 14 days ago +1


  • Mauda Mauda
    Mauda Mauda 14 days ago


  • Not A Normal Guy
    Not A Normal Guy 14 days ago

    Aha headphone you say huh

  • james cole
    james cole 14 days ago

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  • DarkestLight4U
    DarkestLight4U 15 days ago

    It means you can shoot real people with an imaginary gun
    Who the fck is this guy I would like go know, so I can talk to him and say
    No Dip Dipshit😂😂

  • Austin Steele
    Austin Steele 15 days ago

    I don’t have a earphone jack I have the iPhone XS max😂

  • Don in 5 Tech
    Don in 5 Tech 15 days ago +1

    I want the owl camera but someone would definitely steal it

  • Jim Scholle
    Jim Scholle 15 days ago +1

    Holographic Fireplace? Virtual Puppy? What is this rubbish!

  • Man Plus Coder
    Man Plus Coder 17 days ago

    The last one is useless, just buy a real dog or adopt one

  • liloahmedali
    liloahmedali 17 days ago

    I need to get that fucking amazingly cute ULO.

  • Domino cracker
    Domino cracker 18 days ago

    Anyone else notice the nerf strongarm at 8:22 or was that just me?

  • Dirty Dirty
    Dirty Dirty 18 days ago

    Milf at 3:47

  • Leslie
    Leslie 19 days ago

    So where can I find the owl camera at, now that is really cool to have and no one will know what it is.

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power 19 days ago

    how stupid...wifi earphones hub..what about the radiation exposure?.. Amazing inventions..lol

  • Kent Lorbes
    Kent Lorbes 19 days ago

    I want the father.io

  • One Me In Myself
    One Me In Myself 19 days ago +4

    Damn the hologram looks so futuristic. That is what I always imagined the future to look like when I was reading science fiction as a young teenager :)

  • Ricketts Family300418052104080806071107

    The iPhone doesn't have a audio jack in there new models unless you buy it so pretty useless should of made it for Samsung galaxy

  • Kriss Vector
    Kriss Vector 20 days ago

    They got to the 10 minute mark, well done techzone, you’ve just proven that all you think about is money

  • mark gagowski
    mark gagowski 20 days ago

    @secureteam10 here's your intro audio

  • ↁéરίȻκ AરλúĵΘ [̲̅9̲̅8̲̅]

    i need link for all

  • TheSuperSeal Official
    TheSuperSeal Official 20 days ago

    2:28 YAY! :D

  • Naiem Salim
    Naiem Salim 20 days ago

    Wow nice really amazing

  • Trust Matibenga
    Trust Matibenga 20 days ago

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  • Random Workshop
    Random Workshop 21 day ago

    What if you don't WANT people to know you're filming them and/or destroy it?

  • jkeener1988
    jkeener1988 21 day ago

    Another video ruined by shitty iPhones

  • User Mister
    User Mister 22 days ago

    The horror ... the horror

  • Uknown_UserName
    Uknown_UserName 22 days ago

    Interested in owl camera is there a link pls

  • Hope4Today9 Now
    Hope4Today9 Now 23 days ago

    The measuring laser isn't even out … plus it looks to be this big bulky rectangular thing you mount on the back of your phone !!! I could be wrong just my opinion. But the web site says their taking pre-orders...

  • c2ash
    c2ash 23 days ago

    Secure Team?

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 24 days ago

    shut up and take my money

  • Samerah Mera
    Samerah Mera 24 days ago

    These are aweome but that robot is an exception. Why buy robots when you can adopt a dog?

    • vacatey
      vacatey 23 days ago

      hi your from where

  • Akbar khan
    Akbar khan 25 days ago

    Fat ugly humans on the way soon

  • Abdullah Khattab
    Abdullah Khattab 25 days ago

    Awesome! Love the first two!

  • Soumyadeep Ghosh
    Soumyadeep Ghosh 26 days ago

    Name of the music pls

  • bootsamou
    bootsamou 26 days ago

    Oh gosh - what a headache using a tape measure ! I mean, it's so difficult, right? No-one has ever worked out how to use one all these centuries. That bloke scratching his head, measuring his foot & pacing it. Derrrrr !

  • charalampos wawas
    charalampos wawas 27 days ago

    What is an earphone jack?

  • Riff Raff
    Riff Raff 28 days ago

    All this tech I NEED to see but not even a single link to help my LAZY ass easily acquisition? I'm soaking in IRONY...pen and paper please.

  • FarAboveDaCloudz
    FarAboveDaCloudz Month ago

    A ten minute video highlighting five new inventions!!! Yet I ended up watching thirteen thirty second commercials about not hothing!

  • Morgue Original Music
    Morgue Original Music Month ago +14

    "plug the device into the headphone jack on your iPhone." Good luck!

    • Peter Larsen
      Peter Larsen 10 days ago

      Yea no mini jack there, this sucks lol nothing there is usefull, and no 1 has ever heard about this lol lol they suck :)

    • Florian Oprescu
      Florian Oprescu 11 days ago

      Savage lvl. 12000!

  • Esther Benitez
    Esther Benitez Month ago


  • Roderick T
    Roderick T Month ago

    The Hub by EKKO! is another fake item where they are just taking money from bakers with nothing to show after 3 years not good.

  • 1987jugernaut
    1987jugernaut Month ago +2

    2:18 it's just a game Yoon 🙄

  • Catalan Don
    Catalan Don Month ago

    And people still crazed over stupid iphones

  • demita nolan
    demita nolan Month ago

    This is the best new invention I seen yet for 2019
    Check it out folks!

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog Month ago

    I really want all of this stuff bro but I'm broke I'm trying to make money, but the only down fault is that I'm a kid and I can't just go get a job for a million dollar company

  • Jeremy Cline
    Jeremy Cline Month ago

    You stole the secureteam10 theme...

  • james amatrais
    james amatrais Month ago

    What pen is used by the guy for designing in 5:22 ?

  • Lil Invader Zim
    Lil Invader Zim Month ago

    Your beat is so bland.

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    "mom quit turning down my fuckin puck I cant hear shit"

  • Ta El Blu
    Ta El Blu Month ago

    why robot dog?? its so wrong... real dog is better

  • TheKizzyfish
    TheKizzyfish Month ago

    I did not NEED to see any of that. Can I have my 10 minutes back please?

  • Sitara Khan
    Sitara Khan Month ago

    I want the chip. so cute!

  • sadham ahamed
    sadham ahamed Month ago


  • Chris Namaste
    Chris Namaste Month ago

    Use father.io in the USA and you may wind up getting killed by the police....

  • Kaushik Anil
    Kaushik Anil Month ago

    From where I buy these products..

  • Master basic
    Master basic Month ago

    3:20 don't forget airpods

  • Susie Rascon
    Susie Rascon Month ago

    What career would. I specifically need to be in inOrder to work with everything just like the inventions in the video?

  • Jim Britt
    Jim Britt Month ago

    Too bad the outdated iPhone did away with the headphone jack (idiot design)! I'll stick to my Galaxy S9+

  • Vinnie Gognitti
    Vinnie Gognitti Month ago

    06:30 - He said: "Plug the device into your earphone jack" and demos this with an iPhone.


    (Read the first two words!!! yes its supposed to be like that)

  • Christina Chahine
    Christina Chahine Month ago

    Hey! I have Chip!!! 😃

  • Martin Johansen
    Martin Johansen Month ago

    0:35 that’s actually fucking creepy

  • Tran Vo
    Tran Vo Month ago

    2019 any one

  • Mason game's
    Mason game's Month ago +3

    I love all of it

  • Creamy White
    Creamy White Month ago

    Nanu yan?
    Kaku nemu pls?

  • Jonathan Corrales
    Jonathan Corrales Month ago

    Lol the dog does not stink or poop lol when does the cat come out lmfao

  • Cloud Bear
    Cloud Bear Month ago

    I want the owl

  • Lam Boy
    Lam Boy Month ago +2

    I don’t have a headphone jack

    • ZTruth NY
      ZTruth NY Month ago

      Lam Boy Apple wants to control, they want integrated apps not control of other hardware. This is where they lose. Went from regular phone jack to charging and one plug at a time. Evil!

  • blux
    blux Month ago

    sad news, present iPhones doesn't have soundjack

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate Month ago +3

    The only thing I gotta say is, my Dog is named Chippy and not Chip 9:53

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate Month ago +1

    This is cool!

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate Month ago +5

    3:51, lol:) Moster Inc.

    • The Ultimate
      The Ultimate 28 days ago +1

      Riff Raff, I get it

    • Riff Raff
      Riff Raff 28 days ago +1

      That movie has a disturbing sociopathic way of addressing Adrenochrome harvesting hidden right under the noses and in the face of unsuspecting parents and their children. Speculation? Your rabbit hole awaits...

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate Month ago +2

    3:26, r they watching Madagascar???

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate Month ago +3

    So u can make Father.io VR??? Right???