Brexit: The Uncivil War - Benedict Cumberbatch (as Dominic Cummings) Shows Brexit Bus to Boris


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  6 days ago +6

    Watch the FULL EPISODE:

  • Fanakapan222
    Fanakapan222 8 hours ago

    Cummings probably rates on the Autistic scale, and its only the British acceptance of eccentricity that prevents him from being rumbled :)

  • Confédération du Rhin

    What a joke right now

  • wigglesize
    wigglesize Day ago

    Very well done

  • Will Whitfield
    Will Whitfield Day ago

    Imagine spitting image taking over brexit, THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED.

  • Joaquim Monteiro

    Is there really the need to stage this? They could've played the original news reports

  • John Flanagan
    John Flanagan 2 days ago +1

    This shambles has been brought to by the Conservative Party................

  • SydMint
    SydMint 3 days ago

    Two twits led by a mad man ...... be careful what you wish for :D 😂😂😂

  • India Alpha November
    India Alpha November 3 days ago +1

    Doctor Strange sure has range.

  • Binky Ferrari
    Binky Ferrari 3 days ago


  • Zoltan Ercei
    Zoltan Ercei 4 days ago +2

    Poor UK... Criminal vote leave ,delusional brexiters , manipulated voters, ignorant remainers ,.... Only 2 referendums in 40 years?? In Europe some countries have referendums almost every year .. What could go wrong with shock news infected , economically damaged UK majority ? Uneducated people , bombarded with false anti European propaganda and outdated nationalism of course they vote brexit .This is the ultimate national stupidity put in law.. Good luck when reality hits and normal behavior coming back to Little England.

  • cary bary
    cary bary 4 days ago

    Channel4 doesn’t like to talk about the ongoing murders of liberal tourists abroad. Do you channel poor?

    VAL VLOG 4 days ago

    Amateurish production. I was hoping for better.

  • MSW 2015
    MSW 2015 4 days ago

    Leave means leave. Sign the UK open petition for a no deal Brexit 326,094 MBGA

  • skylark belle
    skylark belle 4 days ago +3

    I actually enjoyed it, I expected it to be bias but actually thought it was quite balanced. Very well cast

  • Fat Burger
    Fat Burger 4 days ago

    Snowflakes detected

  • WankersCramp69
    WankersCramp69 5 days ago

    We gonna get one from the Remain side? If so, will they all be angels and wonderful?

  • Серж Шуляченко

    In London, they say, Prince Harry married a whore.

  • Danny Stevens
    Danny Stevens 5 days ago

    It looks shite I thought Cumberbatch had more class then to do some crap like this.

  • buzjimbo2
    buzjimbo2 5 days ago

    It may be biased, but I suspect it's meant to be tongue in cheek .

  • Jetpack Rorschach
    Jetpack Rorschach 6 days ago +13

    Wow, seeing the amount of resentfully warped Brexiters childishly whining about how this is somehow "biased" and "propaganda" just shows their own deeply ingrained cognitive dissonance. Everything shown in this film has not only been verified by the very same people who ran the Leave vote, but it's even documented in conversations and comments which were either written down or recorded. It's incredibly pathetic to see so many people completely rejecting basic facts because of their own willful ignorance and self-indulgent arrogance.

    • cary bary
      cary bary 4 days ago

      Jetpack Rorschach you talking to yourself?

    • Joshua Drew
      Joshua Drew 4 days ago

      I don't see how you can say this is not biesed propoganda

    • Danny Stevens
      Danny Stevens 5 days ago

      +Jetpack Rorschach Well it is

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit 5 days ago +4

      Until there's a Remain one, i still call this biased. Cameron and his 9 million quid, and getting Obama to shill for Remaining. And let's be honest here, the facts aren't always accurate, like for example the 350 million on the bus, being the whole Leave campaign. No, it was an individual campaign.

    • Jetpack Rorschach
      Jetpack Rorschach 6 days ago +2

      +edilcanidal Accurately pointing something out isn't whining, especially if it's pointing out the whining of loudly over-opinionated fact deniers.

  • anair ofdeath
    anair ofdeath 6 days ago +11

    Goebbels Would be proud of this level of propaganda,,,

    • anair ofdeath
      anair ofdeath 3 days ago

      +Freeze Peach my observation is correct..he would have been over the moon with the level of state and private propaganda...

    • Freeze Peach
      Freeze Peach 3 days ago

      +anair ofdeath
      It was a LIE. That's that. Oh and stop with trying to use the Nazi stuff we can see your game tbh.

    • Actionbastard
      Actionbastard 4 days ago

      They don't think it's propaganda this is literally how they think it happened. They can't understand anything else.

    • Nolynox
      Nolynox 5 days ago

      +anair ofdeath If it all goes wrong you will have your very own "stab in the back-myth". Ironically exsactly 100 years after the first world war. I guess history really does repeat itself.

    • anair ofdeath
      anair ofdeath 6 days ago

      +Ted Crilly have we left yet?? or are you lot actually going to give it a chance? ahem recession just on a vote to EU army....osbourne's tales of pensioners worse off by an exact number..yea ok..

  • ArtistLoS
    ArtistLoS 6 days ago +5

    I watched this show and found it interesting but very one sided.
    Very anti leave... made the voters look desperate or stupid and the leave campaign, as wreckless and crafty.
    I don't trust the vast majority of politicians, they are all currupt.
    I just see this production as the first step to pushing for a revote.
    Yet... think it may back fire as Cumberbatch was awesome, and it showed how out of touch politics is and how archaic those at the top are.
    Powerful stuff... but I agree with many of the comments on here, this the media steering the public.
    Use the code: Insect / Triquerta and click the lock lower right corner to learn of media control.

    • ArtistLoS
      ArtistLoS 4 days ago

      +DARREN 123 I agree.
      No Deal might be better than what's being offered.
      That said... the tensions in Ireland would be VERY high... just a mess really.

    • DARREN 123
      DARREN 123 4 days ago

      I still think we should leave without a deal ,
      If they know we are willing to walk away a better deal could be had,
      We cannot accept this one it is not good for us at all,

    • ArtistLoS
      ArtistLoS 4 days ago

      +DARREN 123 back then there was no deal, and no talk of a divorce settlement...
      I agree the leave campaign concentrated on the pros of leaving and didn't voice the cons or how long it would take to get the deal we now have or have any part in the deal we now have...
      And the deal we have been given in actuality is worse than staying...
      Its like we are staying, still paying money into the EU, still no boarder deal for Ireland... and we get no say in new laws but still may have to adopt them intil the backstop...
      Heck article 13 will still hit us...
      In or out, right now I am not sure how we fair... or what the future holds, but we need change... all the main front line services are so stretched. Call the police for a robbery at your home you are lucky to have them arrive within the same week. Same with the NHS and schools...all stretched to breaking point.
      Have you seen
      Now thats a party I wished was running our country.

    • DARREN 123
      DARREN 123 4 days ago

      ArtistLoS thats the whole point putout just before the vote on accepting the EU deal to pusuade to public to back a terrible deal , that even remainers and leavers are agreeing on is a bad deal

  • Lumibear
    Lumibear 6 days ago

    I saw this, I thought it was interesting and did well at dramatising a very complicated event, in particular how Facebook was used to target the public with emotional propaganda created and operated by AI whose sole job was to mislead the easily manipulated masses who were ignorant of what the EU was or did, and also how the establishment is badly out of touch with this new world, which I felt explained a lot really.
    It was very simplified and dramatised and the caricatures of the politicians involved was pretty silly, but the main point I felt it was making was they really weren’t the point of this story, they were just those guys we saw on TV, political figureheads who weren’t even aware of who was really manipulating and controlling events, and them.
    Of course, how accurate this all is I guess we’ll understand as such ‘facts’ get disputed by those involved, but it certainly was a brain teaser.

  • naniieSAYhuh
    naniieSAYhuh 6 days ago

    Wut in the truest pure fuck has ben done to his fackin hair

  • Future Baby
    Future Baby 6 days ago

    That’s why Thanos took Doctor Strange first. Wasteman

  • Danksy
    Danksy 6 days ago +4

    How much money would the NHS save if freedom of movement in the EU stopped. 🤔

    • wigglesize
      wigglesize Day ago

      It's got nothing to do with savings, that's the point of this film. It's a complex issue but as we have all learnt it should never have happened.
      Is the NHS getting £350 million? So there's your answer.

    • Deividas Adomonis
      Deividas Adomonis 4 days ago

      Nonsense, UK unemployment is at 4% with all emigrants in working place. If remove / suspend all immigrants most businesses will shrink. It's simple it won't be enough workers to do all those jobs. UK aging populations will shrink all sectors. Pensions will shrink as well same as NHS and other services. The fact is EU immigrants don't stop at low paid job and get start educations or create own business and constantly grow. Those on low paid jobs return back home, and remember UK as bad experience. Other fact is if EU immigrant grow on is finances (some) UK public grow on anger.... I know lot of British people are angry at EU immigrants what coming here buying houses living decent live. No one take any job form no one. Is just immigrants have different energy levels against locals and achieve much more in the short period of time.... We all same people with same ambitions....

    • Deividas Adomonis
      Deividas Adomonis 4 days ago

      Answer is NON, majority of EU citizens back home for treatment. Not many disable EU people in UK should explain you everything...

    • DARREN 123
      DARREN 123 4 days ago

      We had a lot of good nurses forced to leave that came from philippines, but tory and EU regs of earning over a certain amount has now had many removed from UK ,
      Stopping EU free movement does not mean we cannot get workers from overseas it means we can now pick the best skilled visas still need to be applied for , what we had with free movement is UK stopped training there own in favour of European qualified nurses amd staff from countries that we funded to help them train , when we should of been funding our own to train,
      But thats a Tory thing throughout the last few decades , giving our jobs and compaines contract's
      Government funded Contracts
      to everyone else
      Every where else
      but its own nationals people and UK companies,
      Choosing forgiener investors contractors
      Means our future Youth and skills die out, it has not invested in or supported its own businesses which is why the UK is in such a dier situation
      With manufacturing and producing goods,
      Instead its supported only financial services where quick bucks are made for off shore hiding of funds, each tory politician has become much more wealthier becoming an MP than the wages they actually earn, using there position to amass a personal wealth at the cost of actually being a good true representative of the public whom voted them in,

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit 5 days ago

      +Danksy You'll always get you Euro-fanatics who defend it no matter what. If you don't agree with their vision of a United States Of Europe, then the'll wish death upon you.

  • MrB1923
    MrB1923 6 days ago +3

    If you want a real good laugh watch the trailer for this. It couldn't be more biased, out of touch or cringeworthy.
    The world through the lense of the virtue signalling Establishment left.

    • Lumibear
      Lumibear 6 days ago

      If that was true then why did the Guardian interviewer take issue with the writer over its historical inaccuracies, and leaving out important matters such as the illegal overspending, and object to its over the top caricatures of many of the real life people depicted such as Boris? You don’t get much more virtue signalling establishment left than the Guardian, shouldn’t have they been right on board?

    • X X
      X X 6 days ago +2

      MrB1923 lies lies and more lies keep believing them Mr Delusional. You were sold a fake lie. You believed it, voted leave and the lie didn't come true now you defend them. Where are all the leavemoaners now who kept shoving this fact in leave voters faces? Not knowing any actual facts or figures you believe what is written.
      The world through the eyes of a disillusioned and stupid right.

  • Fixed Face
    Fixed Face 6 days ago +7

    has cumbertwat finally taken in some muslums in one of his villas, as promised?

    • wigglesize
      wigglesize Day ago

      You're a fucking disgrace, fuck off and spare us your stupidity.

    • Ted Crilly
      Ted Crilly 6 days ago +1

      why would he? uks been importing them since the 50's.
      before the eu existed.

  • Oliver Watts
    Oliver Watts 6 days ago +7

    Wonderful propaganda, Channel 4.

    • Oliver Watts
      Oliver Watts 5 days ago

      +X X Really, nonce? Are you five? As soon as someone uses insults in a debate, they've almost certainly lost. You're a dishonest, lying hypocrite and engaging with people like you gives rational people a bloody aneurism.
      Also, I can play the victim too: how dare you assert that I am a nonce because I am gay you homophobe! See, sweetheart, we can all play the victim and lie, but it doesn't make your argument any more valid. Not that yours was in the first place.

    • Oliver Watts
      Oliver Watts 5 days ago

      +Craig Brexit Thanks, I've noticed a lot of the ProgLeft are fantastic at twisting the truth to turn everyone into an enemy and making themselves victims, it's infuriating.

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit 5 days ago

      +X X Nonce? Really? You absolutely hypocritical, condescending, contradiction of a piece of shit. You've been exposed, and have been defeated on the topic of this show being propaganda. And to top it off, you've just insulted and attacked a man personally with autism. You really are a disciple, odious individual.

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit 5 days ago

      +Oliver Watts Well done Oliver. You have exposed the contradiction man known as X X. All he can do is call you names, instead of engaging in a rational debate with you.

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit 5 days ago

      +X X Like he said, it's propaganda. You've contradicted yourself here.

  • The GDPWhyTea?
    The GDPWhyTea? 6 days ago +15


    • X X
      X X 6 days ago +1

      It's not bias to make a sketch. You can't have everything pandering to both sides to make everyone happy snowflake. It's a joke based on the truth, realise your stupidity and get over it.

  • Kratos
    Kratos 6 days ago +20

    Channel 4 remoaner propaganda!

    • simon carter
      simon carter 3 days ago

      Must be embarrassing for remainers, to know they were stupid enough to fall for this.

    • Freeze Peach
      Freeze Peach 3 days ago


    • X X
      X X 5 days ago

      sprouting wings leave campaign was and still is full of shit. Watch this country burn and crumble before you die you old hag.

    • X X
      X X 5 days ago

      Craig Brexit keep telling yourself that Craig Brexit.. what an objective name.. I'm sure I can rely on you to be objective and not a blind pig who's completely one sided. Carry on.

    • sprouting wings
      sprouting wings 5 days ago

      Cucumber patch is a remainer, he wouldn't be in this show if it wasn't biased. I listened to the remain campaign which was full of shite so I voted leave. Remainers are pathetic.

    DATT BROS 6 days ago

    I've just finished watching thus

  • aaugoaa
    aaugoaa 6 days ago +12

    Channel 4 are paid by the EU. Look it up.

    • aaugoaa
      aaugoaa 6 days ago +1

      +X X Channel 4 cannot be seen as objective about it's content on Brexit if there is a conflict of interest by taking money from the EU, neither could google or youtube. But that doesn't mean i have to leave their platforms, because they don't rule over the UK, the EU does. You're using a nonsense strawman.

    • X X
      X X 6 days ago

      aaugoaa just like channel 4 is paid by the EU so is Google. Look it up.

    • aaugoaa
      aaugoaa 6 days ago

      +X X if our government got us out of the EU no deal, we would automatically leave all EU treaties, then we wouldn't be aligned to EU at all. Which is what most leavers want. EU don't own youtube, just the UK.

    • X X
      X X 6 days ago +1

      aaugoaa and your TheXvid channel is linked to the EU. Delete it.

    • Matthew Clark
      Matthew Clark 6 days ago +1


  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 6 days ago

    Brexit is a complete shit show

  • Daly Zoey
    Daly Zoey 6 days ago