• Published on Apr 9, 2019
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  • Levi k
    Levi k 2 days ago +1

    Hey pee wee your going to get roasted by Dave2d look him up and he thinks you act like whippy school girl! Linus should Step in give you a dress code only allowed to wear dresses at linus media because you act more of girl compared to other women!

    • Levi k
      Levi k 2 days ago

      And give her boobs!

  • AwesomeVindicator
    AwesomeVindicator 2 days ago

    but bing? really...? microsoft needs to give up on bing too tbh .

  • Eirik Heggelund
    Eirik Heggelund 2 days ago

    I use Edge for Full HD Netflix streams. With the new Edge being Chromium-based, will I be forced to 720p streams again?

  • Oversized Hoodies
    Oversized Hoodies 4 days ago

    Is the title a ff12 reference?
    Would be cool if it is.

  • genns1679
    genns1679 5 days ago

    I dont really like the whole "spontaneous" talk from behind the camera. Every so often it is actually quite entertaining, too much and it gets pretty darn annoying.

  • Stan Szeto
    Stan Szeto 6 days ago

    Its first major improvement is you can now drag the URL from your address-bar directly to your Desktop like every other browser! That finally fixed that! The one thing I feared they would screw-up is the text-to-speech aka read-aloud. Thankfully they did not screw with that. Edge has the best UX/UI for text-to-speech over any Chrome's extensions for text-to-speech I've tried. What is missing is Dark Theme. No extension so far does Dark Theme like the original Edge and none found that does just as good as Chrome. The ones that are close you have to pay a fee after the trial period. The original Edge Dark Theme is dark everywhere including its address-bar.

  • Roman Bukins
    Roman Bukins 6 days ago

    Ok, with all seriousness what is the point of installing chrome when it takes longer to open, longer to load the pages and it glitches like mad 0.o

  • m ・ ́ω・
    m ・ ́ω・ 7 days ago

    I leave Apex matches early because of the god damn Chinese bots on my team blasting advertisement through my speakers.

  • Ingwie Phoenix
    Ingwie Phoenix 7 days ago +1

    Im german - and i totally agree. XD Sounds definitively german-y!

  • Haikal Adnan
    Haikal Adnan 7 days ago

    Moving to mozilla now

  • NaCl Sky
    NaCl Sky 8 days ago

    I like edge...

  • Tsumitsuki
    Tsumitsuki 9 days ago

    I have my 3D Printer in the Basement. Just because it's to loud to have it in my apartment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The DIY Shop
    The DIY Shop 9 days ago

    No standard fdm style 3d printer is capable of the resolution to reproduce a finger print, the only style I am aware of that could is a resin 3d printer which cost upwards of $2000. This is without even considering the pain it would be to transfer a finger print in to a cad file that could be printed

  • Hh Hh
    Hh Hh 10 days ago

    but then game crashed

  • Isaiah Miranda
    Isaiah Miranda 10 days ago

    Rotfl my phone randomly started playing southern nights right when my video ended

  • Kayumange Brown
    Kayumange Brown 10 days ago

    Dude ur shoulders padding is visible.. 😂

  • A YouTuber
    A YouTuber 10 days ago

    International bandwidth is not the problem in Africa, it's the networks in the countries.

  • Sam Parkin
    Sam Parkin 11 days ago

    i love when my team leaves I can just hide and then be the last person to die

  • Nicholas A.
    Nicholas A. 11 days ago

    No thanks Microsoft, I want half my computer resources to be used when opening Chrome.

  • C G
    C G 11 days ago

    Most battle royal games already have a penalty system

  • Davii Mai
    Davii Mai 12 days ago

    Really... "a fatal flaw"

    GEEK VOLTAGE 12 days ago

    1 year from now
    I-phone user: where's netflix?
    Next day
    Next week: hey whys our store empty?

  • Ivan Karamazov
    Ivan Karamazov 12 days ago

    Players selfishly abandoning a match they're not enjoying? Takes me back to my World of Warcraft daze.

  • Mark Okoli
    Mark Okoli 12 days ago

    I mean you can unlock a phone and just by plugging into a computer so I'm pretty sure fingerprint is okay

  • Mr. Liam
    Mr. Liam 12 days ago +1

    I like Bing.

  • compaq deskpro
    compaq deskpro 12 days ago

    Fingerprint sensor on the S10 sucks, physical sensors on the S9 and the old iPhones worked much better. Sadly usefulness is being squeezed out of top of the line smartphones.

  • Bashir Sfar
    Bashir Sfar 12 days ago +1

    im not even a Samsung fan, but the S10 "exploit" isnt an exploit. The scanner did its job. It read a fingerprint. That's what it's supposed to do! What actually happened was that someone found a way to make a replica of your fingerprint.

  • Martin Lévesque
    Martin Lévesque 12 days ago

    I drove around 3000 km and costed about 120$CAD in an EV.

  • GypsyJoe
    GypsyJoe 12 days ago

    I want a zune

  • Kuratius
    Kuratius 12 days ago

    So why do you say peenalize instead of penalize?

  • finsarg
    finsarg 12 days ago

    I bail early on Apex rounds whenever there's an angry douche in my squad saying "are you gonna do anything!" just cos I'm a noob. "Yeah", I say, "I'm doing something right now" and I exit the match. Would be a shame to give arseholes free reign to be as horrible as they want knowing their squad mates can't leave without being penalised.

  • Dravis0101
    Dravis0101 12 days ago

    It's not a flaw when...

    It's your own finger that your copying!
    "It's like using the in display finger print scanner with extra steps! [Sic]"

  • Johannes Neustein
    Johannes Neustein 12 days ago

    Edge is my go to browser, to bad its going chromium.

  • Cypher360clothing
    Cypher360clothing 12 days ago

    That is not a flaw in the fingerprint technology. It did exactly what it supposed to do. You have seen this being done in movies for years! It is no different from if you left your PIN number laying around or your computers password.

  • Vaggelis Basoukas
    Vaggelis Basoukas 12 days ago +1

    IF you can adjust EDGE to use duck duck go as its main search engine' I'll consider using it

  • nubai
    nubai 12 days ago

    i thought chromium was a virus

  • Dogma
    Dogma 12 days ago

    So what you're saying is, apex is going to force people to play with loot whores, and punish them for also wanting to have a good time?

  • Wolf J.
    Wolf J. 12 days ago

    I used edge to avoid Chrome....

  • Lewis Nzuki
    Lewis Nzuki 12 days ago


  • Bits of Pulp
    Bits of Pulp 12 days ago

    What's an edge lord?

  • MirrorLine Entertainments

    I loved how you made fun of mark for laying cables 😂😂😂
    But that guys thinking made him billions. So we may not have a clue. He has

  • Sally k
    Sally k 12 days ago

    What happened to hydrogen engines? 600km a tank, costs the same to produce as petrol, fill up in 5 mins and has 0 emissions.....

  • madden8021
    madden8021 12 days ago

    Still, used to download Chrome and or firefox regardless.

  • OMGitsLexi
    OMGitsLexi 12 days ago

    Edge promised so much but ended up being a limp dick

  • Nixon Kosgei
    Nixon Kosgei 12 days ago

    Second time am watching this. It's different than the first time

  • Anthony Labouyer
    Anthony Labouyer 12 days ago

    I honestly just wish Respawn would focus on fixing the crashing issues hitting tons of users on PC, unfortunately I've been hit with random crashes since day one that persist after a TON of troubleshooting with no luck, and judging by the EA forums this is not isolated to specific hardware configs.

  • Limo K
    Limo K 12 days ago

    can't relate, using Brave browser

  • Samuel Grahame
    Samuel Grahame 12 days ago

    Apex legends can't penalize players for leaving. Because if you DC. You get kicked. Whih happenes more then people leaving

  • The Law of Inertia The Law of Inertia

    $300 road trip but excluded food, boat fair, hotel, aid from people, tire maintenance, & paying for parking. Yeah, so $300. Ha. More like 3000 thousand

  • Janko Kinčeš
    Janko Kinčeš 12 days ago

    roasting is bad. Bible say run from bad and do good.

  • Sam W
    Sam W 12 days ago

    Yes Linus wife is hosting again, this time she’s wearing glasses!

  • marc-andrew wilson
    marc-andrew wilson 12 days ago

    so funny story... i asked a chinese man (born in CHINA) how to pronounce Huawei... its HOW-WAY, not HHWWAAAHHWAAAYY

  • Stefan Batrinache
    Stefan Batrinache 12 days ago

    I think those guys are keeping their 3d printers in the basement because of the noise.

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari 12 days ago

    Who are those people disliking these videos? No seriously! O.o
    It’s THE best channel on LMG and when it’s James and Riley is always funny how can you people not like it?

  • Connor
    Connor 12 days ago

    The guy had Zoutelande on repeat.

  • Martin Shkreli
    Martin Shkreli 12 days ago


  • RationalRampage
    RationalRampage 12 days ago

    Quickbits? What happened to QuarkBarts?

  • miami cosmo
    miami cosmo 12 days ago

    Americans saying they're from another country is so annoying and stupid.

  • Well Fed Productions
    Well Fed Productions 13 days ago

    Bring Yvonne back...

  • Mitch Johnson
    Mitch Johnson 13 days ago

    Also, I'm betting those car charges are subsidized by other people.

  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn 13 days ago

    When I install Windows 10 I use Edge to download Firefox.

    EVANCOOL 13 days ago

    Eject Ceremony. That is all.

  • TheMadHatter
    TheMadHatter 13 days ago

    People rarely use Edge. Its been dead years before they renamed it from Windows Explorer.

  • John Young
    John Young 13 days ago

    Edge had slowly become my main browser

  • ShotsFired andMissed
    ShotsFired andMissed 13 days ago +1

    It’s been 4 years ever since I made post asking Microsoft why the edge eats too much RAM, Microsoft sadly still hasn’t replied 😞

  • ricky v
    ricky v 13 days ago +1

    The intro to this video with all the flames and roasts is what was interesting to me. (:

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 13 days ago

    Internet explorer was better

  • JD Langton
    JD Langton 13 days ago +1

    “People do need a browser to download Chrome with.”
    I died.

  • BowmanHawk
    BowmanHawk 13 days ago

    Why wouldn't they jusr have an auto fill feature for the party....like every other game ever.
    Jesus even anthem got that right !

  • Jaeden King
    Jaeden King 13 days ago

    Literally shut this down @ 3:10 "TIME FOR QUICK BITS" - Please never again

  • MM Fortney
    MM Fortney 13 days ago

    The icon still looks like a retarded 'e'.

  • xXzelda masterXx
    xXzelda masterXx 13 days ago

    Yeah because some one is gonna take my phone whithout me noticing hoping I have a s10 specifically then take samples of my finger print then 3d print it on a expensive printer then come back steal my phone again so they can look at my twitter

  • Odai Rahme
    Odai Rahme 13 days ago

    Gosh I wanna sit on his face...

  • Sicarius
    Sicarius 13 days ago +1

    *If we do this, we’d be going in short-handed*

  • Ronny's
    Ronny's 13 days ago

    So they actually made a fingerprint.
    Bravo 😃☝🏻👍🏻

  • Cats 2079
    Cats 2079 13 days ago

    1:35 that was an old spy movie cliché and now you're telling me it's really possible? Yup, nothing is impossible anymore. Literally nothing. Just wait long enough and someone will invent a way to do it.

  • Dragzilla 66
    Dragzilla 66 13 days ago

    They took forever.

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 13 days ago

    instead of providing africa with internet... what about water? i dunno just a crazy idea.

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Ah yes, even more shit that google has their greedy hands on. Even more of a reason to not use Edge I guess

  • FortisProcer
    FortisProcer 13 days ago

    I always enjoyed it when I would play Apex with a friend and the random leaves. More loot for me!

  • Almandho P
    Almandho P 13 days ago +1

    Kuromu da!!

  • Jonathan Sherry
    Jonathan Sherry 13 days ago

    Does no one remember Unreal Tournament's "Deserter" flag for exactly the same thing?


    you guys need to start toning the fuck down cause this show gona become age restricted with all the nipple shown around here lately

  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 13 days ago

    (parts of Africa) "We could really use more desalinization plants to turn all this ocean water into clean, drinkable water."
    (Facebook) "Did someone call for more internet access!? Got you covered, fam!"
    (parts of Africa) "... unfriended ..."

  • Avery Lucas
    Avery Lucas 13 days ago

    She always underestimates my eject game.. smh.. I eject FAST AF BOII

  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 13 days ago

    So when guys pull out early in pornos... are money shots just "data loss?"

  • Strictly Cast RC
    Strictly Cast RC 13 days ago

    Cool now i can download google chrome faster

  • Max77
    Max77 13 days ago

    This episode is sponsored by Ben Askren.

  • Captain Future
    Captain Future 13 days ago

    Now that I watched Yvonne host TechLinked, watching Riley is actually boring. I want Yvonne!

  • Ahmet ikbal
    Ahmet ikbal 13 days ago

    what is facebook going to do with africans special data?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 days ago

    5 grand on fuel?!
    And how much more does an electric car costs?

  • EvilWeAre
    EvilWeAre 13 days ago

    Plenty of edge in this video, Riley could cut glad with them nipples.

  • NateTheGreat
    NateTheGreat 13 days ago

    Privacy. That’s iPhone.

  • Sean Place
    Sean Place 13 days ago

    Microsoft makes a pretty good browser engine that threatens Chrome's performance crown.
    Google changes the code on their websites so it purposely runs slow on Edge.
    Microsoft gives up and adopts the Chromium engine.
    Microsoft is a soy boy.

    Try it out for yourself. Edge runs pretty quick on all websites except ones owned by Google.

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever 13 days ago

    Hopefully the final version of the new Chromium based Edge will have the great hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling like Edge does.

  • Zac
    Zac 13 days ago

    It’s time for Quake Pits... according to TheXvid subtitles.

  • jake20479
    jake20479 13 days ago

    if I want to leave a match, that's CASUAL, I fucking will. I don't care.

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1 13 days ago

    you can never stop me from using alt+F4, ctrl+alt+esc,Ctrl+alt+del, or power button for 5 seconds

  • eilegz
    eilegz 13 days ago

    by becoming another chrome skin or chrome clone, i dont see any life on it just look how opera and vivaldi its doing....

  • Kayla Smith
    Kayla Smith 13 days ago

    ...I'd stick my 3D printer in my basement if I had one... that's where my computer is, so it just makes sense...