• Published on Sep 15, 2019
    In today slot session we were playing the Tarzan slot machine betting max bet the entire time, $5.00 a smack! We are gambling in Las Vegas NV at the Encore Las Vegas on the Las Vegas strip.
    We had an amazing run triggering and re-triggering the GRAND FREE GAMES with multipliers and landing several of the progressive jackpots! You have to see it to believe it!!!
    This is a longer session for those of you that have been asking for longer slot machine play. ENJOY =)
    Thank you for watching Lady Luck HQ =)
    Who's Getting Lucky
    We feature Robbin playing QUICK HITS betting $1.60 a smack and landing herself an amazing jackpot handpay!!!!

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    I will email you and notify you if you have been chosen to be featured in, "WHO's GETTING LUCKY" Video link announcing, "WHO'S getting LUCKY" segment.😜
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  • ansul bart
    ansul bart 4 hours ago


  • Paddy O'Donoghue

    $800 is amazing? I should start a youtube channel. Lol

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  Day ago

      Probably a good thing!! It's fun but a money pit!

    • Paddy O'Donoghue
      Paddy O'Donoghue Day ago +1

      @Lady Luck HQAh I see. We don't have that machine here in New Zealand 🙂✌

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  Day ago +2

      Lol. On this game, $800 is amazing!! This game is a money pit!

  • ColaCoca?
    ColaCoca? Day ago +1

    Now, what exactly is going on?

  • NemonatorYT
    NemonatorYT 2 days ago

    18:20 deanerys talkin smack

  • Vinh Lê
    Vinh Lê 2 days ago


  • Richard Kager
    Richard Kager 3 days ago

    Nice run, congratulations!

  • tires2burn
    tires2burn 4 days ago +1


  • Armando Edades
    Armando Edades 4 days ago

    I'm enjoying watching your pretty pace

  • CHaiNz bUiLdz
    CHaiNz bUiLdz 5 days ago

    I just lost 5000 dollars I’m so pissed off right now

  • Gazz Bet72
    Gazz Bet72 7 days ago

    Это всё наёёб ..ааааууаааааа

  • Dwi PeaCeabLe
    Dwi PeaCeabLe 8 days ago


  • Rossella Acampa
    Rossella Acampa 8 days ago

    Bravissima un bacio dall italia

  • Nella Barlotta
    Nella Barlotta 8 days ago

    Andate tutti a cagare.....giochi che rovinano le famiglie

  • Ray Fahri
    Ray Fahri 8 days ago +1

    Gua ga ngerti bangsattt

  • Pandicore
    Pandicore 9 days ago +1

    hahahhahahahah 9:25

  • Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez

    Good or bad day?like me just me

  • Tan Pu yeow
    Tan Pu yeow 10 days ago

    Come ham chat lady luck

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 10 days ago

    this slot is a pure shit

    BANG JHON PROJECT 10 days ago

    saya main game ini di situs

  • mahir tazwar haque
    mahir tazwar haque 10 days ago

    loveeeeeee youuuuuu.

  • Leonard Marin
    Leonard Marin 11 days ago

    Sa ma cac în jocul vostru

  • Action Video
    Action Video 11 days ago

    Follow please 🙏

  • Ragantens Manfredi
    Ragantens Manfredi 11 days ago +6

    What do you smoke lady?! You win 700$ and u put a title like you win millions.

    • Ragantens Manfredi
      Ragantens Manfredi 4 days ago

      @Lady Luck HQ okay. Then u need to treat me

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  4 days ago

      Lol. Nope. The title said amazing major jackpot. I got the major jackpot!

  • Scrofani Giuseppe
    Scrofani Giuseppe 13 days ago


  • Roy Sten
    Roy Sten 13 days ago

    это в Лас Вегасе ?

  • Armands Vitenbergs
    Armands Vitenbergs 14 days ago

    How can you call 150x a Jackpot..... Thats to low for that bet. 30 freespins 10x win :S:S

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  14 days ago

      Because it's a major jackpot hit. Didn't say it was a handpay.

  • Antonietta Pavia
    Antonietta Pavia 15 days ago

    Theys slot are worst than the European, pays shit

  • Lucy & Lyla Hayes
    Lucy & Lyla Hayes 17 days ago

    hi new friend great win!!!!! i walked by that game at least 20 times at the last casio now i will have to play it let's stay connected

  • Sophie2211 Sophie2211
    Sophie2211 Sophie2211 17 days ago

    I love u

  • luis Cerda
    luis Cerda 18 days ago +2

    Presiosa Lady luky

  • babass29
    babass29 18 days ago


  • Maria Cortez
    Maria Cortez 18 days ago +1

    I know we all want to win ; in my case I got a very ill little girl she is my grand Kid, we need to repair our floor my us some sofas blankets ; goodness when as young we manage to buy a house but with tax we barley make it , I pray and pray one. Day we are hoping to win the lottery or some thing I please pray for us thank you. ! Now we are a little older we need help in decent sense , I know We made a nice choice in buying our little home. Maybe can there be a promo some that can help us ????

    • Maria Cortez
      Maria Cortez 18 days ago +1

      We are not less we need help in repairing I got post polio on right arm my husband diabetic a child with epilepsy delay back ! I got no pride I sincerely some out there that can help us I will checking thank you

  • Brader Shitt
    Brader Shitt 19 days ago +1

    Nice 🤗 you are so lucky 🥳🥳

  • Big Win from Joker
    Big Win from Joker 19 days ago +1


  • Mary Love
    Mary Love 19 days ago +1

    you are an amazing lady, so am I. all we need is love and luck.

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  19 days ago

      Thank you Mary!! You are amazing ❣️

  • Detroit Scratchers
    Detroit Scratchers 20 days ago +1

    Love your videos. Check out ours if you have a chance.

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  20 days ago +1

      @Detroit Scratchers small world indeed!!! Thank you 😊

    • Detroit Scratchers
      Detroit Scratchers 20 days ago +2

      Thank you. I work with Dominic at the dealership. When I told him I had a channel he showed me yours. Great job!

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  20 days ago +1

      Thank you! Definitely will! Link one here in the comments so everyone can see a video too!

  • Seer Sapate
    Seer Sapate 20 days ago

    Gambling Community

  • Bored With you
    Bored With you 20 days ago

    Sorry didn’t finish the video... When a commercial comes up on a slot channel I automatically turn it off.. Hopefully it was a good hit👍

  • Ayo
    Ayo 21 day ago +3

    “ c’mon tarzan, please “ sounds like you want tarzan more than money.

    • Ayo
      Ayo 13 days ago

      Lady Luck HQ Nice videos by the way. Keep the money coming.

    • Ayo
      Ayo 13 days ago

      Lady Luck HQ I’m crazy 😜

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  21 day ago

      What an odd thing to say

  • Jay Mather
    Jay Mather 22 days ago +1

    Double Awesome!!

  • Carlos García
    Carlos García 22 days ago

    Te amo mujer de la suerte

  • J Bompton
    J Bompton 22 days ago +3

    Congrats! Awesome win! Pass me some of your luck lady. I've been on a 3 month losing streak 😭

  • Sau Dip
    Sau Dip 22 days ago +1

    Smart move girl

  • Pablo Tumambing Jr
    Pablo Tumambing Jr 22 days ago

    What is amazing with tarzan slot games? Its not worth it for 5$ bet

    • Cindy Iwanski
      Cindy Iwanski 22 days ago

      A lady hit 85.000.00 on tarzan in Michigan on a 1.50 bet.

  • Samuel Penn
    Samuel Penn 23 days ago +1

    I kinda knew you were going to hit the minor along w the major, it kept coming up on a lot of the dead spins & you were robbed on your 30 free spins. Congrats though!!😀🎉🍀

  • Paul Hallihan
    Paul Hallihan 23 days ago +3

    WhT does the irl stand for?? And the board behind you

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  19 days ago

      Hi Paul - it's an In Real Life Board. Anybody who joins my member program on TheXvid gets some perks. One of which is their name on the board permanently

  • Nata Kravchenko
    Nata Kravchenko 23 days ago +2


  • Stephen Helton
    Stephen Helton 23 days ago +3

    Avoided watching this Tarzan didn’t strike me as a fun game... I was wrong. Lol. Cool game. Nice run girl Congrats and hub’s did a great job with the commentary.

  • Adam McIntyre
    Adam McIntyre 23 days ago +3

    She’s got those crazy girl eyes. How’s that song go? “ run don’t walk away” yeah.

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  23 days ago

      Lol. Not familiar with that song! 😂

  • Harshita Bohara
    Harshita Bohara 24 days ago

    Hi Randi how r u

  • Ronnie Akers
    Ronnie Akers 24 days ago +1

    You are so beautiful

  • 1965Beans
    1965Beans 24 days ago +1

    Great job Lady Luck & the Professor!!! It takes a little warm up for Tarzan to swing through. Good Luck on your next SPIN!

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  24 days ago

      Thank you Beans!!! Likewise, my friend!

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 25 days ago

    Weird. I bet $2 on this game at MandyBay and usually get $200+ on the bonus spins. But generally it is tough to get anything on this game for me.

  • Game_ On
    Game_ On 25 days ago +1

    The person filming ...... was so annoying

  • Dustin Wilson
    Dustin Wilson 25 days ago

    LOOKING fine af! Sorry Hubby! lol

  • Weldon Park
    Weldon Park 25 days ago +1

    It sucks

  • Kevin Lam
    Kevin Lam 25 days ago +2

    Next time get a grand jackpot

  • Jennifer Shilko
    Jennifer Shilko 25 days ago


  • Donna Rizzo
    Donna Rizzo 27 days ago +2

    I really like this machine but I only minimum bet 😂 it never seems to pay anything in the row I’m in to anyone. So I dump $40 and play for a little bit. I might win only a couple of dollars but I hate dumping $200 and get nothing. You have a great channel!

  • Kevin Murray
    Kevin Murray 28 days ago +1

    Beautiful as always, congrats on the win