• Published on Sep 15, 2019
    In today slot session we were playing the Tarzan slot machine betting max bet the entire time, $5.00 a smack! We are gambling in Las Vegas NV at the Encore Las Vegas on the Las Vegas strip.
    We had an amazing run triggering and re-triggering the GRAND FREE GAMES with multipliers and landing several of the progressive jackpots! You have to see it to believe it!!!
    This is a longer session for those of you that have been asking for longer slot machine play. ENJOY =)
    Thank you for watching Lady Luck HQ =)
    Who's Getting Lucky
    We feature Robbin playing QUICK HITS betting $1.60 a smack and landing herself an amazing jackpot handpay!!!!

    If you would like your "slot play" or "jackpot handpay" to be featured in one of our videos we will need the following:
    1: Photo of you with your slot play or jackpot handpay
    2: Details on your photo: EX: Where were you at? What machine were you on?
    3: If you have a TheXvid channel or social media page please provide link as I will give you a shout out.
    4: Send everything to
    5. Give us written consent to use your picture or content you sent over.
    I will email you and notify you if you have been chosen to be featured in, "WHO's GETTING LUCKY" Video link announcing, "WHO'S getting LUCKY" segment.😜
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  • el milenial
    el milenial 2 hours ago +1


  • Maριος Οικονομακης

    T that guy to shot the f up

  • Genuwine6799G
    Genuwine6799G 14 hours ago +1

    I just got back from Vegas, walked into Harrah’s put in 60 and bet 1.50 or 1.65 and won 994.00 on this game. 40.00 on Lord of rings at treasure island and 350 on first spin bonus.

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  12 hours ago

      WOW - That's amazing!! Congrats!! 🎊 🎈

  • Lilly V Gutierrez
    Lilly V Gutierrez Day ago +1

    The games so cool

  • Lilly V Gutierrez
    Lilly V Gutierrez Day ago +1

    Do u ever wear custome n play

  • Lilly V Gutierrez
    Lilly V Gutierrez Day ago +1

    Really like how the 2 wilds. Come up next 3rd wheel u guys get the face n win

  • Lilly V Gutierrez
    Lilly V Gutierrez Day ago +1

    That's just as good as bonus lord of jungle

  • Lilly V Gutierrez
    Lilly V Gutierrez Day ago +1

    They make it so big n huge. .. we penny game $71 awesome . 7100 us your type of win I can imagine winning anything like in 1800 or 2500 I'm going start

  • Lilly V Gutierrez

    Do u guys usually do penny machines orn2 cents or do u like dollars ?? I wanna take it up to 10 cents .... when I go per a line ... 5 cents I'd rarely do. But I'd like try 25 cents or 50. If I can do max bet $5-$8 I'm looking for that game .. $30 lol good warm up. IF I SEE U MAY I SAY HELLO

  • Lilly V Gutierrez

    1 cent a $5 vet is good




      @Lady Luck HQ it's okay..but good for you you're willing something back..😁

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  Day ago

      @PARADIGM SHATTERER Sorry to hear. I lose more than I win on slots so I just look at it like a hobby! If I get a win, then it's the cherry on top


      @Lady Luck HQ I've been gambling for almost a 2 years now..still no luck..😞

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  Day ago +1


  • MoneySpeaks lottery


    • MoneySpeaks lottery
      MoneySpeaks lottery 11 hours ago

      If you ever get the chance check out the channel I could all ways use new subscriber's please it means the world to help grow

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  11 hours ago +1

      Thank you!

  • Vick s
    Vick s 3 days ago

    Lost 5 bucks onece and I can guarantee no one will hit jackpot

  • Pat Petrelli
    Pat Petrelli 3 days ago

    900 dollars is a major jackpot?

  • Brad Hamilton
    Brad Hamilton 3 days ago +2

    "House Money"?? House Money?? NO SUCH THING!! Once you win it it is YOUR MONEY!!!!

  • Roshtein Highlights
    Roshtein Highlights 3 days ago +1

    Ich lade auf meinem Kanal auch ein paar Rekordgewinne hoch, schaut doch Mal vorbei🤠😁

  • Всё тайное становится явным


  • Da Chief
    Da Chief 4 days ago +1

    "Good job!"
    "Thanks, I pushed buttons"

  • Anonymous Hitman
    Anonymous Hitman 6 days ago +2

    time to take the money and run

    SECRET SCRATCHER 6 days ago +2

    I wish I could win on slots like that...great video LL. Loved it.

      SECRET SCRATCHER 6 days ago

      @Lady Luck HQ you are very welcome. Most I've ever won on a slot was 1500 on a high limit machine

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  6 days ago +1

      Thank you so much

  • Гаджи Гамзатов


  • RW163
    RW163 7 days ago +3

    A amazing major jackpot of 900 bucks??? Yerh that's some serious win ain't it

  • tesfa alone
    tesfa alone 7 days ago

    I feel sad for you because I exactly you gonna give that money & other money you have!

  • Yahya Yakariya
    Yahya Yakariya 8 days ago

    Jarane nduk

  • I B
    I B 8 days ago

    So confusing?

  • D Wood
    D Wood 9 days ago

    Im guessing the HQ stands for "Hot Queen".

  • rogeeeferrari
    rogeeeferrari 9 days ago

    slot machines are losers, "major jackpot" come on...

  • nadeem gujjar
    nadeem gujjar 9 days ago

    Your looking so beautiful sexy baby

  • Uzzie 86
    Uzzie 86 9 days ago

    I think its gonna worth it if I spend $ with ladyluck 😇😇😇😇

  • Avoidance Technologies

    "Software with vintage Atari and or Vectrex games on it, for download; to, purchase at - let's say / for example, at Wal-Mart for approximately $12-17.00 USD... (that holds like 25 games or more)".

  • JESUS IS KING channel
    JESUS IS KING channel 11 days ago

    Pretty lady like my wife :)

  • Orlando Jr Bangayan
    Orlando Jr Bangayan 12 days ago +1

    I'm enjoying you darling co'z you looks so gorgeous i love you...!!! From PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭

  • Sivic
    Sivic 13 days ago

    bro i yelling at the screen, she won 800$ and im like cash out plsss!!!!

    FUKR FUCK! 13 days ago

    good 4 you!!!!

    VANBEAR SLOTS 13 days ago +1

    Good morning friend ☘️🌹🍀

  • guitarrocking21
    guitarrocking21 16 days ago


  • Marc Weir
    Marc Weir 16 days ago

    First time I've watched one of your videos 😀 great win. What's not good is the perverts who leave messages saying things about you being cute and all that there's no need. Great video

  • Greg C
    Greg C 17 days ago

    Whos here for the hot bird not even the shitty slot machines lol

  • 百家乐赢钱军师
    百家乐赢钱军师 18 days ago

    Want to know more Baccarat skills, how to win
    Baccarat money can add to me

  • Vadim VeeVoit
    Vadim VeeVoit 18 days ago +1

    no lady luck don't play it lol save your cash

  • The Cryptkeeper
    The Cryptkeeper 18 days ago +1

    🤔Only 5.00 Dollar ? 🤔

    FELIPELOtoTAS 18 days ago +4

    LAdy Luck???´re just ONE letter away from ....DA PERFECT NAME!!!!

  • Ruben Montano
    Ruben Montano 19 days ago +1

    Dumb question can she cash out and get $900 cash or just credits to play? I don't go to casinos much or at all

    • Ruben Montano
      Ruben Montano 19 days ago

      @Lady Luck HQ Right on, congratulations on your winnings and thank you for the response

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  19 days ago +1

      No dumb questions! Yes, you can cash out at any time!

  • Benson Hedges
    Benson Hedges 19 days ago

    Congratulation !!! Happy for you ! Aus Deutschland ,

  • alex salcido
    alex salcido 19 days ago


  • Saputra Manoppo
    Saputra Manoppo 21 day ago +3

    You were created when God was smilling!!! 😇

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  21 day ago

      Awww. That's so nice to say. Thank you 😊

  • Nujab3s
    Nujab3s 21 day ago

    sponsored advertising, stay sharp people.

  • Mr. M2
    Mr. M2 24 days ago +15

    Nur 5€ die Umdrehung.🤔
    MontanaBlack lässt grüßen lol

  • Arejis 77
    Arejis 77 24 days ago

    Epy new years :D

  • sidedy sidedy
    sidedy sidedy 24 days ago

    Not so bad

    IBALAMI FILMS 25 days ago

    Good to see u have nice bf he knows all the game

  • nickbemcm
    nickbemcm 25 days ago +1

    After being down $110 i would of left the machine and missed out! Nice!!!!

  • Ulrich Holger
    Ulrich Holger 25 days ago

    she is quite cool

  • Walter Leiva
    Walter Leiva 25 days ago

    Tuviste mucha suerte!! 😊👌

  • Jerry Youtube channel
    Jerry Youtube channel 27 days ago +2


    JACKIE MOON 27 days ago +8

    This helps to feed my addiction

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  27 days ago +1

      I know, I binge watch TheXvid videos too! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • tommi viskari
    tommi viskari 27 days ago

    next time real money please =)

  • Alex Guizzotti
    Alex Guizzotti 27 days ago

    Was in Vegas this week, bet .88 cents on the drums game, won $803. Bet $2.00 on almost every other game played in 4 different casinos, never won over $200. You can lose your ass fast.

  • ceeskilz money
    ceeskilz money 28 days ago

    Such a beautiful smile.. God Bless!!

  • Oscar the Grouch
    Oscar the Grouch 28 days ago

    I played Tarzan in Atlantic City the bonus feature is very hard to get until it starts up.. I miss the Willy Wonka games I think they are starting to do away with it..

    • Oscar the Grouch
      Oscar the Grouch 28 days ago

      @Lady Luck HQ there are two versions of Willy Wonka casino games one of them you need to get the golden eggs to trigger the bonus and the other one you need 3 or more of that one object to get the bonus I kind of like the one with the eggs better...A lot of casinos took the Willy Wonka machines out they are a teaser until they get going.. I wish they would make a candy land machine..

    • Lady Luck HQ
      Lady Luck HQ  28 days ago

      I have never had luck on Wonka 😕🤞