We Tried An Infrared Sauna 🔥(Endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga)

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • After reading about infrared saunas online for a long while, I decided to try one out with Christina while we were in Colorado! The infrared saunas have been used by celebrities including: Gwenyth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford, and Jennifer Anniston. Would you try this?
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +204

    Where is the notification squad at!!! 😍 would you try this?? ❤️

    • Surge Juice
      Surge Juice Year ago

      Michelle Khare Already do it, baby!

    • Daniel Már Daðason
      Daniel Már Daðason Year ago +1

      Notifacation squad to the rescue. Here to notify everybody execpt that guy in the corner of the gym eating a pickle

    • Camila
      Camila Year ago

      Michelle Khare love christina! and you

    • my dick fell off
      my dick fell off Year ago

      i would but im broke so

    • David Wood
      David Wood Year ago

      130F wouldn't cut it for me - i've been spoilt by the Sauna I go to at Glastonbury Festival. Wood burning stove in a yurt, 85-100c (185-212F) 20 or so people at busy times, but such a chilled atmosphere

  • 05candyman
    05candyman 4 days ago

    Christina was annoying at first but after the sauna relaxed her she came out cool lol

  • 05candyman
    05candyman 4 days ago

    Truth is Michelle is already a relaxed person, she might work hard but she's relaxed, so going into that Sauna put her into sleep mode.
    Tina on the other hand is strung out as is, so going into that sauna brought her back down to reality.
    Classic case of what's good for someone might not be good for someone else.

  • Renika McGregor
    Renika McGregor 4 days ago

    That’s where I live here

  • sunrisewaves
    sunrisewaves 13 days ago

    Christina's personality reminds me of Ellen DeGeneres lol I love it ♡

  • Kristiana Alex
    Kristiana Alex Month ago

    Bring Christina more often. She's hilarious :D I love her.

  • Erkele
    Erkele Month ago

    Paska sauna. Not real thing. Disgusting.

  • Oona Järveläinen
    Oona Järveläinen 2 months ago

    Sauna is AMAZING it helps muscles and the body to relax!! I like to be in a pretty hot sauna!!🔥🔥
    And that snow thing is exactly what we do in Finland!!!

  • Erin Lillian
    Erin Lillian 2 months ago

    In Finland we go to the sauna every week some people go to the sauna everyday.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 2 months ago

    That aint yakk

  • Noor Alkandiri
    Noor Alkandiri 2 months ago

    Chrisstina is a sweetheart I love her personality

  • K-Canna Queen
    K-Canna Queen 2 months ago

    Michelle: So we are here in COLORADO filming something ABSOLUTELY AWESOME
    Me: ooh here it comes it's time for the cannabi-
    Michelle: So I've heard about infrared saunas
    Me: Well fuck.... Well at least Tina looks like she could've enjoyed Colorado's beautiful greenery .-.

  • xX HalfaHeart Xx
    xX HalfaHeart Xx 3 months ago +1

    Sweating 80% of water? Tell me why that doesn’t sound healthy? XD

  • Raven Alexis
    Raven Alexis 4 months ago

    More Christina pls

  • Brittany Mason
    Brittany Mason 4 months ago

    Christina killed me! 😂😂😂 she’s the best!!

  • Andy Lake
    Andy Lake 4 months ago

    Haha 😀
    You guys rock 😁✌

  • Liz Liz
    Liz Liz 5 months ago

    Nope, Christina is too annoying.

  • Rodprz P
    Rodprz P 5 months ago

    You should have christina in front of the more

  • DJ F
    DJ F 5 months ago

    I stan for Tina

  • Salma Allahuddin
    Salma Allahuddin 5 months ago

    Ur frnd was so cool , bring her back on ur videos

  • Elizabeth Torres
    Elizabeth Torres 5 months ago

    I ❤ Christina !

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 5 months ago

    God Bless

  • Lilly W
    Lilly W 5 months ago

    ”Say Colorado!” ”I’m a giraffe!”

    TERPPA GT 5 months ago

    Bruh only like 50degrees celsius i go to sauna when its like 70degrees celcius

  • Julia Sveta
    Julia Sveta 5 months ago +1

    Congratulations, you now have experienced the hot Australian summer. Just imagine doing this for 24 hours

  • sara grace
    sara grace 5 months ago

    This is what the people of middle Georgia have to deal with EVERYDAY in the summer!!!

  • Stuppo Asuza
    Stuppo Asuza 5 months ago

    christina was so funny XD

  • petunia bernard
    petunia bernard 5 months ago

    Christina is hot af 🙃

  • A.N .G
    A.N .G 5 months ago

    I live in Colorado

  • Zizza Earl
    Zizza Earl 5 months ago

    does this mean that I'm sweating out toxins every summer (i live in AZ)

  • Braceface Lysa
    Braceface Lysa 6 months ago +1

    U need to have Christine in ur videos more

  • Da _Tesus
    Da _Tesus 6 months ago

    Hey! What’s a sauna. So many words words for spa, hot tub, jacuzzi.

    Thought they were the same thing.

  • LetzBeaFranque
    LetzBeaFranque 6 months ago

    Anything endorsed by stars needs to be scrutinized thoroughly.

  • Stephenie Santana88
    Stephenie Santana88 6 months ago +1

    So I use a sauna at my gym they keep it at 180 degrees. These infrared saunas are at such a lower heat. Are the benefits the same with both saunas? I'm considering putting one in my home. I actually would prefer the 180 degrees sauna. Coming out soaked makes me feel like I did something lol. But I also like the feeling of the room being extremely hot.

    • ali reid
      ali reid 6 months ago

      Infrared saunas are more beneficial. Lots of newer research of infrared, including far infrared, near infrared, and full spectrum. Look for low EMF versions

  • Deanna Vollmer
    Deanna Vollmer 6 months ago +1

    I love this video. So funny!
    I am challenging myself to not use to word “like” so often as I speak. So when I watch all these videos I catch all the “like”s 😐
    Maybe do a video 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Erin Curran
    Erin Curran 6 months ago

    “I’ll still be a fat caterpillar with butterfly wings”

  • Tik tok DiNo
    Tik tok DiNo 6 months ago

    The toxins sweating out is false

  • Valerie Roman
    Valerie Roman 6 months ago

    From Arizona and I think I would enjoy this lol

    PSFT DAYTON 6 months ago

    Standard or Infrared Sauna.. is awesome. I have been using a standard one for the past 2 years. I use it after the exercise (Cardio or weights) and the benefits (muscle relaxation, skin tone, overall health, etc) are all fantastic. The only downside I saw right away was the effects on my hair. It became very frizzy and dry. I was losing the hair too. I went out and bought couple of caps from saunacaps.com and that issue is resolved. I am in the medical field and read quite a bit about the advantages of using Sauna. It's worth it. You feel alive like Michelle mentioned above after 15 minutes in there. Try it out at your local gym or some place where there is one.

  • Santeri Lauttanen
    Santeri Lauttanen 6 months ago

    130f im celsius???

  • Emery Hills
    Emery Hills 7 months ago

    For lowest TOTAL EMF please take a look at www.HighTechHealth.com Sale ends tonight, please call: 303-413-8500 extension number 813

  • Leopard 2A6
    Leopard 2A6 7 months ago +1

    That's one cold sauna

  • Normal Science
    Normal Science 8 months ago

    Endorsed by Gwenyth Paltrow? Then it's almost guaranteed to be bathed in pseudoscience. If you're taking health advice from film stars, you're an idiot. What are their qualifications to be giving health advice? Acting? Jesus christ no wonder our society is so fucked.

  • Goddess Gillian
    Goddess Gillian 9 months ago

    Hi ~ I am a huge advocate of infrared! Check it out in my infrared sauna VLOG! thexvid.com/video/nMwN3kWT1Qg/video.html

  • Ellaina Villarreal
    Ellaina Villarreal 10 months ago

    You should go to Disney land and play a disney character for a day / be in one of their shows

  • dreamngo4it9
    dreamngo4it9 10 months ago

    I really liked Tina!

  • B K
    B K 11 months ago

    Enjoyed Christina, made the whole video more enjoyable! Thanks to you both for doing the video. I wish you would have elaborated on how you felt in and after the sauna. Did your congestion improve, did the tightness in your shoulder improve????? Bring back Christina!!

  • Hannah Cartier
    Hannah Cartier Year ago

    Tina is me on a whole level

  • Jeavynne Lopez
    Jeavynne Lopez Year ago

    5:00 christina: but i also feel weird, because this is the first time ive really worn a “dress” in a minute😂 had me deadddd

  • Liz Liz
    Liz Liz Year ago

    Did anyone notice that Christina had like steam coming off her??

  • Mattea Gonzalez
    Mattea Gonzalez Year ago

    I want more of Christina!!

  • ArcaneNoodles
    ArcaneNoodles Year ago

    I would be very skeptical about anything trendy that has to do with "releasing toxins" and "cleansing" the body, especially those endorsed by celebrities. If your organs are doing their job, your body already cleanses itself naturally.

  • Kelsey Matthews
    Kelsey Matthews Year ago

    Sauna is the only Finnish word that EVERYBODY knows... but everyone pronounces it wrong! It's SOW-na or Saw-oo-na not SAW-na xD

  • RomiPie
    RomiPie Year ago

    "I'm starting to get cozy!
    Your cheeks are like, really rosy."
    that rhyme tho

  • Ayushi Singh
    Ayushi Singh Year ago

    Christina is so adorable. I wish i had friends like her.

  • Swapna Shah
    Swapna Shah Year ago

    AZ rocks

  • banana fish
    banana fish Year ago

    I love her!!! More please!

  • Bella Bachura
    Bella Bachura Year ago

    She needs to be in every video...

  • Kari Shoultz
    Kari Shoultz Year ago

    I need more Christina!!! So funny

  • Chris Benn
    Chris Benn Year ago

    steamy sauna? saunas are dry heat?