Vincent Van Gogh Visits the Gallery | Vincent And The Doctor | Doctor Who

  • Published on Jan 15, 2015
  • The Doctor and Amy take Vincent Van Gogh - who struggled to sell a single painting in his own lifetime - to a Paris art Gallery in the year 2010. Subscribe:
    Clip from Doctor Who Series 5 Episode 10, Vincent and the Doctor.
    Selected by Neeti Sabnani for #ThrowbackThursday.
    The Thirteenth Doctor:
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Comments • 11 874

  • PremiumWater
    PremiumWater 10 minutes ago

    I wonder if my sewage system annihilating shits will be looked back upon with amazement.

  • Just Sophie
    Just Sophie 32 minutes ago

    I don’t know why this is in my recommended but this is like so cute

  • Sniki Snejk
    Sniki Snejk 59 minutes ago

    Back in February i was in the van Goghs museum in Amsterdam, some of his paintings were so beautiful.

  • Plup YouTube
    Plup YouTube 4 hours ago

    Hi does anyone know that Van Gogh was horrible at maths

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt 6 hours ago

    I watched a classic dr who the other day and it was so goddamn campy

  • Zero Fail.45
    Zero Fail.45 12 hours ago

    And I could have told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.....

  • NanoBoxx
    NanoBoxx 14 hours ago

    Man...imagine thinking you are a failure your entire life only to realize how much you meant in the future...extraordinary.

  • Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf 22 hours ago

    The most amazing tv show that affected my life... watched it year ago but still dreaming about time traveling.

  • Nelo HD
    Nelo HD 22 hours ago

    TheXvid wants me to cry

  • Goran Brekalo
    Goran Brekalo 23 hours ago

    Wonderful scene.

  • II QuietRiot II
    II QuietRiot II 23 hours ago

    I've always loved the debate surrounding the quote "Art is never finished, only abandoned" supposedly by Leonard da Vinci. I personally like to reflect on the inevitability of people getting sick, passing away or losing interest in a creative passion. Artists being unable to progress in their craft from some unfortunate event or circumstance. Artists never recognized in their own era- etc.
    It makes me sad when I think of people like van Gogh because I wonder what they would think and how they would feel, to know that they were celebrated so lovingly.

  • HashbrownGokuson

    Imagine if Confucius couldve known his dream of bringing china back to its glory days actually came about and lasted for like 200 years. He spent his life trying to make his nation peaceful and happy, but died alone thinking he failed. He only got to experience making a difference for a short while til jealous rich corrupted figures framed him. What a sad fate...

  • Veselin Kanchev
    Veselin Kanchev Day ago

    That scene is nothing special. I almost stopped crying every time I see it after the 15th time in a row watching it.

  • markus schenkl
    markus schenkl Day ago

    One of the most powerful and intense scenes in a TV show EVER!

  • Michelle Blanton

    Doctor Who makes us all want to be better people.

  • Blust GT
    Blust GT Day ago +1

    Why does he have both ears?

  • Charvie000
    Charvie000 2 days ago


  • XxSebas870xX
    XxSebas870xX 2 days ago

    What is this? This isn't Doctor Who, can somebody explain me please

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk 29 minutes ago

      XxSebas870xX this is Doctor Who?

  • Nate Alva
    Nate Alva 2 days ago

    Oh, here I go watching this scene again... 😭

  • кσσкιєѕ ™
    кσσкιєѕ ™ 2 days ago +1

    Let's just pretend this happened

  • Heaven Green
    Heaven Green 2 days ago

    But this actor, who is he?? How does he look so much like him??

  • Vladyslav Yakovlev
    Vladyslav Yakovlev 2 days ago +7

    Vincent Van Gogh: I’m the best artist of all times!

    Gustav Klimt: Hold my Kiss

  • online Person
    online Person 3 days ago

    Welled up when I saw this during the episode...and still do

  • Accept Defeat To Gain Victory

    Pain can always be transformed into something divinely beautiful. Never give up hope. Life is only teaching you how to be at peace. Stay the course, and you will always find out
    Much love and peace to all 💕
    Vincent Van Gogh - Your pain must have been immense, a hug and love is sent out to that tragic day, and to anybody who finds themselves in such a situation right now. I have been there, we are never alone. People care
    Life can be very tough. This I know. Hope is the key

  • nhprman
    nhprman 3 days ago

    Try watching this and not crying, just a little bit. I cannot. One of the most touching and well done scenes in the Dr. Who canon. This is why time travel fiction exists.

  • Carly G
    Carly G 3 days ago

    I cried haha

  • Danny Wang
    Danny Wang 3 days ago

    Your feels start here 0:20

  • Zack McAllister
    Zack McAllister 3 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie that was beautiful. And it made me cry.

  • 박상보
    박상보 3 days ago

    Is gogh the pilgrim in punisher?

  • Suppertimepuss2
    Suppertimepuss2 3 days ago

    Even though this one moment of joy, Vincent couldn't escape the pain and abuse. It's awful that despite all this he still took his own life.

  • Shaz Flicks
    Shaz Flicks 4 days ago

    Starry, starry night...

  • Just some Dude
    Just some Dude 4 days ago +1

    *my dad shouting from downstairs*: why are you crying so damn loud?

  • cy park
    cy park 4 days ago

    If only

  • marika m
    marika m 4 days ago

    sometimes I just listen to this song and cry

  • S 6 V 9 N
    S 6 V 9 N 4 days ago

    That's some acting😭

  • Fyre Fly
    Fyre Fly 4 days ago +1

    This is why I love doctor who- stuff like this happens

  • Shauna Marks
    Shauna Marks 4 days ago +1

    This clip will always, always make me cry 😭❤

  • nushin youssefian
    nushin youssefian 4 days ago

    Very emotional. So sweet

  • Devin Petersen
    Devin Petersen 4 days ago +9

    The sad thing is van Gogh was mocked as a painter but after his suicide people saw his life into a new perspective. May God guide the tormented.

  • Darth Zeltroth
    Darth Zeltroth 4 days ago +8

    I’m pretty sure Van Gogh was extremely mentally disturbed though, lmao

    • SeiichiroAoki
      SeiichiroAoki Day ago

      @Brayan Villegas ah, ok. Thanks for the correction

    • Brayan Villegas
      Brayan Villegas Day ago

      SeiichiroAoki he was autistic

    • SeiichiroAoki
      SeiichiroAoki Day ago +1

      I believe it was later in life a mild form of schizophrenia developed in his poor mind, tormenting him and his already troubled life further, up until his death.
      From accounts of those that knew him, many described him as strange. But just as many said he was unspeakably kind and gentle.
      It's a sad fate to have happened to such a talented mind, but in the end his mental illness bested him and his efforts, leaving a treasured legacy and a turbulent past

    • N
      N Day ago

      @Brayan Villegas You missed the point of the comment. Being kind and beautiful has nothing to do with a disturbed / troubled mind; and not in a bad way.

    • Brayan Villegas
      Brayan Villegas Day ago +1

      Darth Zeltroth no, watch DanPlan’s video on him, Van Gogh was truly one of the most beautiful and kindest people that ever lived. If i could go back in time i would go and have a conversation with him.

  • Darth Zeltroth
    Darth Zeltroth 4 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Van Gogh was extremely mentally disturbed though, lmao

    • Angelsfury
      Angelsfury 4 days ago

      Person driven by his very humanity to express himself through paintings of everything from peasants, potato farmers, chairs, sunflowers n starry night, only to have his paintings burned, used to block up a chicken coups, left in attics... then to top it off, was mocked and derided as an abject failure, a no good useless stain on society. Surprised he wound up being mentally unwell?
      Pop goes the weasel.

  • skytreker
    skytreker 4 days ago

    Good thing The Doctor didn't bring him in a modern "art" museum. Poor Vincent might have given up painting altogether.

    • HuwTube
      HuwTube 3 days ago

      On the contrary, he probably would've been intrigued. He was a revolutionary artist, and his work was radically different from anything seen before it. I think he'd have seen parallels, even if he was just fascinated at how far one could push the boundaries of art. Modern art has its place, and I think he, of all people, would realise that

  • Zetta Morgan
    Zetta Morgan 4 days ago

    He deserved this

  • Moray
    Moray 4 days ago

    I’m crying

  • ADreviews76
    ADreviews76 4 days ago

    one use of a time machine that is priceless

  • K
    K 4 days ago +5

    When you suddenly remember this isn't real.

  • Kilal Googlestaffers
    Kilal Googlestaffers 5 days ago +1

    If this is an example of Dr. Who's use of his extraordinary powers, I shall have to start watching this series.
    Truly magnificent.
    Heartrending, but magnificent.

    • Angelsfury
      Angelsfury 4 days ago

      There is some brilliant writing in Dr who. Start like Rose, with Eccleston. You can always nip back to Baker and Sylvester. Forgive the filler episodes and become one with the time vortex. Bad Wolf.

  • Mr Magic Dragon
    Mr Magic Dragon 5 days ago +3

    I feel like I’m watching the real Vincent travel into time to see his success

  • Lhea Jane Socrates
    Lhea Jane Socrates 5 days ago

    I'm literally crying here

  • HeyitsTom
    HeyitsTom 5 days ago +9

    I love Bill Nighy's portrayal of the weird twitchy historian. His moment at the end where he's like "wait, Vincent... No, of course not. I shouldn't ask anyway, it would be impolite."

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk 31 minute ago

      HeyitsTom if I remember correctly, Bill Nighy is actually a huge fan of Van Gough in real life, the words he spoke on him in this scene were his own

  • Lillel
    Lillel 5 days ago

    This makes me cry each time.

  • FilmFire96
    FilmFire96 5 days ago +5

    As an artist myself, this gets me misty-eyed every time!

  • Mourning Star
    Mourning Star 5 days ago +1

    Wait, this is Dr. Who. Why didn't they retcon Van Gogh to be a trans woman of color?

  • Mitch Weston
    Mitch Weston 5 days ago +1

    A real dutch guy would've kissed 3 times

  • SJ S
    SJ S 6 days ago

    Tears, just tears....beautiful scene.
    Willem Dafoe's portrayal was very affecting also.
    If only he knew..

  • IRIS Corporation
    IRIS Corporation 6 days ago

    To be honest, these sort of things are really quite sad.
    Beethoven composed such great music, but was hardly credited when he was alive. After his death, his work became so popular, and famous, he could not have imagined it during the time he was alive.

  • El maicol Yaczon
    El maicol Yaczon 6 days ago

    This is just brilliant :,)

  • matt barr
    matt barr 6 days ago +2

    Still one of the best scenes ever. In anything.

  • sofia alvarez
    sofia alvarez 6 days ago

    I’ll always cry pagmapapanood ko to.

  • zombie cat
    zombie cat 7 days ago +3

    I'm just gonna try to convince myself that this actually happened