FIRST SUSHI EXPERIENCE in Japan With John Daub From "Only in Japan"


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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  15 days ago +933

    Happy New Year Everyone!!! Also thanks soooo much for pushing this channel over the 2 Million sub mark before the end of the year :-) as much as I LOVE food, being able to share the experience with you all is what truly makes it special. Have a glorious food filled 2019!

    • DR.E. WOLL-MAR
      DR.E. WOLL-MAR 8 days ago

      Happy you made something different than ramen and pork... Finally! Keep the twists coming.

    • Kauai Puppy
      Kauai Puppy 9 days ago

      Strictly Dumpling Happy New Years! Love the little dumpling intro BTW.

    • 100,000 subs With not one video
      100,000 subs With not one video 10 days ago

      Strictly Dumpling Everyone who sees this comment

      You have 30 seconds to sub or you will die this year

    • Rosa Laura Díaz Chappotin
      Rosa Laura Díaz Chappotin 10 days ago

      Happy New Year Mickey!!!! i wish you the best in 2019, i love your videos!!!! GREATINGS FROM HAVANA!!!

  • david sanders
    david sanders 41 minute ago

    Worst video to date!

  • Mariah Ali
    Mariah Ali 10 hours ago

    Loved this collab 💜

  • 3rdStoneObliterum
    3rdStoneObliterum Day ago +1

    Japanese food WAY WAY WAY overrated

  • Purple Orchid
    Purple Orchid Day ago

    WOW!!! Thank you for video! !💓

  • 86PrincessTigerLilly

    You have my dream job!!!

  • Tyrone Palmer
    Tyrone Palmer 2 days ago

    I learn alot of stuff from this youtuber

  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben 2 days ago

    Seriously? Mike seems like a hillbilly eating that sushi 🍣

  • Joe C.
    Joe C. 2 days ago

    They went in at 3:00 finished at 4:00

  • Hanii Smiling
    Hanii Smiling 3 days ago

    John's voice is sooo good and soothing

  • Beanie_Pudge
    Beanie_Pudge 3 days ago

    What’s those armbands you guys have on?

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles 3 days ago

    I tried Sushi again for the first time in years because of this clip. This time, it was at a fancier Japanese establishment in Torrance CA and it's actually GOOD. I'm hooked on it now.

  • Scrub Lord
    Scrub Lord 3 days ago

    I would've eaten the shrimp with the whole lemon+rind.

  • Audrey Chua
    Audrey Chua 3 days ago

    Yess! Mikey Eating sushi! I'm sooo interested in that ikura one,12:12, though! I've never seen anything like that, does anyone know what it is?

    • Audrey Chua
      Audrey Chua 3 days ago

      nvm found it. if anyone is interested it's herring roe on kelp

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 days ago

    Now i get it karty kid and Jackie Chan

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 days ago

    I wish i could eat like you

  • Marco lin
    Marco lin 3 days ago +1

    anago is saltwater eel, unagi is freshwater

  • Kate abrielle
    Kate abrielle 3 days ago

    Is that steven and andrew of worth it??

  • Lucid Mxmba
    Lucid Mxmba 3 days ago

    I’m moving to japan and me and my family would like to now some good food places

  • Bruce Tsai
    Bruce Tsai 3 days ago

    Mike, I have a question. why do you have so many channels?

  • Elias Torres
    Elias Torres 4 days ago

    Do a video of sushi in the states

  • Marilyn Alvarez
    Marilyn Alvarez 4 days ago +1

    Oh yes....MORE sushi videos please!

  • Debbie Austin
    Debbie Austin 4 days ago

    Love this. I may be brave enough to try sushi someday. Love your series and love John's as well.

  • Threvorpaul
    Threvorpaul 4 days ago

    what is this blue ribbon hes wearing?

  • Y S
    Y S 4 days ago

    They are using Chinese people as slaves. Investigate help your people called interns

  • Jeffrey Bell
    Jeffrey Bell 4 days ago

    Your second favorite is herring eggs on kelp, comes from here Alaska. Most if not all of it comes from Sitka. My family gets alot of it every year. We boil it and eat it with butter and soy sauce.

  • Anthony Mustazza
    Anthony Mustazza 4 days ago

    What’s the blue thing around there Arms

  • Hernani Marino
    Hernani Marino 4 days ago

    Nice you and John

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence 4 days ago

    Who knew this collab would happen

  • Joey A
    Joey A 5 days ago

    Tf he doesnt eat sushi?!!!

  • Jacquelyn Rose
    Jacquelyn Rose 5 days ago

    Idk who the hell youre with but you should nevvvvvver put your ginger in your soy sauce 😭 it actually can be considered disrespectful in some places

  • enigma badger
    enigma badger 5 days ago

    The acid in the lemon actually "cooks" the shrimp to an extent to make it edible

  • Taylor Kinsey
    Taylor Kinsey 5 days ago

    I’m going out for sushi right now . Thanks bro

  • Jackie M
    Jackie M 5 days ago

    Sushi favs: tai and maguro (alllllll kinds)

  • Molly
    Molly 5 days ago

    LOVED this collab Mike, and so happy that you gave sushi a try! John was such a great help and you guys should collab more often. Sushi is one of my most favorite foods in the entire world. If you loved the fattiness of the tuna, you NEEEEEDDDDD to try salmon nigiri!!! Salmon is fatty and melt-in-your-mouth like tuna, but in my opinion has a better taste. I think you'll love it!

  • Killershootin 69
    Killershootin 69 5 days ago

    Whisper, eat for food and get out lmfao hilarious

  • studiousgirl71
    studiousgirl71 5 days ago

    Was Awesome watching you discover the Joys of Sushi 🍣

  • Kida Kasha
    Kida Kasha 5 days ago

    You should have tried salmon belly! Fatty salmon belly is the freaking best! Ps, I’m so proud of you for trying sushi out! I know you don’t like raw fish haha.

  • Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

    Sushi is in my blood!!!

  • Mau Comia
    Mau Comia 6 days ago

    This is such a good video Mike! im glad u got to try sushi, i love it so much, but i have yet to eat it in Japan! Happy New Year Mike! :)

  • K K
    K K 6 days ago

    Such a fun guy to be around

  • Krystal Leilani
    Krystal Leilani 6 days ago

    BRAH REALLY?! You do this show and don't even mess with Sushi. I am legit upset.

  • Boss
    Boss 6 days ago

    "This is gonna be interesting, guys.👀"

  • more adventures
    more adventures 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that think dipping the sushi in the soy sauce ruins the taste?

  • Maleny Garcia
    Maleny Garcia 6 days ago


    This is great I mean. Seeing Mike being clueless but always charming, and John being enthusiastic and a little awkward. Its why I love their content so much

  • Lynnette mendoza/hutchison

    Sushi you love it or hate it if you love it you'll always love it

  • Killershootin 69
    Killershootin 69 6 days ago

    I would've bowed lower out of respect and I'm a white boy from California lol

  • billy
    billy 6 days ago

    lol y are u using a chop sticks for the miso soup

  • Muzzy Blanco
    Muzzy Blanco 6 days ago

    they look like jackie chan and the kid from karate kid lol

  • PreVieSpy
    PreVieSpy 6 days ago

    No matter how seasoned you cook, there are always new ingredients and recipes to get fired up about. If a titled recipe is bring you down, spice it up with fresh ideas and flavors. Give your food some simple twists and bring it back to life watch more here.

  • Sam Yi
    Sam Yi 6 days ago


  • Seth Dominick
    Seth Dominick 6 days ago

    I'm kind of a sushi newbie. I like spicy tuna rolls but haven't really tried a lot of other styles. I'm curious though - you hear a lot about "master" sushi chefs, and top-end sushi bars/restaurants - but I've also heard that just about any sushi place in Tokyo is amazing, you really can't go wrong with various levels and prices. So my question is - what is the difference between a lower priced place and one with a "master" chef? Here in America you can clearly tell a great, NYC pizza from a Pizza Hut or clam chowder in Boston from one in a restaurant in the midwest. Any help? Thanks! Love the video by the way!

  • bearly riose
    bearly riose 6 days ago

    ahhhhh XD john!! hahas he's vids is nice too~

  • Lavinia Tan
    Lavinia Tan 6 days ago

    Do a video on Japanese hot food vending machines

  • Edurne Ruiz Sachse
    Edurne Ruiz Sachse 7 days ago

    Loved this video and it was great to see John being spontaneous and very relaxed :D

  • Lee Dykes
    Lee Dykes 7 days ago

    Waited so long for them to do something together

  • Jack Spade
    Jack Spade 7 days ago

    what are the arm bands about??

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 7 days ago

    20 year tourist!!!

  • MrGilRoland
    MrGilRoland 7 days ago

    “You have to be hungry first of all”... lol, does he even knows who’s talking to? This guy could eat all Japan in one seat if he wants!

  • Dandy man
    Dandy man 7 days ago

    Yay One Punch Man Season 2

  • Yi Lin Lai
    Yi Lin Lai 8 days ago

    FINALLY EATING SUSHI!!!! John seems like a pretty amazing guy~~

  • Less Talk, More Delicious

    The best sushi I’ve ever eaten in my life was actually conveyor-belt sushi... in Sapporo. 🍣🤤
    I’ve read it’s better than most non-conveyor-belt and fancier spots in Japan (eg: they use charcoal to toast rice and nori, etc.)

  • Kai Yukimoto
    Kai Yukimoto 8 days ago

    Try Kaiten Zushi

  • Extreme High diff!
    Extreme High diff! 8 days ago

    I always cringe when he’s about to have a guest, but this John guy is so chill I wouldn’t mind watching more of his stuff

  • Ruth Miser
    Ruth Miser 8 days ago

    I'm craving for Sushi now!! Yumm!! haha ^.^ ♥

  • Erica Chen
    Erica Chen 8 days ago

    You need to broaden your palette.. why did I just watch a video of you disliking one of the best types of food in the world.

  • Cedric Wu Tchan Ki
    Cedric Wu Tchan Ki 8 days ago

    I thought that you were not supposed to dip your sushi in soya sauce, since I believe it is not well seen. The chef would be offended that you have to actually dip it in a sauce to make the sushi experience better. I may be wrong tho

  • felipe hernandez
    felipe hernandez 8 days ago

    Nice episode :D more videos with John and Mike

  • KrisWeb
    KrisWeb 8 days ago

    What are those blue armbands?

  • izumin
    izumin 8 days ago


  • ShaolinDreams
    ShaolinDreams 8 days ago

    Two cool dudes :D

  • GoukenslayWAO
    GoukenslayWAO 8 days ago

    good to see john collabing. im not gonna lie uni was not to my liking either, its creamy but thats all.

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia 8 days ago

    Omg chen. I was behind you one time when you were filming and i couldnt get past you because we were in a narrow street and you were WALKING SO F****** SLOW!!!

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi 8 days ago

    13:13 my mans showing his true chinese culture out here

  • Ashutosh Joshi
    Ashutosh Joshi 8 days ago

    My man jackie chan learnin different cultures out here

  • Kaz Saeteria
    Kaz Saeteria 9 days ago

    In my experience, when you eay lemon slices on sushi, the thinner the better. A thick cut will add bitterness to it, where I've also had some slices that were almost translucent. It added the lemon flavor and texture without being bitter. The chef might've shaved away the rind as well though, but I still reccomend trying it.

  • Michael Snackson Applespacehead

    I started giggling when they guy was like “you have to be hungry” and then Chan was like “I ALWAYS AM” 😂

  • Jean-Louis Dupuis
    Jean-Louis Dupuis 9 days ago

    Toujours un bon show ! Keep doing that great job, thank you

  • Jordanne Elaine
    Jordanne Elaine 9 days ago

    You do really resemble that plastic man you had a photo with. Am I right?

  • rcakiller
    rcakiller 9 days ago +1

    White boy knows Japanese I have fool respect. Full weeboo. 💙💙💙

  • Timotree
    Timotree 9 days ago

    I am licking my screen right now

  • Mina Kon
    Mina Kon 9 days ago


  • Proxy290
    Proxy290 9 days ago

    Wish I could try all this in Japan but I’m traveling there for the first time and I’m 28 weeks pregnant 🤰🏼 no raw sushi 🍣 for me ☹️

  • Rachana Dighe
    Rachana Dighe 9 days ago

    My favourite food anchors together...that too showing great my favourite country....just awesome....u people made my day

  • Lindsay Carr
    Lindsay Carr 9 days ago

    Mikey, I just saw a Facebook video about a Japanese dish called Katsu ika odori-don (dancing squid rice bowl). My question: Would you eat it for us sometime? I need to know more! Thank you.

  • Patricia Dutcher
    Patricia Dutcher 9 days ago

    The tuna like California roll.

  • Ron way
    Ron way 9 days ago +1

    Congrats on two million Mikey.㊗㊗㊗

  • Kev Magno
    Kev Magno 9 days ago

    Nice collab with Mark Ruffalo, Mikey!

  • The Mighty Legend Gatotkaca

    Mikey, the only guy who will say fingerlicking good after eating with chopsticks.

  • 0330BTK
    0330BTK 9 days ago

    Using pickled ginger as a soy sauce brush is Osaka style, actually.

  • Mega Chyle
    Mega Chyle 9 days ago

    When they were at the shrine I was like it's just like an anime

  • PhantomAngelofMusic
    PhantomAngelofMusic 9 days ago

    I'm so stoked to see these two together! I love both, and have stalked/subbed to their various channels, and this just eeeeeeeeeee!

  • Mr Reza
    Mr Reza 10 days ago

    Sushi God 🍣?? 😂

  • Ryan Koskinas
    Ryan Koskinas 10 days ago

    5:15 everyone is happy here but in background to left 🤣😭😭😭

  • changbooger J
    changbooger J 10 days ago

    "look at that smile"
    *he wasnt smiling tho*

  • Mike Skelly
    Mike Skelly 10 days ago

    Mikey, I got tired of struggling with my noodles and other slippery foods so I used a small file to 'cross hatch' the bottom two inches of a pair of chopsticks. It works great, but I wonder, has that ever been an option for Asian chopsticks. I know they thought of most food related stuff first, but I've never seen it anywhere else...

    • Strafer66
      Strafer66 10 days ago

      I've used chopsticks like that at some restaurants before, and my grandmother used to own some, they do exist. Just a few horizontal lines on the bottom inch or two, not crosshatch

  • zara cream
    zara cream 10 days ago

    I have waited so long for this collaboration

  • Steven Bird
    Steven Bird 10 days ago

    Mike you lucky bugger! I adore sushi and you’ve just had some of the best! YUM!😃

  • Sonemane Arliev
    Sonemane Arliev 10 days ago +1


  • Nate Kong
    Nate Kong 10 days ago

    The onion sushi is my most favorite sushi next the Otoro. It's so hard to find that sushi in US. Whenever I visit sushi store in Japan, I just have onion and Toro sushi one after another for like 10 pieces.