Most Insane Amusement Park Rides Only For The Bravest!

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Check out the Most Amazing Amusement Park Rides Only For The Bravest! This top 10 of biggest theme parks has some of the fastest and highest roller coasters that currently exist in the world!
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Comments • 3 791

  • World List
    World List  Year ago +674

    What's your favorite theme park?

  • AwesomeAshlyn W
    AwesomeAshlyn W 3 hours ago

    Yes all of them

  • Marina East
    Marina East Day ago


  • Advaith Shetty
    Advaith Shetty 2 days ago

    I sat on all the rides

  • Uncle Nature
    Uncle Nature 3 days ago

    The drop rides inside of Kingda Ka are scarier to me than the ride itself

  • Uncle Nature
    Uncle Nature 3 days ago

    Yeah I've definitely ridden ferris wheel

  • Jaiden Animangamer
    Jaiden Animangamer 4 days ago

    I go around the world and rode hundreds of amusement park rides

  • gacha wolf gaming :
    gacha wolf gaming : 5 days ago

    I went on the first one and its soooooooooo cooooooool brooo

  • Addison Quinn
    Addison Quinn 6 days ago

    King da ka NOT scary it’s the best ride ever

  • vanot destura
    vanot destura 7 days ago +1

    Im scared about phillipines scariest roller coaster im fillipino kid yow so scary.😨😨😨😨

  • IllyAlazay Jimenez
    IllyAlazay Jimenez 9 days ago

    I'm 9 and i go on the sky skraper

  • Ducky
    Ducky 9 days ago

    I did the Volcano Bay one

  • brock spruill
    brock spruill 11 days ago

    I rode the sky screamer at new england i am ten it was awesome

  • Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes 12 days ago

    I have been on the the skycreamer

  • Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes 12 days ago

    My favorite theme park is Disneyland

  • cute squad
    cute squad 12 days ago +1

    I have sone number 11 and I ma 8 it 8s not scary

  • Nevaeh Tackett
    Nevaeh Tackett 13 days ago

    Frontier city

  • Ahnalie Polanco
    Ahnalie Polanco 13 days ago

    Oh I went to six flags great AVENTURE and I thought I saw that star swing ride

  • FNAF Tomboi
    FNAF Tomboi 14 days ago

    I see my amusement park- Elitches-

  • Marc Guerrero
    Marc Guerrero 15 days ago

    I did the Lexus luther drop 4 times 🤘🏼✌🏼🖕🏽🤡

  • Life With Maddie
    Life With Maddie 15 days ago

    I’ve been there I’m there now

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 15 days ago

    Yes all the rides at sixflags magic mountain

  • Kristina’s World
    Kristina’s World 16 days ago

    The sky scraper is in Georgia to

  • Krissy G
    Krissy G 16 days ago

    I I did the sky screamer I love it and I also went on King da ko in great adventure when I was 10 and I am still 10

  • Zoie Riley
    Zoie Riley 16 days ago

    I rode a ruste roller coster

  • Cloe Ochampaugh
    Cloe Ochampaugh 18 days ago

    kingda ka is actually really fun i recommend

  • Kyla Flanagan
    Kyla Flanagan 19 days ago

    I rid a fairiest wheel when I was two years old

  • Cailyn Channel
    Cailyn Channel 20 days ago


  • Nikki Queen
    Nikki Queen 20 days ago +1

    Yes I went to the ride that is in the video the circle and in the middle there is a triangle and that is blue and yellow and orange

  • Gracie Rumble
    Gracie Rumble 21 day ago

    I've been on the six flags sky screamer and the one at ceder point

  • leo nightingale
    leo nightingale 22 days ago

    subscibe to this

  • Aiden Leshinski
    Aiden Leshinski 23 days ago

    I don't plan on going on any of the rides mentioned in the video.

  • Dax Parrish
    Dax Parrish 23 days ago

    One is Lego Land car ride it goes pretty fast 😂

  • Maya Maldonado
    Maya Maldonado 24 days ago

    I never did go on any of the rides and I will never ride them never ever

  • Yeet Boy
    Yeet Boy 24 days ago

    We don’t have in Australia right

  • Erina Khersa
    Erina Khersa 26 days ago

    Sounds interesting and amusing but if I can ride on it in real then 🤣🤣

  • Mrjaxthebeast 13
    Mrjaxthebeast 13 26 days ago

    I rode the water slide at Universal Studios

  • Kristine Cava
    Kristine Cava 26 days ago

    I went on the sky screamer I am brave!!!!!!

  • Annika Sessums
    Annika Sessums 27 days ago

    I like the water slide but I'll skreem my butt off

  • Emma Marie Manuel
    Emma Marie Manuel 27 days ago

    Yes the 6th one

  • Emma Marie Manuel
    Emma Marie Manuel 27 days ago


  • sîððhårthå
    sîððhårthå 28 days ago

    Just for Riderss

  • Robin Marolt
    Robin Marolt Month ago +1

    I never

  • Lizzy Loved
    Lizzy Loved Month ago

    Been on the Ferris wheel it wasn’t so bad but I was a little scared

  • Ruby Rodriguez
    Ruby Rodriguez Month ago +1

    My favorite theme park is Sixflags

  • Bowiemm
    Bowiemm Month ago

    That’s cool čôöł

  • Jayden Petzer
    Jayden Petzer Month ago

    Oooo my gos

  • Xander Medlin
    Xander Medlin Month ago


  • Ava Han
    Ava Han Month ago


  • Ava Han
    Ava Han Month ago

    I live in Winnipeg sooooooooo there is not much theme park

  • ayesha lianne torres
    ayesha lianne torres Month ago +1

    I don't like the scariest and highest roller coaster in the world. And if I ride that I can have an HEART ATTACK.

  • Kimberly Hurtado
    Kimberly Hurtado Month ago

    He forgot the.....


  • R Casey
    R Casey Month ago

    I thought you’d never say slingshot

  • R Casey
    R Casey Month ago

    My brother went on Kingda Ka

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson Month ago

    This ride is in Livingston parish to

  • Melanie Bult
    Melanie Bult Month ago

    I’ve been on all of them and neither of them were scary leave a like if you’ve been on one or two of them or all of them

  • liliana walker
    liliana walker Month ago

    i have ben on the kig kom

  • Fabi Ahues
    Fabi Ahues Month ago

    So falling of a ride probably to your death is for the bravest?

  • Angie Roblox
    Angie Roblox Month ago

    Why is it I can’t find the Yukon striker anywhere!?