Most Insane Amusement Park Rides Only For The Bravest!

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Check out the Most Amazing Amusement Park Rides Only For The Bravest! This top 10 of biggest theme parks has some of the fastest and highest roller coasters that currently exist in the world!
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  • World List
    World List  9 months ago +555

    What's your favorite theme park?

  • Serenity Egalite
    Serenity Egalite Hour ago

    I want on the sling shot and I’m only 10 and I want with me cousin she 16 and when we want on the sling shot the only scary thing is when they don’t tell you when you go up once your up in the air the first time nothing is scary it seems but it’s not

  • Lisa Temple
    Lisa Temple 3 hours ago

    Has anyone been on the Cannibal

  • Dan Peters
    Dan Peters 4 hours ago

    My favorite is Kings Island

  • Lesley Gresham
    Lesley Gresham 4 hours ago

    I rode x-scream ONCE

  • hedeghog T.V.
    hedeghog T.V. 4 hours ago

    Wonderwomen in six flags American

  • Rania Khurram
    Rania Khurram 5 hours ago +1

    My sis went on the slingshot

  • Rania Khurram
    Rania Khurram 5 hours ago +1

    Omg I've been to volcano bay in universal and the one that brings you up and spins you in Georgia that's my sisters favorite

  • CPRuk
    CPRuk 5 hours ago

    I rode a Ferris wheel and a screamskraper

  • melissa :/
    melissa :/ 6 hours ago

    i love kingda ka it was so fun

    ADAM FOLKS 7 hours ago

    There is one skyscreamer in st.louis

  • Danise Playz
    Danise Playz 8 hours ago

    1:38 I have been on that Ferris wheel before

  • Orginal Chimp
    Orginal Chimp 9 hours ago +1

    The giant canyon swing was fun, except that I cried, and though I would die.

  • Apocalypse Girl
    Apocalypse Girl 10 hours ago

    I’ve been on the slingshot in Orlando which is the biggest one in the world and I really want to go on the kingda ka im between the age of 11\14 so idk get y u all are so scared

  • Naomi Gaming
    Naomi Gaming 11 hours ago

    I went on both for the swings at the fair

  • SkyHigh Vids
    SkyHigh Vids 11 hours ago

    I’ve have only been on the sky screamer lol who else

  • Freya Griffin Griffin
    Freya Griffin Griffin 15 hours ago

    I went on one that went 800 ft high a sky screamer

  • Black Duck
    Black Duck 17 hours ago

    I rode the super man one

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams 18 hours ago

    I almost died at six flags when that fire was happening I was their dud!!!! Worst thing I didn’t get to go on any rides so sad and scary!!!!!!!

  • Dark 1029
    Dark 1029 19 hours ago


  • Rainbow Playz LOL
    Rainbow Playz LOL 19 hours ago

    2:58 I don’t like this sixflags one I almost broke my back from the hoops

  • TenX
    TenX 19 hours ago

    i went on the sky screamer and i am only 12 its super scary and i have a fear of hights
    and i went on every water slide in volcano bay its not that scary its fun

  • Titan9k
    Titan9k 20 hours ago

    I’ve been in the skyscreamer it wasn’t even bad it looks fast but when ur up it feels pretty slow

  • Sam Mation
    Sam Mation 22 hours ago

    I’ve ridden the swing ride, I put my hands up and nearly fell out, lol.

  • Nikki Alsup
    Nikki Alsup 23 hours ago

    Iv got stuck at the top of the Faris wheel for an hour



  • Themadhouse 344
    Themadhouse 344 Day ago +1

    I’m going to universal next week I’m going on the volcano bay to say I’m brave 😄😄

  • xxclairexx
    xxclairexx Day ago

    there is a sky scraper in Jackson New Jersey at six flags great adventure

  • JuanJr10R :
    JuanJr10R : Day ago

    I went on sky screamer and it wasn’t scary ngl u sit with 2 ppl

  • Jessica Razee
    Jessica Razee Day ago

    I’ve been on Lex Luther in the canyon swing

  • Spencer Frankeberger

    Yes, Drop of Doom is amaaaaaazing.

  • Harold Guevara
    Harold Guevara Day ago


  • EmojiPerson 999999

    Six Flags Great Adventure also has Sky Screamer

  • Triana Tuohy
    Triana Tuohy Day ago

    If anyone says they went on the number 1 Ik there lieng

  • Blades!TFRB Ponytown Animations

    My dad went on Kingda Ka!

  • Lara Flegar
    Lara Flegar Day ago

    My brother went on something like sky screamer and he is 5 years old LOL😂😂😂

  • Crazy Flamingos
    Crazy Flamingos Day ago

    I have seen the sling shot

  • Pirate Suns
    Pirate Suns Day ago

    I LOVE THE SwINGS ME AND MY COUSIN WENT ON THAT A IN A ROW Amy cousin threw up I didn’t lol Ferris wheel stoping :o

  • Emmanuel Ballestas
    Emmanuel Ballestas Day ago +2

    I've been on the sky screamer and like that's all😆

  • Aya Albaghdadi
    Aya Albaghdadi Day ago

    Went on the slingshot
    My brain after this video: *Never Again*

  • Stephanie Sheep
    Stephanie Sheep Day ago

    I am ashamed to say that I almost fainted on a ferris wheel... I never went on them again. Please call me a scaredy cat

  • Leah S
    Leah S Day ago

    You can find the sky screamer in six flags St.louis

  • Elizabeth Martin

    I went on the sky acre mear

  • Sister Shook
    Sister Shook Day ago

    I rode the Lex Luthor and I fainted :|

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Day ago +2

    I've been on sky screamer, drop of doom, and slingshot. Also I want to go to Valcano bay.

  • Tonya Webb
    Tonya Webb 2 days ago

    I been on everyone

  • Kay Kay Smith
    Kay Kay Smith 2 days ago


  • D Peterson
    D Peterson 2 days ago

    I’ve been on the skyscreamer

  • PATD Fanatic In Gachalife

    I've been on the waterslides at Volcano bay! It's fun.

  • •Gacha Liizzy•
    •Gacha Liizzy• 2 days ago

    I saw 11 in Orlando

  • Eric Salazar
    Eric Salazar 2 days ago

    I’ve been on the Kingda Ka... Yes I’d rather die than ride it

  • Mads _blakelock
    Mads _blakelock 2 days ago

    what about the smiler at Alton Towers?

  • Kamden Hefner
    Kamden Hefner 2 days ago

    I ben on the sky sremer

  • Johny Lesna
    Johny Lesna 2 days ago

    Mt olympus because of hades 360

  • Benito Santiago
    Benito Santiago 2 days ago

    Six flags New England remember sky scream

  • Protronica
    Protronica 2 days ago +1

    “Rusty roller coaster.” LMAOO this man such a GP.

  • Brianna Hager
    Brianna Hager 2 days ago

    My dad tried to get me to go on with him (1) And I looked at it and said No then we never got on it

  • scoutscf
    scoutscf 2 days ago

    ive been to volcano bay! 😎

  • Zoe Dalton
    Zoe Dalton 2 days ago

    Tayto park is the best

  • Anna Allen
    Anna Allen 2 days ago

    I have been on King da ka. Yes, you do feel temporary weightlessness during a couple points in the ride. However I have never seen anybody with a “throw up bag.”

  • ice
    ice 2 days ago +4

    I’ll go on any ride, *trust me.*

  • Cooper W
    Cooper W 2 days ago


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 days ago

    Me:the frisbee is my max of my fear....

  • Angela mayfield
    Angela mayfield 2 days ago +1

    I HATE rollercosters and rides so I think I might have a nightmare after this

    But I don’t care

  • legitbeans x
    legitbeans x 2 days ago +1

    AYEEE ive been on the volcano bay drop slide onee and the slingshott

  • Avacado Lady
    Avacado Lady 2 days ago +1

    Lol I’ve gone on the sky screamer not that bad

  • Michael Cunanan
    Michael Cunanan 3 days ago

    I went to the six flags one

  • Eileen Ward
    Eileen Ward 3 days ago

    actually he got number 11 wrong cause in Copenhagen Tivoli gardens has the world highest carousel to were you can see the whole city and it is ranked as the worlds highest carousel and he also got wrong number 2 kingda ka is not the fastest & highest roller coaster in the world cause its the PEPSI MAX roller coaster in England Blackpool its so high it can be seen off the motorway 20minutes before you get there its on the Guinness book of records as the highest in the world so get ya facts right

  • Evian Du
    Evian Du 3 days ago +1

    I've been on the X-scream, superman, and drop of doom ://

  • AY - 08JS - David Leeder MS (1544)

    I got stuck on a ride before I think it’s called the smasher in Canada’s wonderland it was going up and then it stopped but thankfully it was only like 1 metre off the ground so it wasn’t really that scary

  • Ashley Montgomery
    Ashley Montgomery 3 days ago

    Wait I’m in San Antonio six flags an there’s a sky screamer

  • sketchy vlogs
    sketchy vlogs 3 days ago

    The sky sreamer is in Rochester NY I've been on it this guy needs to get his facts straight

  • Jeff Howes
    Jeff Howes 3 days ago

    What is nazzys favourite beanie boo

  • SLIME Panda
    SLIME Panda 3 days ago

    I been on kingda ka

  • Caitlyn Jarman
    Caitlyn Jarman 3 days ago

    The sky screamer is at Six Flags St.louis too