Sir Alex Ferguson Plays Seven Defenders vs Arsenal & Still Won - Man United 2-0 Arsenal 2010-2011 HD

  • Published on May 10, 2019
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  • Taqiyuddien Ahmad
    Taqiyuddien Ahmad 8 hours ago

    Van der sar is a GOAT...
    Stupid David de gea must watch this

  • Tony Almonte
    Tony Almonte 15 hours ago

    Sir Alex will NEVER be appreciated enough and we revere the guy. He absolutely did things that become more impressive as time passes. He controls the league time and time again with amazing and not so amazing teams. Incredible!!

  • Pavithran Elumalay
    Pavithran Elumalay 2 days ago

    The Real Wall EDWIN VAN DER SAR 馃敟

  • Najam Ul Abideen Tariq

    Valencia was a winger back in those days.

  • Rimuru-sama
    Rimuru-sama 4 days ago +1

    Sir alex be like EZ

  • Mouhamed Lamine Khouma

    I cry when I watch their

  • Mouhamed Lamine Khouma

    I cry when I watch their

  • Smiiley & Smiiles
    Smiiley & Smiiles 4 days ago

    Seems like buying a world class goal keeper is crucial :)

  • 讗谞讜谞讬诪讬 讗谞讜谞讬诪讬

    they won because they park the bus but still well done fergie the best manager in the history

  • John Nicola
    John Nicola 6 days ago

    The Great Manchester United

  • Zabahir Hamza
    Zabahir Hamza 7 days ago

    And thats at old trafford. Thats why he lost 2 final against guardiolas barca.

  • Zabahir Hamza
    Zabahir Hamza 7 days ago

    And thats at old trafford. Thats why he lost 2 final against guardiolas barca.

    WAGER OFFICIAL 8 days ago

    Arsenal play well. ..But with ferguson strategy 7 defenders......Van De Sar and RVP Are Legend........2 Holland legend playing That time

  • Kweku Otu
    Kweku Otu 10 days ago

    Van Der Sar 馃憦馃従

  • Anisa Ali
    Anisa Ali 10 days ago

    Back when football used to be competetive

  • Justin Penczek
    Justin Penczek 11 days ago

    Even as a blues fan cfctid, but these were some great days where even we admired the tenacity and ferocity and dedication utd upheld. It kinda hirts to see that utd has fallen as low as they have from the direct attitude changes. But we have our shit too so heres to getting back at it lads. And sorry for mourinho...

  • Praveen Prakash
    Praveen Prakash 12 days ago

    And some idiotic stupid PogPig fans says we need quality players around that overrated prick to perform 馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧馃槧. Sell him or throw him out for free. Useless virus. #pogbagoback

  • V农 膼峄ヽ Nam
    V农 膼峄ヽ Nam 12 days ago

    I am a fan of manutd for 20 years. I want to live with the team now. do not live in the past.
    Please forget the past, and live for the present.

  • Herjuno Pangestu
    Herjuno Pangestu 12 days ago

    Rooney was so good

  • duapuluhsebelas
    duapuluhsebelas 12 days ago

    And if the Manager do this (8 defend player on team), everybody will say "Look, United do Park The Bus"

    • Amry Sajad
      Amry Sajad 11 days ago

      It is never about how many defenders played the game. I is how thw manager wanted the players to play the game. U see with 7 defenders, did fergie team played defensively? No. So he did not 'play park the bus'

  • kasoka kasapatu
    kasoka kasapatu 12 days ago

    The good old days. This current united squard are just a bunch of cry babies attention seeking social media and hair do freeks

  • Slim Dizzle
    Slim Dizzle 12 days ago

    WAZZA SMASHED SAGNA!!! Man i love Wayne Rooney!

  • Anthony Shackley
    Anthony Shackley 12 days ago +2

    The secret to Man United's success is not about clearing the whole team out. No... it's hairdryers and chewing gum ;)

  • ridho limbong
    ridho limbong 13 days ago

    si rooney anjing itu udah tekel model bangsat gitu masih aja gak kartu kuning.

    fuck you fa cup

  • Voltage272
    Voltage272 13 days ago

    Oof. Chicharito was starting

  • Duncan Cookson
    Duncan Cookson 13 days ago +6

    I don't know why he didn't carry on using Fabio and Rafael as wingers. They were poor full backs and seemed obvious wingers to me....

    • frostyhkd
      frostyhkd 9 days ago

      Duncan Cookson cause Nani and Valencia

  • m盲帽盲x毛 f眉帽每 b么每

    Van der sar
    Is the best goal keaper amazing

  • agataadi19
    agataadi19 14 days ago


  • Oka Setiawan
    Oka Setiawan 14 days ago

    7 defender + standar formation but still class, one and only SAF

    • Oka Setiawan
      Oka Setiawan 12 days ago

      @duapuluhsebelas yes!! the point is PASSION! fck off star player

    • duapuluhsebelas
      duapuluhsebelas 12 days ago

      Standard formation, Old strategic, Simple Plays, BUT High Determination and FULL Passion !

  • Chung Nguyentrong
    Chung Nguyentrong 14 days ago

    Ch峄 n贸i v峄 Oshe'a th么i th矛 c谩c c岷 th峄 MU 2019 c貌n k茅m qu谩 xa v峄 t脿i n膬ng v脿 nh芒n c谩ch

  • StefAcho
    StefAcho 15 days ago

    Always a joy to watch "the old days". But would have been great if we got the line-ups. Giggs, Chicha and Rooney. The only ones that isn麓t defenders on the pitch?

  • Hey There
    Hey There 15 days ago +1

    Arsenal in a nutshell

  • adam robert
    adam robert 16 days ago

    psg did the same thing second leg in ucl this year vs man u. kehrer, thiago silva, kimpembe, juan bernat, marquinhos and dani alves, whos technically a rightback but has been playing in numerous positions as of late.

  • Dwi Novianto
    Dwi Novianto 16 days ago

    Smalling in SAF hands feels like Nesta

  • Bimo Blackcat
    Bimo Blackcat 16 days ago

    4:10 馃槷馃挜

  • Nakamya Harriet
    Nakamya Harriet 16 days ago

    Van der Sar was so fantastic.

  • Abdul
    Abdul 16 days ago

    Mentality is the key thing . Back then they all were driven and had so much respect for fergie and also the leaders they had but no its totally different i believe because of the wages being paid

  • bhaizam zam
    bhaizam zam 17 days ago

    Sir please come back to strengh the team the real red devil..馃懝馃懝馃懝

  • Dan T
    Dan T 17 days ago +44

    Fergie could play 11 mannequins and still manage to win!

  • Taqiyuddien Ahmad
    Taqiyuddien Ahmad 18 days ago

    Stupid De gea must watch this

  • Harold Memba
    Harold Memba 18 days ago

    Isn鈥檛 this the game that pogba didn鈥檛 get picked and decided to leave ot threw it.we know what Ferguson seen now

  • This is Me
    This is Me 19 days ago

    That tackle by Rooney at 1:13 would be a straight red today

  • Kwasi Nti-Appiah
    Kwasi Nti-Appiah 20 days ago

    typical paul scholes

  • tyymo
    tyymo 21 day ago

    I miss Vidic too much. He was a real captain.

  • Izna theKing
    Izna theKing 22 days ago

    The biggest mistakes from MU is bring Moyes to replace Sir Alex, Moyes succed make MU like Everton, strugle with in the midle of table until Now

  • Samuel Ajayi
    Samuel Ajayi 22 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake these were warriors!. Now we are left with fowls

  • dongkha bui
    dongkha bui 23 days ago


  • Cuong Ha
    Cuong Ha 23 days ago

    Van der sar

  • brucehau2
    brucehau2 24 days ago

    what kind of HD this is

  • Akhmad Za'far Fachrezi

    Play with heart not money

  • B谩nh Bao TV
    B谩nh Bao TV 25 days ago

  • Proud Indian
    Proud Indian 26 days ago

    Diaby the next Viera lol

  • Slobodan Reka
    Slobodan Reka 26 days ago +4

    01 Van der Sar
    03 Evra (Scholes 80 yellow card)
    06 Brown
    12 Smalling
    15 Vidic
    20 Fabio Da Silva (Valencia 46)
    21 Rafael (Giggs 64)
    22 O'Shea
    28 Gibson
    10 Rooney
    14 Hernandez
    29 Kuszczak, 11 Giggs, 18 Scholes, 25 Valencia, 09 Berbatov, 26 Obertan, 41 King

    You're welcome.

  • Kool Ankush
    Kool Ankush 26 days ago

    I would still take Rooney back. Will show more heart than the lot we have got now combined.

  • Otong DonKing
    Otong DonKing 26 days ago

    Ngalahin formasi parkir bis ala mou馃ぃ

  • Renaldy Dhyas
    Renaldy Dhyas 28 days ago


  • One Warrior
    One Warrior 28 days ago

    5:30 0o0

  • Break Even
    Break Even 28 days ago +1

    this team playing with heart not with money馃榿

  • Duha AS
    Duha AS 29 days ago +1

    Sekarang ko peringkat 6? WKWKWK

  • The Golden Middle
    The Golden Middle Month ago

    O'Shea at centre mid> Pogba and Fred combined

  • M岷h Tr岷
    M岷h Tr岷 Month ago

    H茫y h峄峜 ng脿i Alex Ferguson n脿y !
    31 tu峄昳 - 34 tu峄昳 th矛 sao h峄 v岷玭 l脿 c么ng th岷 c貌n h啤n mua ba th峄 ph岷 th岷 nh瓢 pogba

  • Essengo Makassi
    Essengo Makassi Month ago

    Sir Alex is THE BEST !
    manchester united IS sir alex !!
    sir alex IS man.united !!!

  • Dayu Kade Asritami
    Dayu Kade Asritami Month ago

    Even they put 6 defenders on line up, they're have better attacking football than United nowdays. How ironic isn't it?

  • mighty flea
    mighty flea Month ago +11

    scholes could find my dad with a pass and i havent seen him in 20 years

  • T Plus
    T Plus Month ago

    Miss all of them so much.....fight because of the colour of club

  • James Pitcher
    James Pitcher Month ago +1

    Difference between this United team and what we have now is purely mentality. These lads had ELITE level mentality. Our players nowadays cry when they are asked to play out of position.

  • TobyRecorded
    TobyRecorded Month ago


  • Nika Bakuradze
    Nika Bakuradze Month ago +1

    Mind you, VDS was 40 at this time. How many other 40 year old keepers do you know that can play at that level? Buffon... and that's about it...

  • bright matsvimbo
    bright matsvimbo Month ago

    scholes the kick boxer

  • sean waller
    sean waller Month ago

    park the fucking bus, most boring teams EVER!

  • vc Biller
    vc Biller Month ago

    I didn't know that Putin has a part-time job as ref in the premier league..

  • Earl Crowley
    Earl Crowley Month ago

    10:54 the guy in the crowds reaction to the scholes tackle hahahahaha

  • Troll with a Bishai

    these type of goals are why I dislike Man U....rebound goals, they made so many points like this

  • IrrelevantGeOff
    IrrelevantGeOff Month ago

    Ive solved it, we just need collars on our kits, maybe that鈥檒l bring back the class 馃槄

  • Sam Kitondo
    Sam Kitondo Month ago


  • Iskandar Siraj
    Iskandar Siraj Month ago

    The time when man united know how to play with defenders in mid

  • Sheriff Rick
    Sheriff Rick Month ago

    shows how negative he was and yet people say he played attractive football what a joke and honestly arsenal were absolute shit at the time they were turning a profit in the transfer window for 10 years so its hardly a great achievement when United were the only club in england spending big money

  • Nikola Vizec
    Nikola Vizec Month ago

    Scholes pass thou

  • Tony S
    Tony S Month ago

    A lot has changed in the few years Sir Alex governed United. Players have become way more richer and management has become way more weaker. Sir Alex literally beasted his team when they were failing. His players were F ing terrified of failure, they were too terrified of Sir Alex to do anything but give their all in every game. Okay, Guardiola doesn't do that but he's as special as Sir Alex was in his management of players, not many managers are so capable.
    Club owners need to put the power back in the hands of their managers, not chucking money at gal谩cticos in a vain attempt to win something. If owners continue not to understand football and fans great clubs like ManU will continue to fail, simple as.

  • Marian M
    Marian M Month ago

    If it wasn`t Arsenal I`d be impressed...

  • Agam Le Roi
    Agam Le Roi Month ago +1

    This was the first time I watched Man United on TV and fell in love with them ever since

  • Faiz M
    Faiz M Month ago

    This kind of intensity, this kind of passion. I miss it. Really miss it.

  • milad rahmani
    milad rahmani Month ago

    sir alex is agreatest in coach history

  • Khoun Sai Muenluang


  • Niezam Latiff
    Niezam Latiff Month ago

    I really miss the shirt ..馃槪馃槪馃槪

  • Julian Seow
    Julian Seow Month ago

    nowadays we play with 0 real defenders and still win

  • Iqbal Alian Nugraha
    Iqbal Alian Nugraha Month ago +1

    The players are willing to bleed for SAF & the badge on their chest.

  • FIFA55 GOD
    FIFA55 GOD Month ago

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  • Vinzfriction93
    Vinzfriction93 Month ago

    Guardiola who

  • christian lian
    christian lian Month ago +6

    The last Man United player who can play in any position like old days was Wayne Rooney 鉂わ笍
    Since he left Man United, now player like Lingard, Young, Smalling, they can鈥檛 even play in their position

  • eddy diansyah
    eddy diansyah Month ago

    MU butuh striker seperti rooney, kuat, skill bagus n yg paling penting punya hasrat yg tinggi dalam bermain

  • Pratham Goud
    Pratham Goud Month ago +11

    Never seen a kid more passionate than Rafael... Fabio as well.

  • Vervito united
    Vervito united Month ago +2

    2010 Van Persie vs 2019 Unai Emery on Dracula's Got Talent

  • Peter Ehis
    Peter Ehis Month ago

    Miss u all with beautiful memories

  • Garry Green
    Garry Green Month ago

    That's good for him, he usually plays 8 plus the ref

  • Vuvivu Ji
    Vuvivu Ji Month ago +4

    Paul scholes
    The Highest level of long pass over the all player.
    But his tackels in every match makes me laugh.

  • Vuvivu Ji
    Vuvivu Ji Month ago

    Jaman fergie semua pmain MU jago longpass, jdi siapa aj bsa jdi midfielder. Top emang

  • Javi Ismael
    Javi Ismael Month ago +77

    Now with 7 attackers in 2018/19 season they cant even take a shot on goal. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

    • fireelf96
      fireelf96 Month ago +1

      They've been taught to just play possession :(

  • The Grimm Commoner
    The Grimm Commoner Month ago +2

    Seven defenders and they still attack more than Mourinho's team.

  • Eden Lim
    Eden Lim Month ago

    Dam this Da Siva twin tearing Arsenal apart so unreal.