How MARVEL Redeemed THOR


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  • yadav king
    yadav king 5 hours ago

    Only thor

  • gabehcuoD suoitneterP

    Excuse me while I squeeze my Dr. Strange pillow.

  • trequor
    trequor Day ago

    Unpopular opinion: I HATE Thor: Ragnarok. They just turned Thor into a less intelligent Iron Man. That humour type just doesnt fit the character (plus they totally butchered Planet Hulk). Thankfully the Russos brought him back

  • trequor
    trequor Day ago

    See here's the thing: in the first two Thor movies Loki is actually the PROTAGONIST. Loki takes the spotlight and shows an evolution. Even in the first movie, while Thor is learning how to be a human, Loki is coming to grips with his parentage and learning how (and failing at) to be king

  • boogabuga
    boogabuga Day ago

    Ok but why did he take so long to attack Thanos in Wakanda?

  • Dominique Calvillo

    You forgot to mention hemsworth great comedic acting chops after him wanting to land comedy roles and how Watiti was brought on for consulting with Thor for infinity wars

  • BoB n fishy
    BoB n fishy Day ago

    the theater i was in was fairly polite and quiet during infinity war, but when thor showed up a good number of people shouted and cheered. it was kinda cool.

  • Nolan Querzoli
    Nolan Querzoli Day ago

    Mjolnier kind of dragged him down when he was shattered thor became what everyone wanted him to be

  • Jamal Hyde
    Jamal Hyde 2 days ago

    This guys voice is so annoying

  • KurasakiBleachigo1
    KurasakiBleachigo1 2 days ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok was great character development and plot, ruined by cheap overused humor. Every serious moment killed by The same bland jokes that werent really funny the first time

  • Wan Mehdi
    Wan Mehdi 2 days ago

    9:04 - 9:11 was not in the movie.. where did you get the scene?

  • charlenek11
    charlenek11 2 days ago

    I always liked the original Thor movie, it was underrated. I didn't mind his Shakespearean diction - what mattered more was the content of his character and how that was being developed on screen. Loki is the reason why people put it down, because he's been more complex and outshone Thor - not good to have your supporting cast be more interesting than the hero, or so goes the common wisdom. There has been a similar critique of Captain America's movies since Winter Soldier and Civil War especially have had other key Avengers in the movies.
    The Dark World was fun but largely forgettable, mostly, except for Loki's turns and Frigga's death. Ragnarok shook things up and although I think there was a little too much bathos (comedy that undercuts serious events), when you take that away it was still a pretty important film. That said, you should never have to say, "when you take that away." I still enjoyed it, but they overdid it a little bit. The Russo brothers tied it all together, though, and Chris Hemsworth's performance in Infinity War showed us the gravitas of the situation in destroying Asgard, what he should have looked like at the end of Ragnarok.
    I think that, if written correctly, Thor could handle having to deal with Jane Foster's return. They have to treat Jane as more than a plot device, more than a damsel in distress. She's important to Thor, and she was a strong reason why he cares so much for this world. Clearly they would still care about each other. But distance issues make any relationship complicated. A guy who drops in and out of your life every couple of years is no boyfriend. That is a place where Thor has room to grow, and it just needs a good writer to properly develop that. When they fix that - and note, that does not mean that Jane and Thor have to get back together - then Thor's redemption will be complete.

  • EBFilmsMan
    EBFilmsMan 2 days ago

    You people are so PETTY, and tiny. --- Applies to half of this comment section

  • EBFilmsMan
    EBFilmsMan 2 days ago

    I hate's coarse, and rough...and it gets everywhere...

  • Pixel Games
    Pixel Games 2 days ago +3

    I've always liked Thor cause that is my brother's name

  • Thomas Baumgardner
    Thomas Baumgardner 3 days ago

    I think the criticism is ultimately "it lacks sincerity" and not so much "it made me laugh too much or was too funny". So I don't think it's really a matter of personal preference so much as it is people feeling a bit put off by a movie that introduces stakes and then undercuts the stakes that it introduced (at every turn).
    Also, as far as people liking Thor more now, I think that's undoubtedly true, but that's because Ragnarok is a crowd-pleasing film in a pejorative sense. It's pandering. It reminds me of going to film fests at a film school then a film starts that stars a lot of the students so most of the people in the audience know the people in it. The film kills, laughter rocks the house. Does it kill when you take it and put it in any other, but that's because it's not a great film but it is a crowd-pleasing one.
    I left Thor Ragnarok thinking...."I wasn't....bored?". I guess I want to have a stronger reaction than that? I don't it too much to ask to be...thrilled sometimes? Like, really excited. We have the most amazing things happening before our eyes but there's no sense of danger or tension.
    It's just....well, I wasn't completely bored so I suppose I shouldn't complain. These films will keep taking the path of least resistance and I guess most people will keep showing up. Let's just have Infinity War 2 arrive so everything finally wraps up and we can get off this train and on to more interesting things.

  • Sujata Hota
    Sujata Hota 3 days ago

    hes been my fav since his 1st movie

  • subi cool
    subi cool 3 days ago

    damn i knew something was different after the dark world movie its the way he speaks lmao

  • Timothy Dalbeck
    Timothy Dalbeck 4 days ago

    Thor is not human. Treating him as such demeans his character. Thank the Goddess for the return to his larger than life feel in Infinity War.

  • Dangelo Rivera
    Dangelo Rivera 6 days ago

    I hit like

  • Brandan Dengler
    Brandan Dengler 6 days ago

    What i loved about thor 3 is they took away his hammer. It's a crutch and when it was gone you get to see Thor real power.

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  • Ernesto D.
    Ernesto D. 7 days ago

    personally i always loved thor. i liked all his movies and went crazy with infinity war

  • English Bulldog
    English Bulldog 7 days ago

    Wtf this made me tear up.
    This was really good.

  • Sariah the Elf Queen

    I’m gonna be cheering for Thor in avengers 4 just sayin

  • Sariah the Elf Queen

    Guys, stop with the “
    ragnarok is too funny” argument lol. After infinty war I need something funny lol

  • Sariah the Elf Queen

    I agree with this video as well

  • Sariah the Elf Queen

    I agree about Thor 2 so much!

  • Stevendoesstuff
    Stevendoesstuff 8 days ago

    when downey leaves i can see thor becoming the new face of the mcu. And let me just say IM DOWN FOR THAT

  • Art Dog
    Art Dog 8 days ago

    When I look at Captain America's numbers than look at Thor's, I fail to see the argument. They released 3 Thor films that all failed to hit 1 billion at the box office. The only franchise original that failed to do so.

  • Mr Mindverse
    Mr Mindverse 8 days ago

    I fucking hate when Thor has got a fake eye full of shit from Rocket Racoon's anus, its fucking disgusting and disrespectful, i loved that eyepatch, he was looking like his father Odin😑

  • Dawson Garret
    Dawson Garret 10 days ago

    I never liked thor. Didn't even see the second one but I saw raganarok a couple months ago and holy shit they couldn't of made a better movie

  • Ryo Shumlim
    Ryo Shumlim 10 days ago

    The meteor striked and i instantly liked thor

  • Soaring Red Apples
    Soaring Red Apples 11 days ago

    I watched Thor Ragnarok after only seeing guardians 1 and 2, and black panther and that’s probably why after having watched them all now, Thor is my favourite Avenger

    SOFHAB 11 days ago +1

    Thank you for helping me to understand Ragnarok and it's purpose. Before this review, I was one of those people who didn't really care for this movie and didn't really understand why it was made. Although I still would say this is my least favorite of the Thor films, I now understand this was intended to be a comedy and see the growth of Thor as a character and not just as The god of Thunder. Great video! : )

  • blahblahmehable
    blahblahmehable 12 days ago

    By making him a giant man child moron.

  • mrnicktoyou
    mrnicktoyou 12 days ago

    Ragnarock Thor was terrible.

  • Prachurjya Kalita
    Prachurjya Kalita 14 days ago

    "BRING ME THANOS" sends shivers down the spine everytime i watch the scene. Its like there is a ,illion emotions hidden in that sentence itself.Emotion of grief,loss,rage everything.I haved loved Thor and he is my favourite character since i have started to read marvel comics.I'm so happy that the character is now loved by millions of other people as well.Love you Thor and Chris Hemsworth.

  • Benjamin Wagner
    Benjamin Wagner 14 days ago

    The conversation with rocket made me happy

  • ImmaPopo
    ImmaPopo 14 days ago +1

    One thing that I would like in the next infinity war movie is Thor wearing his armor AND his helmet. Seriously that thing looked awesome.

  • Charlie Knopp
    Charlie Knopp 15 days ago

    I didn't like Thor until Ragnarok

  • Professor Sir
    Professor Sir 16 days ago +1

    Thor 1 was perfect as fuck on the tone that how thor movies should be,it was shakesperian drama badassery with epic soundtracks(patrick doyle is a musical genius) and great acting and narration.
    While ragnarok's director completely ruined thor's original tone and made him into a joker star lord part 2!

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez 16 days ago

    I’ve watched Thor Ragnarok multiple time and I’ve watched Infinity War 9 times

  • Garbage Can Can Can
    Garbage Can Can Can 17 days ago +3

    Thor Ragnarok was a blast. I was always bored with Thor, didn´t like him much. Thor movies were kinda meh too, but Ragnarok? A blast. Hillarious. Thor has character, is relatable, funny, and just well rounded. I always loved Loki but now I love Thor too. Taika Waititi did amazing. Also love his Korg.

  • Golden 2K16
    Golden 2K16 17 days ago

    Yo thor has always been my number 1 hero, loved him even before Ragnarok and he is my second favorite god from norse mythology

  • R O X Λ S
    R O X Λ S 17 days ago

    Thor in infinty war is like me. I lost a lot and I went through so much pain and I hide it from my friends by having fun and when dark times come I hide myself and just do whatever to get by his actions are relatable for depressed people

  • Portraitz
    Portraitz 18 days ago

    thye basically fused thor and beta ray bill

  • Stephanie Demko
    Stephanie Demko 18 days ago

    Thor has always been my favorite

  • FANATIC PLANET Productions

    Redeemed is not really the best word I would describe Thor's recent treatment.
    He's more..................... Batman & Robin'd than actually redeemed. At least that's how I see it.
    BTW, I loved the character since his first movie but I personally wasn't a fan of his out-of-nowhere personality change in Ragnarok.

  • Staff of Armadyl
    Staff of Armadyl 18 days ago

    I've always loved Thor from the comics and was so frustrated with how they treated him throughout the first two phases but I was soooo happy with ragnorok and infinity war. I was super pumped when he held the gate of the star open and absolutely lost my shit at his storm breaker debut in wakanda.

  • fluffy sniffles
    fluffy sniffles 18 days ago

    Basically turning him into another clown just like the rest of MCU. Wow, so redeeming.

  • bumblebee 24
    bumblebee 24 19 days ago

    But guys he aimed for the body not the head he had one job and he screwed it up I’m kidding he is a good character now

  • bossfan49
    bossfan49 19 days ago

    Redeemed? Thor didn't need to be redeemed. For starters, the first film was 2011 and he was in all Avengers films. Stop talking like it was so long ago, and like people forgot about him. The first two solo movies were solid. Ragnarok was the worst of the three. A lot of moviegoers liked it because it had jokes. But it was too silly and didn't reflect the true nature of the NORSE GOD OF THUNDER!!!

  • Ranagolda
    Ranagolda 19 days ago +1

    8:30 "Half his people"
    Bish they all dead

  • no m
    no m 19 days ago


  • Anthony D
    Anthony D 19 days ago

    This was a well-thought-out and well-made breakdown. Nice work! Probably wouldn't work as well for searchability, but a more accurate title would be 'How Taika Waititi Redeemed Thor', haha.

  • Flopping Fajita
    Flopping Fajita 19 days ago

    They made thor the badass he should’ve been from the beginning.

  • Bordas Studios
    Bordas Studios 20 days ago

    Fun fact: in Norse mythology Thor has a belt that can double his powers. How about another fact? In the mythology and the movie the dwarf blscksmith is called Eitri played by Tyrion Lannister (also known as Peter dinklage) is actually the same dwarf in the new God of war game called sindri. You see, originally he's called Eitri, but because English folk couldn't really pronounce it, they changed it to sindri.
    How about another fact? Thor in the comics have hanged himself just like Odin did to get the Odin force and he does get it. That's how he stops Ragnarok.
    How about an extra fact? The wolf you saw in Thor Ragnarok, called Fenrir is actually the son of Loki and a giant.
    And a last fact: Stormbreaker is the weapon of an alien called Billy in the comics who asked Odin for a might weapon to protect his people.
    And a final fact: Thor is a fucking God, in mythology he is more powerful even than Odin. Marvel fucked up Thor from the beginning. And in case you're wondering why he could breathe and talk in space , well it's "magic", it's a god thing, every god can do it.

  • HockeyDay
    HockeyDay 20 days ago

    I thought Thor grew he most in Infinity War, and show how strong and powerful he really can be.

  • Hoshi Mate
    Hoshi Mate 20 days ago

    Thor in Ragnarok and Infinity War was a serious development of Thor. It is more of a result of his time and experience on earth.

  • John Fury
    John Fury 21 day ago

    Well , he's been my favourite from the beginning

  • Psykhosaurus
    Psykhosaurus 21 day ago


  • Lucifronz
    Lucifronz 21 day ago

    For me, I enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe lately because it doesn't take itself too seriously. There's a lot of comedy mixed in with the plot to keep things light in-between more serious moments.
    The first Thor movie had some of the humor come from Darcy, some from other characters reacting to the environment, some from Loki, etc., but the *rest* comes from Thor himself reacting to this world where he's now powerless. But Thor himself isn't a humorous character in this movie and it drags on for quite a bit through the later movies he's a part of. Thor: Ragnarok was the moment Thor stopped being a stuffy old god with strange speech (basically the overpowered weirdo of the Avengers, in a sense) and instead became a bit more relatable and a hell of a lot more fun to watch.
    I have to be honest, Thor: The Dark World is probably one of my least favorite of the MCU films. I can't deny that I've never been a huge fan of Thor (his design is a bit silly), but that film (despite having an actor whom I loved in Doctor Who playing the villain) didn't feel like it had the right tone. It was a bit *too* serious for my liking. It's why I don't care for the DC Universe's films. Until Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, they all seemed so joyless and stiff. There's nothing wrong with that, but unless a story is particularly gripping (and most comic book superhero movies are genuinely shallow) it's not a lot of fun to watch. I never feel connected enough with characters to give a crap about what happens to them and I'm certainly not going to hope for a romantic subplot to work out.
    It's all drama, but not in the right way. I don't want that. I'm not watching 13 Reasons Why, I don't come to see superhero movies to cry and even if I did, they aren't very good at it. DC in particular.

  • king j
    king j 21 day ago +2

    If groot can lift thors hamer now then all of the avengers can lift it now,,haha

  • 0scarization
    0scarization 21 day ago


  • MK MK
    MK MK 22 days ago

    Thor has been my favourite since day 1. I always felt like iron man and captain America were regarded too much and Thor not so much. As time passed I felt less and less connected to Captain America due to the reason his character was too noble, too good and I felt that one person can’t be that perfect, but I do like his 3 film franchise and love the change in infinity way. We all try to be the best that we can, try to be good human being with good character but still I felt like I couldn’t relate to the Cap lol

  • The Artful Dodger
    The Artful Dodger 22 days ago

    Rujuvanized? Is that a word?

  • C Chadwick
    C Chadwick 22 days ago

    Thor was always in my top 3. He's always been amusing, heroic and mighty. Infinity War put him on top.

  • Drop Taran
    Drop Taran 22 days ago

    I started loving Thor when that Aah Aah music with guitars and drums starts playing background in Ragnarok

    KING ALPHA 22 days ago

    Im so glad Thor is getting the recognition he deserves. He's just my all time favorite.

  • theo mckenzie
    theo mckenzie 22 days ago


  • Savarre Moise Ducas
    Savarre Moise Ducas 22 days ago

    Loki love Thor.... he just don't wanna show his weaknesses. But the infinity shows how much love he really have for his brother

  • Old Man Frank
    Old Man Frank 23 days ago

    I did not like Thor, I kind of thought Thor: The Dark World was okay but, God damn Thor: Ragnarok was amazing.

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin 23 days ago

    Saved, then destroyed in the opening of IW?

  • Jonathan van dorsten
    Jonathan van dorsten 23 days ago

    first two thor movies were garbage and they had to change it cuz they knew it.

  • LameDude
    LameDude 23 days ago

    HiDE ThE zUChiNNi

  • GHOTI_
    GHOTI_ 23 days ago

    Hemsworth isn't playing Thor anymore. He's just Hemsworth dressed up like Thor. Especially in Ragnarok, they dialed him back in infinity war so that was nice but he should not have been as much of a stand up comedian as he was

  • Akeredolu Ale
    Akeredolu Ale 23 days ago

    Basically, to summarize this in my own opinion, he grew up to be this handsome strong avenger that I loooovveeee and admire!

  • Nujabessence
    Nujabessence 24 days ago

    What's the song used in the vid?

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 24 days ago

    All characters get their recognition and respect by stepping over Hulk's reputation. It seems Marvel doesn't care about Hulk fans and still humiliates us.

  • Wes Rev
    Wes Rev 24 days ago

    Thor is the best

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas 24 days ago

    Thor and Jane are about as interesting as Anakin and Padme.

  • James Grant
    James Grant 24 days ago +1

    you know Thor has been my #1 favorite of the Avengers. Before the movies were made and still after the movies were I have friends saying I was smart to have Thor as my favorite character in the MCU.

    • Dorian's RANDORIAN vlog place
      Dorian's RANDORIAN vlog place 6 days ago

      Sammmmmeee. One of my friends used to debate with me over and over why he thinks hulk or superman or darth vader ect could be thor.... After ragnarok, he bought a big thor fathead poster and its in his bedroom. Lol bamdwagoners right

  • L K
    L K 24 days ago

    Thor had Superman syndrome, boring.
    But while Thor 2011 was a complete arc, we still needed to see other sides of Thor: _Which Ragnarok gave him, a more humorous side._

    _And Infinity War fleshed out his broken side, after losing Loki._

  • ja ja
    ja ja 24 days ago

    I thought Ragnarok was great and Thor became my favorite character in the MCU. I know some people that didn't like Ragnarok but still ended up liking Thor after the film after not rating him before it.

  • Cody Mavick
    Cody Mavick 24 days ago

    I hope Loki's not dead. And that thor finds a better love interest than Jane. Thor deserves to be happy.

  • Jayink 1
    Jayink 1 24 days ago

    Who care if you can't relate he not a human 😂

  • Anish Sattaram
    Anish Sattaram 25 days ago

    With Ragnarok and Infinity War, Thor is just something else. And about his static character in AoU, you're right. But that's kinda what Thor is in the comics. He's mainly just there, to be there. He's just another really powerful guy, like the Hulk. Loving what Marvel's done with the Odinson the past two movies, can't wait for Avengers 4!

  • Masud Tazrian
    Masud Tazrian 25 days ago

    I have always loved the Thor of Norse Mythology and wondered why the Thor of Marvel is so weak and less important. Then Marvel gave me the answer with Ragnarok and Infinity War. Now I'm a fan of the Thor of Marvel. He deserves it.

  • bill nguyen
    bill nguyen 25 days ago

    before Ragnarok, Thor was probably the weakest (in terms of character) of all the avengers, despite being one of the first avengers and had himself 2 movies, but both were mediocre at best. Ragnarok shifted everything for him, and Infinity War completely nailed it for him. going from a bland blond hair arrogant prick, to a powerful (literal god) yet so relatable king of Asgard.

  • Mazher Md
    Mazher Md 25 days ago

    Your awesome man's like watching tribute

  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez 25 days ago +3

    “You people are so PETTY, and tiny.” 💀💀

  • N. W. Flitcraft
    N. W. Flitcraft 25 days ago

    I think the reason Thor speaks differently now is easily accounted for by the fact that he's spent a lot of time now away from Asgard and among humans on Earth. He still has those awkward not-fitting-in moments (e.g., "You could have sent me an electronic letter. It's called an e-mail..." "Do you have a computer?" "No. What for?"). I think his language is still pretty formal relative to the other characters.

  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 25 days ago

    Natalie Portman was a cancer to the movies. She's a great actor! But was just a terrible piece for MCU.

    BL_MISSINGLYNX 37 25 days ago

    Dude the way they redeemed thor was the wakanda fight scene

  • Dwight Balajadia
    Dwight Balajadia 25 days ago

    Thor has one of the greatest character development

  • Balaclava Bill
    Balaclava Bill 26 days ago

    Thor's arc was him going from Old English to Modern English dick head

  • Jesus
    Jesus 26 days ago

    Your right about it all But I feel like in Ragnarok Thor was more funny and laid back because he spent a lot of time on earth and became more like modern people to change from his old Shakespeare talk to sounding like a bro

  • Robb Papa
    Robb Papa 26 days ago

    We dont need thor to be funny . we just need more character development . being funny thats why deadpool is

  • Lars
    Lars 26 days ago +1

    I liked Thor all the time and I still like him, but Ragnarok was a horrible movie ... like GotG with Thor Cast.