How MARVEL Redeemed THOR


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  • Abhijeet Satapathy
    Abhijeet Satapathy 2 hours ago

    Actually on the contrary the story up to that made me love Thor Ragnarok. Because in real life too if you face too many issues and sufferings there comes a point where you learns to deal with them by making jokes . That makes me understand why THOR is being sarcastic and funny in Thor Ragnarok. If they would have made THOR that funny in any of those previous movies it would have felt it's forced.

  • Engineer 314
    Engineer 314 10 hours ago

    One thing I’d like to add - for the first time, Thor actually does something gods do - actually take the heat of a star’s rays and come back stronger.

  • Thouseef Ahamed
    Thouseef Ahamed 19 hours ago

    How to find the bgm? 3:23?

  • Slasher
    Slasher Day ago

    I wished Hulk could get a redeem..... 😔

  • Cookie Sushi
    Cookie Sushi Day ago

    hahaha 9:09 rooting for, *groot appears*

  • Andy Flagg
    Andy Flagg 2 days ago

    nice write up and video. keep up the great work

  • lobsterboi
    lobsterboi 2 days ago

    Bro low key lowki loki

  • Steven Bramblett
    Steven Bramblett 2 days ago

    Thor should not be a comedy. He is a Viking God and superior warrior. Ragnarok is supposed to be the end of all. Not only did Thor Ragnarok butcher Planet Hulk, it bastardized a Viking God.

  • Dao Yang
    Dao Yang 3 days ago

    In infinity war, everyone was so worried because Thor was dead. You can tell there was a sense of urgency, not only because Thanos is coming but because Thor isn't there anymore, or so they think.
    Then Thor shows up and saves everyone

  • Scotland 05
    Scotland 05 3 days ago

    I have been falling FOR 30 MINUTES

  • ¡ToRreTTeZ! 52
    ¡ToRreTTeZ! 52 4 days ago

    please marvel do not send captain marvel to the rescue let Thor have his revenge before they retire

    FRESH-DUMBLEDORE 5 days ago

    My Problem with Thor and the rest like Loki, odin ect... is:thaht itisent like the orginal mythology, so much mistakes, why they made it like this?

  • micah blank
    micah blank 6 days ago

    Loki: dark world

  • Frosted Pumpkin
    Frosted Pumpkin 6 days ago

    The “comedy” was terrible

  • Apex_Obito Yt
    Apex_Obito Yt 6 days ago

    "No i didn't" lmaoo

  • metaknight523
    metaknight523 6 days ago

    Rangarok made the Thor trilogy my least favorite. I actually liked the first movie. I was not into Thor, but the first movie was an arc about a demigod learning humility, while beautifully place the fantasy world of Asgard into a seemingly realistic MCU for the first time. I went into the theater hoping to like Ragnarok. It was so unfunny for me. It's random silliness interrupting the movie, to the point where I knew when a joke was coming because of a serious moment happening. The silliness itself so mostly unfunny for me, with a few moments leaving me with a slight grin. Ragnarok couldn't let a moment play out without halting it to tell whatever replaceable joke it wanted to. Thor was a man child that came off shallow, Hulk and Surtur sounded like cheesy cartoon characters, Thor's friends died like they were nothing, there is no follow-up to the revelation that Odin was a tyrant. It lacked heart and soul. Thor's dialogue with Banner are like children bickering, which makes Thor (again, in my eyes) unlikable. The GotG movies had a lot of humor as well, but integrated the jokes to the characters and/or their situations, making them part of the movie instead of something added in. It was not fun to watch.
    I will give it this, it had good action and visuals.

  • Der Schweizer
    Der Schweizer 6 days ago

    I just hope he will stay in MCU Phase 4.

    JOB LIAR 7 days ago +1

    My only problem with Thor is that he didn't go for the head

  • steve stiffler
    steve stiffler 7 days ago

    "Thor the funniest avenger" should be his code to start avengers ships.. So I wonder... if Thor knows he can actually fly without his hammer.. Captain America is by far the best avenger.. Then Thor, then stark

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G 7 days ago


  • BananaHopper
    BananaHopper 7 days ago

    The only reason Thor got redeemed was because of the epic bifrost scene in Infinity War

  • B Saavedra
    B Saavedra 7 days ago

    Amazing fact that a great weapon can inhibits the powers of the infinity stones

  • lschroter2020
    lschroter2020 8 days ago

    I thought thor 1 was good nothing special but it was a fun time being introduced to a new character and Chris H nailed it. Avengers 1 I did like thor a bit more than in thor 1. Thor 2 was disappointing. Ultron Thor was terrible. thor ragnorok thor was Popular again. Infinity war thor WAS THE BEST

  • Andy The Creator
    Andy The Creator 8 days ago

    Thor: Ragnorok was basically Planet Hulk.

  • Jezbecks
    Jezbecks 8 days ago

    Great use of the soundtrack in this video, especially towards the end

  • TallicaMan1986
    TallicaMan1986 8 days ago

    A lot of powerful scenes in this entire thing. The fact that Dark World had Loki at center stage made it all the more powerful.

  • Shouldhave SnappedTwice


  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 11 days ago

    Thor didn't have a character arc for like 3 movies in a row, but keep in mind that he's thousands of years old, and he's going to live for thousands of more years. I can kind of understand how slowly he learns and develops, considering his timescale. To us mere mortals, he seems like a static character.

    • Psiberzerker
      Psiberzerker 6 days ago

      +metaknight523 Right, and then the next 3 movies (Want a list?) were Thor being Thor. Technically, being depowered, and sent to rural Arizona as a field trip, but point taken.

    • metaknight523
      metaknight523 6 days ago +1

      His first movie was about learning humility, even as a powerful prince.

  • Curtis Walker
    Curtis Walker 11 days ago +1

    what is the name of the music at 1:45 - 2:50

  • EccentricSage
    EccentricSage 11 days ago +1

    Ragnarock had great imagery, but the storytelling was SHIT. I mean, fuck, Thor's companions are ruthlessly murdered and Loki causes the destruction of their entire homeland, but he's best buddies with Loki at the end of the film and cheerful, and it's all ok just because it's a comedy? You have shit taste in comedy if you think internal logic doesn't matter.

  • Shorty
    Shorty 11 days ago

    I don't know, maybe it's just me but I don't think a Thor movie about Asgard's destruction should've had so much comedy, it felt tacky and took away from the seriousness of it.

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 12 days ago

    I have always been a great fan of Thor. I just simply believe that initially the character wasn't developed enough in the movies. There is more to his story and character. Like his connection with the doctor Donald Blake - the on going struggles between himself and his father. My point with Ragnorok is the fabrication of the Hela character's role in the Ragnorok cycle. Also the combination of Hela and Angela. I liked the comedy - thought there was too much of it.

  • MaleekKing 980
    MaleekKing 980 12 days ago

    This video doesn’t actually tell how they redeemed him but I agree, Thor is my favorite and my favorite scene is when Thor arrives in Waianae in avengers infinity war
    R.I.P Stan Lee
    Best movies ever made by this man

  • TheEgyptianGamerGeek
    TheEgyptianGamerGeek 12 days ago

    Now we need a spotlight for Hawkeye!

  • Gary Washington
    Gary Washington 12 days ago

    I like to believe in canon Thor learned his new attitudes from earth. Hanging out with the Avengers has changed his way of speaking. I think Thor has picked up some things from Ironman

  • Speedy Quick
    Speedy Quick 13 days ago

    The film was dire

  • Itz Dusty
    Itz Dusty 13 days ago

    2 words Thor ragnorok

  • Requix
    Requix 13 days ago

    Thor Ragnorok is so fucking good man

  • person14
    person14 13 days ago

    I completely agree with everything in this. Everything. Thor has also become my favourite (used to be Iron Man) and it was, chiefly, due to Ragnarok. You've even helped contextualise something for me that i also thought of without having the right words to explain which was the difference between the character arc and plot line of Thor's presence in A:AoU. Thoughtful, objective, insightful video.

  • Brennan Young
    Brennan Young 13 days ago

    The first Thor movie is the only good one of the franchise.

  • Jane Maiava
    Jane Maiava 13 days ago

    The short answer is it's because director Waititi saved thor with ragnarok

  • William Hopper
    William Hopper 13 days ago

    Also your ugly as shit

  • William Hopper
    William Hopper 13 days ago

    Your a fucken idiot Thor wasn’t boring or hard to relate to because he’s from Asgard and judging from Thor’s dad that’s how the royal family in Asgard act and when you compare him to Loki and say that thor isn’t Thor without Loki is dumb as fu k because Loki isn’t Asgardian and the god of mischief so of cause he’s gonna be more interesting because you don’t have any idea of what he is gonna do next and as you can see in the later movies since Thor has been having around humans it makes him more like them you fucken nutsack. Thor is and was easily the best character because it’s the only character that has some actual change

  • Ty Simpson
    Ty Simpson 14 days ago

    Infinity War definitely helped solidify Thor as an amazing, well-rounded character. Iron Man also seemed vibrant again but it’s a shame that Cap has been almost neglected in the story. I honestly felt more of a connection with Vision than Captain America.

  • plaguelock
    plaguelock 14 days ago +1

    Redeemed Thor? Thor was always awesome. He's been my favorite since his first movie.

  • Not A YouTuber
    Not A YouTuber 14 days ago

    Huh I keep seeing videos barely over ten minutes

  • michael carroll
    michael carroll 15 days ago

    I admit that that was how I felt about Thor for a while... i didn't want to see Thor ragnarok because of it but I was glad to watch it

  • YTRulesFromNM
    YTRulesFromNM 15 days ago

    Why doesn't Marvel make a super hero out of 'Muhammad'? I would find it much less offensive.

  • Gustavo Gomez
    Gustavo Gomez 16 days ago

    I hate how Disney made him

  • Angry Marine
    Angry Marine 16 days ago


  • DaytonCarCare
    DaytonCarCare 16 days ago

    What I don't get it the Hulks power(s). It seems like he gets weaker and weaker each movie. WTF is going on there?

  • Ronnie Basnett
    Ronnie Basnett 17 days ago


  • Seth47
    Seth47 17 days ago

    Yes thor is my favourite superhero. I would like Jane foster and Thor marries

  • Kev P
    Kev P 17 days ago

    I thought Thor's character sucked until Infinity War.

  • miranda
    miranda 18 days ago

    “you and banner better not be playing hide the zucchini”

  • Mr. Koala
    Mr. Koala 18 days ago +1

    Took long enough.

  • Xiarn
    Xiarn 19 days ago +1

    i love how powerful he is but hopefully they dont make him the next superman where he doesnt need his team could just do it himself

  • charlescushman
    charlescushman 19 days ago

    this whole idea and point of this video was stolen

  • zain ali
    zain ali 19 days ago +1

    One of?

  • Tyson Tross
    Tyson Tross 20 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok was the first Thor standalone movie I saw so Thor was never ruined for me.
    Also his Wakanda scene stole the whole movie.

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up 20 days ago +1

    Thor lost his dad
    Thor lost his mom
    Thor lost his sister
    Thor lost his brother
    Thor lost his right eye
    Thor lost his hair
    Thor lost Mjolnir
    Thor lost Groot
    Thor in Infinity War: "What more could I lose?"

  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar 21 day ago

    Dear Marvel
    I think it's time to redeem HULK in the end game after you butchered him in Infinity War

  • Thurston Reese YT
    Thurston Reese YT 21 day ago

    Ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark

  • prabha crew
    prabha crew 22 days ago

    I loved thor character

  • Flav
    Flav 23 days ago

    Thor Ranga Rock

  • Willowy13
    Willowy13 23 days ago

    So much time lost with Jane, Sif and the Valkyrie when all the chemistry was with a talking Raccoon and a tree.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tony B
    Tony B 24 days ago

    I feel like people are weird. Can we really relate to a genius, billionaire, philanthropist? Or a demigod who can manipulate the weather?
    Why are we looking to relate to characters in these movies? Thor was my favorite avenger after The avengers and I thought Thor the dark world was super solid.

  • lschroter2020
    lschroter2020 24 days ago

    Well I don't really think that Thor was bad in the first avengers because he is the only one who knows Loki, the only reason why Thor came to earth in the avengers was because of loki, if there was another villain for an example that was in the first avengers film like Ultron Thor probably would not come to earth, because he has nothing to do with that but Lokis actions brought him home and once thor met every one else he loved the group if he didn't he wouldn't come back to help them in AOU but he did because he really cares about Stark, Cap, Hulk, BW, HE and everyone else

  • Sweaty
    Sweaty 24 days ago

    I've loved Thor since before the first Marvel Cinematic Thor movie came out. I was so disappointed with him until Ragnarok and it feels amazing to see him finally deserving the recognition and love that he deserves :)

  • Lana Butterfield
    Lana Butterfield 24 days ago

    I didn’t like Thor with long hair but now he is ma boi

  • Tallshrew Fishing
    Tallshrew Fishing 25 days ago

    Marvel's strategy is to see Thor transformed into something greater than he was been but possibly always was. We may see him reach the point were he is greater than a superhero can really or safely be which may bring about the end of the Thor film series but the series of very tough trials he is going through will be leading him there. He is becoming the Asgardian King that Odin always knew he could (possibly _would_ ) be.

  • Kalim Sayyed
    Kalim Sayyed 25 days ago

    Thor hair start getting shorter and shorter his popularity started increasing .......

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 25 days ago

    Dark world had huge problems because of Marvel and Joss Whedon. Dark World was originally supposed to be dark dwelving into the dark past of Asgardians, which would have made Thor not wanting the Throne making more sense, not just being because of Jane. Marvel cut a lot of scenes and Whedon injected more comedy into the film. It was similar situation to BvS, business execs ruined the movie. The actual director wanted a different movie.

  • Kiko
    Kiko 27 days ago

    Fine, YT. I'll watch it.

  • YourMajesty143
    YourMajesty143 28 days ago +3

    Thor is *now* a fan favorite? I honestly believe that more ppl appreciated him before this, mostly fans of the comics who truly understood what he was capable of. I actually liked that they simply nerfed him, bc in the comics he was *completely* depowered when Odin sent him to Earth, so it still fell in line with what we expected. It gave us a glimpse of his humanity, without the whole erasing his memory of who he was. I mean, it would've still made for an interesting movie to see Thor navigate the earth realm as a human and scientist, under his moniker Donald Blake, especially bc Thor is actually way more intelligent than the movies make him out to be. But I also liked the take of him that Marvel took, which was more of a Viking getting to know the modern world, rather than some farfetched medical student. I think we sensed where Marvel was going. I was patient, and was rewarded with Ragnarok and A:IW. But those glimpses of his personality and power still peeked through in his 1st appearances. And I feel like those who didn't pay attention were too easily distracted by Ironman's overbearing charisma (which I think is more RDJ than Tony Stark), and Hulk's story arc. I think if anyone was boring for me, it was Captain America. But that Thor power upgrade in Ragnarok filled my heart up so much, bc for years I've been telling ppl that he is in fact the strongest Avenger, and Hulk would finally meet his match (don't argue with me on this, Stan Lee himself confirmed Thor is better). I also knowingly nodded and smiled at friends who saw Thor in all his glory during Wakanda's battle. I mean, there is so much love for Thor and I'm so glad ppl are finally get to see what some of us already knew. My heart is aglow, and woop woop, he's single now. F**k you, Jane and your stupid Nobel Prize!! Sorry lost my composure there.....yay Thor! Excelsior!!

  • VidaMate6
    VidaMate6 29 days ago

    Thor an Bucky are my favourite characters in the MCU. I have one from each world.

  • MisT Proof
    MisT Proof 29 days ago

    Thor raganarok was so good.

  • Alina Martin
    Alina Martin Month ago

    This was a fantastic video. Thank you for bringing it together!

  • Deirdre Dzeni
    Deirdre Dzeni Month ago

    TLDW: By making the new Thor more relatable.

  • Missingafool
    Missingafool Month ago

    I hate the fact that he cut his hair!! It was the dumbest move in marvel movie history! He'd look soo much cooler with a bigger beard and longer hair, like in the ultimate marvel series. You know, like a VIKING SHOULD LOOK!! Dumb ass.
    I'm angry because Thor is by far my favorite character in the MCU.
    Also, on a side note, It wouldn't have hurt to put some booming thunder in his voice in the Wakanda scene. sigh

  • Syed Ahmed Faruque
    Syed Ahmed Faruque Month ago

    wait.... groot lifted the hammer !!

  • Rightfully Owned
    Rightfully Owned Month ago

    Thor Ragnorok is the best movie. A second close is infinity war.

  • Sahil Babbar
    Sahil Babbar Month ago +1


  • shay cormac
    shay cormac Month ago

    Thor is best

  • Cloaked One
    Cloaked One Month ago

    MCU: Let’s fix our mistakes when the fans speak up.
    DCU: Fuck the fans’ opinions, let’s just double down.

  • Michael Soulier
    Michael Soulier Month ago

    I found Thor Ragnarok mostly pointless and silly. Funny yes, but kinda dumb.

  • Steve Dyer
    Steve Dyer Month ago

    well done -- I think I would go along with your assessment - I completely agree that Thor was finally done right in AIW - about damn time too

  • Myeah Malalis
    Myeah Malalis Month ago

    That was beautiful

  • Hazzer
    Hazzer Month ago

    By giving him a fresh trim

  • Blitz
    Blitz Month ago

    wanna save 10 minutes and 1 second? The answer to the title in the video is: Thor Ragnarok redeemed Thor.

  • UsirRaMaroon
    UsirRaMaroon Month ago

    Keep dreaming bub. You tried to state your case for Thor, but the reasoning was not up to par.

  • desert eagle
    desert eagle Month ago +112

    thor lost his mother
    thor lost his father
    thor lost mjolnir
    thor lost his hair
    thor lost his eyes
    thor lost his sister
    thor lost his best friend
    thor lost his brother
    thor got his new friends (gurdians of the galaxy)
    thor got his new eyes
    thor got stormbreaker
    thor got thanos...

    • EmJay
      EmJay 18 hours ago

      and that's only a little percentage of his life.

    • ¡ToRreTTeZ! 52
      ¡ToRreTTeZ! 52 4 days ago +1

      he lost his frickin planet too thor deserves more

    • ianpaul gabi
      ianpaul gabi 6 days ago

      i loved watching thor and jane but sadly they were not given more time together during in their movie scenes..

    • Liz Flexer
      Liz Flexer 7 days ago

      +Martin Corrales k let's be honest no one cares about Jane

    • Liz Flexer
      Liz Flexer 7 days ago

      But he did not get the head

  • Alex On YouTube
    Alex On YouTube Month ago

    Dammit with the inspirational speeches get this man 1 billion subscribers

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson Month ago

    I hated Thor Ragnorok. Way too hyped and over praised. By far my least favorite Marvel movie

  • unavailable
    unavailable Month ago

    clickbaits like this is why the dislike button was implemented

  • Muhammad Lo
    Muhammad Lo Month ago

    It took me a long time to realize that his best friend that was stabbed through the heart was heimdall then Corvus glaive got stabbed through the heart

  • Jham Entertainment
    Jham Entertainment Month ago

    The MCU has to be the most complete link of movies of all time. Growing up with it, I always knew it was bad ass, but as an older kid now, it’s easy to see how complex the story lines end up being. Then all the stories tie into one story. While it might not get everything right from the comics, what more could comic book fans ask for?

  • Mad Jack
    Mad Jack Month ago

    Now do one about how Marvel ruined Hulk

  • Cosmic Knight
    Cosmic Knight Month ago

    What do you mean you don’t want to be king of Asgard

  • Rafał Połowianiuk

    As much as Thor Ragnarok undoubtedly is a comedy, Thor's arc in it is plain tragic. Taika did a great job of balancing the humour with emotions that were tearing Thor's soul, but I couldn't shake the sadness off up to the very last scene. If it wasn't for the humour, this movie would've just been depressing. The sheer amount of pain Thor had to learn to endure and get used to is what made him crazy interesting for me.