How MARVEL Redeemed THOR

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Spoilers! Thor is back at it in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War - and he's totally awesome. Yes, Thor.
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Comments • 3 729

  • Daniel Handika
    Daniel Handika 12 hours ago

    where did you get the thor lifts stormbreaker scene?

  • Stick Stories
    Stick Stories Day ago +1

    Next video: Thor redeemed himself by going for the head

  • Professor Bionic

    This video, I like it..


  • koi
    koi Day ago

    Ragnorak was my first and only Thor movie, so I've always liked him

  • SpideyMike2007 -Marvel Content & More!

    Phase 4 spotlight: Will go to Captain Marvel!

  • Akhtaruzzaman Joy
    Akhtaruzzaman Joy 3 days ago

    Thor is Humayan of Mughal Empire! His brothers stabbed countless times but still loves them!

  • Marvel Madi
    Marvel Madi 3 days ago

    No hate, buut...the narrators voice makes me sleepy😬

  • Mark Stein
    Mark Stein 3 days ago

    Lightning and Thunder are the most powerful casts of all time, even my Legendary Sword is powered by lightning

  • Holy Kim
    Holy Kim 4 days ago

    to bad hes dying permanently in endgame

  • Zachary Rosemann
    Zachary Rosemann 4 days ago

    He went from Badass to silly to stupid to stupidly Badass

  • bertisperticool
    bertisperticool 4 days ago +1

    thor 1: he lost his brother
    thor the dark world: he lost his mother and brother... again
    thor ragnarok: he lost his father
    avengers infinity war: he lost his brother... again


    Now they have to seriously redeem Hulk. He got fucked over hard.

  • Querlox
    Querlox 4 days ago

    Black Widow Using A Pistol While Aliens Taking Over The Earth And Destroying Everything...
    Black Widow : Im Confident.

  • x.xshinigxmi_ X
    x.xshinigxmi_ X 5 days ago

    Where is a hulk movie

  • ahmed adel
    ahmed adel 5 days ago

    I mean, he is a god, new to the human ways, not used to conversing with others, was raised to be a warrior, so don't expect him to be relatable, or humane, because he's not a human. He was banished to earth, dealt with people and evolved slightly. Then he joined the avengers, still felt like superior, yet learned to be a team player. His parents' death and the hardships he went through were all the reasons of his growth..
    I say it was a stew perfectly cooked over the years

  • John F. Rivera
    John F. Rivera 6 days ago

    Now that I see all these character arcs for Iron Man, Cap & Thor I wonder what the Hulk will do in Endgame.

  • vuvlp 07
    vuvlp 07 6 days ago

    From the beginning im actually was a fan of capt america but then as the thor character progressing especially in thor ragnarok im a big fan to thor now. Cant wait for the next installment of avengers. Just 2 weeks from now.

  • Im Obsessed
    Im Obsessed 6 days ago

    They've started to show his power instead of being a man who's strong with a hammer he has truly become the God of Thunder

  • jeramahia123
    jeramahia123 6 days ago

    This is why I'm scared for Captain Marvel. They wrote her like she has no flaws, even though she's just as arrogant as Thor or Iron Man, and that it's the rest of the world who's to blame for all her problems.
    She has room to grow, but it looks like since the producers want to sell the idea of a "Strong Woman" to little girls, they think giving her any flaws she herself is responsible and having her learn to overcome would hamper that idea. That addressing a woman's flaws is taboo.

  • TheDarkAdmiral
    TheDarkAdmiral 7 days ago

    I’d say that Thor’s after-ragnarok cheeriness is basically him procrastinating the pain away

  • RemIxWay - ROBLOX! And more!

    Let’s talk... Thor... god of Thunder= lightning all manor of electricity... but is.. weakened by a taser.

  • Spendog Haynes
    Spendog Haynes 7 days ago

    The haircut changed everything, I hated those locks

  • BrickStudios
    BrickStudios 8 days ago

    2 words "Thor Ragnarok

  • Bailey Gribbin
    Bailey Gribbin 8 days ago +1

    Thor has always been my favourite

  • xxxaragon
    xxxaragon 9 days ago

    sidenote: while I agree that Thor felt as merely "just there" in "Age of Ultron", supposedly there were several scenes that were cut from the finished movie (which could very well have meant that Thor having an interesting story of his own).

  • Sidemen: Enzo
    Sidemen: Enzo 10 days ago

    I always loved thor

  • Natasha A.
    Natasha A. 10 days ago

    Never really liked Thor.... But Ragnarok changed my mind. It's coz they were able to to bring a bit of light hearted Brotherly banter and made Thor feel more relatable. Although the villain in Ragnarok was not that great... The movie did an awesome job of making thor more likeable.

  • Blaine Broussard
    Blaine Broussard 10 days ago

    Personally I loved Thor in the beginning of the franchise, but I did love how his character adapted this new modern world personality in the more recent films. I loved ragnarok itself but not the over the top comedy that seemed to be a little much for a character who previously wasn’t known to be too funny. I think the comedy does show he is finally growing as a character but I think it does interfere with his more important relationships, arcs, and motivations. With that being said you can clearly see Thor is the same guy in infinity war while having a bit less comedy and a little more nature scenes as a whole when compared to ragnarok.

  • Abigail Cruz
    Abigail Cruz 10 days ago

    Now that I remember I actually didn't love Thor until Ragnarok so this video makes perfect sense. I'm glad that his character developed and now he's my favorite MCU character. ❤

  • Crying Man •
    Crying Man • 11 days ago

    That scene in wakanda tho

  • PristinePerceptions
    PristinePerceptions 11 days ago

    The criticism of Ragnarok is not that it is too funny. It is that it is funny at the wrong moments that undercut otherwise fantastic serious scenes.
    Recall, for example, when Korg says, "The damage is not too bad. As long as the foundations are still strong, we can rebuild this place. It will become a haven for all peoples and aliens of the universe. Oof. Now those foundations are gone. Sorry". That ruined what could have been an otherwise breathtaking and deeply emotional scene when Asgard was being destroyed. Asgard was first shown in the MCU in 2011. That's 8 fricking years! It's destruction should've been a surreal moment. And it was, until Korg spoke. This is the criticism for Ragnarok.
    Not to say that it wasn't otherwise a great movie though.

  • Just here for kicks
    Just here for kicks 11 days ago

    Meanwhile, in the comics...

  • Apple Jack
    Apple Jack 11 days ago

    I loved Thor: Infinity War

  • Barry The Chopper
    Barry The Chopper 12 days ago

    A new dawn for comic book movies. They don't need to be all dark and gritty with a heavy atmosphere. Or goofy with nothing but bad jokes and slapstick. The last few Marvel movies prooves they can be action-packed, deep meaning and...FUN! I had loads of fun watching Ragnarok, Infinity War and yes Guardians of the Galaxy. I know some have said the jokes and visual comedy has "ruined" comic book movies. But to be honest, I've seen a lot of serious, dark and brooding ones and have no interest in seeing them again. Mostly DC. But lately, even DC has begun to realize this and have added in a more fun experience. I'm not saying every second of the movie needs to be Quill dancing but it needs to be fun to offset the serious tones. The scene I remember most in Infinity War was how defeated Thor sounded and how he bonded with Rocket. Then in the third act when the tone changed gears and the weight of what was coming took over the feel of the movie. I have watched Ragnarok and Infinity War probably more times now then I have watched any Batman or Superman movie. I hope this trend keeps going up.

  • Doruk Çoban
    Doruk Çoban 12 days ago

    best thing about marvel movies, characters are not perfect, nerfed, they suck at timing just like the real people. and each has a progress of characteristic development.

  • [insert edgy name here]

    please kind sir don't cut my hair

  • supercalafragilisticjoy
    supercalafragilisticjoy 12 days ago +1

    While you say his manner of speech in the first couple movies was difficult to relate to, I thought it made him very unique and likeable. Now he feels like a copy of Peter Quill. While I do like Starlord (though less so in Infinity War), one of him is enough.

  • janvan2004
    janvan2004 13 days ago

    They redeemed Thor with ragnarok

  • Bailarín Espectral
    Bailarín Espectral 13 days ago

    i don't know, thor looks like a soccer player now

  • Moon Moon Sinha
    Moon Moon Sinha 13 days ago

    I never disliked Thor. Though I loved Loki more, Thor was always my favourite avenger.
    As for Loki, if you see the amount of screen time and how they treat Loki's character then it's actually no different. He hardly had 15 mins in Thor: TDW. In the ragnarok even, Loki had less screen time and I don't even want to talk about the IW and many Loki scenes were cut even. It was mainly because of Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki that Loki is still such a beloved character. The thing is they build up Thor but they never did anything for Loki and as they can't downgrade him, they killed him in the silliest way possible as may be they don't need him anymore mainly because they're a established franchise now.

  • Eric Adrien
    Eric Adrien 14 days ago

    I swear if thor dies in endgame without getting his revenge, we riot.
    IMO the people who deserve to beat thanos the most are iron man and thor

    • Eric Adrien
      Eric Adrien 12 days ago

      +janvan2004 I bet captain marvel will underestimate thanos at the beginning and will get her ass handed

    • janvan2004
      janvan2004 13 days ago

      Yeah. That's exactly what I'm saying. If cap marvel kills thanos, I give up

  • Jeri Jones
    Jeri Jones 14 days ago

    He’s the 4th iron man hulk then captain America then Thor

  • kliadus
    kliadus 15 days ago +8

    Thor: is serious

    People: he's too serious

    Thor: is funny

    People: *he's too funny!1!1!*

    • w e n d e
      w e n d e 6 days ago

      kliadus THIS! okay imme screenshot this omg.

  • sunlitekid01
    sunlitekid01 16 days ago

    I feel like thor is going to kill thanos

  • TheMikeBase
    TheMikeBase 16 days ago

    Thor, in general, is very interesting in marvel.
    However, the real norse story of Thor is godly. There is a reason warriors carry the hammer around their necks.
    If you already like Thor, read up on what they actually base him on.

  • Latavia Perry
    Latavia Perry 17 days ago

    I feel like Thor has always been his way but was not able to show it because of his father. And marvel made him a very weak character even tho he did all the heavy lifting (if you sit and watch all the avengers he really did the heavy lifting)

  • bricklord Productions
    bricklord Productions 17 days ago +2

    You guys better not be playing hide the zucchini

  • DavidPunk223
    DavidPunk223 17 days ago +1

    Didn’t like the first two films as I saw it as Loki stood out more but then in ragnorok Thor changed his character more and then in infinity war BOOM WOW

  • buzzle
    buzzle 18 days ago

    I never liked Thor's hair cut until infinity war

  • maniacal1
    maniacal1 18 days ago

    ...only to turn around and punk him to Captain Marvel-ously boring.

  • Raptor
    Raptor 23 days ago

    Thor is better with short hair.

  • Amara Crash
    Amara Crash 23 days ago

    I hope to see Thor getting more screentime in Endgame. I've had enough of Iron Man this, Iron Man that.
    What's all the fuss about Robert Downey? He's constantly flipping up his visor as if to remind us who's playing Iron Man.
    Very over hyped.

  • Stampylong nose
    Stampylong nose 24 days ago +2

    Thor and Loki are great together
    Infinity war: -Loki-

  • Uzair Ali
    Uzair Ali 25 days ago

    to shorten the video all u need to know is thor + stormbreaker + wakanda = redeemed :)

  • Kermit T. Frog
    Kermit T. Frog 25 days ago

    If you have ever watched movies from the 30s or the 40s, even up to the 50s. you might have noticed that movie stars spoke with upper class accents. Even the American born ones adopted a "transatlantic" accent. From the 60s actors have been woven from common cloth. Audiences want their heroes to talk and think like themselves. No way that a character like Thor is going to appeal to the masses in the way that the perpetually angry Hulk does. They are more like the brutish Hulk than the noble Thor.

  • Neyo Utha
    Neyo Utha 25 days ago

    I'll tell you why everyone loves him. CAUSE O' THAT ENTRANCE!

  • Enderborn272
    Enderborn272 26 days ago

    lets admit that everyone loves revenge stories. so, someone as powerful as a god screaming at his enemies "Bring me Thanos" brings a smile to basically anyone. It's basically the biggest come and fucking get me of all time.

  • Electric Ezo
    Electric Ezo 27 days ago +1

    “You and Banner better not be playing ‘Hide the Zucchini’” LMFAO

  • king doggo
    king doggo 27 days ago

    the hair cute did it lol

  • Arslaan Sidd
    Arslaan Sidd 27 days ago

    Thor is the best

  • volclaire2
    volclaire2 27 days ago

    "Bring me Thanos!"
    *(destroys Thanos)*

  • kc_skie 9904
    kc_skie 9904 27 days ago

    Taiki made Thor my most favourite character i mean both him and Chris Hemsworth made Thor better after adding humor and man the movie was so cool and hilarious and had a story then adding Led Zeppelin's Immigrant song made it cooler and better. Then comes Infinity War.. Man his entrance was a bomb literally turned the theatre into a stadium full of screaming people and men questioning their sexuality lol HAHA

    DMWM MF 28 days ago

    Sucks !

  • Pahnder
    Pahnder 28 days ago


  • PJ
    PJ 28 days ago

    Thank You Taika Waititi

  • Mohammad Idris
    Mohammad Idris 29 days ago +1

    Thor's story is that of how eventually he would be king. From an arrogant brat to humble warrior hero to eventually a king who lost everything. Its a slower evolution compared to other characters.

  • Matt Newsam
    Matt Newsam 29 days ago +1

    Okay first of all, you probably have one of the best voices on youtube to do these kind of videos. Way better than all these content makers that scream for 10 minutes, so calm and easy to listen to ! well done man

  • magnieto1
    magnieto1 Month ago

    Aaaaaand your video just made it to over ten minutes.... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Isaiah DeAngelis
    Isaiah DeAngelis Month ago

    After Ragnarok and Infinity War, Thor has become my favorite Avenger by far. I actually really liked Ragnarok too. Even then it was a comedy, Thor seemed to really find who he is

  • Mico
    Mico Month ago

    Or “How Taika Waititi Saved Thor”

  • Scott Drabek
    Scott Drabek Month ago

    CH is so awesome as Thor

  • Ali Abdoo
    Ali Abdoo Month ago

    Thank you sweet rabbit

  • Modol Alexandru
    Modol Alexandru Month ago

    Intent of revenge redeemed thor.
    Hmmm... Interesting.

  • MrBossAsian8888
    MrBossAsian8888 Month ago

    wow couldn't have explained it any better.

  • Alex USTP
    Alex USTP Month ago

    i agree that thor was a pretty bland character.. however, i loved the first two thor movies for two reasons:
    one: loki is a badass and such a dynamic character, hes just awesome
    two: natalie portman is hot and i have a celebrity crush on her

  • Time Rider
    Time Rider Month ago

    Bo character is interesting. Only deadpools marvel but disney bought no more great marvel movies

  • Henry Miles
    Henry Miles Month ago

    Now why can't they let Edgar Wright's fingerprints be on the ant man franchise the same as how Taika made Ragnarok his movie huh????? HUH??? HUH???

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith Month ago

    Good review man

  • Artist in the Bubble
    Artist in the Bubble Month ago +9

    watched Ragnarok yesterday again. Really in my top 3 Marvel movies. So So good!

  • jay1two3
    jay1two3 Month ago

    Great video

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard Month ago

    Thor is easily my favorite non-spiderman hero.

  • Rritobak Dutta
    Rritobak Dutta Month ago +2

    Well, I'm one of the people who believe that Ragnarok needed little less comedy. Especially the part where Asgard was destroyed!

  • Haliyma Clay
    Haliyma Clay Month ago +1

    GREAT JOB 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Prince Du Ciel
    Prince Du Ciel Month ago +5

    I loved Thor from the get go! And was SO mad at Dark World. I cheered in the theatre when they got rid of the Boring love interest and focused on how Silly Awesome and OP Thor is. It was/is fantastic. Phase three had Really bonded the characters together and made them all work as a whole. *flails of excitement for endgame*

  • LEAD
    LEAD Month ago

    Now we want to redeem captain marvel.

  • Abdulaziz Mansurov
    Abdulaziz Mansurov Month ago +23

    I always loved Thor and most times I was upset because MCU was underrating Thor. He was weak compared to other characters. However, finally my dreams came true and I can say it without a doubt! Thor is the best!

  • She Hate Me
    She Hate Me Month ago


  • Baron William
    Baron William Month ago +9

    *copy pasted some parts of a comment below*
    thor lost his mother
    thor lost his father
    thor lost mjolnir
    thor lost his hair
    thor lost his eyes
    thor lost his sister
    thor lost his best friend
    thor lost his brother
    he never stopped avenging. He is the true Avenger

  • Carl Carreon
    Carl Carreon Month ago

    I wish they do this for Capt. Marvel. That franchise has a huge potential if it was more fun like Ragnarok.

  • Haeju Ahn
    Haeju Ahn Month ago

    he's significant in infinity war because he has the only weapon that can kill thanos (which failed anyway)

  • MrGreensweightHist
    MrGreensweightHist Month ago +5

    Loki: The Dark World (2013)

  • Morimoto
    Morimoto Month ago

    I've always liked Thor since the first movie. I'm sorry. All I can say is that all these years they nerf him down and i was so pissed!

  • Sniffy and Koala
    Sniffy and Koala Month ago

    Beautifully said

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Month ago

    This totally sums it. Spot on. Great vid

  • Uzir Mohammed
    Uzir Mohammed Month ago

    Guys marvel have done this brilliantly phase one iron-man was popular, by the end of phase 2 it was all about cap now the take away from phase three well for me anyways is Thor lol. Each phase highlights the core three main of Avengers that’s cool

  • Sahil Shahzad
    Sahil Shahzad Month ago

    That was a beautiful video!

  • Arul A
    Arul A Month ago

    Well said. Ragnorok made Thor better than other heroes (thanks to Stan for the cool haircut too).Thor is the one has gone through a lot compared to others. He is alone in his fight to protect his people and which showed his insecurities, helplessness and his pain. In the end he has come through all that as a good king. Now he puts all those losses as a drive to kill Thanos. When all others heroes are mere humans with tech power, Thor is the supreme power in the war against Thanos.

  • Kellen Martinez
    Kellen Martinez Month ago

    Who is the most powerful Avenger? We all know the answer is THOR, ODINSON, GOD OF THUNDER AND HEIR TO THE THRONE OF ASGARD! Wait, what? You say The Hulk? Well, sure, if that green fucker can get his shit together, BUT HE CAN'T!

  • Hannelore Prinsen
    Hannelore Prinsen Month ago

    I absolutely adore Taika Waititi for making Thor the character he deserves to be, but at the same time, I hate him for destroying Loki. One of Loki's main traits is that he's very sensitive and I've seen almost nothing of that. He's also a really powerful and intelligent character and this movie made him look like a silly idiot. I hope he gets at least some of his spotlight back.

  • Andrew Bristow
    Andrew Bristow Month ago

    Cool vid