How MARVEL Redeemed THOR


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  • abi abii
    abi abii 3 hours ago

    pls go out and get a life

  • jersey hurricane7
    jersey hurricane7 10 hours ago

    Thor had quite an arc in Age of Ultron... He's the one who went on a quest and showed that it was alright to power Vision.

  • Jeremy Haney
    Jeremy Haney 14 hours ago

    4:19 - 4:22 😂😂

  • Ethan Aldridge
    Ethan Aldridge Day ago

    I feel like Stark also redeemed himself especially in IW, his personally was more selfless than before

  • Gtl Ridge
    Gtl Ridge Day ago

    If they ever do a Thor 4 in 4 they need to reveal his true mother from the comics, Gaia. Screw that woman that was his mother in the Thor movies.

  • Donald Sutton
    Donald Sutton 2 days ago

    Well done!

  • Darien Deerman
    Darien Deerman 2 days ago

    I just realized something! The Russo brothers copied what Alan Taylor did in Avengers: Infinity War! Alan Taylor has the bid rosy come in and introduce Thor in the opening. But the Russo Brothers did the same thing and no one noticed! Why didn’t Thor’s entrance in the Dark World get the same reaction as Infinity War??

  • 9 otakukart
    9 otakukart 2 days ago

    Now is time for rune King thor

  • sharleen kmar
    sharleen kmar 3 days ago

    how taika waititi redeemed thor

  • Sneha Unhavane
    Sneha Unhavane 4 days ago

    forever THOR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iva N
    Iva N 4 days ago

    i love the thor theme song from the first movie

  • bahamutkod
    bahamutkod 4 days ago

    Not to mention his return to earth in Infinity War might just be one of the most spine-grippingly awesome moments in cinema

  • まりこ
    まりこ 4 days ago

    I personally think Thor Ragnarok should be the first movie. I despise the first 2 movies about him they're so bland and predictable. I just love Ragnarok and can't stop rewatching it over and over again along with black panther. He has become one of my favorite avenger next to stark

  • MOOMAD Playz
    MOOMAD Playz 5 days ago

    Thor's main arc through the MCU is his improvement for the trade of those who he loves...

    ...And frankly I don't think that's a trade THOR wants...

  • Ken Fresno
    Ken Fresno 5 days ago +1

    Sweet rabbit.

  • a girl named brett
    a girl named brett 6 days ago

    so good.

  • MlG Exoticbutters!
    MlG Exoticbutters! 6 days ago

    “I feel bad for Deadpool a bit”

  • BCFC 29
    BCFC 29 6 days ago

    I agree with everything you said about Thor and he is now my fave MCU hero now thanks to Ragnarok and Infinity War and the director of Thor Ragnarok deserves all the praise heaped on him for helping to do it.

  • Surprise Guys
    Surprise Guys 6 days ago

    I want Thors hair back

  • Gregory Krits
    Gregory Krits 7 days ago

    Well done
    Fantastic video
    Don’t agree 100% but well done

  • Zyreail Hardin
    Zyreail Hardin 7 days ago +1

    What if thanos didn't know how to snap 😄

  • Dylan Applegate
    Dylan Applegate 7 days ago

    Yes Thor is definitely the strongest avenger

  • veda siva
    veda siva 7 days ago

    wth is an ark?

  • Wayne S
    Wayne S 8 days ago

    Back in the days when I used to read comic books, Thor was my favorite. After Infinity War, in which Thor is the most bad-assed of all the heroes, he's my favorite again.

    I remember that my daughter pleaded with me to go see Justice League, and I refused, insisting on going to see Thor: Ragnarok instead. I have since rewatched Ragnarok at home and seen Justice League on Blu-Ray, and I am sure I made the right decision. Justice League was okay, even enjoyable, but Ragnarok rocks.

  • Screen Time
    Screen Time 8 days ago

    If i'm being honest, I actually like Thor (Before Ragnarock). I enjoyed his movies, I rewatched them a bunch of times and now...well, it's like what Drax said "He's like a majestic pirate angle." And I love that! They took a character I already thought was cool, and made him cool, funny and relatable.

  • Tommy Boman
    Tommy Boman 8 days ago

    Ragnarök is the worst piece of shit ever created by Marvel. Absolutely atrocious crap. Even Howard the Duck was a good movie in comparison.
    Thankfully they managed to switch that around and almost redeem the character in Infinity War. Still some way to go though, the stain and horrible smelly turds of Ragnarök will follow Thor for a long while and it will take some doing before that smell is completely gone.

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 8 days ago

    2:30 I was watching avengers at the same time as this and saw this frame at the same time as it happened in the video

  • Calon Rocker
    Calon Rocker 9 days ago

    5:42 I don't know if you did it on purpose, but it appears like a very good dubbing.

  • coolair74
    coolair74 9 days ago

    Thor went from my least favorite hero , to my most. His dynamic change is fresh and I love his new story. JUST GO FOR THE HEAD NEXT TIME

  • jm breelian
    jm breelian 10 days ago

    Thor is the best

  • Joseph kush
    Joseph kush 10 days ago

    This is strange to see a third movie a story to he better then the first three when it was always the first movie to be the best

  • Delta Emerald
    Delta Emerald 11 days ago

    3:21 ouch

  • slowmoe1964
    slowmoe1964 12 days ago

    Why are arcs important? Show me power bursts, shields, strength, speed. I will get my "arcs" elsewhere...

  • Galimeer5
    Galimeer5 13 days ago

    I have a question: Thor says Thanos killed half of the Asgardian refugees, but at the end of the opening scene, the Asgard ship is destroyed.
    Does anyone have an explanation for where the surviving half of the population went or did Thanos kill all of them?

  • Julien Earle
    Julien Earle 14 days ago

    Ragnarok is basically a Thor reboot

  • Spartacus XLVI
    Spartacus XLVI 14 days ago


  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito 15 days ago

    But the hair! XD

  • Jacqueline Reed
    Jacqueline Reed 16 days ago

    Turning him back into an arrogant dickhead is an improvement?

  • OjOtter
    OjOtter 17 days ago

    Thor became my favorite Avenger before I even understood what the MCU was because I wanted to be different from my brother, and now he truly is

    STAR PLATINUM 17 days ago

    if storm breaker was in the comic version and destroyed thanos infinity gaunlet in comics.

  • jasad 948
    jasad 948 18 days ago

    You are so much more chill than all the other TheXvidrs

  • RandomUser221
    RandomUser221 19 days ago

    First Thor movie - I hated this character...
    Fast forward today - My 2nd favorite after Iron Man.

  • TazarZero
    TazarZero 19 days ago

    Thor's story is not at a level most audiences will understand. He's a god, raised by gods, of course he's going to speak different. The more he interacted with Humans (especially Stark of all people), the more he took on their mannerisms. Why people think he (or any character for that matter) needs to have a story arc in every movie he's in is beyond me. If Thor 2 and Age of Ultron didn't do anything for you as far as Thor is concerned, that's your own petty problem, but he wouldn't have had the crowd reaction in Wakanda that he got if his story didn't relate to fans somehow. Your theory is mildly amusing, but I have a better one... You're not worthy.

  • mrkoopoo
    mrkoopoo 19 days ago

    T'challa - "Get this man a thanos"

  • meja ccp
    meja ccp 20 days ago

    Well lets be honest i mean loki loves thor

  • Mr. Ditkovich
    Mr. Ditkovich 20 days ago

    Does mother know, you weareth her drapes?

  • Catto
    Catto 21 day ago

    Now it's time to radeem Loki :)

  • Daily Uploads Maybe
    Daily Uploads Maybe 21 day ago

    Nah I think it was just stormbreaker

  • R0B0_Gamer
    R0B0_Gamer 21 day ago

    I can go on and on but long story short I thought
    thor 1 was 4.5 out of 5,
    thor 2 was 3 out of 5, avengers thor was 4 out of 5, thor 3 was 1.5 out of 5, and infinity war thor was 4.5 out of 5. If that makes sense lol

  • Veηοм
    Veηοм 21 day ago

    Thor’s real power makes him one of the most powerful heros in the MCU.

  • Benjy L
    Benjy L 21 day ago

    Great video

  • Avery Games
    Avery Games 21 day ago

    The first Thor movie was good because it was directed by Kenneth Branagh, and Branagh knows what he's doing. I feel like if the second one would have been directed by Kenneth Branagh as well that it would have been better. I really don't think the second one was that bad, but I don't agree with everyone else and saying that it was the worst Marvel movie to date.

  • Artificially Intelligent

    Dun dunununun dunun dunununun dunun dunu



  • Chris Berg
    Chris Berg 22 days ago

    Couldn't agree more!

  • Epmgames 103
    Epmgames 103 22 days ago

    Thor is my favourite

  • Abin Tom Sebastian
    Abin Tom Sebastian 23 days ago

    This is exactly what DC has to do...


    8:54 I laugh at that part every time I see it

  • Jaret Naranjo
    Jaret Naranjo 23 days ago

    Mouth wide open

  • Bobolobflob
    Bobolobflob 24 days ago

    How they redeemed Thor:

    "GET HELP!"

  • L A N C E T H E S K I N N Y

    People need to give other heroes more attention IW is basically abt thor

  • kiikiikhan
    kiikiikhan 24 days ago

    They cut his hair...Fuck them. Thor was always awesome, except that Ragnarock was too wanna be funny... No need to fucking cut his hair!!!! What the fuuuuck?!?!?!

  • Whoever's reading this is gay

    h i d e t h e z u c c h i n i

  • Navneeth Gopal
    Navneeth Gopal 25 days ago +10

    Thor wasn't a goofball in Ragnarok. That was his character development. He let go of his ego and became a chill dude and ditching his god superiority persona made him go down to earth and over the years of interaction with Avengers, he started to adopt more human like character traits into his personality. I'd say they did a fantastic job. Before Ragnarok no one knew about the places he visited since Age of Ultron and the experiences he had over time and also, it was more of a journey of self-discovery for him. He learned to let go of things, accept defeat, seek help from allies and it's okay to be weak at times. All this made him the benevolent King and the powerhouse big gun we all wanted him to become. Infinity war added more depth to his character where he actually cries for his people that Thanos slaughtered and swore to kill him but wasn't blinded by revenge, it was more of a controlled rage which pushed him forward, strengthening his will, he calmly waited for his moment to get Thanos and he did. If it was part 1 Thor, he would've gone berserk with revenge clouding his mind and probably end up dead by getting his ass whooped by Thanos. As a viewer, I started to feel for the character.

  • Rosaline Davenport
    Rosaline Davenport 25 days ago

    Thor is and always has been the greatest character of the MCU. Thor is the strongest and sexiest Avenger. I can’t imagine the Avengers without Thor ❤️

  • Steve Mills
    Steve Mills 25 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok is easily the best MCU film after Infinity War. Followed closely by both GOTG movies and Doctor Strange

  • ZeroNatsu GT
    ZeroNatsu GT 26 days ago

    Victor Magtanggol pls

  • Laurence A
    Laurence A 26 days ago

    MO. Thor has been learning to be humble from the first movie until IW. That's his arc. He starts out too conceited. He loses his power in 1, Loses his mom, brother and seemingly his purpose in 2. He loses his dad and homeworld in 3, but regains his purpose and better understanding of his power. He is a team player in A1, understands that he has knowledge based on his "alien" nature that the team can use in A2 and proceeds to explore it. Then, understanding what must be done, puts himself at risk (restarting nedavaler...) to gain the power to beat Thanos. He is so focused that he is basically steamrolling anyone in his way (notice how he interacted with the GotG). To me, his arc has been clear. Reach the abysss to find yourself. Have all stripped away to know who you really are, then act accordingly.

  • Famossambo
    Famossambo 26 days ago


  • The Scarecrow
    The Scarecrow 27 days ago

    Let's Redeem a character by making him a joke.

  • 13th Evergreen
    13th Evergreen 27 days ago +2

    Don't know why everyone shits on Thor, I mean we all have seen Black Widow.... Am I right?

  • rodney adams
    rodney adams 27 days ago

    it ingesting when do girl thor. it have be sister going after stollen hammer or hammers instead odin .

  • Cristian Sastré
    Cristian Sastré 27 days ago +1

    They hired Taika. That’s how. No?

  • Viren vs
    Viren vs 27 days ago

    They need to redeem the hulk asap

  • Kieran Schafer
    Kieran Schafer 28 days ago

    I don't know how people can hate Ragnarok. Do they want Thor to stay boring as hell? The first 2 thor Movies were so boring, I don't even remember who the bad guys were. Ragnarok was so damn fun and it gave both Thor and Hulk the spotlight from the usual Tony and Cap.

  • Brother Frenchie
    Brother Frenchie 28 days ago

    Good video, but I think that thor is much older than all of the other avengers, more set in his ways, therefore needed more time to change.

  • Marauder Pictures
    Marauder Pictures 28 days ago

    News Flash pal. Thor was always one of the most beloved Marvel characters. In the comics, that is. The films haven't showed a fraction of his real power yet, and they probably never will. The fans need to go back to the source mateial to find out what The Mighty Thor is really all about. Only a Lord of the Rings calibre film could show the true Odinson in all his glory. He is THE most powerful superhero in all of comics, and yes, that includes Superman. His lineage makes him invincible in the long term. If unleasehed, his power could endanger the entire universe if he were to enter his berserker or rage mode (forbidden by Odin himself).

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 28 days ago

    I’ve always love Thor

  • NGT OI
    NGT OI 28 days ago

    Awesome video man

  • PowerPlayZ
    PowerPlayZ 28 days ago

    1:59 looks like a pennywise smile

  • NukeEm
    NukeEm 29 days ago

    What was that song playing when jane was slapping thor?

  • alex dainton
    alex dainton 29 days ago

    One thing I don’t get is that if Thor’s hammer mijölnir gives him his power as depicted on the first film where Odin severs the bond between them and takes his powers and as it says on the hammer itself something along the lines of ‘whoever is worthy to lift this hammer will have the power of Thor” why does Thor still have his powers after hela destroyed mijölnir?? He uses them in Asgard in ragnarok and infinity war even before he gets stormbreaker (which in my opinion is just a badass weapon and not a power giving weapon like mijölnir)

  • C861986
    C861986 29 days ago

    Now they should redeem Hulk. He's been pretty much pointless throughout the series.

  • Jethro Jireh
    Jethro Jireh Month ago +1

    I feel so jealous now. I used to be like the only fan of Thor when the first movie came out. (Like in my circle of friends) and now, everyone is like THOR THOR THOR and I'm like :") "At least my favourite character has more fans now"

  • Pooya Shirazi
    Pooya Shirazi Month ago

    so i don't see this mentioned anywhere but it seems to me every movie in phase 3 has the title character lose the object that is most dear to him. Cap loses his shield, Thor loses his hammer, Spidey loses the suit, Tchalla the mantle of king and Black Panther, Ant man loses his freedom and Peter Quill loses the Milano and Yondu. everyone of these characters have to get this object back and its a side arc or even the main arc of the movies. its the same arc as the Iron Man 3 movie. they're basically telling the same story for each character, it totally works and people don't seem to notice it or care.

  • iflora
    iflora Month ago

    Thor’s first films were not great, yes, but I still liked them bcs there was storyline about him, Loki and Odin. There was a character development, I got to see Thor’s evolution in maturing. Then in Ragnarok, it got really interesting bcs he’s at his peak since.

  • MickBurkellc
    MickBurkellc Month ago

    First two Thor movies were way better than the idiotic 'comedian Thor' in Ragnarok. Ragnarok all but sucked.

  • CJED
    CJED Month ago

    In my opinion, Marvel completely redeemed him in one line.

    BRING ME THANOS!!!!!!!!!

  • O.S.I. Intelligence

    Never thought Thor was deemed in the MCU

  • Legendary Ghidorah
    Legendary Ghidorah Month ago

    We're all my thor fans at

  • Roland Bruno
    Roland Bruno Month ago


    • Browntable
      Browntable  Month ago

  • The Credible Hulk
    The Credible Hulk Month ago

    Thou art as mad as the Trickster himself. Thor Ragnarok was a hideous film. HORRIBLE. That jackass director BUTCHERED Thor...absolutely BUTCHERED the character. Thor doesn't tell jokes. Thor is NOT supposed to be funny, or goofy. It's painfully obvious you don't understand that the character of Thor, and his supporting cast, were changed into something they are NOT. Marvel has screwed up a lot lately, especially Thor, and Spider-Man. By the way, read a comic once in a while. They dumbed Thor, and Spider-Man down for the idiotic masses.

  • Scott Johnstone
    Scott Johnstone Month ago

    I bid you good luck and farewell morons.

  • Jim Garvey
    Jim Garvey Month ago

    Dude, excellent video. You made many valid points about the Thor character arcs in the MCU movies prior to Thor: Ragnarok. 👍🏻

  • DaCh Mick
    DaCh Mick Month ago

    Not to mention he has the single greatest line in MCU history:

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson Month ago

    They finally did Thor justice. He is the god if thunder. He is supposed to be absurdly powerful and in Ultron its like he was a weakling

  • Namit Sharma
    Namit Sharma Month ago

    Am I the only one who is a hardcore Thor fan from his first ever marvel movie 😇

  • King Malik
    King Malik Month ago

    My favourite was iron man to begin with, to me he was just the extroverted batman. But after i saw thor destroy the destroyer he became my favourite, he gives a different feeling to all the other heroes, its epic. But man when he landed in wakanda.....

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago

    All the Thor movies were absolute garbage! Ragnarok was great, but super comical..further making Thor into a complete joke. This is a Norse God god damnit..not a big, goody bimbo! So yeah, the 3rd was the only good movie, but Thor was disgraced even further.

  • Gaming With A Koi Fish

    I hated Thor until Thor: Ragnörok

  • RogerWilco
    RogerWilco Month ago

    I actually liked the somewhat archaic talking Thor.
    I think having all these different characters with different backgrounds is one of the things that makes Marvel interesting. It shows a bigger world.