Michael Ketterer: Simon Cowell BREAKS DOWN Crying On Live TV After This | America's Got Talent 2018

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • America’s Got Talent Season 13 | Quarterfinals | Live Show 3
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Comments • 2 670

  • Laura Dutra
    Laura Dutra 19 hours ago

    Que homem lindo !

  • Megan Canney
    Megan Canney Day ago

    What happened to his son?

  • Castiel Jr
    Castiel Jr Day ago

    This guy went to my highschool!!!

  • Juan Ordaz
    Juan Ordaz 2 days ago +1

    So we just gonna ignore that nickname big daddy simon

  • Muhammad Irsyad
    Muhammad Irsyad 2 days ago

    What is this song? Can anyone tell me, please

  • Thumbs Up
    Thumbs Up 3 days ago

    3:04 cracked me up don’t even know why lol 😂

  • marya milagros
    marya milagros 4 days ago

    This man is a great human being....he keeps a good heart and amazing voice plus he is handsome and a worthy father and husband. He teaches life lessons just with the soul he puts on performing. Great moments in this show!!!! Congrats, man! Humanity is proud of u and u deserve respect wealth and fame !!!!!!!!!!

  • Doğukan Durmuş
    Doğukan Durmuş 4 days ago

    I can see how disrespectful you guys are to your god. How can you see your god throuh someone? Ah you know what I mean that s why he has the name GOD. He shouldnt be lookin like anyone. Lol weird

  • Domo Domo
    Domo Domo 5 days ago

    When did Simon become such a fucking pussy

    • Sally
      Sally 2 days ago

      Maybe he's just become a human with normal human emotions?

  • Alexander Fernandez
    Alexander Fernandez 5 days ago

    It's me or this Simon is fatter?

  • nicky tonsing
    nicky tonsing 6 days ago +1

    How can she ruin such a wonderful moment😑

  • Gazi Nheri
    Gazi Nheri 6 days ago +1

    @Kygo you can do a featuring with him

  • Superkiller281
    Superkiller281 7 days ago

    This is shit... no long comments just shit.

  • Dylan McIntyre
    Dylan McIntyre 9 days ago

    His voice is so beautiful and he just sings from his heart ❤️

  • Benjamin Stevens
    Benjamin Stevens 9 days ago

    Simon's always been a great, honest person. People just don't like honesty unless it's coupled with vulnerability, it seems.

  • Renildovale Silva
    Renildovale Silva 9 days ago

    michael ketterer tem algo muito especial que não da pra explicar.

  • Anne Fenner
    Anne Fenner 9 days ago

    gods voice 💜be blessed
    and pleeeease never ever stop singing 😍

  • Harper Grace
    Harper Grace 9 days ago

    Raw talent❗️Blessed with powerful voice🙌🏻 How I can only DREAM that my only child will have half as good as your heart is❗️You’re a blessing from however life was created (I’m agnostic of all religion).

  • Nsamba Swaibu
    Nsamba Swaibu 10 days ago +1

    Loved you so much Michael

  • Jane McGregor
    Jane McGregor 12 days ago

    What an incredible human being

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 12 days ago

    they shouldn't allow singers on got talent

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 12 days ago

    why do singers wear 2 earpieces

  • Good Day
    Good Day 12 days ago

    For the people who is saying Tyra was rude or ruined a moment, I have to disagree and say that she works with Simon and might know he well enough that she knows what she is doing and Simon would not actually "mind" and that instead of ruining a moment, she created a moment. She did that for a reason. Guess you don't watch ANTM. On the she is a mentor to many girls and she has helped many to build themselves up and face what they always run away from and led them to breaking out of what they are trapped in. Here, she goes to Simon especially because he is known to be "cold" and "insensitive". Of course over the years many who watch his shows know he is just like anyone who can at times get emotional. However he still rarely gets choked up and let emotions take over him and Tyra wanted to show this beautiful side of him and for him to embrace his vulnerability and this also shows the effect this singer has on Simon. Had he had time to hide his raw emotions and tears, no one would know this singer's effect on him, how he was able to move him this much or see this side of Simon which he has no reason to feel ashamed of to hide. Mel B's turn was probably by chance since all were moved by his performance.. . .

  • Camdyn Strong
    Camdyn Strong 13 days ago

    Hes amazing😍😍😍

  • Caroline Pochat
    Caroline Pochat 13 days ago

    aw so cute i love you simon

  • I am a potato Yeeet
    I am a potato Yeeet 14 days ago

    He sings so good ❤️☺️

  • Rose Janes
    Rose Janes 14 days ago

    Omg so beautiful I love himmmm

  • Jacqueline H
    Jacqueline H 14 days ago


  • Leroy Myboy
    Leroy Myboy 14 days ago

    Michael has a couple of songs coming out. Fake Tears my Simon and Please Mr Policeman he did not hit me.

  • Alissa Button
    Alissa Button 15 days ago +2

    Can we please replace banks with a new host?

  • U Gsk
    U Gsk 16 days ago

    The kind of personalities heal the world. What a humanity with that many of kids including a handicapped child ! May all divine forces be with you !.

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 16 days ago

    Wow nick cannon is THAT much better than Tyra. What a doofus for ruining this.

  • TheLalali12
    TheLalali12 17 days ago

    And now he's in jail for domestical violence and everyone is just like "whaaat? He was the insoiration!"
    That's why you shouldn't judge the book by its cover .. you'll never know how the person on stage really is

  • Atticus Fredericks
    Atticus Fredericks 17 days ago

    Apparently Ketterer has discovered the secret to a good marriage----domestic violence. Ketterer says his marriage is stronger than ever now following his arrest.

  • Karel Modisadife
    Karel Modisadife 17 days ago

    Is it not Michael Ketterer who used to sing for United Pursuit ? What is he doing there cause he’s a complete singer,,, He’s probably supposed to be on his own and singing together with United Pursuit.
    He’s the best under the umbrella of United Pursuit

  • Jay Lane
    Jay Lane 17 days ago

    Cowell has the strangest face these days.

  • Kpop Ish lyfue
    Kpop Ish lyfue 18 days ago

    Yes we need more men one, I’m really looking forward to find one😏

  • Xtina TVasquez
    Xtina TVasquez 18 days ago +1

    The Eyes...

  • michelle roe
    michelle roe 18 days ago

    He’s just amazing

  • ninjawarriorhalogami
    ninjawarriorhalogami 18 days ago

    Anyone heard that he got a arrested for beating his wife recently

  • Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt 19 days ago +1

    I think if he sang this for the final song he might have won

  • jun Inso
    jun Inso 19 days ago

    When Jesus is w u, the world will see the light beyond words can describe

  • Aero KnoX
    Aero KnoX 19 days ago

    singing sucks TBH, but he's such a good guy but this is got talent.. but he's such a great father... -Simon

  • Craig Eagleton
    Craig Eagleton 20 days ago

    Did this guy not just get arrested for beating his wife ???

    • Sally
      Sally 2 days ago


  • Sam Dibari
    Sam Dibari 20 days ago

    'we need more men like you'.....then he gets charged with domestic abuse. Ummmm, no we dont.

  • Prohunter12 Gaming
    Prohunter12 Gaming 20 days ago

    What the hell tyra?!


    He's a voice from heaven! Bless God.

  • minx ismyname
    minx ismyname 20 days ago

    This is butterifull(lol)

  • Wieme Mo
    Wieme Mo 20 days ago

    Micheal is hero, really

  • Sydny Kidman
    Sydny Kidman 20 days ago


  • Cari D
    Cari D 21 day ago

    UGH! I can't EVEN look at this man anymore since he was arrested! I LOVE that he had us all duped! You had ONE CHANCE! And he blew it! He JUST BLEW IT! Your 15 minutes are officially UP! Now go back under that rock you crawled out from under!

  • Yusra Shariff
    Yusra Shariff 21 day ago

    Simon since having a son has changed

  • Hector Soto
    Hector Soto 21 day ago

    michael keterrer got arrested

  • denniz Bamidele
    denniz Bamidele 22 days ago

    Oh!, i tip my Hat to you , Michael , from one legend to another .you sings with so much souls and passion.
    Who else can sing like these Michael ketterer

  • Tony P
    Tony P 22 days ago

    Girls say men dont cry but still Simon is crying

  • driG ツ
    driG ツ 22 days ago

    I wonder if the domestic violence arrest was really a misunderstanding or if his wife just dropped the charges to cover him..

  • wezlydog
    wezlydog 22 days ago

    Real men cry!

  • sigfred mawole
    sigfred mawole 23 days ago

    natural human being and talented human being...

  • NoPARTICULARperson
    NoPARTICULARperson 23 days ago +1

    Tyra is so insensitive.... she should have let simon be

  • bikefreax
    bikefreax 23 days ago

    Love this

  • Deborah Goins
    Deborah Goins 23 days ago

    What a gift from God...amazing!

  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson 23 days ago

    This guy is a star. He didn't win the show, but he got himself out there, he created an effect. He will have a career.

  • Myah Asmr
    Myah Asmr 24 days ago

    Omg tyra shut up let him cry by himself without u making him talk thrue it

  • david Unoi
    david Unoi 24 days ago +63

    What the heck Tyra??!! Absolutely trashed the moment for everyone. Was hoping one of the judges would tell her to shut it.

    • Charlotte Lesa
      Charlotte Lesa 15 days ago +7

      I totally agree, absolutely killed that moment!!

    • Maria Suarez
      Maria Suarez 17 days ago +9

      I agree. I used to love this show until they hired her, I don't watch any more because of her. She is such a self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic, total misfit for the show that it ruins the entire thing.

  • Ramail Diar
    Ramail Diar 24 days ago

    Song name plz?

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi 24 days ago +1

    Such a great human being and they played this whole sympathy card with him. A day after AGT finale he got arrested for domestic violence and abuse to his wife and was put in jail with a $50,000 Bond

  • TheMfloresv
    TheMfloresv 24 days ago

    Klum whatever

  • TheMfloresv
    TheMfloresv 24 days ago

    Heidi Klimt sucks. She is not caring..

    • Kashi Sinha
      Kashi Sinha 24 days ago

      She said something nice though

  • Shuawn L
    Shuawn L 24 days ago

    His singing is so touching, I get emotional every time I hear him sing!!! Wow!!!!

  • Crystal Ramdial
    Crystal Ramdial 24 days ago +1

    Such an inspiration.

  • Typical Jason
    Typical Jason 24 days ago


  • Patricia Fernandes
    Patricia Fernandes 24 days ago

    He has been arrested for domestic violence uauuu!

  • Dani
    Dani 24 days ago

    Yea and this amazing guy, big heart, family man, is now a wife beater. What a stand up guy!

  • Venture Capitalist
    Venture Capitalist 24 days ago

    Wife beater. What a pos!

  • David
    David 25 days ago

    Simon now having a child of his own has softened up quite a bit and see's this man is truly the real deal taking in children like he has.

  • Michael R. Branco
    Michael R. Branco 25 days ago

    he sucks

  • Liz Zuniga
    Liz Zuniga 25 days ago

    I think Simon is seeing the spirit of Christ in Michael and it reflects back onto his life.
    And not only simon, but you can see all the judges feeling the Holy Spirit.

    • Anton Lenting
      Anton Lenting 24 days ago +1

      For abusing his wife

    • Kashi Sinha
      Kashi Sinha 24 days ago

      There are a hundred religions that contradict your religion, so yours isn't automatically correct
      There isn't any evidence of spirits

  • chepes tv
    chepes tv 25 days ago

    He beats on his wife

  • GGTV
    GGTV 25 days ago

    very very emotional

  • Kaye Amayna
    Kaye Amayna 25 days ago

    I just watched this like, right now and I'm actually waiting for my dental appointment and I just, am kinda crying in a room full of people, they looking at me with the curious faces now. Idk if that lady is going to ask if am okay😭❤

  • Ryan Layne
    Ryan Layne 25 days ago

    He has the talent...he has the voice to make it big. However, whats going to hurt him is one day after AGT finale he was arrested for domestic violence. He still will make it in entertainment industry but the domestic violence charge will hurt his career and reputation

  • Patricio Eduardo
    Patricio Eduardo 25 days ago

    Michael ketterer es un gran cantante con una voz formidable, mas es simplemente una voz comun, . COURTNEY ES SUPERIOR A EL EN TODOS LOS SENTIDOS POSIBLES EN CUESTION DE VOZ. ella es la ganadora indiscutiblemente, algo extraño sucedio.

  • mukesh rathod
    mukesh rathod 25 days ago

    His eyes are wonderful as his voice...
    I downloaded this song nd heard it 100 times nd i feel its better than jason bay...

  • Anoushka Mahanty
    Anoushka Mahanty 25 days ago +19

    I can't believe that Tyra can ruin such a personal moment for Simon. "I want you talk through it" URGH how I miss Nick Cannon.

  • Sonja_ZA
    Sonja_ZA 26 days ago

    Incredible performer and a truly Gifted artist. Well done!

  • Aziz Helena
    Aziz Helena 26 days ago

    It is not just about the voice it is about his life and his kids .......what a story! !!!

    • Aziz Helena
      Aziz Helena 24 days ago

      +Anton Lenting hh no of course not !!!

    • Anton Lenting
      Anton Lenting 24 days ago

      +Aziz Helena you mean abusing his wife

    • Aziz Helena
      Aziz Helena 24 days ago +1

      +Kim S no I don't think that. . He is talking about his real life. . He is not. !!

    • Kim S
      Kim S 24 days ago

      He's a fraud.

  • Shahreefa Balroop
    Shahreefa Balroop 26 days ago +1

    You actually feel the emotion when this guy sings, such a talented singer!!!

  • Erly Grace Loraña
    Erly Grace Loraña 26 days ago

    OMG😭😭😭😭😭 after Calum Scott made me Cry heartly a River,then this guy my tears flowing I can't help it😭😭😭😭😭😭💗💗🗽

  • Heather Elliott
    Heather Elliott 26 days ago

    This is the performance that Michael was able to emit the power of Christ on everyone. It affected everyone in the audience and everyone watching on tv or Internet. It was so overwhelming to them all, the judges who are surrounded with satanism on a daily basis, usually have a negative reaction to basic vocalists (I've been watching these shows for years and they see impeccable singers on a daily basis)
    but they clearly recognize the power of Christ in the purest form, which is Love. Christ is love.
    Michael had emitted this pure, Christly love, since I remember as a young girl. I'm not surprised that he stuck to basic songs that correspond with his faith

    • Anton Lenting
      Anton Lenting 24 days ago

      Christ never said " one should hit ones wife" . So, No to Michael!

    • Kashi Sinha
      Kashi Sinha 24 days ago

      I don't want to offend you, but there are a lot of other religions that contradict yours
      They liked him because of his singing and how he is as a person, not because of Jesus
      If he really has that much power, then he would've won
      You think that your religion is the correct one, but you probably haven't considered the other ones
      I don't believe in supernatural things, so I don't believe any of the religions
      God is like Santa Claus to me

  • Hassimiou Barry
    Hassimiou Barry 26 days ago

    Wow his eyes and the voice❤️❤️❤️

  • JamesTrickington
    JamesTrickington 26 days ago

    “no i’m not gonna come back!” TYRA’S SO RUDE SHSJSHSJSHJSSJJSBSJSJSJSN “ik you’re emotional and i want you to talk through it” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i honestly wonder if she knows how funny she is dhdjsjsjs

  • Robert Woodcock
    Robert Woodcock 26 days ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of this song?

  • vicky wilkinson
    vicky wilkinson 26 days ago

    He has the most unusual eyes. I think he is going to be a big star!

  • Abu Arz
    Abu Arz 26 days ago

    To make the rude Simon cry, it means that Michael is an extraordinary singer. (song, lyrics, and emotion). Also, a perfect human being demonstrating Christianity at its best. God bless you.

    • Kashi Sinha
      Kashi Sinha 24 days ago

      There's a story in the news about him doing something bad
      And secular morality based on ethics is better than Christianity
      Christianity has been used for a lot of bad things, and the Bible has promotes a lot of unethical things
      You can look up "bad things in the Bible"

  • J Owens
    J Owens 26 days ago

    He is absolutely mesmerizing! What a beautiful soul! 🙏🏻💕💫

  • Army Sister
    Army Sister 26 days ago +1

    Can I marry your voice?

  • Charlotta Twelve
    Charlotta Twelve 26 days ago +1

    That voice heals the soul....

  • George Sousa
    George Sousa 26 days ago

    He should have got the win. Great singer.

  • chrystie smith
    chrystie smith 26 days ago

    I can't explain it but there's something about him. I connected with him. He sings with such passion and from the heart. He drew me in. He is a wonderful man and an inspiration. I wish you nothing but the best Michael ❤😇

  • Maftukhin Maftukhin
    Maftukhin Maftukhin 26 days ago