Slime & Epoxy Resin Experiment..

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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  • Roy
    Roy 7 hours ago

    @nickzammeti, just a thought. What if free flowing slime in 2 layers of resin

  • Miami Spotz
    Miami Spotz 13 hours ago

    15:40. Close ur eyes and listen😂

  • millieloves2
    millieloves2 22 hours ago

    You should get some sort of rotating device like on a clock or on a wheel that's always turning the sealed a slime inside the ball the one that kept on moving a lot. While it's curing

  • Koda Ruiz
    Koda Ruiz 22 hours ago

    What about folding the resin into the slime?

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 2 days ago

    That isn’t proper slime lol. You should have bought some from a slime shop.

  • Melissa Rohac
    Melissa Rohac 3 days ago

    You could still make something out of the ones that failed. Take the slime out and color the inside with alcohol ink or something. It could still be really cool.

  • Syncru
    Syncru 3 days ago

    The video without the bs at the starts @4:41

  • DrunkyBell *
    DrunkyBell * 3 days ago

    Nick do you have bttf sleeves?! ❤️❤️❤️

  • PiecesofBird
    PiecesofBird 3 days ago

    stick some led lights in the one the slime fell out of for a cool nightlight

  • Logan Bowcutt
    Logan Bowcutt 4 days ago

    Could try freezing the slime first.

  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl 4 days ago +1

    Those .3 second commercials really freak me out.

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed Zombie 4 days ago


  • Kayla Skeen
    Kayla Skeen 4 days ago

    Try letting the slime dry next time

  • Viliami Lavulo
    Viliami Lavulo 5 days ago

    Did anybody else notice that when he was showing the slides he kept changing his scarf?

  • Denise Lucente
    Denise Lucente 5 days ago

    Why does your scraff keep changing?

  • shatter
    shatter 6 days ago

    How many scarves did you wear in this video?

  • Deathly Pawz
    Deathly Pawz 6 days ago

    This was fun to watch

  • Busybree B.Rittze
    Busybree B.Rittze 6 days ago

    Would love to see what Nick can do with toothbrushes....

  • Busybree B.Rittze
    Busybree B.Rittze 6 days ago

    Why not compress different colours of slime into those plastic spheres, then fill the resin around the plastic spheres then turn it, polish and done... Just a suggestion

  • Dav Jones
    Dav Jones 6 days ago

    I'd take out the slime and put in a pearlescent resin in 👊😉

  • BeTheChange990
    BeTheChange990 6 days ago

    The best parts 😂:

  • Alejandro Carbajal
    Alejandro Carbajal 7 days ago

    ITS FLUBBER!!! its all i could think of throughout this movie.

  • Shaz Demon
    Shaz Demon 7 days ago

    What will happen If you mix the resin and the slime together

  • Shaz Demon
    Shaz Demon 7 days ago

    What did you expect when pouring resin on the slime

  • Shaz Demon
    Shaz Demon 7 days ago

    Looks like one of Nick's obliterated condoms

  • wolfspirits78
    wolfspirits78 7 days ago

    Looks like a big marble, love it😀

  • Tritt Hansen
    Tritt Hansen 9 days ago +1

    Heya Nick the second resin ball could look like a very colourful venom trying to break out of it's cocoon. Keep doing the funkiest and coolest projects they are always awesome to see.

  • renee allen
    renee allen 9 days ago

    Cool experiment! Try a semi-set half with gradual layers of resin around the slime? A bit of glitter in the resin would have made a nice effect. It may have been the chemical composition of the slime made a barrier to where the resin didn’t adhere. Slime can be made out of several different things. One version uses soap. Just a thought.

  • Nan P
    Nan P 9 days ago

    Anything with moisture doesn’t seem to work with resin according to your videos 😉 You do some beautiful work.👍🏼

  • Rachel Lane
    Rachel Lane 9 days ago

    Satisfying even if it did fail.

  • International Space Station

    Watching you finger the mold felt uncomfortably sexual especially with that coloration 😂 then of that resin looking like a creampie like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Full Savage
    Full Savage 10 days ago

    I think if you take the rest of the slime out of that other one and fill it in with colored resin it would look nice.

  • Christopher Seba
    Christopher Seba 10 days ago

    Put the slime in the resisn while you're minding the resisn

  • Jay Herde
    Jay Herde 10 days ago

    Nick - take the 'cool looking' one and insert some more resin in the holes. Partially fill a ring mold ON your wooden base and set the 'cool looking' one (with the holes on the bottom) in the ring mold resin. Of course, you'll want some LEDs in the new base :-)

  • the_pickle _is_real
    the_pickle _is_real 10 days ago

    You must have had to much bumpkin tea to come up with that

  • Krista Rodgers
    Krista Rodgers 11 days ago

    The slime is to heavy, it will sink to the bottom and expose it's self and then slide out. Let the resin cure some then add the slime. U don't want the slime exposed at all

  • simon cressey
    simon cressey 11 days ago

    Hay if you still have the the one you cast from the plastic ball not the purple one the other one that the slime was at the bottom fill the cavity that the slime was in with coloured resin and I think that would make an awesome paper wight or a funky marble look then you have not wasted the resin

  • josh robinson
    josh robinson 11 days ago

    Ill the void left by the slime with a different color resin.

  • Mikayla Jenkins
    Mikayla Jenkins 11 days ago

    You can fill the ball at 20:20 with colorful resin and have a really cool textural effect when looking through the clear part

  • Kris Morris
    Kris Morris 11 days ago

    Homemade “slime” (back in my day it was called Gak) is mostly white glue and borax. I wonder if you let the slime dry out it would work?

    • Kris Morris
      Kris Morris 11 days ago

      The one sphere where the gak popped out reminded me of a geode. Maybe you can add some colored resin?

  • Brion Hall
    Brion Hall 12 days ago

    Nick! You're on the right track, but the slime floats, so I would start with the one were you put a little resin in the ball and let it cure, then add the slime then more resin and let it cure upside down. The slime would float to the top resin that is cured already

  • Life of a Mad Typer
    Life of a Mad Typer 12 days ago

    So as soon as you put the slime in first I thought you should put some resin first then the slime and way less than you did the first time and then more resin. Nice to see you came to the same conclusion overtime.

  • Maria Curtis
    Maria Curtis 12 days ago

    Couldn’t you try the slime mix and put resin at the point when it’s liquid

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 12 days ago

    Nick has a fancy beard. What a cutie.

  • Madalyn Myrick
    Madalyn Myrick 12 days ago

    Anyone else notice how when he was showing off the slime in the garage he changed hi scarf like 3 times

  • Xyri Chan
    Xyri Chan 12 days ago +1

    Ivan's Ooze, anyone??

  • Cunt TheMermaid
    Cunt TheMermaid 12 days ago

    Barely hears any other video on phone... Turns volume up all the way.... Puts on nicks video..... Set off car alarm 3 blocks down

  • Reability
    Reability 12 days ago

    How do you repeatedly think you can encase another liquid...

  • Bryan Bortyko
    Bryan Bortyko 12 days ago

    Duh you need to blend the slime with resin in a blender but that's a bad idea altogether

  • Holly Sterland
    Holly Sterland 13 days ago

    I absolutely love that purple one 😍 if it's up in your shop I might have to buy it for my space shelf 😍 it's so unique and gorgeous!! 😀

  • Detta Jane
    Detta Jane 13 days ago

    This was very fun to watch! Clever idea!

  • Sunshine594
    Sunshine594 13 days ago

    You could take the resin orbs that didnt workout and fill them with some other things, like glitter or sand.

  • Alexandra Falkenberg
    Alexandra Falkenberg 13 days ago

    7:34 @simplynailogical

  • eli lilililian
    eli lilililian 13 days ago

    The purple one looks like something Dr Strange would have

  • Karen Edwards
    Karen Edwards 13 days ago

    I wonder if injecting it would have had a better outcome.

  • Amber Parks
    Amber Parks 13 days ago

    Please keep trying on this i feel like this can be done but theres probably a different way to do it lol ❤ love these experiments

  • Reverand Dave
    Reverand Dave 13 days ago

    Wow, holy cow. Take the slime and put it in the middle of a big resin blank with a tube, then cure the resin and take the slime out. Then, fill that void with some sparkly resin, then turn the blank into a sphere.

  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller 13 days ago

    Hello I've been watching your videos for quite a while...
    I'm wandering if you would put a different color of resign into the sphere that didn't work out , the almost half open one...
    I think would make an awesomely cool funny project for a sphere....
    Sincerely One of your favorite new video friends thank you for your time and keep it funky and real...

  • Anna Warren
    Anna Warren 14 days ago

    Thank you for the great episode, loved watching the experiment and seeing the 7 different scarves

  • BrasilMissionaryMom
    BrasilMissionaryMom 14 days ago

    Your videos are awesome. A little feedback, if you will. The background music, while you are talking, is annoying. Otherwise, I mute the sound when you are cutting, sanding, and not speaking. Honestly, it isn't necessary. Thanks.

  • C Muncy599
    C Muncy599 14 days ago

    I love and appreciate how you don’t simply give up on an idea. You try and and exhaust all options. You surly have me respect. ✌🏻

  • Jimbob S
    Jimbob S 14 days ago

    Wrap a bolt that would be hidden in the middle of the slime to make it more dense so it wont float

  • Doreen Lance
    Doreen Lance 14 days ago

    You should have tried out the slime and then do resin. Maybe try it again and do it that way.

  • L T
    L T 14 days ago

    could remove the slime and put metallic paints in there?

  • Lisa H
    Lisa H 14 days ago

    I wonder if it would have worked if the slime had a chance to dry out before casting it in the resin.

  • Ayties
    Ayties 14 days ago

    You said you let the string marking in the middle cause it looks like Saturn. Why not create a ring for that from multilayer wood?

  • Amanda Sorling
    Amanda Sorling 14 days ago

    Lord farquad

  • Jacob Shelton
    Jacob Shelton 14 days ago

    Please make a goblet with a captive ring

  • Debbie B
    Debbie B 14 days ago

    That sound!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • indy girl
    indy girl 14 days ago

    My 12 year old brother is scared of slime

  • Amanda Cassidy
    Amanda Cassidy 15 days ago

    what if you made 2 resin half spheres, then put slime in the middle to fill them up, and sealed it with another few layers of resin?? then the slime would be in the middle and you could work with it more easily! love your videos! ^_^

  • Angel Nelson
    Angel Nelson 15 days ago +2

    This gave me an idea I would love to try if I could. Using a square container put resin in the bottom corners at an angle letting each corner set at a time until all four corners of the bottom have been finished. Put the slime in the middle of the resin where there is no way for the slime to touch the bottom. It would be totally encased with a final layer of resin on top and make possibly a pyramid shape with the slime inside. I hope you try this if you see it. I really hope it works if you do.

  • Tammy Hiller
    Tammy Hiller 15 days ago

    Can you try borax homemade crystal try glow in the dark with resin just curious if it can be done your the guy for the job.

    TALLZY 15 days ago

    Simple logic would tell you to coat the inside with a layer of epoxy first leave the top part open then wait to dry then put the slime in?...

  • TheMadamDragon
    TheMadamDragon 15 days ago

    This is cool! I miss having a space to experiment. Love your stuff! I think if you worked in layers it could would or if you let the resin semi set then inject it in somehow when the resin isn’t so liquid? You could also try letting the slim dry out first as they’re normally glue based. If you dried it in a funky shape then encapsulated it in the resin it might be easier to work with afterwards; polishing etc. Also the effects on the ‘fails’ are cool! You could paint layers of colour on there the pour more resin to finish the shower shape and it would be like a slice of landscape that disappears when you turn it 😊

  • Angry Wulf
    Angry Wulf 15 days ago

    You should try and make a unique and funky PokéBall out of resin.

  • Kristell Alliot
    Kristell Alliot 15 days ago

    Man slime is gross! I have no idea why i decided to watch this while eating. Deep regret right now x).

  • Yerd2013
    Yerd2013 15 days ago

    What if you set resin with a ball (or maybe a balloon?) in it (but have the ball sticking out of the top), then remove the ball and put slime inside that cavity, then put more resin over top of it?

  • wemiky
    wemiky 15 days ago

    i think its because the slime was jiggly

  • Zuri Imani
    Zuri Imani 16 days ago

    Could you have made another mold and put the slime resin ball into it so that way the gaps get filled where they didn’t stock before then bring it down to size?

  • The Secret Simmer
    The Secret Simmer 16 days ago +3

    He has the voice of the bad British accent you try to make

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 16 days ago


  • King Cramp
    King Cramp 16 days ago

    So many jump cuts jeez

  • Fiama98
    Fiama98 16 days ago

    Why not just put another coat of resin bbn to fill in the voids?

  • CringyCoolCat
    CringyCoolCat 17 days ago

    That's putty

  • Matthew 038
    Matthew 038 17 days ago

    Could I turn resin with conventional tools or do I need carbide tools

  • Albertus Harding
    Albertus Harding 17 days ago

    Paint the walls of the moulds with resin before you put slime in and then fill up

  • The Weird & Random Gurl

    ... 😛

  • LightDreamer
    LightDreamer 17 days ago

    Those can hardly be called "slime". They tear too easily

  • Victoria Townsend
    Victoria Townsend 17 days ago

    That's tough would make great pool balls

  • Shine N. Hatfield
    Shine N. Hatfield 18 days ago

    Would it have worked better if you had let some of the resin cure before putting the slime in it and then putting more resin in a day later?

  • Helen Mailey
    Helen Mailey 18 days ago

    What about if you put the slime inside clean film? And then put it in to the resin ?

  • Impossible Sisters
    Impossible Sisters 18 days ago

    You could take resin and coat the inside of the mold wait for it to cure then place the slime inside. Then fill the rest up with resin. That way you'll have coat of resin for the slime to rest on. Kind of like what you did, just around the whole entire inside of the mold instead of just the bottom. Just an idea, great job experimenting though. 👍

  • Impossible Sisters
    Impossible Sisters 18 days ago

    You have a magical scarf!!!

  • Jacob Beaty
    Jacob Beaty 19 days ago

    Anyone else notice the scarves?? He changes them like 10 times lol

  • Machine is Love
    Machine is Love 19 days ago

    It’s gak. You are playing with gak.

  • CloTheBrotato
    CloTheBrotato 19 days ago

    Oof that slime is pretty rippy

  • Rob Taylor
    Rob Taylor 19 days ago

    Love your videos. They can't all be successful, it's what makes the ones that work taste sweeter.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 19 days ago

    I doubt you can ever get the slime encapsulated simply by the way it moves in the mold. But, perhaps you could salvage the spheres by filling the voids with a translucent or metallic resin.

  • Bilbo Saggins
    Bilbo Saggins 19 days ago

    @Nick Zammeti Maybe get like a ping pong ball and those clear balls you set them in... Fill each half with resin till its about half full on each side and let those set with half of a ping pong ball in each side so it won't float as a whole ball. Leave space on each side that way you can remove the balls and put slime on each half and combine them together and pour resin to attack the 2 sides? Maybe it might work that way just make sure the sides that are already set are facing up and down so the slime doesn't float to the top.