Slime & Epoxy Resin Experiment..

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
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  • Jenny Brooks
    Jenny Brooks Day ago

    It’s too wet!

  • angelofdeathstyle
    angelofdeathstyle 2 days ago

    Degass slime before going in the mold. While playing with slime it add air. Fill molds half way with resin. Let it half set add slime and add more resin.

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style 4 days ago

    Using gummy worms or some kind of candy could be cool

  • Extreme Tea
    Extreme Tea 4 days ago

    i gotta ask... how many times did you charge your scarf in this video? lol

  • Matt M
    Matt M 5 days ago

    I think you need to try other resins. I'm sure they will have different effects with your projects

  • Bethany Wallace
    Bethany Wallace 8 days ago

    Why is this 30 minutes long?

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack 9 days ago

    Why not paint the resin onto the slime before pour the clear resin into the mold and the slime should stick better, I think

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack 9 days ago

    Nick Zametti, I have a question. I bought 1:1 epoxy but it's mixes milky white. Is it something I'm doing wrong, or are there white epoxy resins?

  • Laura Jimmison
    Laura Jimmison 14 days ago

    Maybe try dehydrating it ? Dry it out ?

  • Lorie Wilson
    Lorie Wilson 15 days ago

    It would of been cool but it nice

  • Abby
    Abby 17 days ago

    the amount of scarves had me TRIPPING omg

  • Ally Stout
    Ally Stout 17 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that his scarf kept changing?πŸ˜‚

  • joseph dowds
    joseph dowds 17 days ago

    Hey Nick, new to the Chanel love your stuff, two things- first off Whats the car in your garage? Looks a beauty, and also the ball that the slime fell out of the texture left behind is really cool, could you put it back in the ball and fill the gap with resin with a dye in it, could look very cool, keep up the great content. Joe

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 17 days ago

    Did you think about filling the ball mold with a small round ballon and then deflating after resin sets and putting in the slime and sealing the hole after .

  • Katka BaranovΓ‘
    Katka BaranovΓ‘ 19 days ago

    When will you finally learn that wet stuff in resin does not work like this? :D you need to encapsulate the wet stuff completely from each side. I suggest letting the resin cure to the point when its really viscous and then stuffing the wet stuff in submerging it COMPLETELY :D

  • Jessica Dube
    Jessica Dube 20 days ago

    Here's my idea, you get a plastic ball mold similar to what you were using, like a clear plastic ornament ball, fill that part way with slime, and try to encase that in resin. Perhaps.

  • Jeditilifall
    Jeditilifall 21 day ago

    lol your scarf kept changin!

  • Stacey Rosbury
    Stacey Rosbury 22 days ago

    that purple one would have looked cool if you fine sanded that middle liine to make it finished..then made a wave shape wood..put the ball under the wave

    • Stacey Rosbury
      Stacey Rosbury 22 days ago

      putting the part that its seeping through against the wood to hide it

  • Sheila Beare Foot
    Sheila Beare Foot 22 days ago

    Nick, why not let the resin set a bit, the inject the slime in the center?

  • Vitor Poli
    Vitor Poli 23 days ago

    7:40 oh boy

  • Patricia Gratz
    Patricia Gratz 23 days ago

    Maybe take the failed ones and add resin or something to them to make a different project? If you haven't already done something with them lol.

  • Hilory Parker
    Hilory Parker 26 days ago

    You should have frozen a small piece of slime, put some resin in the mold then the frozen slime then more resin. By the time the slime melts to its normal form the resin will at least be hard enough to keep the slime in

  • les kuelbs
    les kuelbs 28 days ago

    Maybe try slush casting the ball shape. Then add the slime and top off with resin.

  • Ennox Sorrlock
    Ennox Sorrlock 29 days ago

    what if you first cast the sphere first in resin, then cut it in half, and then bore a hole in the center. that cavity depending on how large you make it could hold the slime. once that is done I believe if you cast it in resin again you might be able to make it work.

  • flawedentirely
    flawedentirely 29 days ago

    If you leave slime out it dries out and then the resin would be able to stick to it better if you ever wanted to give it another shot!

  • Kayleb G
    Kayleb G 29 days ago

    Love all of the scarfs through out the video!

  • Necromantical
    Necromantical 29 days ago

    Certain slimes if left out long enough will become solid. Maybe if you do that you’ll be able to shape them or add them to resin!

  • charles hetrick
    charles hetrick Month ago

    So loud...

  • angela williams vanderford

    Have you ever used a preserved Flower in a resin project? Live fresh cut flowers in a vase of antifreeze once the flowers absorb/drink the antifreeze it Preserves them ..
    ❣I'd Love to see a preserved flower/Rose in resin & wood ❣maybe as a lamp? Or am I just flipping nutz?

    • angela williams vanderford
      angela williams vanderford Month ago

      Oh...i just had an additional thought..
      Rose in resin & Rose Wood? I have a chunk of rose Bush wood I could not bare to get rid of..

  • angela williams vanderford

    Your ideas are so " out there" I think this is why your my FAVORITE Artist on YT

  • angela williams vanderford

    Looks like stuff ( masks) we put on our faces your left over latex mold goo

  • angela williams vanderford

    Your hands & fingers do not look as wretched as my 2nd pops who is a cabinet maker... do you scrib and use moisturizer ? Your hands are lovely nick!

  • love in ToxicSpoonfulls

    Make a resin ball then cut in half then shave a hallow spot then put slime in the middle. Then use UV resin to close sides.

  • Clara Etheridge
    Clara Etheridge Month ago

    Actual video starts @4:43

  • Erin Toal
    Erin Toal Month ago

    Looks like a broken condom lol.

  • Malika Noyez
    Malika Noyez Month ago

    Cant you put iT in another square recipient and than make a sphere with iT? You know put it upsitedown. And than put that galaxyslime back in that 🎾, and than poor resin in and than make a good sphere? Just thinking out loud... 😘

  • Forgotten Angel
    Forgotten Angel Month ago

    Try it again with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. They have lots of options.

  • Lynzi Oliver-Musto
    Lynzi Oliver-Musto Month ago

    As others have said, filling the gap in the sphere of the escaping blob with coloured resin would look awesome but I was thinking there may be another way. I've not worked with resin before so maybe this just isn't feasible but what if you put the piece with the escaping blob inside the mould you made (or make another slightly bigger), with the slime at the top, then added more resin? The slime would be held in place well away from the walls, so the resin should then completely encapsulate it; then you could polish it up fully without exposing the slime inside.
    (P.S. I would be interested to see what happens to Planet Purple Slime over time as I have heard that slime can do strange things when left unused or exposed to air.)

  • druidseven12
    druidseven12 Month ago

    after 2 to 6 hours turn it over so it sinks the other way

  • Google User
    Google User Month ago

    I needed that peel porn at 7:33

  • Google User
    Google User Month ago

    Nice scarf collection 😁

  • Wendybabendy
    Wendybabendy Month ago

    I just found your TheXvid and I’m fascinated by your work. I love the experiments! Keep it up! :)

  • Rose Pisatcky
    Rose Pisatcky Month ago

    This was a cool idea!

  • love the color orange

    It was a good experiment!! I respect it!!

  • A Wilson
    A Wilson Month ago

    You should try setting the balls so the holes are at the top and drizzle in some more resin to fill them (a little at a time so the slime doesn't float through the new resin) that should seal the balls and allow you to properly sand them on the lathe without flinging slime everywhere.

  • Darkest Argentum
    Darkest Argentum Month ago

    if it works like the slime I made in school as a kid if you leave it open to the air for a bit it will harden might be easier to work with if it does

  • Rose Mullen
    Rose Mullen Month ago

    The purple one is gorgeous!

  • Jason&Wifey Marine
    Jason&Wifey Marine Month ago

    I'm so glad I found this channel again. beyond actual content I love your accent 🀣

  • DysfunctionalDavid
    DysfunctionalDavid Month ago

    You could use the failed resin balls and turn them into geode looking things if you used gold leaf and a different colored resin to fill in the gaps left by the slime.

  • McKayla Llama
    McKayla Llama Month ago

    I wonder what would've happened if you would've put the resin in first then dropped in chucks of the slime as you were pouring in the resin

  • Scarlet Moon
    Scarlet Moon Month ago

    The third one, the one with a completely busted bottom part, I think it would look cool if you like mix black and white colored resin in like a swirl pattern in that one, give more aesthetic. It would look wicked awesome.

  • Earl Speckhals
    Earl Speckhals Month ago

    Looks kind of like you're making resin geodes

  • Barnabas 365
    Barnabas 365 Month ago

    Have to disagree with you about the experiment. You did the experiment to answer a question and the answer was no. Experiment with a raging success! Loved watching the vid and love your Channel!

  • Tina Procaccini
    Tina Procaccini Month ago

    Could you put another layer of resin on it to cover it up better?

  • cssruth
    cssruth Month ago

    What if you fill up the mold half way with resin with maybe a marble or ball in side, then let it set and take out the ball and replace it with the slime and then cover it with resin? Or if the slime keeps floating to the top maybe you can mix in something to make it more dense or heavy. Maybe some mettle shavings or metal dust or something.

  • workhardism
    workhardism Month ago +1

    Take the 'lava' out of a lava lamp. Use that.

  • Kaylee *_*
    Kaylee *_* Month ago

    Have you ever tried using the stuff that makes molds in resin? It might be interesting!

  • Angela Turk
    Angela Turk Month ago

    I really like what happened here. And in my favorite color too! πŸ’–

  • Jill Wase
    Jill Wase Month ago

    as my mother would say 'what a lovely dust collector!'

  • Zaphod Trenchcoat
    Zaphod Trenchcoat Month ago

    Whilst setting keep the mould rolling around.

    • Fiona Mackenzie
      Fiona Mackenzie Month ago

      Surely that would be impracticable to achieve -- unless maybe you could wrap it up in your towel and carry it with you on your intergalactic travels. Hmm...

  • Jocelyn Forrestor
    Jocelyn Forrestor Month ago

    If you still have it, you could put a colored shimery resin into the place where the slime fell out of the first plastic ball mold you opened up, then seal with clear resin. The outcome would be really neat.

  • sddreamcrystal
    sddreamcrystal Month ago

    What if you had done a blank with a hollow in it, put the slime in the hollow, sealed that with plastic and uv resin, then put another layer of resin on top of that?

  • LaTavia Campbell
    LaTavia Campbell Month ago

    Please tell me someone else noticed the random scarf changes πŸ˜‚

  • evelli73
    evelli73 Month ago

    What about a peel porn video 😍 a la simplynaillogical πŸ™πŸ»
    Reffering to 7:38 😁

  • Donnie Clark
    Donnie Clark Month ago

    Take a balloon with water in it put in resin then in resin around it let set pop balloon them put in slim then fill rest way with resin

  • K.I.S.S Reviews
    K.I.S.S Reviews Month ago

    Anyone else feel anxious when he was trying to force the slime in the mold and it wasn’t going very easy?

  • Gabriel Hermesson
    Gabriel Hermesson Month ago

    I just noticed, his scarf keeps changing

  • Cynthia Bonsignore
    Cynthia Bonsignore Month ago

    You've created a monster

  • J Oyler
    J Oyler Month ago

    How about putting a golf ball in resin

  • LiaxRon Adventures
    LiaxRon Adventures Month ago

    7:35 that good good peel porn 😩

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    I think I have a way to do it.
    I think you need to make your outer shell first or make a blank with epoxy, which you lathe out the core from, then put the epoxy and slime into your hollowed out core (epoxy first, then slime), then after that has cured, do a final layer of epoxy to seal the unit, then lathe and polish after. This way you'll get a good thick, solid layer of epoxy to hold everything in place, whilst still getting that wonderful interaction between the wet slime and epoxy but it will be stable and sealed.
    Great idea though! Kep experimenting and pushing the envelope, it's great to see.

  • kenra ray
    kenra ray Month ago

    I enjoyed all 6 scarfs, very fashionable Nick!!

  • Kamryn Bounty
    Kamryn Bounty Month ago

    His scarf changes pretty much every jump cut...i didn't make a mistake coming here. This is content

  • Fiona Mackenzie
    Fiona Mackenzie Month ago +1

    Hey Nick! Loved this vid! Just wanted to say that the ploppy one which fell out was a really good experiment and why don't you try that again and seal it up so we can see the colourful slime inside a globe as if it was a paperweight - cos I really liked the look of it shining through the resin! Hope that makes sense. Love you loads! From Fee x

    • Fiona Mackenzie
      Fiona Mackenzie Month ago +1

      No. Not planet slime! That is my home planet you are talking about. My actual, real life home planet, and I'll thank you not to call it rude names! It is officially called the purple planet (see log entry below by calciyum88 - or some such clever name -- suspicious if you ask me -- I think s/he might be working for the KGB! )

  • J. Huff
    J. Huff Month ago

    HA! How many scarves do you own? lol

  • emoji lover
    emoji lover 2 months ago

    That's really bad slime

  • Katie Smiles
    Katie Smiles 2 months ago

    I say use the half borken one to make some kind of funky piece you could put the clear one inside of some kind of translucent colored resin and maybe add some wood poking out of the borken bit.

  • Roy
    Roy 2 months ago

    @nickzammeti, just a thought. What if free flowing slime in 2 layers of resin

  • Miami Spotz
    Miami Spotz 2 months ago

    15:40. Close ur eyes and listenπŸ˜‚

  • millieloves2
    millieloves2 2 months ago

    You should get some sort of rotating device like on a clock or on a wheel that's always turning the sealed a slime inside the ball the one that kept on moving a lot. While it's curing

  • Koda Ruiz
    Koda Ruiz 2 months ago

    What about folding the resin into the slime?

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 2 months ago

    That isn’t proper slime lol. You should have bought some from a slime shop.

  • Melissa Rohac
    Melissa Rohac 2 months ago

    You could still make something out of the ones that failed. Take the slime out and color the inside with alcohol ink or something. It could still be really cool.

  • Syncru
    Syncru 2 months ago

    The video without the bs at the starts @4:41

  • DrunkyBell *
    DrunkyBell * 2 months ago

    Nick do you have bttf sleeves?! ❀️❀️❀️

  • PiecesofBird
    PiecesofBird 2 months ago

    stick some led lights in the one the slime fell out of for a cool nightlight

  • Logan Bowcutt
    Logan Bowcutt 2 months ago

    Could try freezing the slime first.

  • Meow Rchl
    Meow Rchl 2 months ago +2

    Those .3 second commercials really freak me out.

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed Zombie 2 months ago


  • Kayla Skeen
    Kayla Skeen 2 months ago

    Try letting the slime dry next time

  • Viliami Lavulo
    Viliami Lavulo 2 months ago

    Did anybody else notice that when he was showing the slides he kept changing his scarf?

  • Denise Lucente
    Denise Lucente 2 months ago

    Why does your scraff keep changing?

  • shatter
    shatter 2 months ago

    How many scarves did you wear in this video?

  • Deathly Pawz
    Deathly Pawz 2 months ago

    This was fun to watch

  • Busybree B.Rittze
    Busybree B.Rittze 2 months ago

    Would love to see what Nick can do with toothbrushes....

  • Busybree B.Rittze
    Busybree B.Rittze 2 months ago

    Why not compress different colours of slime into those plastic spheres, then fill the resin around the plastic spheres then turn it, polish and done... Just a suggestion

  • Dav Jones
    Dav Jones 2 months ago

    I'd take out the slime and put in a pearlescent resin in πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‰

  • BeTheChange990
    BeTheChange990 2 months ago

    The best parts πŸ˜‚:

  • Alejandro Carbajal
    Alejandro Carbajal 2 months ago

    ITS FLUBBER!!! its all i could think of throughout this movie.

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk 2 months ago

    What will happen If you mix the resin and the slime together