Inside Juno Birch's Extreme Beauty Routine | Vogue

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • Manchester-based drag queen Juno Birch turns pop culture gender tropes into art with her sculptures of exaggerated beauty norms and a natural skill for mixing up pastel foundation shades.
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    Inside Juno Birch's Extreme Beauty Routine | Vogue
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  • Joanna P
    Joanna P 5 hours ago

    I aspire to have her confidence!!! Yess

  • Megha
    Megha 5 hours ago

    She's so unapologetically herself I love her, I found myself smiling like an idiot at the screen by the end of the video! 👽💜

  • FMF Pittsburgh Music
    FMF Pittsburgh Music 6 hours ago

    Your good at creating looks and characters create a movie or show that’ll be dope .. will change the gamee

  • croissantdog
    croissantdog 6 hours ago

    4:34 pLEASE

  • Isak Schramm
    Isak Schramm 7 hours ago

    so THATs what juno looks like outside of juno, incredible!

  • JoLiza Schmitt
    JoLiza Schmitt 8 hours ago

    This video is beautiful 💙

    SOLIA 8 hours ago

    The Jennifer Coolidge impression killed me 💖💖

  • Joshua Marquez
    Joshua Marquez 9 hours ago

    This is my favorite vogue video ever 😂

  • Marya 97
    Marya 97 10 hours ago

    Dat’s a black mirror episode

  • Marbella Velasquez
    Marbella Velasquez 11 hours ago

    Shes so flawless🙄 and i love her personality👄💄👽

  • Violet Jean Garcia
    Violet Jean Garcia 12 hours ago +1

    Dont know why she scares me..

  • Fragile Hands
    Fragile Hands 14 hours ago

    Stunning 😍🤣

  • k c
    k c 14 hours ago

    Omg you’re just beautiful! Have a loverly time just being you!! ❣️

  • Maria Luiza Leão
    Maria Luiza Leão 15 hours ago

    Que energia incrível ♡

  • The Sisters Are Quaking

    “I’m actually not paying so bye darling”😭🤣🤣

  • emzie
    emzie 19 hours ago +1

    Girl, what's s the brand of your mascara? Looks stunning! 😍

  • Charli Parvin
    Charli Parvin 19 hours ago

    Love that I immediately know this is the Stretford Tesco by Old Trafford...

  • Anusha Dhiman
    Anusha Dhiman 20 hours ago +1

    *S T U N N I N G*

  • Rukkyilyas000
    Rukkyilyas000 21 hour ago

    Love her vibe 🥰❤️👏

  • Heavenly_ Mars
    Heavenly_ Mars 23 hours ago

    I aspire to have her aura, her personality, basically everything

  • ThatSoundsLovely
    ThatSoundsLovely 23 hours ago

    Wait wait. The load of bread handbag?! I’ve watched this before and not noticed that ! STUNNING

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay Day ago

    A First world problem

  • Carrisa Fan
    Carrisa Fan Day ago

    she is absolutely g o r g e o u s

  • toby bray
    toby bray Day ago

    somehow she manages to be even prettier without the makeup

  • evie
    evie Day ago

    CEO of Stunning

  • Beezlebub Demon
    Beezlebub Demon Day ago

    Her purse is a loaf of bread

  • GreenM&M_11
    GreenM&M_11 Day ago

    This video brings sunshine to my world and I crave it ❤️🧡💛💚💙

  • MaddieLeigh890
    MaddieLeigh890 Day ago

    She’s beautiful!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ソフィー
    ソフィー Day ago

    _she really is stunning_

  • Juliana Figueroa

    Why does she wear gloves so much omg is she or he a mom or something so wierd hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Alina Ostr
    Alina Ostr Day ago +1

    4:35 *EUGH* 🥕🐡

  • Fresh Avocado
    Fresh Avocado Day ago

    The thumbnail looks like an Iggy Azalea music video

  • •_Prime Subliminals -•

    Why did I instantly think: Ursula

  • Pennywise the DANCING CLOWN!

    She. Is. STUNNING.

  • Jaylynn Fernandez

    Juno: and as a 13 yr old boy..
    Me: oh its a guy ( ・ิϖ・ิ)

  • Sana Minatozaki
    Sana Minatozaki Day ago

    She speaks english so good that the auto translate doesn't mess up

  • mitch Bentosky
    mitch Bentosky Day ago


  • Rupa Pun
    Rupa Pun Day ago

    Is she for real?

  • Lal Duhawmi
    Lal Duhawmi Day ago

    i love her💕💕💕

  • exas4791
    exas4791 Day ago

    She / he is brave to wear that persona so publicly.

  • Venomously ._.
    Venomously ._. Day ago

    She looks gorgeous.

  • cazibal
    cazibal Day ago


  • bruh
    bruh Day ago

    she goes: djxbjsnsjs
    but beauty is pain
    reminds me of jazmin bean
    edit: Everybody needs to suffer for fashion

    YIXUAN ZHANG 2 days ago

    OMG such a classic gorgeous beauty!!

  • hand solo
    hand solo 2 days ago +1

    What a weird freak.

    • Roan_person
      Roan_person 2 days ago

      hand solo hey self love is important don’t talk about yourself that way!

  • ThatOne Person
    ThatOne Person 2 days ago

    shes adorbale

  • Ferreira Diana
    Ferreira Diana 2 days ago +1

    She needs salvation, she looks sick and dead. Amazes me how everyone including herself uses the words stunning ! More like sick sick and dead looking. So sad what this world is coming to. Jesus save her and anyone reading this ☹️

  • 4 Jesus Christ
    4 Jesus Christ 2 days ago +1

    The problem is that these people need mental health. We are letting people who need health care think they are fabulous but they need our help. We are failing these people who are ill. Mental health is a very big problem in America because we are not giving them the help that they deserve. Take mental health seriously people. Help them don't play with their minds. So so sad because this people is beautiful natural. Why do we tell them they are not good enough natural?

  • Alexia D’Errico
    Alexia D’Errico 2 days ago +2

    If you wear makeup like this to long it will clog your pores get in your eyes which can redden your eyes and affect your vision also powder can get in your nose which means your inhaling it

  • Cadence Morrison
    Cadence Morrison 2 days ago

    I love her rocky horror picture show poster I love it so much

  • Stephane Carrie
    Stephane Carrie 2 days ago +1

    Quel phénomène !

  • Euan C
    Euan C 2 days ago

    Michelle visage is that you?

    IVELINA 2 days ago

    It's a man right

  • Collins Family
    Collins Family 2 days ago

    Linda: I'm not actually paying, bye darling
    Me: oh wow Savage
    Me: on the other hand maybe just to show viewers -_-

  • Rodolfo Barboza
    Rodolfo Barboza 2 days ago

    Can't stop watching this, she's amazing

  • Mercxury xo
    Mercxury xo 2 days ago

    She looks like cybernova. If you know her you know her

  • Devin Little
    Devin Little 2 days ago

    truly stunning

  • Cookie Prancer
    Cookie Prancer 2 days ago

    Okay but is no one going to talk about SKIN GOALS

  • Christopher Dieudonné

    4:33 That was SO Jennifer Coolidge. LOL :)

  • hafsa kh
    hafsa kh 2 days ago

    and they say make is supposed to be a girls thing