Nest Hub Max hands-on: Google’s first smart display with a camera

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • The Google Nest Hub Max is a big Google Assistant smart display with a camera on top that you can use both for video calls and home security monitoring. It’s coming this July and will retail for $229.
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Comments • 233

  • The Verge
    The Verge  Month ago +167

    Do you trust Google more than Facebook?

  • Tyson Harris
    Tyson Harris Day ago

    As with all things google, give them 6 months and they'll be chasing some other squirrel and you'll be left with their crappy unsupported products.

  • Tyson Harris
    Tyson Harris Day ago

    Google Nest Hub Max+ 8.0 Next Gen 2019 Ed. For all the brain trust at Google you'd think they'd hire some marketeers.

  • La Maison de Jeed Home
    La Maison de Jeed Home 4 days ago +1

    Je vais acheter les Nest Max et le ramener en France dés juillet ;)

  • Ananya Gupta
    Ananya Gupta 7 days ago

    You didn't really answer how this is for music. The original Google home hub sounded s***.

  • C.D. Riley
    C.D. Riley 14 days ago

    Does he think information go to a real cloud? Why he pointed up to sky?

  • BLU3
    BLU3 14 days ago

    @1:19 420 Blaze It!

  • GRIGOR_ karagozian
    GRIGOR_ karagozian 15 days ago

    Been waitting for charcoal and with camera andmic google nest hub max for avery long time

  • GRIGOR_ karagozian
    GRIGOR_ karagozian 15 days ago

    when the google nest hub max is out in charcoal yes i will buy it once is outand i have my questions answered

  • Ryan Newby
    Ryan Newby 16 days ago

    Definitely a very Useful Device to have in many Family Homes...I'm hoping anyone at any technology skill level will be able to use this device...Go Google, Improving The World with Unreal Technology Devices...

  • sukicinda
    sukicinda 17 days ago

    I will be more willing to buy it if it can recognize Cantonese as it is the language we use at home.

  • HaiLsKuNkY
    HaiLsKuNkY 21 day ago

    Do you get unlimited picture storage?

  • Pat Hisyam
    Pat Hisyam 22 days ago

    Oh wait. I thought Lenovo smart display already have all that features before? Are they going to integrate the device into Nest family too?

  • Geng Pan
    Geng Pan 25 days ago

    I need fully control to TheXvid and TheXvid tv

  • Nik
    Nik 28 days ago

    I want one!

  • Max
    Max 29 days ago

    Google Nest hub Max go well with Google Chromecast for using TheXvid... 😁

  • 573F4N X13
    573F4N X13 Month ago +1

    replacing my Lenovo smart display with this the day it's released

    • Camron Hagler
      Camron Hagler 19 days ago

      Hang Nguyen 10” and yeah I agree 100%

    • Hang Nguyen
      Hang Nguyen 19 days ago +1

      The 10" or 8"? I have the 10" one and one thing I like about it that this Google Nest Max doesn't have is that proximity sensor to know if anyone is around or not. If no one is then it will just display the clock with a black screen or I believe it even turn off the screen eventually. My Google 8" Nest hub doesn't do this and just keeps displaying pictures when no one is home and if there is light. If it's dark then it will display the clock at all time.
      Most likely I will upgrade to this max but only if it's on sale and I would rather have a Google product then a third party one for the connectivity and ease as the Lenovo doesn't act the same as their Google counterparts.

    • Camron Hagler
      Camron Hagler 20 days ago


  • Shivam Tiwari
    Shivam Tiwari Month ago

    It's a great device.

  • Stephanie Lauren
    Stephanie Lauren Month ago +1

    ok the one thing i do not like about this and i am a google home hub user and was not happy with it not being able to use duo but i still love it a lot anyways i dont like that you have to mute the mic too, why cant you just turn off the camera and still use it?? so weird, and now idk if i want it to but then again i love it a lot

    • Stephanie Lauren
      Stephanie Lauren Month ago

      @Sircinus that is correct, I use my Google home for my lights so I'm like great I now can't even use it, now I have to use my phone which is not a problem but it's like okay the Lenovo smart display has a function where you can just turn off the camera and still use the assistant so I'm just like maybe I should just grab that one instead because it will also do out calling but I wanted everything Google product so I got it so anyway I don't know I don't want to waste my money in just having them you both might and the camera kind of silly

    • Sircinus
      Sircinus Month ago

      It is silly they just didn't use a shutter for the camera. That way the switch kills only the mic. That way you can have the mic on and the camera off or vice versa.

  • Rakesh Radhakrishnan
    Rakesh Radhakrishnan Month ago +1

    No I won't buy. Don't understand why the camera can't have a shutter, than saying electricity disconnected. And I don't trust Google on privacy. Least of their worries 😀

    • Sircinus
      Sircinus Month ago

      Also why do the microphone and camera have to connected anyway? What if I want the mic on but the camera off or vice versa? The shutter idea you mentioned would have fixed this issue.

  • Magiktcup
    Magiktcup Month ago

    Useless device

  • Aerohk
    Aerohk Month ago

    Will google disable my google home or reduce its feature set to force me to upgrade?

  • Blair Benedict
    Blair Benedict Month ago

    Can't wait to get my hands on it it looks really cool

  • Flavio Quiroz
    Flavio Quiroz Month ago

    I will be very happy to get rid of my Lenovo Google Display due to the constant issues when streaming Nest cams. A problem that I don't encounter with my Google hub.

    • Jamez
      Jamez Month ago +1

      That and Duo video calls are really iffy, streaming TheXvid video from phone passing over to display takes at least two attempts before the video will play, the screen ambient sensor has a mind of its own, regardless of light source available. I really should've known better with it being a Lenovo product. Any device I've bought from them is fraught with disappointment and compromise. It'll be finding a new home.
      The only complaint I would have with the Nest Home Max is that in order to physically turn off camera you have to disable the mics as well. Should've been separated. Oh well, nothing a piece of tape can't remedy.

  • Luca Ban
    Luca Ban Month ago

    What does a google home nest do though? Just a photo frame and info on missed calls and youtube?

  • علي اكبر
    علي اكبر Month ago

    I would buy it for sure

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316 Month ago

    Quite cool but I don't think I would buy it

  • Pierce Sonnenberg
    Pierce Sonnenberg Month ago +3

    Get it to $160 and it's a deal.

  • EventAlone
    EventAlone Month ago +3

    No more Amazon Alexa support = No more NEST products in my home... I'm not going to buy any NEST products any more

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    I want one! OK Google turn on my Nest cam.....I can't do that yet.

  • Kwok Wing-hung
    Kwok Wing-hung Month ago +5

    And every day we get closer to 1984

  • Samuël Visser
    Samuël Visser Month ago

    How well does the hand pause gesture work? Really sceptical to hand gestures as I've never seen that work reliably on any technology

  • Cruise Addiction's
    Cruise Addiction's Month ago

    can you do a video of that smart screen as a security camera in the home I want to see that an action

  • Quinton Tetik
    Quinton Tetik Month ago

    I want one. Not a bad price

  • Brian L
    Brian L Month ago +1

    yeah no an always on google camera ? no thanks maybe if it had a physical cover switch that would be better

  • Mo A
    Mo A Month ago

    Google should have gone step further with hand gestures on the Nest Hub devices, for example... if you want the volume to be up, lift your hand upwards, if you want the volume lowered the face down your hand downwards and hey presto ...
    With LGThinQ hand gestures and Nest Hubs, should be a novelty thing to use and fun.. maybe next years update?

  • Riverdale Inn
    Riverdale Inn Month ago

    Could I use this on my front desk at our small family Inn? We close our front desk at night and it would be cool to be able to allow our guests to contact us through some sort of product like this as oppose to having to call innkeeper.

  • Kodie Grant
    Kodie Grant Month ago

    Its cool but it doesn’t look good, 😅

  • Shubham Gupta
    Shubham Gupta Month ago

    Google should try TV ....would be an better option !

    • Katzelle3
      Katzelle3 29 days ago

      Android TV already exists though...

  • Mateusz Kasprzak
    Mateusz Kasprzak Month ago


  • Nicholas Kathrein
    Nicholas Kathrein Month ago


  • AI XP
    AI XP Month ago +2

    Pisssst hey ....They care about your "PRIVACY"!!

  • MrPod
    MrPod Month ago

    "can recognize your face"... gives me the chills

    • MrPod
      MrPod Month ago

      @Blake B yes, that's exactly what I mean

    • Blake B
      Blake B Month ago

      You mean what FaceID and any other modern smartphone does now, and has for a few years?

  • Vishal Joishy
    Vishal Joishy Month ago

    Useless product

  • Paramesh Subramoni
    Paramesh Subramoni Month ago

    So it's like a inverted tablet

  • Victor Dahlberg
    Victor Dahlberg Month ago +3

    Awesome! Another thing I’ll buy and never use. 😋

  • Mike Manning
    Mike Manning Month ago

    How will video calls work between a phone and a Google Nest Max? What app do I have to have on my iPhone?

    • Flavio Quiroz
      Flavio Quiroz Month ago +1

      Duo app, which is Google's video call app.

  • Allen S
    Allen S Month ago

    And I have the Home Hub, but I didn’t buy it. Got it free at work. I wouldn’t have bought that, either.

  • Allen S
    Allen S Month ago

    Maybe. I don’t really know. I’m disappointed that the Home Hub can’t disarm your alarm system. It should act as a second keypad, but it doesn’t. You can arm your system but having one arming feature without the disarm feature isn’t helpful.

  • Katherine Elizabeth

    I'd definitely get one of these (I have the Home Hub but the fact that this can be a security camera/Duo caller is even better). I have an apartment so I'm limited on what I can install but these can work just as good.

  • Gary lewis
    Gary lewis Month ago


  • Andre Crawford
    Andre Crawford Month ago

    when are google going to put its software into a robot like device like Jibo (RIP)

  • Jason Fan Club
    Jason Fan Club Month ago

    this could be great for small conference rooms.

  • Joko JMC
    Joko JMC Month ago

    FBI and CIA like this device

  • Reinhard Schumacher
    Reinhard Schumacher Month ago +4

    Yes I will be buying a google hub with a 10 inch screen.

  • Claude Crevecoeur
    Claude Crevecoeur Month ago

    I'll wait

  • Daniel Momcilovic
    Daniel Momcilovic Month ago +1

    Spy machine and data collecting device right into your home.

  • Titus
    Titus Month ago

    Can you watch movies on it?

  • itsbiju
    itsbiju Month ago

    Here's hoping those features comes to the Lenovo Smart Display.

  • Linda Cade
    Linda Cade Month ago +2

    I'm waiting until I can use it as an in house replacement for my cell (and use the cell as a "mobile device"). What I'd love to do is have several Google nest hub future-generation devices throughout my home.....kind of like the old landline extensions but with way more features.

  • Paul Howard
    Paul Howard Month ago +35

    The fact that it works as a Nest Cam is reason enough to buy it. Standard Nest cam is still around 200 bucks (overpriced) so at 229, this thing is a Google Home, a smart display, and a security camera all in one

    • Paul Howard
      Paul Howard Month ago

      @Samuel Rodrìguez Torres A Google Home is a speaker.

    • Samuel Rodrìguez Torres
      Samuel Rodrìguez Torres Month ago

      You forgot the speaker part.

    • Cruise Addiction's
      Cruise Addiction's Month ago +3

      I'm buying one for the security feature get you a little shelf in the corner of your house so when you leave on vacation you can put that boy on the shelf and know that your house is protected that's what I'm talking about

  • Cameron Empey
    Cameron Empey Month ago

    I like the raise your hand feature for cooking

  • Pradyumna Kulkarni
    Pradyumna Kulkarni Month ago +2

    say bye-bye to privacy

  • Omar Jimenez
    Omar Jimenez Month ago +3

    Seems solid. Price sounds fair but i would still wait for a sale

  • Peter Lewis
    Peter Lewis Month ago

    Smart phones, too, yep

  • Grayson Carr
    Grayson Carr Month ago +3

    When you say “Turn off the lights”, does it still respond with “Sure thing, turning off seven lights in your living room”, or does Google have a short response mode? Switched to Alexa and not considering Google again until they fix that.

  • JR Richards
    JR Richards Month ago +3

    Not something I would ever use.

  • World Tech
    World Tech Month ago


  • Yordan Montero
    Yordan Montero Month ago

    Hello!!!, i got the old Google Home hub and Google just released the Google Nest hub, is it the same thing just a name change cause of all the brand rename thing or is a brand new product all together?, just to clarify i know the Google Nest hub Max is a new device i’m very well aware of that, talking about the old one.

    • Yordan Montero
      Yordan Montero Month ago

      That's what I thought but wasn't sure, Thank you so much.

    • Ryan Boche
      Ryan Boche Month ago

      Yes, same product new name

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago +1

    Do you think the facematch feature will come in Lenovo smart display ?

    • Jamez
      Jamez Month ago

      I'd say in all honesty, once this comes out, Lenovo will start quietly disappearing from further display features/support. The 10 inch is already dropped so much in price.
      But I would also say don't expect equal features from ANY 3rd party display going forward. Google will be keeping the good stuff for their own product. Less hassle with updates as this isn't based on the OS Wild West that is Android. They actually have full say so with the display os.
      If Google's first hub attempt would've had a 10 inch screen and cam from the get-go, I wouldn't have even bothered with the Lenovo.

    • Ryan Boche
      Ryan Boche Month ago

      Highly unlikely

  • Live Hard or die easy

    Naah, I'm fine with with old style photo frames, a smart speaker and a smart phone

  • Real David Art
    Real David Art Month ago

    ‪So Google shutters “works with nest”, closes their ecosystem, puts faux privacy controls on third parties but not themselves, adds no meaningful iOS controls & no Google Wifi updates. Launching eBay... BYE BYE Google Home & Nest devices‬.

  • Abinash Pal
    Abinash Pal Month ago

    The hand gesture is better than that of LG....

  • Enmanuel Rivera
    Enmanuel Rivera Month ago


  • Liam Yang
    Liam Yang Month ago +3

    So much products released on May 7 2019!

  • Yhitte
    Yhitte Month ago

    Just imagine if someone hacked into the Google data and acquired videos of private sexual behaviour with audio and face recognition. Now he could extort thousands of people at once.

  • juan santana
    juan santana Month ago


  • Lord Ba'al
    Lord Ba'al Month ago

    I can do the same exact thing with a tablet.

    • Doc D
      Doc D Month ago

      Use it as a nest camera?

    • Darin Walker
      Darin Walker Month ago

      Lord Ba'al exactly. Cool tablet bro.

  • Lord Ba'al
    Lord Ba'al Month ago

    It has Miz mode. When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut.

  • Danish AKHTAR
    Danish AKHTAR Month ago +1

    That's how face unlock works!😂😁

  • bosun99uk
    bosun99uk Month ago +1

    Unlike Facebook, Google is a necessity that has to be trusted

  • laroka24
    laroka24 Month ago

    Yes I love Google products

  • shrty
    shrty Month ago

    Shut up and take my money 😍

  • 9719756p
    9719756p Month ago

    So why didn't they add a camera to the smaller version in the first place?

    • Tony Shi
      Tony Shi Month ago

      They want you to put it in your bedroom. They took off the camera so you don’t freak out

  • RonnocRetep
    RonnocRetep Month ago

    Was really hoping for some info on sound quality - Thanks Obama

  • tangerinestorm
    tangerinestorm Month ago +1

    I would buy it if it replaced my nest thermostat as well. Would make so much sense only needs a thermometer!

    • tangerinestorm
      tangerinestorm Month ago

      @Omar Sayyed no I have two nest thermostats with two heat links the thermostats run wirelessly or wired. It would seem a simple matter to create a display that can be hung on the wall or put on a table with a battery backup so you use it instead of the round thermostat. It only has to have the wireless connectivity to the heatlink and a thermometer. Just bizarre I think that Google/nest haven't done this.

    • Omar Sayyed
      Omar Sayyed Month ago

      You need something plugged into the thermostat controls?

  • rob reynolds
    rob reynolds Month ago

    Can't wait to use this along side my other nest cameras. The added addition of the sucurity camera makes it a great purchase.

  • ToLose Georgoudas
    ToLose Georgoudas Month ago

    1:00 blaze it

  • Leo Chan
    Leo Chan Month ago

    Not for $229. I will give you $1.50 for it. Kidding...$150.

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago

      It doesn't even stream Netflix on the screen

  • What's up 44566 Golden

    I will buy it for sure

  • mustard roshi
    mustard roshi Month ago +110

    Since this is a speaker i would like to also know it's audio quality ya know

    • Paul Howard
      Paul Howard Month ago +8

      Ditto. Came here to ask the same question.

  • Cam Life
    Cam Life Month ago +1

    How will this work with my Nest Cam? I didn’t really see anything in this video other than video calls.

    • Ryan Boche
      Ryan Boche Month ago +1

      You will be able to view all your Nest cameras on the Nest Hub Max, plus the built in camera acts as its own Nest security camera

  • Paul Shakeshaft
    Paul Shakeshaft Month ago

    It's taken Google a year to release a bigger version which I've been asking for since the first one came out. The first one is just far too small for most people..

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago

      And wont stream Netflix on the display

  • Richard Mandona
    Richard Mandona Month ago +2

    Google Is This Ultimate Spying Company That Happens To Have a Funny Friendly Name and Is Appealing to Everyone. They'll Offer Chip Implants In The Future to Read Your Thoughts. Imo.

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago

      @Shoaib H. Google stays at home and can be unplugged. Cellphones are with you 24/7 with GPS and a chance where you cant take your battery out.

    • Shoaib H.
      Shoaib H. Month ago

      @847MicRoss lol ikr

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago +1

      Bet you still have a smartphone on you. Same thing

  • Brandon Manzella
    Brandon Manzella Month ago +43

    I'll wait for black Friday.

    • Cruise Addiction's
      Cruise Addiction's Month ago +1

      exactly what I'm doing Black Friday but you got to think that thing is awesome security camera 2

    • RealBlueSteel
      RealBlueSteel Month ago

      I'll wait for this time next year

  • Ted Thomas
    Ted Thomas Month ago +80

    "Google Nest Hub Max" 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • HaiLsKuNkY
      HaiLsKuNkY 21 day ago

      I literally thought it was a nest thermostat display or something.

    • Henny Roggy
      Henny Roggy Month ago

      It's the worst name they could possibly find...

    • Darin Walker
      Darin Walker Month ago +6

      Ted Thomas Windows phone series 7 😝. I found Microsoft’s marketing team!

  • Iron Boobs
    Iron Boobs Month ago

    I was waiting for this! Last year when they unveiled the home hub thingy I was like "cool story, where's the camera?"
    Will definitely be looking into this one, especially with a little one coming to the family and relatives living far away from us.

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago

      Nevermind the camera, it wont play Netflix

  • Axorb
    Axorb Month ago +8

    Oh yeah, i do really want to get someone spying on me when i was sleeping. Yes nice idea Google. I won't buy it.

    • Cruise Addiction's
      Cruise Addiction's Month ago +2

      you're probably one of those guys that don't really know much about tech thinking that the government's looking at you they're coming to get you aliens that's why they got the switch on there to shut the camera off this ain't Facebook buddy we all know Facebook is the creepiest nastiest company out there they got caught looking at people through the camera selling your data and all your privacy that's nasty at least Google has a switch to shut everything off

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago +4

      People say this but still own a smartphone. No difference

    • CloudsLikeThese
      CloudsLikeThese Month ago +8

      They added a physical off switch at the back for both the mic and microphone ya dingus.

  • bluedrangon69
    bluedrangon69 Month ago +3

    pointless device if you already have ipad , tablets.

    • 847MicRoss
      847MicRoss Month ago

      At least those will play Netflix. Google hub does not stream it.