Pretending To Be A Sugar Daddy

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • making a fake sugar daddy account and getting people do really weird things
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  • deshniq
    deshniq 18 hours ago

    The fuckin world is about to end

  • Sloanymaloney
    Sloanymaloney 20 hours ago

    Did will just leak George's face

  • AlfaAddict
    AlfaAddict 3 days ago

    Marco Carola won't be pleased with your Avi choice ;)

  • Kello 2.0
    Kello 2.0 5 days ago

    Human abuse must stop

  • Henrik Eliassen
    Henrik Eliassen 5 days ago

    In the picture he sent, there is his TheXvid «trophy»

  • Crosby Cox
    Crosby Cox 7 days ago

    To be honest the first part made me really sad that disgusted me

  • jenilorenz
    jenilorenz 8 days ago

    Ummm... I thought it was hooker and a john. Thats what it looks like it. Good on the girls for not having to deal with pimps.

  • Shotcam13
    Shotcam13 13 days ago

    age restrictions! My favourite

  • Smecher si frumos
    Smecher si frumos 14 days ago

    O bloody money:)))

  • Issy Offord
    Issy Offord 16 days ago

    10:09 when him talking moved his hair I died

  • Alexander Ruff
    Alexander Ruff 16 days ago

    1:36 Ben Dover on kahoot

  • Daniel Millar
    Daniel Millar 16 days ago +4

    Teacher: you can't feel sounds
    Me: 1:49

  • ButterNutters
    ButterNutters 17 days ago

    i wanna become a sugar baby ;) when i become 19 though

  • S A
    S A 19 days ago +1

    Um I think that dude in the vid was a cash slave not a sugar daddy

  • Maximiliano
    Maximiliano 19 days ago +1

    The old man is a sadist lmao

  • bri schwarz
    bri schwarz 20 days ago +2

    12:28 *BEANS*

  • Long Jack
    Long Jack 20 days ago

    Sick Geordie shirt there!

  • Lewis Wright
    Lewis Wright 20 days ago +4

    TheXvid: Elsa and Spider-Man shagging that advertiser friendly oh what will made some one put hands in beans that is unecseptible

  • Richie Rant
    Richie Rant 20 days ago

    Pathetic excuses of men. They deserve to be humiliated.

  • [insert name here] oki
    [insert name here] oki 22 days ago +24

    I cringed so hard when the old man crawled to the girl with the bag in his mouth.

    Ughhrthrtfvsdhshwdb ewwwww.

    Poor man , arghhh, uyyyuckyyyyy

    • Ness
      Ness 14 days ago +2

      When I saw that I thought the woman was giving the man 1000$ but when he got the money only to count it I almost died from cringeness.

  • little beaner 06
    little beaner 06 26 days ago +29

    Did anyone else notice that first girl was changing the beans

  • ButteyBoy '
    ButteyBoy ' 26 days ago


  • Pussy Slayer Bitches pee
    Pussy Slayer Bitches pee 28 days ago +1

    Nigga u look like Steve

  • top shagger81
    top shagger81 28 days ago

    Alex always gets a dig hahaha a love it.👏👏👏

  • 壊れたd x b r ø k e n

    1:48 i felt the pain just from the sound

  • Jitterz
    Jitterz Month ago

    10:08 wills hot breath lifts alexs hair

  • Scrambled
    Scrambled Month ago

    Bloody hell fella

  • Kxng Jay
    Kxng Jay Month ago

    I FeLt ThAt

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy Month ago

    0:02 Why the Fuck does his Chin Look like a CyberTruck

  • Sparta king Sparta
    Sparta king Sparta Month ago +1


  • TTV JustLuckyKid
    TTV JustLuckyKid Month ago +2


  • Tiana Meador
    Tiana Meador Month ago

    Why is Tammy Hembrow on the thumbnail

  • pedrum humphries
    pedrum humphries Month ago

    0:11 the amount of spit in wills mouth when says this

  • Angale
    Angale Month ago

    I thought you was talking to Tammy lol 😝

  • Riley McDaniel
    Riley McDaniel Month ago

    did no one see Will speak and it blew A
    lex's hair

  • liv parker
    liv parker Month ago

    The first sugar baby Lexi is a catfish lol 😂😂 no wonder she wouldn’t send a video, that’s Tammy Hembrow in the photos

  • Scarlett miller
    Scarlett miller Month ago

    hahahhaha it’s been age restricted 😂😂😂

  • Chantelle Powell
    Chantelle Powell Month ago

    Not really a sugar daddy giving away $10 to random people 😂😂😂

  • tg phoenix7
    tg phoenix7 Month ago

    1:21 She deserves the death sentence

  • oli johnny
    oli johnny Month ago

    Y is this age restricted

  • trinity wendt
    trinity wendt Month ago

    okay so theres a thing called findom. finsubs also known as paypigs, payslaves, human atms , WORSHIP women. women to them are goddesses (the dommes) and they love to give women money basically just for ether no reason or they have women degrade them and call them names and there’s nothing sexual at all. or they want to just have someone to be nice to them and send then money. so the beginning video looked like it was findom, not a sugar daddy. a sugar daddy normally wants nudes and sex and sexual conversations and they are in control and the sugar baby is a sub.

  • lorn
    lorn Month ago

    Finally 18, fuck the alcohol this is my first adult privilege

  • asian tan
    asian tan 2 months ago +2

    I finally saw memeoulous face 😂😂

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 2 months ago

    WTF did I just watch.

  • Jessica Singleton
    Jessica Singleton 2 months ago +2

    I need soap for my eyes after this

  • Saba Jawaid
    Saba Jawaid 2 months ago

    I’m sad I can’t watch this

  • Mike oxlong
    Mike oxlong 2 months ago +3

    8:36 I’m not even taking the piss I think that picture was taken in my house before we moved in

  • SAM YT
    SAM YT 2 months ago

    ugghhhh i want to watch but i’m 15

  • Qwerty Sponge
    Qwerty Sponge 2 months ago

    We love buuuks

  • Karl T
    Karl T 2 months ago

    I fucking love this guy. Us Geordies know how to have a laugh.

  • xXGacha _vidoesXx
    xXGacha _vidoesXx 2 months ago +1

    React to them slave videos hahah

  • Emma Rickerby
    Emma Rickerby 2 months ago

    I crossed my legs

  • wozzaWIN
    wozzaWIN 2 months ago +1

    when i saw the pic of memeulous was excited saw him

    later: NOT REAL

  • Tae Bae
    Tae Bae 2 months ago

    0:36 this is what ppl think is kinky apparently

  • Hercules Stuffy
    Hercules Stuffy 2 months ago


  • Kieran Bennett
    Kieran Bennett 2 months ago

    10:07 damn that’s some wind

  • ・ RileyMxchi ・
    ・ RileyMxchi ・ 2 months ago

    *Give the man a break karen!*

  • Airwaves Animation & Gaming

    9:05 The suite life of Zach and Cody reference i think

  • The Newt vlogs
    The Newt vlogs 3 months ago


  • The Newt vlogs
    The Newt vlogs 3 months ago

    11:oo memeuouse with out his mask on