FaZe Sway vs FaZe Mongraal

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Intro Song: thexvid.com/video/kH0ki5y5g8c/video.html
    Twitter: FaZeSway
    Instagram: fazesway
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  • FaZe Sway
    FaZe Sway  6 months ago +5731

    Mongraal is bootcamping in NYC so we was both on 0 ping.

  • Lovely Smiley
    Lovely Smiley 12 hours ago

    Did y’all realize that mongraal is breathing hella hard

  • Sup its with zidan arafa minecrafter

    Faze sway vs bugha next?

  • blue.
    blue. Day ago

    not a single soul:
    mongraals mic: max volume CLICK CLIC CLATX WDNIPCNKCXMQX

  • James Wright
    James Wright Day ago

    Is it mongral or Mongrol

  • FN- 223
    FN- 223 2 days ago

    I’m a bot compared to them

  • ima duck
    ima duck 2 days ago

    They need a rematch

  • عباس سلمان
    عباس سلمان 2 days ago

    حط دس لايك مايستاهل

  • ワロ谷園の麻婆春雨


  • To Ja. :3
    To Ja. :3 4 days ago

    Sway is very Good in building but he have got auto aim

  • Sneakzy22 gr
    Sneakzy22 gr 4 days ago

    Sooo controller is better than keyboard and mouse

  • Teeventrah Kumarason


  • Stanley Pines
    Stanley Pines 5 days ago

    He Flex so much this makes me aggressive

  • Andrea Castro
    Andrea Castro 5 days ago


  • Asfualt
    Asfualt 5 days ago

    Mongraal is so bad.

  • ClipsUsesAimbot
    ClipsUsesAimbot 6 days ago

    Who else got kicked off his stream and came here

  • Derek Rodriguez
    Derek Rodriguez 6 days ago


  • Sultan Ali
    Sultan Ali 6 days ago

    Can you do a tutorial video teaching us how to do trick to re gain high ground

  • Jack Stone
    Jack Stone 6 days ago

    Sway and mongraal : Ok let's just do a sweaty 1v1
    Faze k :HOOLLLLLY

  • Dat1kid25
    Dat1kid25 6 days ago


  • Gen Voidz
    Gen Voidz 6 days ago +1

    Is that faze Jay in the background? HOOOOOLLLY

  • SwErV Jamir
    SwErV Jamir 6 days ago

    It’s amazing how you learn to build that good

  • M_DARK125
    M_DARK125 6 days ago

    How win?

  • FLNLxDriZzy
    FLNLxDriZzy 6 days ago

    What a pro!!!!

  • Exotic Playz
    Exotic Playz 6 days ago +1

    Sway: loses high ground

    His controller: now now we can talk about this

  • Little_ yadi
    Little_ yadi 7 days ago

    Watch Little_yadi on TheXvid I make Fortnite montage

  • JR Animations
    JR Animations 8 days ago +3

    6:46 my friend gets so triggered...

  • Camden Kennedy
    Camden Kennedy 8 days ago +1

    4:50 IS FAZE SWAY XXXTENTACION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beth Bene
    Beth Bene 9 days ago


  • Depredadorxxx 800
    Depredadorxxx 800 9 days ago


  • Felipe
    Felipe 9 days ago

    algum br aki

  • Yayito
    Yayito 9 days ago +2


  • broke boys
    broke boys 10 days ago +1

    Kay is eating chips and is insane in the background

  • Aaron Rustrian
    Aaron Rustrian 10 days ago +1

    Así jugaba yo pero me chingue la rodilla

  • Ssk8boy 123
    Ssk8boy 123 10 days ago

    If feel like your going easy on him

  • Marc ramondo
    Marc ramondo 11 days ago

    How do you even get to this point I can barely edit a wall

  • Ouanis Noun
    Ouanis Noun 11 days ago


  • prodanyboy
    prodanyboy 12 days ago +1

    0:43 “FaZe”Kay never missing ._.

  • Jakob Wern
    Jakob Wern 12 days ago

    FAZE Sway vs bugha

  • Jonas Höller
    Jonas Höller 12 days ago

    He got fucked by Controller 😂😂

  • piracinacle
    piracinacle 12 days ago

    Mongraal said no boxing up yet thats what he did most of the fight

  • Gatomg
    Gatomg 12 days ago

    Kay: BrO ThAtS InsANE!!!

  • Vx Cash
    Vx Cash 13 days ago

    All you hear is holly what is going on

  • Diegosm911
    Diegosm911 14 days ago

    All he wanted was for moongral to have the height to swayy I would make his retakes

  • Fernanda González
    Fernanda González 14 days ago +1

    Alguien español

  • Brien hobbs
    Brien hobbs 14 days ago +20

    Sway:looses high ground
    Controller: ah sh*t here we go again

  • Shade EU
    Shade EU 14 days ago

    Faze sweat vs faze sweat good content

  • Ali XD
    Ali XD 14 days ago +1

    I refuse to accept that sway is better I like mongraal more

  • Monkey_man3.0 Xd
    Monkey_man3.0 Xd 15 days ago

    Mongraal was actually struggling 😳 dang...

  • FlayzFN
    FlayzFN 15 days ago


  • Raad Senam
    Raad Senam 15 days ago

    I never saw monagraal that bad in front of the best builder in the game, lol

  • Penerated Arrow
    Penerated Arrow 16 days ago

    1v1 me in black ops 3 then😂

  • Wavy Vybz
    Wavy Vybz 16 days ago


    • dave leo
      dave leo 14 days ago

      @Tasos Petalidis 4 sure but console have lot of tryhard players even with the pc advantage

    • Tasos Petalidis
      Tasos Petalidis 14 days ago

      @dave leo no ps4 have delay and on pc 90s btw is So ez and the edits is ezzzz and pc have sway mongraal and more

    • dave leo
      dave leo 14 days ago

      @Tasos Petalidis a lot of ps4 players r better players than pc players nowadays

    • Tasos Petalidis
      Tasos Petalidis 16 days ago

      The ps4 is 30 fps 150 Ping trash sound and pc is the sway sway sway is the Best in pc ps4 is bots

  • Taha 54
    Taha 54 16 days ago

    Its funny when sway says ooohhhhh

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez 16 days ago

    FaZe away is the god

  • つーくんだお
    つーくんだお 17 days ago


  • Andy Yuan
    Andy Yuan 17 days ago

    Sway u need to add me and teach me your retakes

  • Binesh Bhujel
    Binesh Bhujel 17 days ago +1

    Who thinks faze sway is the god

  • Hyers Holland
    Hyers Holland 18 days ago +2

    Sway builds so fast you can’t even tell what he is doing