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  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
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  • Black Shaman
    Black Shaman  4 months ago +862

    Artist: Nirvana
    Album: Nevermind
    Label: Geffen/Sub Pop
    Year: 1991
    00:00 Smells Like Teen Spirit
    05:00 In Bloom
    09:15 Come as You Are
    12:54 Breed
    15:58 Lithium
    20:15 Polly
    23:12 Territorial Pissings
    25:36 Drain You
    29:19 Lounge Act
    31:56 Stay Away
    35:28 On a Plain
    38:45 Something in the Way
    42:40 Endless, Nameless

  • Nirvana bleach
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  • Antom MacGuire
    Antom MacGuire 15 hours ago

    Irgendein deutscher hier?

  • Andre Kluiters
    Andre Kluiters Day ago +4

    Damn 25 years is a lifetime ago! Still going strong! R.I.P. Kurt.
    Thanks for your music!

  • Skid Mark
    Skid Mark Day ago +2

    This album cover used to confuse me as a child

    • Paula Kean
      Paula Kean 39 minutes ago

      what does it mean to you now?

  • Moreton77 Mansley

    In Bloom is still my least faviroute track. I don't dislike it, I just prefer every other Nirvana track.

  • Moreton77 Mansley
    Moreton77 Mansley Day ago +5

    It still sends goose bumps when I hear that opening . Takes me right back to when I first heard it on a tape my friend made for me.

  • racik90
    racik90 2 days ago

    970 dislike 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻aiman tino fans.. 😂 😂 😂

    SECOND SHIFT 3 days ago +1

    My kid got a Nirvana shirt.. he thought it was a meme, didnt know anything about the band. I made him listen to this. haha

  • Wolfgang Auer
    Wolfgang Auer 3 days ago

    Zu viel Werbung höre ich mir nicht mehr an !!!!!

  • itsjustdubz
    itsjustdubz 3 days ago +1

    Thanks Kurt. I owe you

  • Mark Barley
    Mark Barley 4 days ago +9

    The album that got me through school 🤘🏻.

  • joao pedro neves neto

    The book on the tablet. brasil

  • Norma Gimenez
    Norma Gimenez 4 days ago +1

    Lo escuche en el 91 y nolo puedo creer todavia. Increible perfeccion de lo imperfecto. Gracias. Kurt.

  • Sandro Vise
    Sandro Vise 4 days ago

    Il suono inconfondibile della libertà rock roll

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 5 days ago

    Sacrificaria todos los reguetoneros por regresar a Kurt Cobain

  • matt brewster
    matt brewster 5 days ago +6

    24:30-24:40 that guitar bridge is ten seconds of magic. It’s very subtle but so good!

  • Felipe dos santos
    Felipe dos santos 6 days ago +2

    Ótimo álbum perfeito saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

    • atualissima moda fitness
      atualissima moda fitness 5 days ago

      se você está falando de escutar uma musica, é só colocar ela e escutar e o tempo volta...

  • Antonio Javier Vega Santana


  • Cleber Binhard
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  • Mark Ian S. Castro
    Mark Ian S. Castro 8 days ago

    Keep calm its grunge..

  • dale hubbs
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  • Mariineee Grrvv
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  • Victor Morales
    Victor Morales 10 days ago

    90' y escuchar esto en tu adolescencia era como tener Una pieza de arte incomparable de gran calidad y alta pureza,en medio de toda la mierda más putrida de la sociedad la voz angelical de Kurt era un salvavidas

  • Emperor1976
    Emperor1976 10 days ago

    This makes me remember my adolescence with my partners in crime at school. Ohh, that days...!!!

  • 古賀伸広
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    • 古賀伸広
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    • Jendrix Curt
      Jendrix Curt 7 days ago

      Puto el que lo lea

  • Paulo Jardel
    Paulo Jardel 11 days ago +1

    Nirvana pra sempre✌✌✌✌

  • Gio Perdomo
    Gio Perdomo 11 days ago

    That's wy they called

  • Lola Colombier
    Lola Colombier 11 days ago +30

    We love You Kurt ❤❤❤💋😳😫

  • xBlueWolf
    xBlueWolf 11 days ago

    Not a song on this (or any other) Nirvana album is bad.

  • Bintang Dimastya
    Bintang Dimastya 12 days ago +2


  • Duarte Jones
    Duarte Jones 13 days ago

    Sorry but bleach blow this out of da water

  • Marty martz
    Marty martz 13 days ago +7

    Best grunge album ever... 10/10

  • Mr3r4omo Touil
    Mr3r4omo Touil 13 days ago

    Ça te fout la chair de poule

  • martyn D
    martyn D 14 days ago


  • Diino Pruden
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  • Glen 1n
    Glen 1n 14 days ago

    Broke the mould when Nirvana were formed. (NIRVANA) a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self. The subject is released from the effects of karma, and the cycle of death and rebirth. Rest in peace Kurt.....X......

  • Usat
    Usat 14 days ago +1

    Grunge never die

  • rock universe
    rock universe 14 days ago +4

    yeah I always listen rock music's I listen nirvana
    I go to L.A. the world the universe

  • bayu ma
    bayu ma 15 days ago

    Oke nirvana

  • veerachart sutthiprapar
    veerachart sutthiprapar 15 days ago +1

    Great Legend

  • cindy leblanc
    cindy leblanc 16 days ago +1

    ca cest de la vraie musique aucune voix modifié par les ordinateurs du vrai beat comme je laime

  • Ramiro González
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  • Ramiro González
    Ramiro González 16 days ago +1

    Para muchos los que nacimos en la misma época o después y no pudimos vivirla en su momento de gloria, este disco fue fundamental para entrar al mundo del rock alternativo de los 90. Así conocí y amé a AIC, PJ, STP, SG, FNM, Hole, etc...

  • singha 2530
    singha 2530 16 days ago


  • Tomasz Prokop
    Tomasz Prokop 16 days ago +1

    truth cover in security

  • Helloiza Marques
    Helloiza Marques 16 days ago

    Caralho 🤐🤐🤐😱

  • ベホイミ
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  • GGS Varks
    GGS Varks 17 days ago +1

    Smells like teen spirit 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Utilitariste Gaulois
    Utilitariste Gaulois 17 days ago

    When i was young ...pffffff

  • Jinke27 Koll
    Jinke27 Koll 18 days ago

    Курт крут!

  • dbspaceoditty
    dbspaceoditty 18 days ago

    as an adult, you realize how much dave groll was nirvana.

  • Davide Steduto
    Davide Steduto 18 days ago +2


  • Melly Liana
    Melly Liana 19 days ago +3

    The Real 90's

  • Brough Jidus
    Brough Jidus 19 days ago +4

    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva 20 days ago

    som imortal

    DJ PLAY 20 days ago +2

    Perfect in every way

  • Joseph Davis
    Joseph Davis 20 days ago

    R.I.P. mY friend
    ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )

  • NORIVAL Marques
    NORIVAL Marques 20 days ago

    Cd top

  • Paul Burke
    Paul Burke 21 day ago +13

    I don't remember the first time I heard Nirvana.. but I know that lyrically it was refreshing, poetic.. I tried to see them in concert but was disallowed by my mother.. I remember i told her it would be the last time I'd have a chance.. she said it wouldn't be.. I told her he'd be dead before I'd get another chance.. she told me it was nonsense... But I came home one day after school and she told me he was dead... Things are stranger than ever.. now I have to avoid listening to my head voices.. it's depressing

    • Paul Burke
      Paul Burke 15 days ago

      @josue alves well... I say that for me, personally it was detrimentally impacting.... I haphazardly spiralled into a fairly reckless state of self doubt, negation, alcoholism and just divergence that I have undoubtedly not recovered FROM..... And in the end I see Kurt Cobain as a murderer with no respect or life.. and feel foolish all awhile ridiculous for having held the image of him in such irrational regards.. but I think that was his ending message... "I am just a man not Worthy of idolatry... I believe he found great discomfort in fame... And he was correct... People seem to act in a blasphemous way when it comes to celebrities.. I think he saw his murder of his self to be a statement that served him well.. considering how perplexed he was by life in general.... I also believe that had he never impregnated Courtney love he'd have been less burdened... His view on existence was so problematic to what he ended up participating in via fatherhood... I personally share the same dissonance... I do not want to be responsible for new life... But.. I'd find great satisfaction in acting as a Foster parent or friend to a child... I think he probably knew that he didn't want to father a child but in trying to also give normal life a try he did... And his beliefs just took over and matter how he tried, or could try.. his mentality and understandings of new life just burdened his spirit... In reality.. he may have been better off not being a father.. I think giving in to the norm was a risk he really wanted to ignore but ignoring it would mean or equate to what some see as strange... Trying to love one woman is hard when she wants to be a mother.. I've been there... How do you love one when they want more than already is.. when to make another means to force one to be.. to manifest what does not exist only to exist.. and for who??? She??? me??? There doesn't need to be.. and to be means to be here which isn't all its car Ked up to be in all honesty.... Conceived, then pushed out to be cut from the womb.. our beginning are deceiving, the result is suffering, deceived... And only few are born into lives that can be lived with ease... To suggest that life is hard, full of suffering, struggle and indifference is to know why creating new life is redundant, insane and done so without compassion.. either for the life you bring or the lives it can never truly help escape the transcendent cyclical habitualism and esoteric negation....

    • josue alves
      josue alves 15 days ago

      Man, I think it's sad :\

    • Aleš
      Aleš 16 days ago

      lol, wtf xD

  • little mama
    little mama 21 day ago +3

    My mate just bought this album..only to find his cd player has packed in when we got home..out came the bottom lip😆😬😂so onto my TheXvid..and his stereo got Bluetooth...thank you ..beers and nirvana..and I am 54 and he is 57..oi ..forever young

  • Júlio Rennó
    Júlio Rennó 21 day ago

    Grande banda

  • Darek Demecki
    Darek Demecki 21 day ago

    GREAT 4 EVER!!!...

  • Gagy
    Gagy 21 day ago +8

    One of the greatest albums ever made.

  • Sebastián Santillan
    Sebastián Santillan 21 day ago +7

    Cuando los planetas se alinean sucede esto. A disfrutar siempre de este disco!!!!!

  • Krvinka Červená
    Krvinka Červená 21 day ago +2

    Love this ! 💓

  • Billy Mercury
    Billy Mercury 22 days ago +6

    The album that destroyed Glam Metal and changed the face of Metal N Rock Forever.

    • savvas katir
      savvas katir 7 days ago +1

      Το οτι εισαι μικρος και ακους αυτα τα αλμπουμ ειναι σπουδαιο φιλε μου. Μπραβο σου.

    • Kostas Firippidis
      Kostas Firippidis 7 days ago +1

      @savvas katir εντάξει, εγώ είμαι και λίγο μικρός, δεν τα έζησα, αλλά ναι

    • savvas katir
      savvas katir 7 days ago +1

      Ετσι ακριβως αδελφε μου Κωστα.
      Τι αλμπουμαρα, τι μπανταρα, τι ωραιες εποχες τοτε..

    • Kostas Firippidis
      Kostas Firippidis 12 days ago +1

      I'd say the album that destroyed glam metal is cowboys from hell

    • Elías MG
      Elías MG 21 day ago

      Can't say we really miss Mötley Crüe or Def Leppard so... good for us I guess

  • Максим Гусаров

    С этого альбома началось мое знакомство с рок-культурой

  • Carlos Sanjur
    Carlos Sanjur 22 days ago

    Nirvana forever

  • Laia Quinquillà Bonell
    Laia Quinquillà Bonell 22 days ago +2


  • Poincot Philippe
    Poincot Philippe 22 days ago


  • Xavier GOSTANIAN
    Xavier GOSTANIAN 22 days ago +1

    Un putain de rythme entrainant !!!

  • Miss van Vreden
    Miss van Vreden 22 days ago

    Now that makes some sense haahaha dead people live because of Nirvana. Just kiddin now country boy, no shots no know though man shots and they think immediate know so whatever. We're free. I'm not a fan, haven't been, but when I was 15 something terrible happened to my guitar and it happened to be that the mystery man behind his so strumming more of strums guitar that I discovered later (because I didn't notice in the live show on my computer) has 5 strings! Though Kurt Cobain, you were the poster back then- On my wall. I love you man. I hope you are doing well.

  • Anthony Moss
    Anthony Moss 23 days ago +7

    Even if you are not a fan of Grunge but like other Rock genres then you should own this album at least - By law !!!!
    All killer and no filler., Amen.

  • Nikki Benz
    Nikki Benz 23 days ago


  • Irfan Mastur
    Irfan Mastur 23 days ago

    Nirvana legendaris

  • Svetlana Gorobets
    Svetlana Gorobets 23 days ago

    Моя молодость!🤘

  • Adriana Manoel
    Adriana Manoel 24 days ago +7

    😱♥️👏👏👏👏amo de paixão Nirvana , umas das melhores bandas de rock dos anos 80 ,90 e nos dias de hoje! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • luiz guilherme moreira sales
      luiz guilherme moreira sales 22 days ago

      hoje em dia não existe mais bandas como essa

    • Mathcartney
      Mathcartney 22 days ago

      Tem muita coisa boa hoje em dia ainda, basta procurar... basement, title fight e violent soho são bandas atuais que fazem show inclusive no Brasil e são fortemente influenciadas pelo nirvana e pela década de 90...

    • Adriana Manoel
      Adriana Manoel 23 days ago

      @isabela policarpo é verdade mesmo! E quem teve o prazer de conhecer as bandas de rocks daquela época não esquece jamais , só coisa boa ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Gabriel Morais
    Gabriel Morais 24 days ago +7

    quando ouvi esse albúm era moleque...comprei em uma banca de cds gravados falsificados kkk profissao quase extinta hj

  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner 24 days ago


  • 이민
    이민 24 days ago +2

    고마워요 오랜만에 들어보네요

  • Doug Peterson
    Doug Peterson 24 days ago +1


  • Edu Alves
    Edu Alves 25 days ago +1

    Cara, a galera se reunia com um ou dois violão e puxava um som do Nirvana.. tempo bom. O melhor CD deles.. tempo bom. P.Q.P que saudades.👍👍👊

  • Bar Dns
    Bar Dns 25 days ago +1

    again ; again and again a legend

  • Eskorbuto Demente
    Eskorbuto Demente 25 days ago


  • Leo Filho
    Leo Filho 25 days ago

    MT BOM

  • Syklone
    Syklone 25 days ago +8

    Music snobs like to shit on this album because it's popular. They do the same with Metallica's black album, but there's a reason why they sold so well - it's becasue they are good.

  • Zeynep Akgöl
    Zeynep Akgöl 26 days ago +3

    🤩🤩🤩🍻 wow ! thanks a lot. ♡♡

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 26 days ago

    Self high five

  • Add Yourname
    Add Yourname 26 days ago +14

    As a synesthete, the bassline to Come As You Are is blue warm water. Just the best feeling. E: apparently the thing I meant to reference is a chorus pedal. Thanks moo! (although I am not a man :>)

    • moo
      moo 15 days ago

      Add Yourname no problem!!

    • the alt-flight.
      the alt-flight. 21 day ago

      @Add Yourname very cool to hear that, I have to imbibe large amounts of mushrooms so see sounds. Thanks for answering my question!

    • Add Yourname
      Add Yourname 21 day ago +1

      the alt-flight. I’d never heard this one so I looked it up. It’s orange and spiky, lol. The vocals are brown.

    • the alt-flight.
      the alt-flight. 23 days ago +1

      As a synesthete, how does Endless Nameless sound to you? For me it's pue bliss.

    • Pipin Pasha
      Pipin Pasha 24 days ago

      Grug'a never meid

  • Alex Regalado
    Alex Regalado 26 days ago +20

    Best Nirvana 🖤 \m/

  • Rob Madrigal
    Rob Madrigal 27 days ago +31

    The band that destroyed the 80's hair bands and changed the music of early 90's with the other Seattle bands. That's why Axel was pissed in 1992. 😆

    • Muhammad Azzam
      Muhammad Azzam 16 days ago +1

      Nope you're wrong. Axl was a big fans of nirvana , he want nirvana to played in GnR concert as the opening band. Surprisingly Kurt refuse and insult GnR...

    • the alt-flight.
      the alt-flight. 22 days ago +2

      @Rob Madrigal Axl still wanted Nirvana to play at his birthday party though, and got really pissed when they refused. I think he recognized superior talent.

    • MsRadar23
      MsRadar23 23 days ago +1

      ya it was especially evident during the vmas in 92, they almost got into a scrap

    • Rob Madrigal
      Rob Madrigal 23 days ago +3

      Axel hated Kurt Kobain and in one of Guns and Roses concerts Axel tells audience that Kurt Kobain was bringing in something called alternative rock and realized that the new Seattle sound was a threat to all the 80s hair bands of that time and I'm sure their sales in records weren't doing as well by the early 90's. So that's why I said Axel was pissed at Kurt Kobain. Axel never mentioned Pearl Jam or Soundgarden. Beef was with Kurt who was huge by 1992. Just being specific about Axel's anger towards Nirvana.

  • Sugeth Monstrax
    Sugeth Monstrax 27 days ago


  • Mira Tudo
    Mira Tudo 28 days ago +11

    Something in the way 🎶🙌

  • rodrigo nevaril
    rodrigo nevaril 28 days ago +4

    forever nirvana kurt nevermind yeeeaaaa aguante

  • icgeorge
    icgeorge 28 days ago +2

    those were the days

  • All Been
    All Been 28 days ago +14

    simple and amazing music, i Love it

    • Jan Lewandowski
      Jan Lewandowski 13 days ago

      Duuude, Nirvana songs are against appearances really complex and sophisticated musically, watch Rick Beato's "What makes this song great" series, the Nirvana episodes

  • Gaetan Bellavia
    Gaetan Bellavia 28 days ago

    Kurt cobain tu me manques et ta musique aussi top album une production david geffen records

  • Muhamad Absori
    Muhamad Absori 28 days ago


  • jose2883 pv
    jose2883 pv 28 days ago +3

    keep the good music please!