• Published on Jul 14, 2018
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  • E McCarthy
    E McCarthy Year ago +1

    Bloody mcdonalds always the same, coffee machine broke in my local mcd for 2 weeks. The latest is queing in drive through and they say the card machine is broken and you cant get out Bugs me

  • Nieve Hermione
    Nieve Hermione Year ago +1

    Omg I’m craving a McDonald’s right now ahha. You need to do this again! Possibly with poppy controlling your day because that would be so funny.
    My instagram is @nieve.hermione
    My Twitter is @nievehermionee
    So exited for tomorrows vlog and to find out who wins the picture :) x

  • Katie Connolly
    Katie Connolly Year ago +1

    Instagram @katieconnollly ❤️ love your videos Alfie x 💓💕🌸

  • Thomas J
    Thomas J Year ago +1

    Instagram- Thomas.Jimm (I’m from New York!)

  • thejellybeans92
    thejellybeans92 Year ago

    My instagram @jellybeansbear

  • MissKimberleyJ
    MissKimberleyJ Year ago

    I want a Nala cuddle

  • Temika Perica
    Temika Perica Year ago

    Instagram: classictemm

  • Viviana R
    Viviana R Year ago +1

    instagram: @vivianaaa_rb
    twitter: @vviviana_r

  • P J
    P J Year ago +1

    The last bit had me laughing so much my belly hurts 😆

  • Megan Tracey
    Megan Tracey Year ago

    awww you seem so genuine and kind when you run into fans, that’s so nice to see 😊

  • Chloe Crampton
    Chloe Crampton Year ago

    Where Zoe get he top from?

  • Sarah Frenette
    Sarah Frenette Year ago

    twitter: @sar_fre

  • Catla 87
    Catla 87 Year ago +1

    Instagram @catla87 😆

  • Georgia Ivey
    Georgia Ivey Year ago

    @georgiaiveyx instagram xx

  • Emma O’Brien
    Emma O’Brien Year ago

    When is Zalfie Sims coming out? Can’t wait!

  • Emma O’Brien
    Emma O’Brien Year ago

    Hi Alfie my instagram is @emmaobrien26 I’d love for you to send me the drawing! It is so cool!

  • ellieeearnold
    ellieeearnold Year ago

    I preordered in Australia but I’m not sure if it’s signed..

  • Ellie Pearce
    Ellie Pearce Year ago

    Instagram @elliepearce2001 x

  • Holly Cuthbert
    Holly Cuthbert Year ago

    Instagram 📸 : @hollycuthbert128 xx

  • Ella Earle
    Ella Earle Year ago

    Instagram- @ellaearle01love your videos and content! :)

  • IrishShyGirl
    IrishShyGirl Year ago +1

    Lol, Zoe needs to do a full leg next time!! - My Twitter: @ IrishShyGirl

  • Emily wilson
    Emily wilson Year ago

    Emry22 ☺️☺️❤️

  • The Adventures of Cols & Sandy


  • Aurora Sandberg
    Aurora Sandberg Year ago

    Instagram : AuroraSandberg 💗

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner Year ago

    Hi Alfie I’m subscribed to all of your channels, my instagram name is little_amyyxo you help me trough the hardest of times. Btw my white hoodie came the other day and I love it!! #DOYOURFUTURESELFAFAVOURANDWORKHARDTODAY!! Love you Alfie from Scotland!! 💙💙💙💙💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (also gave the video a thumbs up) xxx

  • daniela prego
    daniela prego Year ago

    insta: @dani.prego watching from argentina! MASSIVE thumbs up for this video, made me laugh a looooot.

  • Taylor Szymaniak
    Taylor Szymaniak Year ago

    @TSzymaniak on twitter.

  • Ruth Walker
    Ruth Walker Year ago

    yo Alfie love your videos and would also love the charicature please my Instagram is rjw13_star thank you for making these videos and bringing me happiness and enjoyment evry few days :)

  • Jennifer FM
    Jennifer FM Year ago


  • Ciara Shortall
    Ciara Shortall Year ago

    My Instagram is: ciarashortall_x btw I love u x

  • Libby Ellis
    Libby Ellis Year ago

    Please do the video with the baby's soon

  • Libby Ellis
    Libby Ellis Year ago

    Please do the video with the baby's soon

  • Marie Sintes
    Marie Sintes Year ago

    Been watching your vlogs for 5 years but i just love them even more at the moment ❤️

  • Emma O’Brien
    Emma O’Brien Year ago

    Ngl I’d actually love to know Nana’s measurements...HAHAHA!

  • Ian Robinson
    Ian Robinson Year ago

    @ianmirandasings twitter and insta

  • Alyssa Stack
    Alyssa Stack Year ago +9

    Zoe and Holly laughing and Alfie’s face cracked me up 😂😂

  • Filipe Correia
    Filipe Correia Year ago

    Instagram: @falaipe

  • Heather Abi-Marie

    Twitter and instagram is the same @heatherabi8765

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    Rally Vids Year ago

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    rachel lillyamn Year ago

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  • CJ Johnson
    CJ Johnson Year ago


  • Hannah Kate
    Hannah Kate Year ago

    Does Zoe know what a or b is

  • LeiaXoxo
    LeiaXoxo Year ago +1

    Loved this video, it was so funny how Zoe Just walked out at the end without saying anything 😂 My Instagram: @l.eia.s xx

  • Rick Hermans
    Rick Hermans Year ago

    Instagram @rickhermans
    Twitter @Rick9979887209
    Notification Squad, i love youre video’s alfie !!

  • Paola Styles
    Paola Styles Year ago

    My insta is @hodajuci_gps and my twitter is @paolab_love1d

  • Emmy Perry
    Emmy Perry Year ago

    I find it so nice that Alfie used that buskers track for the montage😍

  • freya butcher
    freya butcher Year ago

    When are you doing the baby challenge with Zoe ?

  • Becki davis
    Becki davis Year ago +2

    Are you sure Nala wasn’t having her period?

  • Sophie Geppert
    Sophie Geppert Year ago

    My twitter is @sophieegeppert

  • Olivia S
    Olivia S Year ago

    When r u doing the baby video Alfie ??xx

  • Katy Ferris
    Katy Ferris Year ago

    Katyferris99 on both twitter and Instagram

  • Jessica Haggard
    Jessica Haggard Year ago

    Would love the caricature my insta is jessica_haggard great vid btw 💖

  • #Disney Fan
    #Disney Fan Year ago +3

    At 15:13 I feel like the girls behind him were wanting to all for an autograph or picture but weren't sure where they should!

  • Alley Mitchell
    Alley Mitchell Year ago

    Loved the video Alfie! Insta is @alleymitchell93

  • Martyna T
    Martyna T Year ago

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    Monica Wittrock Year ago

    My insta is: moniwittrock :) love your videos!

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    Lottie K Year ago

    my instagram is @lottiekellyyy 💗