I Paid Fiverr to Day Trade for Me

  • Published on Apr 23, 2020
  • I Paid Fiverr to Day Trade for Me
    Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 | My Story:
    In this video I do an experiment where I buy Forex day trading signals on Fiverr and then test them out. I tried two different Forex signals providers for a little over a week and was actually surprised with the results. I may continue using these Forex signals to get a better idea of how they work and gather more conclusive data. This video is not investing or day trading advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. I am not affiliated with the Fiverr sellers in this video.

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  • Biaheza
    Biaheza  2 years ago +3180

    new trade signal just came in:
    scroll up: smash like
    no stop loss
    no limit

  • Rahul Bhuyan
    Rahul Bhuyan 2 years ago +2770

    If they were right 98% of the time.they would be busy making millions themselves by trading and not selling signals on fiverr...JUST MY OPINION

    • Kadir Bkm
      Kadir Bkm Month ago

      268 People X 50$ = 13400$ PER MONTH IT IS NOT BAD BRO

    • ODDITY
      ODDITY 3 months ago

      Yes exactly

    • CuntfromYoutube
      CuntfromYoutube 5 months ago

      For trading stocks/crypto others follow your trades, is beneficial to your position.

    • Laughing Out Loud
      Laughing Out Loud Year ago

      98% is easy with a 50:1 stop loss 😂

    • Orion Free
      Orion Free Year ago

      They are though fiver is just more revenue on top of what they are already doing. He’s charging for skemthkng he is already sling himself... don’t you see?

  • Malik Lanier
    Malik Lanier 23 minutes ago +6

    Thanks so much for this video, I'm nearly 32 trying to understand the market, I spent about 8 hours just on this video, taking notes and trying to get at least beginners knowledge, and I have to say that out of all the videos I watched, this one helped the most.

    • Kelly White
      Kelly White 3 minutes ago

      Then, how can someone get a professional manager that is trustworthy and legit they are hard to find this days

    • Clarissa Strosin
      Clarissa Strosin 11 minutes ago

      Trading with an expert is the best strategy for newbies and busy investors who have little or no time to monitor trade

    • Samy Young
      Samy Young 19 minutes ago

      I have incurred so much losses trading on my own..I trade well on demo. But I think the real market is manipulated. Can anyone help me out or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong

  • AlgoGen
    AlgoGen 2 years ago +12

    Great stuff - good to see someone exploring the trading world and documenting what works and doesn't work. Have you thought about trying algorithmic trading?

  • Ben Skipper
    Ben Skipper 2 years ago +687

    The second selller seems to know his stuff hope you keep using his signals for a while I wanna know if he keeps up that amazing win streak !

    • Aman Deep Bishnoi
      Aman Deep Bishnoi 8 months ago

      @Andre G can you please give second guy lik or add me to your discord?

    • Mark Thompson
      Mark Thompson Year ago

      I wouldent trade a signal from anyone who doesnt give you a take profit and stop loss with the signal

    • Jonathan Munoz
      Jonathan Munoz Year ago

      Andre G did you ever get that link? I would really really appreciate the help

  • Dada 379
    Dada 379 2 years ago +7

    If you're going to buy signals, make sure they can provide you with monthly/yearly historical record of their signal's performance. It's the first time I heard that Fiverr offers stuff like this.

  • Visualbree
    Visualbree 2 years ago +178

    This kiddo out here doing the most and encouraging people to trade and make money. I LOVE THIS KID
    we need more like you

    • Chris
      Chris Month ago +1

      @Sandro Maspindzelashvili 💀💀💀

    • Sandro Maspindzelashvili
      Sandro Maspindzelashvili 6 months ago +4

      What about me? I also think people should make money.
      You guys never think about me!

  • Karen Foo
    Karen Foo Year ago +54

    I'm proud to see someone so young this success. Thank you for your content!

    • D218
      D218 9 months ago

      @Naomi Mendoza Bot

  • Jonna
    Jonna 4 months ago +2

    Great video, love how much effort you put in to these videos!!

  • Cody David
    Cody David 2 years ago +31

    When you’re thinking about becoming a trader, it make sense to follow this same principle in Forex and CFD market. The lesson is clear; a trader doesn’t have to make lots of trades to be successful, they just need to make the correct trades and with the help of a professional trader this can be achieved.

    • Charlotte Garrett
      Charlotte Garrett 2 years ago +1

      Investment has never been so profitable to me. I guess the key to manoeuvre the market is to find a portfolio with high return commodities. I've been able to grow my SSI income from investing in well developed managerial portfolio and I've accumulated over $300k in the past few months.

    • Ella - May Wilkes
      Ella - May Wilkes 2 years ago +1

      hi there her foundation is built on lucrative features. I’m impressed with your choice of investment!

    • Aran Hodge
      Aran Hodge 2 years ago +2

      True Cody , Educated people hires pros in this particular field for advise. It an eye opening for me and I have been able to embrace the fact. It is total a waste of my time doing something yourself when some professional will handle your trades the right way and generate more income

    • Michael Carter
      Michael Carter 2 years ago +2

      When you think of investing, you probably think of forex/stock market and rightly so. I invest in the market because of it best rewards, there are few active brokers that one can use to simplify the process and make great remunerative success.

  • anthonygrayny
    anthonygrayny 2 years ago +9

    This was an awesome video, tons of value that isn’t normally covered 👏🏻 Throw a like if you agree 💯

  • Runey876
    Runey876 2 years ago +5

    Awesome vid! You should definitely keep this going, and review different signal providers from Fiverr.

    G HAPPY Year ago +428

    It's safe to say that Fiverr can change their name now since just about EVERYBODY charges more than $5

    • Sam Shuzly
      Sam Shuzly 8 months ago

      So its blabla

    • Bitslay
      Bitslay Year ago

      @Muhamad Najjar what's the reason

    • Aj gagake
      Aj gagake Year ago +1

      Keep in mind that, like most small businesses, you are not likely to get rich from running a vending machine business. But being your own boss and calling the shots are rewarding in themselves. And if you get enough locations going, vending machines can generate a steady income for you.

    • Hebby_K
      Hebby_K Year ago +1

      lololololololol dollar stores...........

  • Wilson
    Wilson 2 years ago +58

    If you really want to succeed in trading, you need to treat trading as a full-time business and not as a part-time hobby. Learning how to trade successfully can be a tough endeavour.

    • RepublicanGuard
      RepublicanGuard Year ago

      @Wilson Casey Neistat?

    • Philip Hofmeister
      Philip Hofmeister 2 years ago

      @Damian it was a scam right?

    • doko
      doko 2 years ago +3

      @Joshua M Never trust recommendations from TheXvid comments, this video is trending and attracts a lot of bots. Go to Reddit's finance communities, at least in there the comments are more curated by the community (but in no way guarantee success)

    • Joshua M
      Joshua M 2 years ago

      @Wilson I'm from the Fort Worth area and I have 10k in savings. Looking to invest it in forex I will email Casey. However I am extremely new and still researching this forex stuff what would Casey require on my part? And would it be wise to invest all 10k?

  • roblox and more
    roblox and more 2 years ago

    I have a few questions: I heard you put $600 per trade for the first one, but didn't say how many for the rest of it? So how much were each trade? What platform did you use to trade? Have you lost any more since working with that fiverr?

  • Nuno Mouta
    Nuno Mouta 2 years ago +10

    i think you should follow 1 signal group/guy at the time when you are testing, also you should follow the risk management and if they offer signals with diferent take profits you should be ready to move your stop loss and/or close your trades partially and let them run until they reach the biggest take profit or hit your stop

  • TRADERfriends
    TRADERfriends 2 years ago

    If you have more than one TP you can TWIN-TRADE. Meaning you open up two trades with half of your lotsize each and the first with TP1 and the second with TP2.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 2 years ago +10

    Defo interested in more videos like this Biaheza. You are one of my mentors and a great source of positive energy for me. Many thanks and bless up !!

  • Explore
    Explore Year ago +366

    Keep focused. Meditate, Read, Exercise, and keep focused on 1 thing. Your life will change in 6 months. Good Luck, and see you on the other side !

  • Ope
    Ope 4 months ago

    I like this content glad you came out net positive, just wished you used proper risk management. think the first seller could have made you more.

  • new channel *check last video*

    Bro... you are the only youtuber i love watching and actually trust when it comes to making money online. Thank you so much for making those high quality videos, keep it up!!

    • Kyle Cheap
      Kyle Cheap 2 years ago +2

      Astroscience Fr he the 🐐

  • Rich Richy
    Rich Richy 2 years ago +4

    yep Biaheza,
    Please do some more of these vids,
    it's like entering into the land of the unknown.
    For me, you are showing me worlds I can't really access atm.
    Thank you Biaheza

  • placid frame
    placid frame 2 years ago +42

    Imma just say it, once you get into forex, you can’t get out it’s too much of an addiction

    • AnimeThighs
      AnimeThighs 6 months ago +1

      @Tony getting into it “without the knowledge, correct understanding and mindset” is bad

    • Tony
      Tony 7 months ago

      @Wicked Gaming He said it’s an addiction. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good. I traded forex with futures, it went really well. But then the market dropped real hard and my liquidation got taken for a lot. Getting into it was the biggest mistake I made

    • Wicked Gaming
      Wicked Gaming 8 months ago +1

      How do I start

  • Ibrahim muhammad
    Ibrahim muhammad Year ago

    I think you need at least 50 trades and calculate win/loss ratio to conclude if a seller is good or not.

  • kaustubh bhavsar
    kaustubh bhavsar 2 years ago +10

    Hello Sir, Please make a video of affect of Covid-19 on Dropshipping business. Since many people who is thinking to start a drop shipping business can get some valuable guidance. thank you. your videos are always great. Love from India

  • Jon
    Jon 2 years ago +6

    You should definitely make another episode or a series or something of this where you see whether or not they are justifiable :) great content man keep up the good work

  • ricardo hernandez
    ricardo hernandez Year ago +61

    New source of income: you sell the signals you buy. So the second guy sells for $50 and you buy then you have 3 or 4 people buy from you and all you do is copy and paste and those 3/4 guys pay you $150/$200 for essentially no work. Does this make sense or should I sit down?

    • Realizniguhnit 1
      Realizniguhnit 1 Year ago +1

      I see we think a like. This was the 1st thing that came to my mind.

    • Isaiah Alderete
      Isaiah Alderete Year ago +2

      Many people already do this

    • federico tonetti
      federico tonetti Year ago

      Bro that’s not stupid at all, i’ll try

    • giraffe
      giraffe Year ago +1

      @Nicolas Pope name of the game bro let’s invest🤑🤑

    • Nicolas Pope
      Nicolas Pope Year ago +12

      @giraffe Drop shipping signals lmao

  • DirtMaster
    DirtMaster 2 years ago +1

    That USDCAD trade was a couple of pips away from hitting the stop loss if the risk was 1:1. Stayed in consolidation for a full day.

  • Martin Freud
    Martin Freud 2 years ago +4

    Signals are good and safe if they’re always accurate like the second seller plus the work of having to wake up early depending on the time zone. To save myself from all of this i had to use a trader who does all that and sends my profit weekly which saved me from having to lose it all at once

    • Anna Betni
      Anna Betni 2 years ago

      @Jessica Lacroix you can start with $1000 this runs for 6 months after which you get the initial start amount

    • Jessica Lacroix
      Jessica Lacroix 2 years ago

      How much is needed to start with Mr George?
      How long it lasts ?

    • Youtuber
      Youtuber 2 years ago

      Getting signals are okay but can never amount to having a professional handle your trades for you. Thanks to Mr George Holder for always delivering on time with the steady payments.

    • Justin Campbell
      Justin Campbell 2 years ago

      George Holder is really an amazing guy and has more better winning rate and ROI than the second guy.

  • Zak Saucede
    Zak Saucede 2 years ago +2

    Thanks for the insight - how much money did you put into each trade? Did they advise or was that on you to decide?

  • Equals Cash
    Equals Cash 2 years ago +10

    Hey Biaheza, just wondering, when you are coming up with new ideas for your videos, is the potential high CPM the most important factor you are taking into consideration?

  • Arkangel
    Arkangel 2 years ago +1

    Hi Biaheza. Big fan of your videos! I for one would really enjoy watching a follow up video of this. Keep it up bro!

  • nellynel305
    nellynel305 Year ago +6

    I just watched about 6 of your videos.I must say I respect your honesty 💯 so I subscribed 😃

  • keith ng
    keith ng 2 years ago +6

    watched your vids and decided to design some hoodies and shirts on tee spring, i also managed to kind of connect my teespring with facebook pixel although im still a little confused with setting audiences and what not but i also have trouble finding an instagram page with the proper theme to advertise my products

  • Raymond
    Raymond Year ago

    Who are the two sellers you used and have you found any that were more reliable? Are you still using them?

  • LifeOfK9
    LifeOfK9 2 years ago +34

    Just want to say your videos are so inspirational and shows that anyone can make money🙌🏾

    • Peibol R
      Peibol R 2 years ago

      Is not about making a quick buck is about consistent results over time

    • Benjamin Venner
      Benjamin Venner 2 years ago

      At least it shows that he can Make money

  • Light Tv
    Light Tv 6 months ago

    Thanks for the info. Please can you give us the name of the second seller in your next video?

  • Kleinschwein
    Kleinschwein 2 years ago +2

    most finance youtubers are so boring and all clickbait but youre one that actually does it right, much respect bratan

  • Mehar Chadha
    Mehar Chadha 2 years ago

    You saved me a few bucks.. you’re a legend

  • Eye M Onyxsoul Speaks
    Eye M Onyxsoul Speaks 2 years ago +3

    Another great video, my friend. I trade forex and get signals from my mentor. I love it. It's still best to learn the skill yourself, though.

  • sam jordan
    sam jordan 2 years ago

    I just dropped by to say "THANX!"
    You gave me an idea that can help me make a boatload of money using Fiverr! Nothing at all to do with Day Trading, but it's definitely something I need to get done every day. Maybe I can find somebody to do it on a subscription basis since it only takes about 2-3 minutes a day to do. (I would need it done every day, though.)
    And now that I know that there's no stock trading videos....!

  • MatrixDating
    MatrixDating 2 years ago

    Daytrading is tough. Stick to long term investing! Always pays off. Little and often

  • Ralph Schraven
    Ralph Schraven 2 years ago +32

    Saying "I don't use stop-losses" as a professional trader is like saying "I don't use brakes" as a professional driver. Yeah, it's that bad.

    • Ralph Schraven
      Ralph Schraven 2 years ago

      Story time: I had an ~80% win rate on a demo trading acount with Plus500. I was killin' it. Went from 50K to 100K in a few weeks, thinking "damn too bad I didn't put my savings into this and went with the advice to practice with a demo first". I went from 100K to 200K in another few weeks thinking the same. I went from 200K to 400K, and 400K to 800K in a few months and said to myself I'd trade with real money if I hit 1mil.
      I mostly used stop-losses, of course. *Mostly.* That's crazy. It's not optional. Now, I went to bed not wanting a stop-loss to trigger on a really easy winner (some Sweden industry ETF) so I set an alert and went to bed, and made sure to check next morning. The biggest loser in 1 day on that ETF was 1.5% in the last 30+ years so no worries there.
      And then I woke up, margin called to the ground. If I had more funds (which, obviously, in real life I wouldn't after doubling so many times my account size is 90+% of my portfolio), I could retain my position and close in the green. But I didn't, so I lost all 800K.
      Didn't set a stop loss. ETF set a 40-year volatility record. Lost 800K fake moneys. Lesson learned.
      This is why you trade demo money! To hopefully get this kind of experience with fake money rather than your own savings! *ALWAYS* set a stop loss.

    • Mike araujo
      Mike araujo 2 years ago +1

      Like Janks said above, he didn't tell at what point you should stop, because he didn't want to give a stop ratio.

    • Janks
      Janks 2 years ago +2

      @DirtMaster he never said not to stop, he just didn't set the number, wise move as a seller

    • roblox and more
      roblox and more 2 years ago

      Maybe he just doesn't set a stop loss for his clients... I'm just thinking that maybe he doesn't want to give that option to appear more confident of his trades?

    • DirtMaster
      DirtMaster 2 years ago

      @Tracking The Market He did but trading with no stop loss is crazy. Sure you can get a nice win streak going. But at what point do you kill the losing trades? your aiming for 35 pips, are you happy to take the heat when your -50, -75, -100 pips in the red with the HOPE that it might go back in your direction. A big loss like that can easly wipe out 4 -5 good wins. You'll be just spinning your wheels.

  • Leo Manterfield
    Leo Manterfield 2 years ago +3

    Not gonna lie my favourite yt channel this guy is so motivated and it just rubs off

  • Wealth Engineering
    Wealth Engineering 2 years ago +19

    I gotta give it to you man, you are a great TheXvidr...Your ability to make clickbait thumbnails, and come up with the most interesting concept for videos consistently, is just ...awesome... #respect

  • Mike Fagiani
    Mike Fagiani 2 years ago

    Hi I just started in an Academy called IM since I wanned to learn on my own but I have a full time job, I am studing my finance master and I have some small business I take care, however I thought that by enrolling with IM I would speed up my learning curve; I have, but I am also complementing it with your videos and doing some research. So keep it up Biaheza, I'm a new suscriber.

  • Levi Finance
    Levi Finance Year ago +35

    I’m actually studying your videos at the moment, can’t afford a camera so I’m mostly looking at your editing and energy. All and all good video 🔥

  • andrews De la hoz
    andrews De la hoz 2 years ago +1

    I’m curious for the follow up video. Also how you are doing with your forex account in general when you are the one calling the trades

  • Baby Boomers Retirement Club

    Really great job with the videos! What video editing software are you using?

  • Diversity Cristian
    Diversity Cristian Year ago +1

    Thanks bro! Very helpful!

  • percy behrana
    percy behrana Year ago +3

    hi , I have a question , when I have a EA active and running on profile A n then I switch my profile B will be EA still remain active or is this a limitation of MetaTrader that doesn't allow it

  • Sander Grønlund
    Sander Grønlund 2 years ago

    Would be cool to see a video, where you try to flip/resell online services - maybe through Fiverr again, to see if you can profit with that :) Love your videos

  • Tom Adam Clarke
    Tom Adam Clarke Year ago +7

    great video bro, short, sharp, catchy and made me laugh! Will be checking out the follow up video

  • Jacob Mac
    Jacob Mac Year ago +122

    "The next day was Saturday i forgot the markets were closed and woke up at 5am for no reason" 😂

  • Kevin Johnstone
    Kevin Johnstone Year ago +24

    Interesting Stuff. Your videos really helped impact me a beginner going into stock market. within a space of 4 months i realized $550,000 with a capital of $210,000. Kudus, Please keep it up!

    • Pauline Scholes
      Pauline Scholes Year ago +1

      @Kevin Johnstone I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income ,unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security..

    • Kevin Johnstone
      Kevin Johnstone Year ago +1

      @Vargas Kenneth You can look her name up on google to get all you need to know about her

    • Vargas Kenneth
      Vargas Kenneth Year ago +1

      @Kevin Johnstone How can i reach the broker lady?

    • Kevin Johnstone
      Kevin Johnstone Year ago +2

      @Vargas Kenneth Despite the fact people praise me for the achievement, I honestly have to tell you, i was guided by Agatha Christine Robinson, a licensed broker with WADDELL&REED i found through a news blog. She aided me achieve that.

    • Vargas Kenneth
      Vargas Kenneth Year ago +2

      Please how were you able to achieve that? you really made huge amount of profit.

  • Paul Brady
    Paul Brady 2 years ago +1

    Would be interesting to see your results over an entire month! Interesting video though.

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    Whoever does your editing is an absolute genius your shit is funny it's definitely keeps you engaged as very very entertaining keep up the good work.

  • The MasterYocheese
    The MasterYocheese 2 years ago

    The second one seems to have an excellent strategy where he filters out all the possibly bad setups and focus on the best ones

  • Chilling Vibes
    Chilling Vibes Year ago +57

    Please make a followup video, loved this.

  • Jason Shorts
    Jason Shorts 8 months ago

    Awesome video; it just confirmed that I should take signals instead of trading myself coz i got alot on my plate already.

  • Bilal Aykac
    Bilal Aykac Year ago +1

    Would really appreciate you filtering through some Forex signals and actually finding out who is trustworthy or not. I know you don't have to at all but does us all a favour!

    • Taylor Green
      Taylor Green Year ago

      Everyone sure does have to look into exploring the prospects of passive income through stock trading. If you'd be interested there are various regulated brokers you can leverage to get an in-depth understanding of portfolio analysis to ensure you don't get burned in the stock market.

    • Bilal Aykac
      Bilal Aykac Year ago +1

      @Taylor Green wouldn't officially call myself a trader but something I'm interested in

    • Taylor Green
      Taylor Green Year ago

      Are you a forex trader?

  • andrews De la hoz
    andrews De la hoz 2 years ago

    I’m curious for the follow up video. Also how you are doing with your forex account in general when you are the one calling the trades

  • Jour Dale
    Jour Dale Year ago +16

    "I paid Fiverr to day trade for me"
    Holy smokes this man is crazy. You got my attention and like though

    • Raymond Maxwell
      Raymond Maxwell Year ago

      Talk to Sir Adams directly

    • Raymond Maxwell
      Raymond Maxwell Year ago

      I would advise you Invest in the most secured forex trading platform with Sir Adams. He comes highly recommended and those that have reached out have great testimonies even myself...

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    You should do this again but with Way more trades its so fun 🤩

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    Wow good on you brother. Ur one of the people who first inspired me. I found u at like 53k a long ass time ago and now we both have hundreds of thousands of followers

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    Who else is now getting hit with the trading ads and not dropshipping ads

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    Hope you succeed bro! great energy and valuable info...

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    The reason why those signals are late at 2am-3am is because that’s during London Session. In London session there’s more movement for most pairs
    Edit- This is the life all successful traders. Sleepless nights but getting profits. It’s part of the game

  • Steve Smith
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    Great stuff! Very hilarious 😂. I’m going with the second forex guy lol

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    If TheXvidrs are always very right; They would have been multi millionaires now and wont need youtube views money and all. I once traded personally and almost lost my mind, Engaged an advisor and I sleep well now.

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      Check out RockzFx Academy he's know how to teach forex. Price Structure no indicators

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      EA PARADISE 2 years ago

      @Latoria Martins yes there are send me a message i will send you all the free stuffs

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    Most people talk about it. This guy does it. That’s why he’s successful 🙌🏻

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    I may be wrong but I feel that the market has changed a lot since last year when you created your course.

  • Anugrah Aneesh
    Anugrah Aneesh 2 years ago +1

    The risk:reward was so terrible that if you took 10 trades and you won 9 out of 10 times, you would still be negative lmao

  • Xeridea
    Xeridea Year ago

    Not using 2nd TP on first guy skews results. The first TP were close to entry, so was little gains compared to if they hit 2nd TP

  • Free World
    Free World 2 years ago +2

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you make a video on option trading signals, if that even exist. Thanks

  • Bumphry Hogart
    Bumphry Hogart 8 months ago

    Ridiculous! So you gave your private financial information to a complete stranger on Fiverr. No one is buying that one.

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  • sree
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    I probably fall into 2% of losing trades.

  • BAlmohsin
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  • Time Us4ever
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  • DynoByte801 #
    DynoByte801 # Year ago

    If your signal provider won 30% of his trades and the had a 3/1 win ratio, meaning for every pip risked the won 3 pips you would be profitable.
    Anyone trading should understand risk management before trading

    MJOSUE NIEVES Year ago +7

    I like exactly what you do is very funny keep it up it's looking good

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  • E-commerce Entrepreneur

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