Man Speaks Out After Close Call With Lightning Strike | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Video captures the moment when Romulus McNeill stepped outside during a storm, when a flash of lighting struck so close by that he dropped his umbrella before getting out of there. “I feel like I am blessed,” he tells NBC’s Morgan Chesky. “Maybe two inches to the right it could have been a different story where I’m not sitting here.”» Subscribe to NBC News:
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    Man Speaks Out After Close Call With Lightning Strike | NBC Nightly News

Comments • 115

  • BJ700
    BJ700 22 days ago

    A warning from the heavens.

  • G Oskmet
    G Oskmet 28 days ago

    What you are seeing next to him is a lightning feeler. Many of them reach up from the ground in different places right before a strike. The lighting then connects with one of them, which it did, but somewhere else. Not next to him.

  • Just About Anything
    Just About Anything 28 days ago

    Carrying around a metal rod in a storm has never made sense to me.

  • John Hotely
    John Hotely 29 days ago

    It's not being 2 inch to the right that save you. if God wanted to strike you he would of, even to the left. But maybe he's sending you a message. Give Him thank for having mercy on you.

  • Grim Reafer
    Grim Reafer 29 days ago

    Black lightning?

  • The Oligarchist
    The Oligarchist 29 days ago

    the umberall was a "cage"

  • Me Meagain
    Me Meagain 29 days ago

    I thought the Galaxy Note 7 in his pocket caught fire, that or he overdosed on Viagra.

  • Actus Reus
    Actus Reus Month ago

    Now the man is Ryder from Mortal Kombat

  • BLacKNesMonsTaz
    BLacKNesMonsTaz Month ago

    I always wanted that

    that umbrella

  • Ace Feeley
    Ace Feeley Month ago

    Hahahahaha! Run!

  • cheesegyoza
    cheesegyoza Month ago +1

    That is God telling him to quit procrastinating on some project!

  • SolarizeYourLife
    SolarizeYourLife Month ago

    If you stop the video just right, you'll catch the lightning actually goes from the ground to the sky.... This is one of those reversal strikes! I caught a screenshot of it unfortunately I can't show it here!!!
    But in TheXvid you could actually slowed the video down to 1/4 speed, try doing that, near the end of the 0:15 mark...

    • Greg Albro
      Greg Albro 29 days ago

      reversal strikes you mean ground to cloud? doesnt that ususally happen on mountains or skyscrapers? to me i thought i looked like a positive streamer and maybe hit a tree nearby? but that be cool if someone could do slow video.

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    Again? Why does Trump keep doing this?!

  • Mosh Kyd
    Mosh Kyd Month ago

    Is that Static Shock as an adult?

  • Javier Rivera 7470
    Javier Rivera 7470 Month ago

    That's what I call a very very close call 😬😱🥶

  • In Da Cut
    In Da Cut Month ago

    Let's be honest it's common sense to stay out of a thunderstorm. Shouldn't take a near death experience to teach you that lol

  • OgirlmjTruths
    OgirlmjTruths Month ago +5

    Metal objects in both hands while in rain water...yeah I'd say he's more than lucky!

  • Logan Howlett
    Logan Howlett Month ago

    He's clearly the Black Lighting now...DC Comics superhero lol

  • Rhaspun
    Rhaspun Month ago

    I saw Faraday Body Suits for sale on Amazon.

  • writerconsidered
    writerconsidered Month ago

    He should play the lottery next.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    Andrew Yang 2020!!!!

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    This this news????!!!

  • Sanford Willis
    Sanford Willis Month ago +1

    Ppl always laugh, and brush me off when I tell them not to walk around while lightning is present. I had one hit a dumpster near me when I was a kid. Years later, I witnessed one hit right next to someone. LIGHTNING KILLS EVERY YEAR. EVERY YEAR!

  • Celia Christie
    Celia Christie Month ago +4

    Benjamin Franklyn's 1752 experiment creating the "lightning attractor" using a wet metal key, proving lightning is a form of electricity ...? Hmmm ...?

  • tahwnikcufos
    tahwnikcufos Month ago +1

    Was it a high capacity lightning bolt?

  • M DV
    M DV Month ago

    OMG, I watched it again and saw that the blot hit him in the right upper arm.

    • M DV
      M DV Month ago

      Try stopping the video by clicking on the pause button and see what I saw.
      It hit him in the arm and that is why he jumped and threw the umbrella down. (May have even used the bathroom in his shorts too but he won't tell. Heehee)
      Have you ever been hit with a large amount of electricity? I have and it does exactly what it did to him. Jolted him. No pun intended. Jolt of lightning. Get it? Hahahahaha

    • SolarizeYourLife
      SolarizeYourLife Month ago

      The lightning did not hit him, what you saw was the lightning going from the ground to the sky, it started between the camera and the man... I have a screenshot, it did not hit him ... Go 1/4 speed and stop at 0:15

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek Month ago +1

    Did they blame it on White Lightning?



  • Mob Rules
    Mob Rules Month ago

    What!? You reported on something other than Trump? And it was not FAKE news? So it is possible!

    XAVIERCUERVO Month ago

    too bad it didnt hit him he could have gotten '' Black lighting'' powers

  • random guy
    random guy Month ago

    He got superpowers now... hes the flash

  • Kneon Knight
    Kneon Knight Month ago

    Hmmm...a warning shot, maybe?

  • Stephen Swift
    Stephen Swift Month ago

    Looks to me he wasn't "Nearly hit" I came closer walking home I was able to hear the ground actually crackling around me I moved close but not directly near some trees hoping the lightning would strike the soaking wet lightning rods and not me no umbrella no rain coat, just normal clothes.
    It's part of life.

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi Month ago +16

    24 hours later he's now Lightning Man superhero.

  • les antoine
    les antoine Month ago +2

    What do you call a cow struck by lightning?
    A ground beef 🥩

  • Alfonso Flores
    Alfonso Flores Month ago +8

    All most stuck by lighting? If I was him I would think twice about not starting my day with out prayer

    • 2000's child
      2000's child 28 days ago

      God dosnt exist.

    • Josh Simmons
      Josh Simmons Month ago

      TheOiseau lol

    • TheOiseau
      TheOiseau Month ago +3

      Maybe he prayed to the wrong god. Humanity came up with thousands of them after all.

  • Renee O'Shea
    Renee O'Shea Month ago

    Walking in water carrying an umbrella, holy cow, what was he thinking?? One VERY lucky man!

    • Charlie OConnor
      Charlie OConnor Month ago

      @David Ellis Citizen scientist. butThanks ;)
      have fun in your bliss.

    • David Ellis
      David Ellis Month ago +1

      @Charlie OConnor Yeah , that's just your opinion man. What are you ? A 🚀 scientist ?

    • Charlie OConnor
      Charlie OConnor Month ago +1

      Rather it is likely what kept him alive.
      Familiarize yourself with a 'Faraday Cage'.
      Also general knowledge of the sciences may also prolong your life.

  • Bobby Rogue
    Bobby Rogue Month ago +1

    I’d be lucky to get hit and become Flash

    • SolarizeYourLife
      SolarizeYourLife Month ago

      That's only happens when antimatter bomb goes off at the same time... Fool you...

  • Philosopher of Nonsense

    *In case you didn't notice, that strike came from the ground, not the sky. When he was holding the umbrella, it ionized until there was enough difference in charge to cause the strike. That is also why he wasn't seriously hurt, because that was only about a million volts or so. A strike from the sky can exceed several billion volts at millions of amps.*

    • Philosopher of Nonsense
      Philosopher of Nonsense 28 days ago

      @Greg Albro Your hair stands up when holding onto a Van de Graaff generator for the same reason, is that your body develops an opposite charge to ground. This is also why they tell you not to let go while it is powered, because your body will dissipate it quickly and you will get zapped. Lightning does the same thing except that the "generator" continually builds a growing charge until it finds an opposite charge to equalize. The Faraday Cage simply puts something more conductive between you and the source, and because it is more conductive than you are, electricity will choose the path of least resistance. It's a fun part of science, so keep at it. Best of luck to you.

    • Greg Albro
      Greg Albro 28 days ago

      @Philosopher of Nonsense yes ive seen pictures where they will launch rocket into air to try to trigger lighting - also regarding hair stand up b4 lighting strike does that mean a positive streamer is leaving your head trying to connect with step leader is this why you hair stand up if so they does it last for 5 second then lighting strike? maybe your hair stand up for 5 second then positive streamer failed to connect instead lighting strike a small tree maybe 20 feet from you instead? never made sense why hair stand up for long time i though positive streamers and step leaders process happen at a millionth of a sec rather than 5 seconds LOL but thanks for explanation i have studed lightning some in past such as positive lighting and ground to cloud etc. and rare st elmos fire. i study faraday age effect later it must have a way to eliminate positive streamers from leaving your head to connect LOL.

    • Philosopher of Nonsense
      Philosopher of Nonsense 29 days ago

      @Sanford Willis Yes, lightning is plasma, which is magnitudes hotter than the surface of the sun. And yes this is very accurate, you want to stay as low as possible and with minimal contact to the ground to increase your relative electrical resistance. The ground will become electrified for a moment during the strike, temporarily reversing the charge, so you don't really want to have too much contact with it.

      But most people survive lightning strikes with nothing more than a few burns, and your chances are very slim of being struck in the first place. In a car, or anything that can act as a Faraday Cage is the safest place to be though. The more you understand it, the less fearful you will be.

    • Sanford Willis
      Sanford Willis 29 days ago

      @Philosopher of Nonsense I've heard lightning referred to as low altitude static discharge, which is the 4th state of matter; plasma. As for the detection prior to strike, I've been told to squat, and stand on my toes to minimize contact with the ground. Is this accurate? I ask this because, in all seriousness, lightning is actually one of the only things on the earth that truly scares me.

    • Philosopher of Nonsense
      Philosopher of Nonsense 29 days ago

      ​ Greg Albro Sure, you are very welcome. I have done a lot of work with high voltages and studied much about the formation of lightning, and lightning is nothing but static electricity on a grand scale. Static electricity behaves strangely and often defies the accepted definitions of electrical rules, especially when the numbers get bigger because it is a precursor to plasma-discharge.
      If your have a burnt-out (or new) CFL tube in your hand during an electrical storm and it glows purple, blue, or fully lights, or you feel your body/head hair tingling, you are likely about to be struck by lighting. Getting into a car or other conductive frame electrically-isolated from the ground is your safest escape.

      In this case, if he had been dragging some bicycle cable that was electrically-attached to the umbrella mast and touching the ground, he would never have triggered that strike, and would have protected himself from an aerial strike due to the Faraday Cage effect. Benjamin Franklin used steel wire on his kite to stimulate lightning, but the key was used to direct it away from himself.

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera Month ago +4

    Very lucky man, hope he learned his lesson to pay attention to his surroundings the next time in that type of weather.

  • markyncole
    markyncole Month ago +9

    "Can't leave my Lightning Rod Umbrella,no surrey"

    • Discrimination is not a right.
      Discrimination is not a right. 16 hours ago

      @MR. NOOB No seriously, I looked it up: • "An umbrella can increase your chances of being struck by lightning if it makes you the tallest object in the area."

    • MR. NOOB
      MR. NOOB 16 hours ago

      @Discrimination is not a right. car keys are ok because they are too small but an umbrella is not okay, even if u are not the tallest there are chances that u will get hit.

    • Discrimination is not a right.
      Discrimination is not a right. 23 hours ago

      @MR. NOOB If it makes you the tallest object in an area. It's OK to carry your car keys in your pocket, BTW.

    • MR. NOOB
      MR. NOOB 23 hours ago

      @Discrimination is not a right. plastic isn't a conductor, so it is okay but taking conductors out in a thunderstorm is inviting death

    • Discrimination is not a right.
      Discrimination is not a right. 23 hours ago

      @MR. NOOB Depends. My umbrella's plastic.

  • Abbyhongmu
    Abbyhongmu Month ago +3

    Just a baby lighting 🙂

  • The Real Sovereign Citizens

    12 people this year died. but they left out about 2,000 survive

  • Damaged Provider Module

    I'm surprised that people aren't claiming that this is a ghost or glitch in the matrix 😂

  • M G
    M G Month ago

    Lucky man.

  • Chad Christman
    Chad Christman Month ago +12

    Thunder rain and a metal poll there's nothing could go wrong if I just step out for a minute. Lol

    • bleen62
      bleen62 Month ago

      I think it was his keys

    • Fred A
      Fred A Month ago +1

      Thousands do it.

  • Bonnie lu
    Bonnie lu Month ago +6

    🤣sorry, but outside, near trees carrying umbrella, and walking in water. Hummmm😑😁🤣pay attention to your surroundings. Thunder may mean lightning near by, and it's raining.

    • Bug Man
      Bug Man Month ago

      Bonnie lu Thunder means there is lightning, it is the sound of lightning.

  • divergent thg
    divergent thg Month ago +2


  • Touchofgrey53
    Touchofgrey53 Month ago +9

    Carrying that umbrella in your hand in a lightning storm? Not too bright!

    • Dang Shame
      Dang Shame Month ago +1

      You jacka**es are arguing over who's smarter. It cracks me up watching you diaper stains trying to make the others think you're smart. It always amazes me after every clip people think they're geniuses. Some of you, after coming down off meth are sitting in the comfy of your double wide, watching TheXvid thinking, "one more hit of the meth pipe and I will be the smartest person on the planet."

    • Touchofgrey53
      Touchofgrey53 Month ago +1

      @Charlie OConnor
      The law of "Faraday Cage" for an umbrella ??? Care to expand on that? That must be "O'Connor's New Law of Physics"

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark Month ago +4

    I gaurentee to this man won't admit he POOPED his pants for real 💩💩 💩

  • Hope Ful
    Hope Ful Month ago

    I have heard that once lightning hit you it can happen again.

    • Kneon Knight
      Kneon Knight Month ago

      There was a forest ranger named Roy Sullivan who had been struck by lightning seven times. His wife was even struck once. He ended up committing suicide.

    • Hope Ful
      Hope Ful Month ago

      TheOiseau, They can be more susceptible to getting struck after experiencing it the first time.

    • TheOiseau
      TheOiseau Month ago

      Once anything happens it can happen again.

  • Celia Christie
    Celia Christie Month ago +6

    Those keys in his right hand ...?

    • Truck Taxi
      Truck Taxi Month ago +2

      Somebody said The Umbrella, now you say the keys -- what next his belt buckle , come on now people it was a freak accident

  • Tewthpaste
    Tewthpaste Month ago +3

    *Here comes the "Global Warming" expert.*

    • Philosopher of Nonsense
      Philosopher of Nonsense Month ago

      @Tewthpaste *I thought you saw that the strike came from the ground, not the sky. Global warming increases the chance of electrically-active storms and their intensity and frequency, not of strikes.*

    • Tewthpaste
      Tewthpaste Month ago

      @Philosopher of Nonsense *Google "global warming increase chance of lightning strike" then come back and talk. i thought you Global warming people knows how to do your homework?*

    • Philosopher of Nonsense
      Philosopher of Nonsense Month ago +1

      Global warming does not cause lightning strikes, stupidass, and everyone but you seems to know that.

  • Robert Webb
    Robert Webb Month ago

    I eat lighting and crap thunder cause Mickie loves me

  • Jimbo Dunn
    Jimbo Dunn Month ago

    Got struck by lightning. Brain damage is what my x wife says.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis Month ago +5

    The 🌩 was kind to him. If he had a MAGA Hat on it would have sizzled him.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago +4

    Black Lightning