The Most AFFORDABLE Gaming PC We've Built!

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • We set out to finally build our most affordable gaming PC with a budget of $700. While this still isn't really cheap (one of those is coming soon!) its actually surprising what you can get for lees than $800 in 2019. But there are challenges too.
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    Phanteks P300:
    Corsair CX450M:
    Cooler Master Hyper 212:
    Metallic Gear Neo ITX:
    Metallic Gear ATX:
    PowerColor RX 5700:
    PowerColor RX 5700XT:
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Comments • 876

  • HardwareCanucks
    HardwareCanucks  Month ago +137

    This is the jump-off point for even more affordable gaming PCs! While obviously you can find better components used, that wasn't our intent this time. Also can't wait to do the showdown between the 2600 and this system. :) :)

    • Medzo
      Medzo Month ago

      @jonathon rosalia dafuq are you talking about. any cpu gives the same perf on 4k, that's why you compare them at 1080p you dumb fuck

    • George SGT
      George SGT Month ago

      Yup, you have a point there, that’s y I don’t want to limit my budget and go for the highest tier there available for me.

    • RaahJeff Kshez
      RaahJeff Kshez Month ago

      @George SGT why bother amd if u have enough money... amd is for budget and capabilities.. and btw only rtx 2080 price can build a good amd gaming pc.. Also ray tracing is not reliable for now it eat to much fps and in budget ray tracing..?? Noo need..

    • RaahJeff Kshez
      RaahJeff Kshez Month ago

      @HardwareCanucks I m waiting for you to build Ryzen 5 3500 with AMD Radeon Rx 5500.. i m saving money for this... Hope you build soon as amd release their 5500.. btw ryzen 5 3500 is on sale in india at mdcomputer

  • Pentzzz
    Pentzzz 5 days ago

    Hi. I kinda based my build on this guide and I have a question. Is it worth upgrading from an i5 9400f to an i5 9600kf ? Or if I would do so, can I use the 9600kf on the b365 motherboard ? Or do I need to upgrade that as well to a z390 ?

  • AKKI Gohil
    AKKI Gohil 15 days ago

    There are many cons in this build yet you built it 😅😅...makes sense ✌️✌️

  • AKKI Gohil
    AKKI Gohil 15 days ago

    Stock cooler of intel ?? Seriously 😪😪 for 750$ i can build pc which can stream and edit 4k videos

  • AKKI Gohil
    AKKI Gohil 15 days ago

    Shud hve gone with ryzen plus 3000-3200mhz ram

  • Anton Luget
    Anton Luget 21 day ago

    Thanks, for showing overwatch performance

  • David Gunther
    David Gunther 21 day ago

    I'm pretty sure Intel vs AMD max speed doesn't matter if your graphics card is the GTX 1660 SC

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz 21 day ago

    2700X on sale at Micro Center for $129.99 right now.

  • fightnight14
    fightnight14 23 days ago

    This would have been better if the GTX 1660 Super made it. Its even cheaper than the regular 1660 yet performs a lot better

  • Nicholas Tang
    Nicholas Tang 29 days ago

    Ryzen 5 2600
    Rtx 2060
    16gb ddr4 2666mhz
    B450m pro m2 v2
    1tb hdd
    Get on my budget:)

  • Keith Horton
    Keith Horton Month ago

    One of my favorite TheXvidrs. Always like listening to this guy.

  • Harvey Hanaya
    Harvey Hanaya Month ago

    feeling of fresh smell of newly unbox gaming computer parts.. *smiling*
    and feeling of looking your wallet without money *crying*

  • Kimi Na No Wa
    Kimi Na No Wa Month ago

    Hey Bro. My gaming PC's HDD got damaged. So I took it to tech and they said that I need to replace it. But IDK how to search for the one I need. I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me the part number to search it on specific site. But it was out of stock. Do I need replace a new HDD of the original type or I can just put any type of HDD? IDK what to do. Can you help me with this? Im not able to do anything on my PC.

  • Dirk Schüler
    Dirk Schüler Month ago

    i5 is dead, this Video sucks.

  • ps31871
    ps31871 Month ago

    Bro who the fuck builds an intel pc as a budget?

    EKTV VLOGS Month ago

    What's wrong with the 9600k

  • vet2 sak2
    vet2 sak2 Month ago

    Dollar intel vs ryzen compare. Yes

  • Remy Boyzz
    Remy Boyzz Month ago

    Its $778. At that price, just pay the extra $30 or so and get a Ryzen 3600-based system

  • The Wrath
    The Wrath Month ago

    I have 10603gb and plan to sell it and buying a colorfull igame gtx 1660 does worth the upgrade?

  • Bobby Allred
    Bobby Allred Month ago

    It has very decent gaming fps, and it looks good (or would, with a better cooler and some front and rear rgb fans). As you stated, the Silicon Power NVMe at that price is amazing.

  • Phillip Ellis
    Phillip Ellis Month ago

    Would this be able to play fortnite on high settings?

  • Daniel Bradfield
    Daniel Bradfield Month ago

    Been a while since I've watched one of your videos, but DAMN Eber, you're looking great

  • BassRacerx
    BassRacerx Month ago

    512 gigs is kind of low-ish for gaming storage in 2019. Destiny 2 is over 100 gigs. Fortnite is 60 gigs, rainbow six siege is 75 gigs, it's a good starting point .... but you will end up needing a 1tb SSD eventually .....

    • BassRacerx
      BassRacerx Month ago

      @Jim Bob this is going to depend from person to person and how good their Internet connection is to redownload.

    • Jim Bob
      Jim Bob Month ago

      It being an ssd allows you to uninstall/reinstall new games fast though, no? What's the point of having over 1 TB of games if you play 2-3 of them at any given time

  • Robert Frisch
    Robert Frisch Month ago

    Ryzen 2600 would have been a better choice. The i5 has some issues, in modern titles. Max FPS is pointless, when your frametime variance suffers, because games want more resources, than the CPU can provide. Gamer's Nexus video review, of the R5 3600, explains this better, than I can. Frankly, nothing below an i7, should be considered, from Intel.

  • DivineNostrils
    DivineNostrils Month ago

    So im very new to pc building would an i7 be compatible with all the parts but have better performance than the i5 cause if so i might shell out the extra cash

  • Aji Setiawan
    Aji Setiawan Month ago

    The Most AFFORDABLE Gaming PC!
    Put a semi-modular PSU and a 9400F.

  • Divyesh Sinha
    Divyesh Sinha Month ago +1

    SP 512gb for $60
    Samsung Evo : wait, that's illegal

  • The Rookie GamerZ
    The Rookie GamerZ Month ago

    $1500 At Least For a Decent Gaming PC.
    Ryzen 5 3600
    Gtx 1660 Ti
    16GB Corsair Ram

  • Mack
    Mack Month ago

    1. Ryzen 5 2600
    2. RX 590
    3. Win

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago

    hahahs intel with stock cooler for a budget build 🤣🤣

  • Antapex
    Antapex Month ago

    Until Intel gets off of 14nm it's hard to justify the price premiums for diminishing returns. Interested to see the 9400F vs the 2600.

  • Pablo Tassinari
    Pablo Tassinari Month ago

    never ever recommend a 6 core over a 12 core! whats wrong with u guys!!!!! intel is no option today!

  • Fat MonMon
    Fat MonMon Month ago

    Currency to SGD , With Shipping, becomes a 1.7k PC . *sighs*

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay Month ago

    Thats a yikes from me! Ryzen FTW

  • Warren Skeen
    Warren Skeen Month ago

    Is the CPU not kinda a moot point when using a 1660 class gpu as you will be heavily gpu limited all the time? So going Intel doesn't really mean more fps?

  • Just4kl
    Just4kl Month ago +6

    2019: someone tries to build an Intel platform PC build....
    Ryzen: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???????

    • Thijs De Clerck
      Thijs De Clerck Month ago +1

      Everyone honestly get way too mad when someone doesn't build a ryzen system both intel and amd have legitimate options at pretty much all of the price ranges let people choose their platform without all of this hate.

  • 74neverlast
    74neverlast Month ago

    @HardwareCanucks .... re. temperature: maybe the termal paste is old; or it doesnt cover the right area ... or try liquid metal.

  • 74neverlast
    74neverlast Month ago

    He picked the components so he triggers 100s of rage comments ! Because who would care about a vid of another obvious 2600 build?
    A 9400F with no overclocking & no upgradability - you can't be serious!! In 4 years it is JUNK, ... so you have to build another one, completely ...

  • glen herron
    glen herron Month ago

    If you are on a budget, you are better going second hand, and you will get better performance than what you will get. I7 3770, OR I7 4770 SETUP.

  • Moatasem Alsharif
    Moatasem Alsharif Month ago

    Dude ebra is such a troll lol. He is forcing himself to build with intel by repeating higher core speed in his head. For 700 $ i rather buy one of amds apu over a platform that will nevrt grow with me.

  • Ondrej Uhričík
    Ondrej Uhričík Month ago

    double paste? the verge style?

  • Nirvashi Echizen
    Nirvashi Echizen Month ago

    i5..... ok man unsub

  • Sam Abel
    Sam Abel Month ago

    For those of u who are crying , it s a budget PC ofc u are right amd is better but it costs 20 dollars more !!!

  • AO1337
    AO1337 Month ago +4

    $700 US wtf

    • gape
      gape Month ago

      @AO1337 I'd also have gone for 16 instead of 8 gigs as 8 will hold you back in heavier titles now adays. Especially with steams ui updates. They eat ram like candy.

    • gape
      gape Month ago

      @AO1337 I have. Can do max settings on older titles if that's what you're looking for but struggles with anything from this year or last year. It really struggles with 1440p as well. I guess if you're not looking for high framerates it's ok. Most people are going to want to push 60 or more which the PC on the vid can do. You could easily build something faster than the PC in the vid if you swapped for a 2600 and went with a typical ssd instead of an nvme. You can find Evo 500 gig ssds for like $25-30 USD. My current PC I built for $650 back in early last year with an i5 8400 and an RX 580. You could oc your 570 to 580 speeds easily. If you wanted as well.

    • AO1337
      AO1337 Month ago

      gape Not going to lie, I did skimp out on my PSu but for 30$ more i
      I could have gotten one from corsair.
      I got an asus rx 570, look at the benchmarks.
      I got an ASRock a320m motherboard and 8gb of crucial ddr4 2400mhz ram.

    • gape
      gape Month ago

      @AO1337 what framerates, games. Because there's no way you're getting 60+ fps in bfv pubg, ACO etc at 1080p, let alone 1440p. Also there's no way you got a full rig for 300usd with those parts unless you seriously skimped on your mobo psu and ram. What about your case too?

    • AO1337
      AO1337 Month ago

      gape I’m building a PC that has a rx 570 and a ryzen 5 1500x that can do max settings 1080p and sometimes 1440p for 450 AUD 300 USD.

  • Dhars
    Dhars Month ago

    Where can you get that GPU for $220 ? What rebates? .... *I am confusion*

  • Aesiris
    Aesiris Month ago

    Somebody get a bunch of people to make Intel changes it’s stock coolers

  • James Burt
    James Burt Month ago

    Thermal paste and the thermal material on the cooler as well?

  • DarkMikaruX
    DarkMikaruX Month ago

    An i5 9400f when a 2600, heck.. I've seen 1600's for under 100 bones! Sub 100 dollar B350/B450 board, 16GB of Ram 70 bones, RX580 8GB paired with a 256GB nvme SSD & 2TB HDD roughly 100... donesky! And this setup would play most anything at 1080p and give someone lots of room to grow.

    • DarkMikaruX
      DarkMikaruX Month ago

      Honestly, I'm just really over Intel. They screwed us over for years so at this point I just don't care what they do. Just not looking back. Not rewarding their greed with my hard earned dollars. That is all.

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White Month ago

    I didn't know y'all were Intel shills....
    In all seriousness, though. You could do a Ryzen + B450 build for around the same price point and it'd blow Intel's bullcrap out of the water.

  • insta chimery
    insta chimery Month ago


  • Ante Topic
    Ante Topic Month ago

    Well, I see Intel started to spend that 3B$ and some of it came your way ... you are really recommending intel+nvidia combo for 700$?? you picked a wrong year to do that my friend

  • jamie
    jamie Month ago

    do a $500 gaming pc next no balls

  • Kenny J.
    Kenny J. Month ago

    The build was fine. It’s most bang for least amount of buck, however, with a few minor adjustments you should be able to build your AMD system for less. Good luck, Cheers

  • SiriusXification
    SiriusXification Month ago

    Did intel sponsor this or something?

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +2

    Intel supports planned parenthood and is one of their biggest supporters..

  • meditech id
    meditech id Month ago

    Even though you didn't use Ryzen, it's still a good PC Build. And use both SSD for OS and game data's saving your time.

  • NK
    NK Month ago

    Man you always seem to favor intel. Grow a brain. Ryzen is the smart choice.

  • ZiYi Li
    ZiYi Li Month ago

    Hi, what's the difference between EVGA's SC and XC Ultra GTX 1660s besides the different factory clock speeds? I heard that SC models might be binned chips and SC models don't have VRM cooling, is that true?

  • Just xIGoldenIx
    Just xIGoldenIx Month ago

    Why is this guy always on the channel but not Dimitri?

  • Alex Thomas
    Alex Thomas Month ago

    ive got the same case i love it