Joe Rogan Experience #1296 - Joe List

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Joe List is a stand up comedian. He co-hosts a podcast called "Tuesdays w/Stories" with Mark Normand. You can also see him on "The Standups" Season 2 now streaming on Netflix.

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  • nickolas reyes
    nickolas reyes Day ago

    They say irishman in irland they say Englishman in England they do not say chinaman in china and i believe it was originally used in a derogatory way

  • Beargrim
    Beargrim Day ago

    Speaking of jerkin' off, Louie does his comedy like this...

  • Jacob Abraham
    Jacob Abraham 3 days ago

    "I'm a guy and I want guys to come on my face"

  • Domzdream
    Domzdream 3 days ago

    I miss redban

  • Danny Trevena
    Danny Trevena 6 days ago +1

    Give me a Joe List & Mark Normand episode

  • cocaineface69
    cocaineface69 8 days ago

    Wonder if he cruised Rogan

  • mrfixit111
    mrfixit111 11 days ago

    Indentured servitude in the north outnumbered slavery in the South 50 to 1 at least. Please do some research before you speak about things. No hate, no bulshit! People of Caucasian descent have been enslaved for many, many hundreds of thousands of years. Black people in Africa sold black people in Africa into slavery. Don't be f****** mad at me!

  • T Baggs
    T Baggs 13 days ago

    Love Joe List. Great comedy! Queef!

  • aeskeets
    aeskeets 13 days ago

    Joe "The Truth" List, Pride of the South Shore

  • Karaoke Wayward Son
    Karaoke Wayward Son 14 days ago

    “He’s a good person and a great dad” Jesus fucking Christ. Cool it

  • Chadwick S.
    Chadwick S. 15 days ago

    Joe List better put some respect on Jamie's name

  • legion696
    legion696 18 days ago

    Joe "Societary" List

  • John Smith
    John Smith 18 days ago

    A "90s liberal" is now far right...

  • Samuel Cody
    Samuel Cody 19 days ago

    The liver processes juice and soda the same way it processes alcohol.

  • quack man
    quack man 19 days ago

    This guy's funny and hot, sign me up

  • A Mailman
    A Mailman 19 days ago


  • chris hedges
    chris hedges 20 days ago

    Indentured servants often had it worse than slaves, look that shit up

  • JitterEye
    JitterEye 20 days ago

    Great episode!

  • Asef Alexander Noorzai

    Funny dude.

  • drtalos
    drtalos 21 day ago

    great podcast - wonderful varied conversation

  • Blizzmons
    Blizzmons 21 day ago

    Joe List wants a list of all his shits...#stat

  • Nat Mallon
    Nat Mallon 21 day ago +1

    In Australia we're told that 💦 is really good for your skin and helping with depression.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 19 days ago

      Well if you ever get depressed and you're around Brisbane hmu...

  • Jaye Fletcher
    Jaye Fletcher 21 day ago

    Joe could say this dude kill a chicken with a spade It's better for you Mmmmmmm I'll try that

    HIGHTS 21 day ago

    Joe List is fucking hilarious!

  • A Z
    A Z 22 days ago

    Joe List is a funny motherfucker!!

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams 22 days ago

    He sounds like guy on Bob's Burgers

  • Kaitie Nissley
    Kaitie Nissley 22 days ago

    Ben folds lost his chin

  • Sammy Danger
    Sammy Danger 22 days ago

    God I would kill for an Australian woman

  • Tom
    Tom 22 days ago

    The shoe shit story needs to get animated! Please!

  • Joe Todd
    Joe Todd 23 days ago

    I don't like toilet humor imaginary or not

  • Georgie b
    Georgie b 24 days ago


  • str8 shooter
    str8 shooter 24 days ago

    37:19 "yaaaas yasssssssssss yassss cute young guys...." when is joe going to come out of the closet he's constantly making gay comments

    ok now I got to 40:04 suspicions confirmed

  • Carrie Silvina Espinoza Villanueva

    I havent laughed this hard for a long time!!! I know it shouldnt be funny but sonetimes we have to laugh at life's irony. This show reminded me if a bittersweet time in my life. I had this girlfriend who got very early onset Alzheimers; she wasnt diagnosed yet, but she pooped in her dirty clothes basket cause it was oval, about the right height and white. I kept smelling something when I was visiting with her and when I found this perfectly placed poop on top the clothes I knew it was her. The look on her face when she saw it; she got so angry ( she really didnt remember), that she wanted to call the police! She kept screaming, outraged, " Someone broke in my house and shit in my dirty clothes basket!" I laughed and laughed , though she never knew why. Eventually she laughed with me, it was a sweet but sad moment because she went downhill pretty fast after that. Great show!

  • austin hogan
    austin hogan 24 days ago


  • eyewarshipsatin
    eyewarshipsatin 25 days ago +1

    So dumb: Englishman... Irishman... fucking Not England Man Ireland Man Chinaman. How do they say it out loud and not hear that they are not the same thing?

  • Jgrim9
    Jgrim9 25 days ago

    what happened with Joe on the subway with the 6 guys ?

  • twenty514
    twenty514 26 days ago +1

    Mark Normand next and that’s lunch!

  • 8vedder3
    8vedder3 26 days ago

    #Crashing Joe. get the net!

  • Anton E Krog
    Anton E Krog 26 days ago

    God that shit story killed me😂😂😂

  • Chris Connors
    Chris Connors 26 days ago

    Joe "the truth" List.

  • Tim Geurts
    Tim Geurts 26 days ago


  • SonikBlu23
    SonikBlu23 26 days ago +1

    Ugh. Rogan sounded like a news reporter interviewing List about C.K

  • Zack Bonesteel
    Zack Bonesteel 26 days ago +1

    What a shock that liberal cities have a program to ship out their homeless to other places. I will guarantee that those cities that ship out the most are the same with the most illegal immigrants. They allow them in and then ship them off to other places because it costs the city way less to get rid of their problem than to deal with it.

  • Zack Bonesteel
    Zack Bonesteel 26 days ago

    Joe please look up Jordan Peterson's diet. It is not just eating meat. He eats a lot of vegetables too. You are doing him a disservice.

  • Sick N Tired Rc
    Sick N Tired Rc 26 days ago +3

    This guy is a riot..great podcast

  • Keeny
    Keeny 27 days ago +1

    I just watched Joe List on Netflix because of this podcast. It was fucking hilarious. Thank you Joe Rogan and Joe List for making life a little less shitty

  • Mason Marcucci Music
    Mason Marcucci Music 28 days ago +1


  • Di Fox
    Di Fox 28 days ago

    Someone probably will make video where Joe talks about "kill" with some criminal...

  • kealsta
    kealsta 28 days ago

    This guy is great. Gotta look up his stand up work.

  • Eric Loyd
    Eric Loyd 28 days ago

    This is the episode where Joe OFFICIALLY has sold out and now hes all about the money from here, watch shit start to change from here.. sorry people.

  • Devo Blanco
    Devo Blanco 28 days ago

    "i can still get my uhh, vagina hard"

  • shivamib
    shivamib 28 days ago

    Joe "I almost got cucked by a toaster collector" Rogan

  • Mark Zarrin
    Mark Zarrin 28 days ago

    Joe’s laugh is so damn contagious, I swear it makes everything 10x funnier 😂

  • Jeremy Van Ryswyk
    Jeremy Van Ryswyk 28 days ago

    what kinds of sugar though

  • Brian Oblivion
    Brian Oblivion 28 days ago

    at least he can still get his vagina hard

  • Thomas Symonds
    Thomas Symonds 29 days ago


  • Satsui no Hado
    Satsui no Hado 29 days ago

    "If a woman walks through a store naked do you think she should go to jail?", Sounds like weed talk.🤣

  • HeatherLoves
    HeatherLoves 29 days ago

    Joe low key invited joe to do dmt

  • Gloomy End
    Gloomy End 29 days ago +2

    I actually love how each podcast has its own free flow of random conservations, even though it's repeated.
    I enjoy them all from start to finish, thank you Joe and young J.

  • BrotoSwaggins
    BrotoSwaggins 29 days ago +1


  • Shel Bukowski
    Shel Bukowski 29 days ago +3

    Joe List is the love child of Keanu Reeves and Edward Norton.

  • Logan Bourgeois
    Logan Bourgeois 29 days ago

    Well someone is gonna make that app

  • Louis Garcia
    Louis Garcia 29 days ago

    this guy looks like young jamie

  • Jahred Klahre
    Jahred Klahre Month ago

    17:49 I spit water laughing

  • David Verzwyvelt
    David Verzwyvelt Month ago +2

    Cool podcast. Enjoyed listening to Joe List. As a fellow sobernaught, I enjoyed hearing you speak meaningfully about sobriety

  • Ek Bozman
    Ek Bozman Month ago +1

    dude i'm fucked up but Louis ck beating his dick in public to some random chick star struck is a super piece of shit scum bag thing to do to someone.... fuck that guy..

    • Ek Bozman
      Ek Bozman 22 days ago

      ok am I wrong here? dude beat off to some small town chick aspiring to be in the business finally almost made it just to get Louis CK smashing infront of her, lmao

    • blobcity
      blobcity 28 days ago

      he asked, they consented

  • i see dumb people
    i see dumb people Month ago

    Who is Jamie Vernon 😂 ah ok

  • Evan Thompson
    Evan Thompson Month ago

    He's a gun nut.

    YENKO DAVI Month ago

    joe i like u but you are not funny!!!

  • Jason Alicea
    Jason Alicea Month ago

    Is this Jaime? What the fuck? Endgame go back in time and change the life path to where Jaime becomes a anxious pill popping 💊 comedian? Someone tell me

  • mtdyl911
    mtdyl911 Month ago

    Best Guest, Unless Louis CK or Bill Burr Shows Up

    • shivamib
      shivamib 28 days ago

      I'm ready for some more Bill Burr

    TOP TEN TUBE Month ago +1

    Joe this guy was awful...

  • Miss Mary
    Miss Mary Month ago +1

    Joe " I know nothing about Kratom " Rogan.

  • Michael Olson
    Michael Olson Month ago

    Epic shit story.

  • Roice Noice
    Roice Noice Month ago

    Joe “dicks flopping around inside target” rogan

  • natejo82
    natejo82 Month ago

    The leaked Louis stand up is hilarious. That is all.

  • Brian Price
    Brian Price Month ago

    Nice podcast, except when they referenced Dane Cook. Can't stand that guy, 90% theatrics and 10% humor.

  • HIGHtened Sense
    HIGHtened Sense Month ago

    *Joe Rogan- 'Bring me another guest to listen to me talk'

  • kyle griffin
    kyle griffin Month ago

    "I almost got cucked by a toaster collector" lolololol

    NIIIIQQ Month ago +1

    Now we all know Jamie's last name! The mystery is solved. It wasnt Jamie first named young it is actually Vernon first name Jamie

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez Month ago

    I’m from key west and everything he’s saying isn’t wrong where very angry

  • David Mays
    David Mays Month ago

    Texas was surveyed as the no.1accent

  • Lucky Bass Turd
    Lucky Bass Turd Month ago

    2:55 if you could do a show with all comedians?
    like SNL from '87 to '91 when Conan O'Brien was writing!

  • Michael Wozniak
    Michael Wozniak Month ago
    Give Thich a chance Joe he is the real deal

  • alice coffey
    alice coffey Month ago

    Joe Liste, read Anthony William's Medical Medium book. Sounds crazy but his protocol really works for acid reflux, i tried everything and nothing else worked. But the whole celery juice thing is real!

  • Mr. Good Human
    Mr. Good Human Month ago

    Joe list is joes exact opposite

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell Month ago

    Who says you can't say "Chinaman"? Where is Joe pulling this crap from

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell Month ago

    "Fuck you Latinos...." lmao

  • Andrey R
    Andrey R Month ago

    "And then he froze to death! *Heheheh*" Nice one Joe... Classy

  • Michael Farrell
    Michael Farrell Month ago

    Joe is completely wrong about the underwear thing.... I let my shit hang free and I have zero hygiene or injury problems... and less laundry to do as a bonus

  • Gerry Bird
    Gerry Bird Month ago

    i also had a dentist in Vermont that pulled a molar and chipped the tooth in front of it which started a cavity and instead of fixing it, he wrote me a total of 7 scripts of 24- 10mg Percocets then 5 more scripts of 10 -5mg Percocets. And that's plenty to get you started on dusty road. That was about 12 years ago and 7 years ago i stopped taking opiates when my second son was born. We're all human and Doctors make mistakes too.

  • Gerry Bird
    Gerry Bird Month ago

    as far as some bad doctor advise goes, i had an orthopedic specialist tell me that it was physically impossible for me to lose 10 pounds in one day. i had to make him aware that i dropped 17 pounds in less than 24 hours after wrestling practice to make weight for an invitational tournament. i wanted to die but i made 189.

  • David Perez
    David Perez Month ago

    Who is Jaime Vernon...? 🤣

  • Aldo C.
    Aldo C. Month ago

    "Yeah he's armed...🙂"

  • skiboot steeze boot
    skiboot steeze boot Month ago +1

    Every comedian ever: "I'm on the roooooad" "hitting the roooooad"

    Always takes planes

  • Jonathan Gerrard
    Jonathan Gerrard Month ago

    I can`t wait for Louis CK to come back and kill it ; lets see how many of the haters suddenly pretend that they were actually always behind him and want be associated with his success.

  • Ek0
    Ek0 Month ago

    If Joe Rogan talks about how he wants people to forgive Louis CK one more time, Im unsubscribing.

    • Ek0
      Ek0 Month ago

      @Bigxx Redxx Good one Bigxx Redxx.

    • Bigxx Redxx
      Bigxx Redxx Month ago

      Nobody will miss you.

  • Cisco Cabs
    Cisco Cabs Month ago

    Joe " pooty pie" Rogan

  • Mike Sliff
    Mike Sliff Month ago

    Joe needs to have Nate Bargatze on for sure.

  • Benny Hath
    Benny Hath Month ago

    The parkland shooting joke is funnier than the best joke in 95% of comedy specials