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  • Published on May 14, 2019
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Comments • 588

  • jordan campanile
    jordan campanile 19 hours ago

    Get a Tesla

  • louisthetravel and themepark spotter98

    hi mate were you are in los angules is the home of gta 5

  • Reuben O’Donnell
    Reuben O’Donnell 6 days ago

    Hi tom, I’ve just started watching your vids again since last year and I am LOVING it... keep posting and making people happy 😊

  • OA Jaguar
    OA Jaguar 15 days ago

    He dont care about that propeller

  • Dan Davies
    Dan Davies 18 days ago

    Did the tipsy bartender pick you up

  • Sam Gramlick
    Sam Gramlick 21 day ago

    RON'S WAAAAAATCH!!!!!!! :D

  • Rosa P
    Rosa P 23 days ago

    Know one likes spacaling water

  • Rosa P
    Rosa P 23 days ago

    Remember do not swear

  • Rosa P
    Rosa P 23 days ago

    Some people don’t have as much as you

  • Rosa P
    Rosa P 23 days ago

    I like your stature

  • Chubby st0ner
    Chubby st0ner 29 days ago

    You smoke 💨

  • Scott Burstein
    Scott Burstein Month ago

    My dad has a car like that

  • Marieke van zetten
    Marieke van zetten Month ago

    I like sparkling water there is somting wrong with me i knoww 😂😂😂

  • Joker
    Joker Month ago

    How rich is this dude??

  • Ring Tong
    Ring Tong Month ago

    Why tf are you always close to missing your flights

  • Syndicate_ Kxng
    Syndicate_ Kxng Month ago

    Tom do you ever fly on a plane name tui?

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno Month ago +1

    I always love the facial expressions 😂👍

  • Sneaky Minaj
    Sneaky Minaj Month ago


  • Yagattack23 Finneyfixit

    What hotel

  • Dylan Khan
    Dylan Khan Month ago +1

    Drugs are bad except weed 💯🍃

  • Aaron Parak
    Aaron Parak Month ago

    Love your videos, I just absolutely hate the stupid voices you do

  • coral smith
    coral smith 2 months ago

    Fuck me when that batbh started to cry ,bro just out the fucking window urgh nothing worse ,they shouldn't be allowed on up to the age of 5 if not older to stop you destroying other people's time

  • GradeREz News
    GradeREz News 2 months ago

    Left a q-tip on your ear lad

  • Franklin Skeen
    Franklin Skeen 2 months ago

    Fuck yeah the end was perfect👌🏼

  • Lord Benny
    Lord Benny 2 months ago +1

    did you forget about the Q-tip at 0:45 ?

  • Cursive hand Writing
    Cursive hand Writing 2 months ago

    Toms reactions are always wholesome

  • r y
    r y 2 months ago

    fuck hecz he can’t even fish bro... ask lunkers. if you need any east coast vibes hmu

  • JudgeHazard
    JudgeHazard 2 months ago

    Tom Face reveal in the mirror!!! 16:25 Finally!!!

  • TheWulf Plays
    TheWulf Plays 2 months ago

    I stayed at that hotel 6 years ago

  • xNeq
    xNeq 2 months ago

    Digging the vlogs!!! Also nice game of thrones ultra boosts!!!!!!!!

  • spooksmultigames
    spooksmultigames 2 months ago

    Dude same films on my flight ✈️ to Seoul lol

  • TehCito
    TehCito 2 months ago

    Toms just one of them TheXvidrs who’s ‘‘ made it” been watching him since the start and it’s mad to watch how his life has become 👏🏼

  • twistedNbad
    twistedNbad 2 months ago

    That thinking chair is worth $4,000

  • cutekitty1310
    cutekitty1310 2 months ago

    That thinking chair is a hella expensive one tho damn

  • Links_115
    Links_115 2 months ago

    5 years ago you got a beats speaker and just played battlefield 4. Like if you remember that video

  • Amandaa Jones
    Amandaa Jones 2 months ago

    What happened to his apartment

  • KAW Patel
    KAW Patel 2 months ago

    Sparkling water sucks

  • RKeddyy
    RKeddyy 2 months ago

    Tom has my dream life 😍

  • Kaden Lindsey
    Kaden Lindsey 2 months ago

    adrift :'(

  • Luke Griffiths
    Luke Griffiths 2 months ago

    Should go stay at the gold or sunshine coast qld Australia, views shit on those haha

  • Alexander Marsden
    Alexander Marsden 2 months ago

    2:10 in the video where your bag gets swabbed! It’s for explosives... not drugs! Just saying 👍🏼

  • Jason Strongman
    Jason Strongman 3 months ago

    Old hector.... the breaker of poor adrift loving hearts ):

  • tekkaki
    tekkaki 3 months ago

    MW4 worldwide reveal Friday May 31,2019 10 PM PT‬

  • Taylor James
    Taylor James 3 months ago

    What about the shard 🤣

  • __
    __ 3 months ago

    Is that Angel from Borderlands 2 at 32:00 ?

  • Wendell Laidley
    Wendell Laidley 3 months ago +1

    Tom you should get global entry which lets you breeze through customs and immigration in less than 10 mins. It costs 45 pounds and is available for UK citizens

  • James Bruno
    James Bruno 3 months ago

    Anyone know what backpack he has, like which Razer one?

  • carrona
    carrona 3 months ago

    The hotel room looked good until I saw the drawer/cupboard unit with the drinks etc. It was really tatty and covered in scrapes. More like a 5 out of 10 Tom.

  • Mick The King
    Mick The King 3 months ago

    Everyone is talking about mw4 or mw2 remastered but bo5 has just been announced Tom what’s going on

  • Its Kyla
    Its Kyla 3 months ago

    Tom freaking out about Ryan Reynolds is me whenever anyone I support notices me or likes a tweet 😂

  • Glennguin
    Glennguin 3 months ago

    27:05 "Tom is Yoda!!!"

  • Xplecit Tez
    Xplecit Tez 3 months ago

    32:13 I think I'm in love. The lady in white, I can't take my darn eyes offa her. .

  • Sam Bridges
    Sam Bridges 3 months ago

    Lol I live in Norwich and I’ve literally stayed at that hotel when I was on holiday. It was amazing can’t believe you are staying there too

  • Anthony Finn
    Anthony Finn 3 months ago

    Can anyone fill on what happened to Gatsby

  • Juan Deag Doge
    Juan Deag Doge 3 months ago

    MW4. js

  • I Am Kyran
    I Am Kyran 3 months ago

    They absolutely butchered the British accent

  • Ali IQ
    Ali IQ 3 months ago

    mw4 or ghosts 2 ?

  • Rhodri Owen
    Rhodri Owen 3 months ago

    what happened to his LA apartment?

  • So_Bouncy
    So_Bouncy 3 months ago


  • Nicole Gardner
    Nicole Gardner 3 months ago

    your videos are so funny and great to watch

  • Orlagh Buckley
    Orlagh Buckley 3 months ago


  • Rasberry Nipple
    Rasberry Nipple 3 months ago +5

    You still take Ron’s watch everywhere you go, so awesome! Must be racking up some miles Tom!?

  • Jazmine Griffin
    Jazmine Griffin 3 months ago

    Have you seen the hate you give and if not you should watch it, it is a good show to watch

  • Andre Romani
    Andre Romani 3 months ago

    Do not tell me it was cod mobile

  • Myersva YT
    Myersva YT 3 months ago

    my man said "it's adorable"

  • Titancall1
    Titancall1 3 months ago


  • Tudor Ene
    Tudor Ene 3 months ago

    yo , logic is my jam

  • Ben Hindle
    Ben Hindle 3 months ago

    with that view Tom id just happily sit there watching the boats go by whilst swigging a cold one

  • Yoop Noop
    Yoop Noop 3 months ago +1

    You degenerate, COD mobile is not an LA worthy trip

  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore 3 months ago

    rip james charles hehe

    THOMMO 3 months ago

    Any one else notice tom has EAR BUD

  • MaybeMotion
    MaybeMotion 3 months ago

    Tom you should move out to LA, the vlogs are so much more enjoyable out there! :)

    TREYARCHNUKE 3 months ago

    Right ok listen to this. Hi I'm Tom I'm going to America to go to a English bar speak a little foreign and drink an Irish beverage... You are strange Tom 😂

  • Mickeslotr
    Mickeslotr 3 months ago +1

    adrifts coming back!! YES!!

  • Footy Fc
    Footy Fc 3 months ago

    Go to Disney land hongkong