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  • Published on May 14, 2019
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Comments • 573

  • GradeREz News
    GradeREz News 10 days ago

    Left a q-tip on your ear lad

  • Franklin Skeen
    Franklin Skeen 11 days ago

    Fuck yeah the end was perfect👌🏼

  • Lord Benny
    Lord Benny 11 days ago +1

    did you forget about the Q-tip at 0:45 ?

  • Cursive hand Writing
    Cursive hand Writing 16 days ago

    Toms reactions are always wholesome

  • r y
    r y 16 days ago

    fuck hecz he can’t even fish bro... ask lunkers. if you need any east coast vibes hmu

  • JudgeHazard
    JudgeHazard 17 days ago

    Tom Face reveal in the mirror!!! 16:25 Finally!!!

  • TheWulf Plays
    TheWulf Plays 17 days ago

    I stayed at that hotel 6 years ago

  • xNeq
    xNeq 17 days ago

    Digging the vlogs!!! Also nice game of thrones ultra boosts!!!!!!!!

  • spooksmultigames
    spooksmultigames 18 days ago

    Dude same films on my flight ✈️ to Seoul lol

  • TehCito
    TehCito 18 days ago

    Toms just one of them TheXvidrs who’s ‘‘ made it” been watching him since the start and it’s mad to watch how his life has become 👏🏼

  • twistedNbad
    twistedNbad 18 days ago

    That thinking chair is worth $4,000

  • cutekitty1310
    cutekitty1310 19 days ago

    That thinking chair is a hella expensive one tho damn

  • Links_115
    Links_115 19 days ago

    5 years ago you got a beats speaker and just played battlefield 4. Like if you remember that video

  • Amandaa Jones
    Amandaa Jones 20 days ago

    What happened to his apartment

  • KAW Patel
    KAW Patel 20 days ago

    Sparkling water sucks

  • RKeddyy
    RKeddyy 20 days ago

    Tom has my dream life 😍

  • Kaden Lindsey
    Kaden Lindsey 21 day ago

    adrift :'(

  • Luke Griffiths
    Luke Griffiths 21 day ago

    Should go stay at the gold or sunshine coast qld Australia, views shit on those haha

  • Alexander Marsden
    Alexander Marsden 22 days ago

    2:10 in the video where your bag gets swabbed! It’s for explosives... not drugs! Just saying 👍🏼

  • Jason Strongman
    Jason Strongman 25 days ago

    Old hector.... the breaker of poor adrift loving hearts ):

  • tekkaki
    tekkaki 25 days ago

    MW4 worldwide reveal Friday May 31,2019 10 PM PT‬

  • Wood Duck
    Wood Duck 25 days ago

    That would be a wasp my friend

  • Taylor James
    Taylor James 27 days ago

    What about the shard 🤣

  • __
    __ 27 days ago

    Is that Angel from Borderlands 2 at 32:00 ?

  • Wendell Laidley
    Wendell Laidley 27 days ago +1

    Tom you should get global entry which lets you breeze through customs and immigration in less than 10 mins. It costs 45 pounds and is available for UK citizens

  • James Bruno
    James Bruno 28 days ago

    Anyone know what backpack he has, like which Razer one?

  • carrona
    carrona 28 days ago

    The hotel room looked good until I saw the drawer/cupboard unit with the drinks etc. It was really tatty and covered in scrapes. More like a 5 out of 10 Tom.

  • Mick The King
    Mick The King 28 days ago

    Everyone is talking about mw4 or mw2 remastered but bo5 has just been announced Tom what’s going on

  • Its Kyla
    Its Kyla 28 days ago

    Tom freaking out about Ryan Reynolds is me whenever anyone I support notices me or likes a tweet 😂

  • Glennguin
    Glennguin 29 days ago

    27:05 "Tom is Yoda!!!"

  • Xplecit Tez
    Xplecit Tez 29 days ago

    32:13 I think I'm in love. The lady in white, I can't take my darn eyes offa her. .

  • Sam Bridges
    Sam Bridges 29 days ago

    Lol I live in Norwich and I’ve literally stayed at that hotel when I was on holiday. It was amazing can’t believe you are staying there too

  • Anthony Finn
    Anthony Finn 29 days ago

    Can anyone fill on what happened to Gatsby

  • Juan Deag Doge
    Juan Deag Doge 29 days ago

    MW4. js

  • I Am Kyran
    I Am Kyran Month ago

    They absolutely butchered the British accent

  • Ali IQ
    Ali IQ Month ago

    mw4 or ghosts 2 ?

  • Rhodri Owen
    Rhodri Owen Month ago

    what happened to his LA apartment?

  • So_Bouncy
    So_Bouncy Month ago


  • Nicole Gardner
    Nicole Gardner Month ago

    your videos are so funny and great to watch

  • Orlagh Buckley
    Orlagh Buckley Month ago


  • Rasberry Nipple
    Rasberry Nipple Month ago +5

    You still take Ron’s watch everywhere you go, so awesome! Must be racking up some miles Tom!?

  • Jazmine Griffin
    Jazmine Griffin Month ago

    Have you seen the hate you give and if not you should watch it, it is a good show to watch

  • Andre Romani
    Andre Romani Month ago

    Do not tell me it was cod mobile

  • Impulse_j HD
    Impulse_j HD Month ago

    my man said "it's adorable"

  • Titancall1
    Titancall1 Month ago


  • Tudor Ene
    Tudor Ene Month ago

    yo , logic is my jam

  • Ben Hindle
    Ben Hindle Month ago

    with that view Tom id just happily sit there watching the boats go by whilst swigging a cold one

  • Yoop Noop
    Yoop Noop Month ago +1

    You degenerate, COD mobile is not an LA worthy trip

  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore Month ago

    rip james charles hehe

    SAVAGE COOKIE Month ago

    Any one else notice tom has EAR BUD

  • MaybeMotion
    MaybeMotion Month ago

    Tom you should move out to LA, the vlogs are so much more enjoyable out there! :)

    TREYARCHNUKE Month ago

    Right ok listen to this. Hi I'm Tom I'm going to America to go to a English bar speak a little foreign and drink an Irish beverage... You are strange Tom 😂

  • Mickeslotr
    Mickeslotr Month ago +1

    adrifts coming back!! YES!!

  • Footy Fc
    Footy Fc Month ago

    Go to Disney land hongkong

  • Hilu Stoddart
    Hilu Stoddart Month ago +1

    Yoo, Hello Tom from Nunavut 8:54

  • Alexander Torres
    Alexander Torres Month ago +3

    Tom showing us the hotel, gave me flashbacks to Gta 5 Lol

  • Isaac Orta
    Isaac Orta Month ago +1

    That my friend is a Cadillacs 3.6. There's one better it's a Cadillac CTS-V with dual borla exhaust

  • Mitsuolevel
    Mitsuolevel Month ago

    I still find it odd Tom doesn't really have a accent

  • CaptREXs501st
    CaptREXs501st Month ago

    Litterally pulls all the buttons and knobs on his seat likes hes flying the plane and knows whats what XD

  • Angel Girl
    Angel Girl Month ago

    Hi Tom hi Lydia hi family hi friends hi Orion amazing adventure

  • Hanzalah P
    Hanzalah P Month ago

    Yay, Brit

  • zusp
    zusp Month ago

    We all known it’s about Call Of Duty...😶🤫

  • cynormical
    cynormical Month ago

    Modern Warfare 4 Bois xD

  • Keane Newby
    Keane Newby Month ago

    17:05 swear I live there in GTA, del perro heights

  • Braiden F. 716
    Braiden F. 716 Month ago

    9:37 anyone else notice the infinite loop

  • - Wiggy
    - Wiggy Month ago +2

    damn i bet that elevator smelled amazing

  • arin bearden
    arin bearden Month ago

    Definitely a bee. Wasp will be about 3 times bigger. And much more of an ass.

  • Sean Dunne
    Sean Dunne Month ago

    Can’t remember if I commented this already or not 😂 “I’ll never eat a lamb chop again I promise” - Thomas George Cassell, 2019.

  • Louis McGonigal
    Louis McGonigal Month ago

    Please Tom clean your laptop OCD 😂

  • Icaro Queiroz
    Icaro Queiroz Month ago

    darude sandstorm

  • TheLaughing Gag
    TheLaughing Gag Month ago +1


  • Samual Smith
    Samual Smith Month ago

    You're on a US Gov watch list with having the SSSS on your boarding card.

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith Month ago

    Film trailers come on the tv.
    Tom: Seen it, seen it, seen it, seen it, seen it.

  • maxwell_war
    maxwell_war Month ago

    Are you meeting the boiks

    If you know you know

  • nryn
    nryn Month ago

    Activision are pretty nice aren’t they?

  • X _Sam
    X _Sam Month ago

    Definitely cod related

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    5:27 Hey don't spit on us!

  • Beastlykid 420
    Beastlykid 420 Month ago

    You should try and hangout with the faze guys while your in LA

    I AM CARNAGE Month ago

    I can see that hotel from the hotel I'm currently staying at in LA 😂

  • Thomas Ravenscroft
    Thomas Ravenscroft Month ago

    The socks are compression socks, they stop your feet from swelling

  • CA144
    CA144 Month ago

    What airport was this?

  • FN Wood
    FN Wood Month ago +1

    SSSS on boarding pass means additional security screening. More questions and searches.

  • JoshTibbs58
    JoshTibbs58 Month ago

    wow i wish this was me...

    im not allowed to spend money ☹️

  • Drake Malone
    Drake Malone Month ago

    I thought i was gonna be sparklz

  • IDaz33
    IDaz33 Month ago

    Why did he have a cotton bud on his ear

  • Meg Kee
    Meg Kee Month ago

    I really think the toilets of airplanes should have windows cus personally they feel quite claustrophobic and a window would help but also the plane might go past something cool while you're doing your business and you might miss it😂

  • Meg Kee
    Meg Kee Month ago

    Im flying from Manchester airport when i go to Florida in June and im not flying from terminal 3😭😂

  • OmqJuxstin
    OmqJuxstin Month ago


  • Natruwis
    Natruwis Month ago

    YOOO that pool looks like the one from Big Time Rush?

  • Trollisjostis
    Trollisjostis Month ago

    45 secs of quality ASMR

  • pKDzns
    pKDzns Month ago


  • Jared Lam
    Jared Lam Month ago

    Idm jordan in adrifttttt

  • Selbatrose
    Selbatrose Month ago

    who is the brunette in the white at 31:05?

  • Michael Clifford
    Michael Clifford Month ago

    'reminds bee to not fall' 😅

  • Jhye Sheppard
    Jhye Sheppard Month ago

    Tom you think that hotel is good come to Melbourne and stay at the crown metropol

  • Scxtt HD
    Scxtt HD Month ago

    Tom can you go see Ron

  • zZsOuRaPpLeZz
    zZsOuRaPpLeZz Month ago

    don't forget to keep up with the gym if you get the chance

  • knick007
    knick007 Month ago

    What happened to the cats???

  • Simon Taylor
    Simon Taylor Month ago

    Terminal 5 not 3?

  • Joel Vickers
    Joel Vickers Month ago

    The low light on your phone Is shocking 😂😂