True Facts: Frog Fish

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • Yup. We're back.

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  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 3 years ago +1

    Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, he has returned

    HERPY DERPEDY 3 years ago +5

    "I once dated a rock for like a week"

  • Piyush_D
    Piyush_D 3 years ago +3

    3 things best about this channel

  • Gail Jansen
    Gail Jansen 2 years ago +2

    “They are short, stocky, and scaleless, and often look like little pieces of garbage”

  • Kaleb Ross
    Kaleb Ross 3 years ago +769

    "You look like a garbage bag...

  • Rayne X L
    Rayne X L 3 years ago +1

    "He's smiling! It's like a class picture!"

  • Dzeeff
    Dzeeff 3 years ago +10

    I honestly didn't believe this when I noticed it in my sub box

  • Bee
    Bee 3 years ago +1

    Honestly I was having a really bad mental health day, just lying around depressed and miserable and decided to cheer myself up by rewatching old true facts videos and saw that you were back and there were new ones and it’s the first time I really smiled today. So, thank you!

  • Justin Tolman
    Justin Tolman 3 years ago +501

    Have you considered making one of these about mudskippers? A fish that is a reverse scuba diver and climbs trees has to be worthy of a video.

  • Marcus Thorne
    Marcus Thorne Year ago +639

    "This one for, example, has evolved to hide in a reef of grumpy old men"

  • Galactic Nova
    Galactic Nova 3 years ago +2


  • azurecielo52479
    azurecielo52479 2 years ago +83

    This may be my favorite yet. When Zefrank cracks himself up, I crack up, and he could not contain himself this time. So much laughing in 3 minutes (Jimmy, walking, eating, smiling, coral rolling, and drunk trashbag). Can't stop rewatching "class photo"

  • The 8-Bit Ninja
    The 8-Bit Ninja 3 years ago +316

    HE'S BACK! <3

  • BigBadSeed
    BigBadSeed Year ago +106

    I was hoping for a joke along the lines of, "Ironically, the frogfish is neither a frog nor a fish. No, wait, never mind, it is a fish."

  • FrostyCap
    FrostyCap Year ago +50

    I like how he sounds a lot more happy in this video compared to all his other videos

  • Little Nightcore Maniac
    Little Nightcore Maniac 2 years ago +680

    "OH SH*T. We have a problem. Jimmy is dead" XD

  • tystulv
    tystulv 3 years ago +254

    “They are short, stocky and scaleless and often look like little pieces of garbage”. Yeah, that’s me

  • Nuclear Crocodilia
    Nuclear Crocodilia Year ago +11

    In these quarantined times I had searched desperately for something to entertain me, then upon my blessed eye I spotted this channel, no longer comatose, my joy was twice fold than any Disney or Universal trip could grant me.

  • Izzy Nobre
    Izzy Nobre 3 years ago +1

    Oh my god he’s back

  • BobtheGigglemaestro
    BobtheGigglemaestro 3 years ago +140

    A lil’ fun fact here. The red monster with the ice cream lure from the first Spongebob movie was confirmed to be a frog fish in a bonus feature on the dvd.