I made Roblox noobs think their account was being DELETED with ADMIN COMMANDS...

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
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    Today I use Roblox admin commands to make random players think that their accounts were being deleted
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  • • Yuizen ღ
    • Yuizen ღ 11 months ago +2149

    Idea: Find someone either child, teen, or adult, and ask them what one of their fears is. Then once you know their fear, go invisible and follow them around the map. When they are alone, make their fear appear in front of them. So basically like make their fear surround them.

  • Help me get 1k subs
    Help me get 1k subs 2 months ago +133

    Ah, yes the good old times this already giving me nostalgia a little bit. I missed watching these videos in 2019.

  • AGirlOnline
    AGirlOnline 2 months ago +48

    Has anyone noticed in almost every one of flamingos admin videos, halfway through the video he gets distracted on something else and doesn't do the thing he was supposed to in the video? Or is it just me?

    • Mr. Bruh
      Mr. Bruh 13 days ago +1

      @Cloudydxe Jr.hol' up I'm looking who actually asked

    • Floppa Fox
      Floppa Fox 20 days ago +1


    • ★jelly-HD★
      ★jelly-HD★ Month ago

      did you noticed the he has a scratch on his elbows at the end

    • AGirlOnline
      AGirlOnline Month ago

      @Cloudydxe Jr. thx for the correction, I'm gonna change it.

    • Cloudydxe Jr.
      Cloudydxe Jr. Month ago

      supposed* and yeah

  • DifferentAbilityAutisticGamer

    Let's just appreciate how flamingo makes us laugh

    • Floppa Fox
      Floppa Fox 23 days ago +1

      Let's just appreciate how sophia is so determined to get the burger that she wents

  • Ziax
    Ziax 2 months ago +6

    Albert, A tip is too use ;SM instead of ;M Cause with SM it looks like the server has made that message.

  • WorldXD
    WorldXD 9 months ago +1601

    “I went a burger”
    Welcome to WatchMojo, today we are looking at top 10 last words.

  • Baby Kiera's Nursery Rhymes

    I love how the girl said we need to get off before we get banned that made me laugh so hard

  • Your_ImaginaryFriend
    Your_ImaginaryFriend 12 days ago +1

    I love how when someone says something and it tags Albert just guesses what they say 😂

  • Soph Bot
    Soph Bot 3 months ago +8

    Flamingo: *gets mad at someone causing havoc
    Also Flamingo: *continues to explain his plan to cause havoc on the server

  • GummyToaster
    GummyToaster Month ago +3

    "you can replace the house but you cannot replace the heart"- Albert

  • Kurt Amaya
    Kurt Amaya 11 months ago +641

    ***Everyone gets “banned”***
    Sophias last words:
    “I went a burger”
    now Sophia will get what she wented in Heaven

  • Lara Samir
    Lara Samir 24 days ago +3

    Idea: slowly take away furniture from people's house and when it empty take away the walls roof floor and light and that stuff

  • vlrx_
    vlrx_ 2 months ago +2

    u always never fail to make me smile:)

  • C4tBl00d
    C4tBl00d Month ago

    Albert knows how to make everyone’s day better

  • BadGraphicsEqualsPixels

    Dawg, this is honestly very funny ngl nice work albert keep up the great work!!

  • Micro Post
    Micro Post 2 years ago +453

    Idea: Make an entirely different map with awful houses and move the spawn point there.

  • Nah_E
    Nah_E Month ago +1

    "Bye house:("
    She deserves to be a president all her speeches are wonderful:)

  • Maya Tkac
    Maya Tkac 26 days ago +1

    Albert: "It's 4AM right now and I figured I have nothing better to do than play Roblox"
    Me: "How about sleeping for one time in your life?"

  • POLARPLAYS fan of dollastic gamer Chad

    Still can't believe how Albert gets them so good!!!

  • PSX Club
    PSX Club Month ago

    He was trolling with a server count down and now he's just enjoying his admin commands and doin stuff

  • Uniquan !
    Uniquan ! Year ago +9951

    i love the “Bye house :(“ girl

  • L1z4rdBelle
    L1z4rdBelle 3 months ago +4

    Legend has it that Sophie is still waiting for the burger that she *wents*

  • idk what to name my channel :/

    i love how the mike guy just started accusing albert after about hin saying like 4 words

  • Ea Sports lol
    Ea Sports lol 3 months ago +3

    4:09 I mean debt is kinda worse than death bc you have to experience the stress and anxiety of paying someone but while your dead you’re soul roames freely

  • materialgworl
    materialgworl Month ago

    hey flamingo! i hope everybody goes on your side between the drama of you and silksid! slisksid is a scammer if you don’t know to people that are reading this. i wish you the best flamingo!

  •  SpaghettiMan
    SpaghettiMan 6 months ago +649

    100 years later, parents will still pass down the legend of Sophia still sitting in the restaurant, wenting a burger.

    • sweetner
      sweetner 12 days ago

      i was sophia-

    • Floppa Fox
      Floppa Fox 23 days ago

      Sophia gets what Sophia wents.

    • ChillBoyGacha
      ChillBoyGacha  24 days ago

      I also went a burger

    • SquareBear
      SquareBear Month ago

      no shes in heaven wenting a burger that she wented

    • Red Nightmare
      Red Nightmare Month ago

      i went to a burger place called vomit and sophia was screaming I WENT A BURGER I WENT A BURGER

  • Celi Saenz
    Celi Saenz 17 days ago +1

    I love when people were panicking and leaving so funny

  • wugged
    wugged Month ago

    make traps and control the little noobs to see how'd they react

  • ꧁𓆉𝕟𝕩𝕣𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒𓆉꧂

    Also fun fact: flamingo was blind when the map got taken out as well.

  • meaganmicha
    meaganmicha 11 days ago +1

    I love the fact that Flamingo has a torso of a women managing with a half of a wedding dress in his back room

  • Esther
    Esther 2 years ago +2301

    Idea: private chat only 1 person that everyone will be deleted and see if they tell anyone.. when ur gonna shut the server down you'll say "If (name) told you, you could've prepared.. Now you're going to be deleted and it's all (name)'s fault!
    Edit: omg I left this comment for 3 months and omg that got so many likes. Tysm. I hope Albert likes the idea if he sees it!

  • James Davis
    James Davis Month ago +2

    Did y’all notice that Versaceswag3 was in Alberts server again 4:26
    Look at the parents section of the player list and you’ll see him XD

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright Month ago +1

    Flamingo: kicks everyone in a server by shutting it down.
    Rose: bye house :(
    Everyone: 🤣

  • GamerGol
    GamerGol 3 months ago

    i love how albert uses his old thumbnail

  • Pink.bunnyx
    Pink.bunnyx 18 days ago

    Even if i watched this 4 times I still think it's funny

  • 1uvlykayla [unmotivated]

    I love how Albert is just laughing at everyone who’s getting scared, having pain, and getting sad-

  • cookiez
    cookiez Month ago

    the fact that JinimyCastiel spelled beautiful "beatiful" shows that he is seeing someone and thinking that the person can be beaten

  • guy
    guy 2 months ago +1

    idea: spawn many zombies and give all players guns and they need to kill the zombies to survive

  • Stoopid man
    Stoopid man 2 months ago

    3 years have passed and im still watching these videos

  • Stephanie Gaming
    Stephanie Gaming Month ago

    This mans videos are like the best its so funny keep it up❤️❤️❤️

  • Noobman 104
    Noobman 104 7 months ago +189

    Mike is a legend, solved the mystery and died knowing he figured it out

  • hazelscharmxo シ was AquaBxba

    Legends say: Sophie still wents a burger.

  • edd
    edd 25 days ago +1

    I was in that server i said in my mind "it is obvious that it is flamingo with his troll"

  • U.S.S.R
    U.S.S.R 3 months ago +1

    I'm happy to see flamingo has 21million views on 3 videos. Cuz yes .

    N00BY_STARX Month ago +1

    When you’ve been watching flamingo ever since he started and u realise U haven’t subscribed 🐵✋

  • YBS_4ever
    YBS_4ever Year ago +2469

    “You can replace the house, but you can’t replace the heart.”

  • bunny gaming
    bunny gaming 2 months ago

    Id like to see you do a thing where you scare everyone to get in to there houses lock them in there houses and spawn the shadow demons in every house

  • tea teaki
    tea teaki 2 months ago +2

    Do you know what's worse than death? Debt.
    -Albert Flamingo, 2020

    • Chara
      Chara  2 months ago

      Debt is worse

  • GalaxyTiger AJ
    GalaxyTiger AJ Month ago +1

    POV: Albert gets admin commands in real life

  • Super_Pyromaniac
    Super_Pyromaniac 2 months ago

    Yo albert i got a good video idea:
    make one of your own cart ride games and create some invisible train tracks but make one of them deleted and watch people fall off the map not knowing which one is the invisible track and which one is the deleted track.

  • noel mey!
    noel mey! 2 years ago +302

    Idea: slowly remove pieces of homes, places, shops, etc
    And wait for people to start noticing

  • Ada Bullman
    Ada Bullman Month ago

    I just love these videos makes me laugh that people are in terror🤣

  • Nick Jardine
    Nick Jardine Month ago

    "I went a burger" and "Bye House" are my absolute favourite parts of this video also 04:16

  • Planet Bread
    Planet Bread 2 months ago +16

    My memories
    I’m 90% sure this was the first video I ever watched from him
    Now I have his merch and hes the only thing keeping me from slipping into madness

  • Pamela valladares
    Pamela valladares Day ago +1

    the funny part is how they react 😂 😂

  • NytéMäre Th Wïld Lōrd

    Idea: Turn the map over slowly and observe their reactions

    • _
      _ 2 years ago +2


  • RandomGamer0951
    RandomGamer0951 26 days ago +1

    Sophia's last words: "I went a burger"
    Me: You'll have that meal in ghost mcdonalds

  • JayIsAReezy
    JayIsAReezy Month ago

    whos here watching his old videos to get a good laugh? I know i am!

  • {Isabella Madrigal}

    the “bye house i love u :(“ girl really took the task
    ‘say ur last words to ur loved ones” to another level

  • Yarin Solomonovich
    Yarin Solomonovich Month ago

    Teleport all to a close dark room and give them tools to try to get out while youre countdown

  • Ratio man
    Ratio man Year ago +457

    0:01 everyones dream in a nutshell
    (wait why does this have like over 400 likes...)
    i went a burger

  • ♡ Idk ♡
    ♡ Idk ♡ Month ago

    I love the person that locked him in the house

  • Frankie Vicente
    Frankie Vicente 2 months ago

    I like how flamingo is screaming 😂

  • CoolioCoolieKoolay
    CoolioCoolieKoolay Month ago +2

    Rose didnt value anyone else in her life, and she wasnt valued by anyone either. She had one dream, to buy a house, even since she was a child. She dreamed about having a nice. Clean. shiny house. When she came of age she worked for that house. Accidents, mistakes,debt, on the way, but she made it to her goal, she finally bought a house. Her favourite color. Blue. She finally had that house she valued. But right when she bought it. The world ended. Her last words were "bye house." She valued the house so much she used her last moments to say her final goodbye.

  • Veronica De La Fuente
    Veronica De La Fuente 2 months ago

    4:16 got to be the funniest part

  •  røwan kramer shorts
    røwan kramer shorts 2 months ago

    For the shutdown reason, you should've put "Your account has been permanently deleted" lol

  • Silly Sonics
    Silly Sonics Month ago +1

    i cant beleive they think a dev could delete their accs 😂

  • Xingqui
    Xingqui 2 months ago

    Its funny how hes laughing about the pain and suffering
    everyones going thorugh

  • aaliyahxoツ
    aaliyahxoツ 6 days ago

    I love how flamingo is the one out of some people that make boring games fun

  • Rani Khan
    Rani Khan 8 months ago +886

    "Bye House" was so emotional to the house, they have heard the first time

    • Jane Afton
      Jane Afton 13 days ago

      It was "bye house # #### ###
      It was "bye house I love you

    • *Nia*
      *Nia* Month ago

      @✨✌️Emily_playzroblox_gacha what?

    • *Nia*
      *Nia* Month ago

      Oof 😥

    • Tails Gaming
      Tails Gaming Month ago

      Top 10 Anime betrayals

    • alyssa_j
      alyssa_j Month ago

      *please leave*
      *JUST DO IT*
      *OK THEN*

  •  Day ago

    "I W E N T A B U R G E R"

  • Rae Awb
    Rae Awb 17 days ago

    I was experiencing that one where the house flew apart and I was like "DID THE SERVER BREAK?!?!?!?!" but uh... thx for the explanation...Lol

  • {•*}Ⴣơɠąɬơ ɕσσкιє{*•}

    6:43 right when he said that I got an advertisement and it was like “feeling anxious?”

  • Jenna Davis-Waite
    Jenna Davis-Waite Month ago

    great video keep it up!

  • Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct
    Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct 8 months ago +176

    There ain’t no other man that can’t cheer me up the way this man does

    • Siamese fan
      Siamese fan 5 days ago +1

      @pix bec they think its emo and cool or whatever they are thinking

    • pix
      pix Month ago

      @Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct +why would you name urself your social reject?

    • pix
      pix Month ago

      @Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct girl why r u so mad that i called u by your username

    • Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct
      Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct Month ago

      @pix you’re acting like I don’t know that.

    • pix
      pix Month ago

      @Y0ur_S0c1al_R3j3ct im js calling u by ur username LOL

  • Brandon Terando
    Brandon Terando 2 months ago +2

    Idea: invisible all people except for one people in a server and see how players react and then just keep blinking them

    • Chara
      Chara  2 months ago +1

      That would be horrifying

  • Egg Sheeran
    Egg Sheeran 2 months ago

    I laughed so much i almost died- i meant cried. But still i almost died of coughing from laughter thanks flamingo u make amazing videos

  • RIverq
    RIverq 3 months ago +1

    Imagine if one of them started recording bcs they tought it was real

  • Kaelan_nutella
    Kaelan_nutella 2 months ago

    Creator: Don’t abuse admin
    Flamingo: Melts house

  • nasakun
    nasakun 2 years ago +258

    Hi albert! There is a special admin command called “:nv me” using this will make everyone outlined in red with their username above their head. This is for your trolling. Have fun!

    • AmendedVoid YT
      AmendedVoid YT 2 years ago


    • nasakun
      nasakun 2 years ago

      M Donovan you have to have it on HD admin.

    • stepbro
      stepbro 2 years ago

      dats from death note

    • UnbanishD
      UnbanishD 2 years ago

      ICheezy_ or “:nighvision me”

  • bambaho1ic
    bambaho1ic 2 months ago

    Legends say to this day, Sophie still wents a burger.

  • Aldin
    Aldin 2 months ago

    Im having a feeling that this is staged.

  • Aine Macken-Walsh
    Aine Macken-Walsh 3 months ago

    Idea: ask someone what their fear is and then make it come true please do it :)

  • Iurope
    Iurope Month ago +1

    4:14 she wents a burger and legends say that Sophia still wents a burger to this day

  • rubberband
    rubberband 2 years ago +17405

    Idea: Start a zombie apocalypse by somehow infecting one person and making everyone else run for their lives.

  • PenguinPlaysWasTaken

    This is my all time favorite flamingo video. Besides the camping one with his friends.

  • Hungarian Countryball
    Hungarian Countryball 2 months ago

    Nice video,made me laugh lol

  • Strawberry Jam
    Strawberry Jam Month ago

    9:35 my brain when the teacher asks someone to answer the question randomly

  • Chinchilla
    Chinchilla 2 months ago +1

    "Something about this is so satisfying"
    2 seconds later- "something about this makes me so anxious"
    Which one is it albert?

    • Chara
      Chara  2 months ago

      Which one ?

  • ferchips
    ferchips 2 years ago +129

    IDEA: ask someone “yes or no” until they answer and if they say yes than they get rich house and money and if no they get banned from server or attacked by a bunch of bots.

    • iheartrei
      iheartrei 2 years ago

      fernanda alonso great idea

    • мєσω_т
      мєσω_т 2 years ago +1

      It’s then

    • Luka
      Luka 2 years ago

      @Expleiter ooof-

    • Expleiter
      Expleiter 2 years ago

      @Luka wth I was joining in the joke don't join an opinion before you actually research the jokes because Karen takes the kids

    • Luka
      Luka 2 years ago

      @Expleiter it was a joke lmao

  • AwhxBlossom ☻
    AwhxBlossom ☻ 2 months ago

    Anyone relaised how good of a reader Albert is 👏✨✌️😱

    • AwhxBlossom ☻
      AwhxBlossom ☻ 2 months ago

      @Chara if u were gonna ignore me it's not very smart of u to comment yk 🤧

    • Chara
      Chara  2 months ago


  • Jelly Potatoes
    Jelly Potatoes 2 months ago

    "Love is in the air-" "And it will be splattered everywhere when i stomp on your hearts and souls" hit different boi

  • Duzz
    Duzz 29 days ago

    This is where i saw flamingo. Ah good old memories

  • ginapiepie
    ginapiepie 10 days ago

    Albert, are you ok? I saw the thing on your arm, it looks like it hurt

  • jiggily miggily
    jiggily miggily 2 years ago +53

    Idea: use the invisible death blocks and put them perfectly even with the walls of someone's house and see what they do.

    • JJKW0
      JJKW0 2 years ago

      itsjustme _____ I look at the replies nothing there I come back and your here

    • itsjustme _____
      itsjustme _____ 2 years ago

      This is so smart my brain cells could never

  • A f**king Cat (william1east)

    2:48 I'm gonna be honest..... I've said that once

  • Ma.guadalupe Vazquez
    Ma.guadalupe Vazquez 2 months ago

    flamingo: "you got 2 days left to get the merch"
    me after 3 years: "am i early enough"

  • BlueTrix 💙
    BlueTrix 💙 2 days ago

    The “bye house :(“ and “I went a burger” are iconic af

  • Mighty
    Mighty 24 days ago +1

    Idea: Open the void if they get fall you have to kick him or her

  • Stabby
    Stabby 2 years ago +513

    Idea: Overtaken by Aliens
    Send a message saying, “wE hAvE tAkEn ThIs SeRvEr As OuR oWn,” and then make bots that are dressed as aliens and make the players fight the aliens and take back the Alien base. Make them have swords.