Deno - Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi Cover) [Live at YouTube Space London]

  • Music video by Deno performing Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi Cover) [Live at TheXvid Space London]. (C) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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  • XxD4NNYxX
    XxD4NNYxX 2 days ago

    i only like this song cuz of deno

  • Portia Echie
    Portia Echie 3 days ago


  • Hypa
    Hypa 4 days ago


  • Bulale Ali
    Bulale Ali 4 days ago


  • Bulale Ali
    Bulale Ali 4 days ago


  • Heidi Rawlings
    Heidi Rawlings 4 days ago

    man beast voice no auto tune needed
    cadet: crying of joy he's lookin' over u bro proud

  • Ben Rich
    Ben Rich 5 days ago

    This has to be the best cover of this song, with so much emotion

  • Heidi Rawlings
    Heidi Rawlings 5 days ago +1

    yeah he'd be proud

  • Funmi Adeleye
    Funmi Adeleye 6 days ago

    You could hear the London accent really coming through. Absolutely love it🥰🥰

  • W
    W 7 days ago

    Cold wid it

  • Saarah Karim
    Saarah Karim 8 days ago


  • Mahira Chowdhury
    Mahira Chowdhury 10 days ago +1

    He should go on the voice

  • Moke
    Moke 10 days ago

    this bangs

  • I'ts Maddie Xo
    I'ts Maddie Xo 10 days ago

    This is so magical ❤️💕cadet would be proud xxx

  • Malasula Peace
    Malasula Peace 11 days ago

    Trust he putting some real soul ina dis track ard family

  • FizBiz _XO
    FizBiz _XO 11 days ago +1

    Omg man be lit I can't even contemplate that his vocals can change that much

  • Angel Foy
    Angel Foy 12 days ago


  • Umang Mohini
    Umang Mohini 12 days ago

    Amazing job man you're gonna make it big I can feel it

  • Hannah
    Hannah 12 days ago

    The way everyone’s supporting him and showing love in the comment section

  • Lauren Bennett
    Lauren Bennett 13 days ago

    What a beautiful voice😩❤..
    Better than the original (Sorry Lew)😄❤

  • tReDz MaLiK
    tReDz MaLiK 14 days ago

    Some notes he hit were sick but some were just utter shite:/

  • Aaron Chambers SAAB FAN

    deno needs to blow up So underrated 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chloe Yeats
    Chloe Yeats 16 days ago

    Wasnt expecting that voice 😍
    Love this cover

  • Sabah Hassan
    Sabah Hassan 17 days ago +1

    your talented kiddoo🥺🥺

  • Damaris Karanja
    Damaris Karanja 18 days ago


  • Harrison Thomas
    Harrison Thomas 19 days ago


  • Gol Doyle
    Gol Doyle 19 days ago

    This guy is forever gunna be heard, feel the pain in his voice

  • EA 07
    EA 07 20 days ago

    this is amazing and I have no words❤️😞#RIPCADET🕊

  • Omar Yusuf
    Omar Yusuf 20 days ago

    Real fukin G

  • Mohamed
    Mohamed 20 days ago +1

    No words for this he is just talented👏🏽🙌🏽

  • Ebrima Jallow
    Ebrima Jallow 21 day ago

    Young black man paving the wave the way for future generations ❤️💥

  • Tkay Ofl
    Tkay Ofl 21 day ago


  • T Savv
    T Savv 22 days ago

    Tbh I clicked on this thinking it would be shit but it ain’t even that bad

  • rey stackz
    rey stackz 23 days ago


  • Shaniah Lee
    Shaniah Lee 23 days ago

    His current fans prefer him rapping but this style suits him much better and has more of a chance to get him recognised worldwide.

  • Dean Shane
    Dean Shane 23 days ago

    He should go on the X factor

  • Lyonn Fire
    Lyonn Fire 24 days ago +2

    This style of music really suits his vocals you know

  • T S
    T S 24 days ago +1

    Fun fact: this is where Sidemen film their videos

  • HD.23
    HD.23 24 days ago

    This guy can really do it all

  • S R
    S R 25 days ago +1

    This is deep man. Rip Cadet🙏🏼🕊

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee 25 days ago

    damn liking this version, liking it more then the OG for sure! Really like the ideas. feeling something special. My fav part is the chorus - sounds awesome! The instruments soound super and elevates it to next level - excited to hear more tracks - keep up the inspiring music !!!

  • Cuts Deeep
    Cuts Deeep 26 days ago

    Absolutely melted my heart❤️ makes me think of Cadet😓

  • R3nz_1
    R3nz_1 26 days ago +1

    lyrics anyone ?

    • S R
      S R 25 days ago

      R3nz_1 jus search it up

  • Iz44n H
    Iz44n H 27 days ago +1

    This was amazing 🇬🇧👆🏿

  • Slav Skillz
    Slav Skillz 27 days ago

    Bro you just earned yourself a new subscriber

  • _ Wildvid
    _ Wildvid 27 days ago

    Very talented

  • Irene Okunzuwa
    Irene Okunzuwa 27 days ago


  • Hatewonn
    Hatewonn 27 days ago

    He really be singing do 🎤😳

  • bubby bear34
    bubby bear34 27 days ago

    His voice gave me goosies
    Swear ta god I love his voice
    This kid is going places
    Respect deno..xx😘

    • bubby bear34
      bubby bear34 27 days ago

      Cadet would be so proud of you bruv x

  • Miss Adi
    Miss Adi 29 days ago

    In love 🥺😍 do more covers pls

  • Account Account
    Account Account 29 days ago +1

    RIP cadet

  • Daniel Kyne
    Daniel Kyne Month ago +1

    You're a true talent bro. Big things this year🙏

  • Minecraft God
    Minecraft God Month ago

    Dino is a fat pagan! All he does is lie about his life in his bars. Singing like the Batty man you are

  • Verona Saidi
    Verona Saidi Month ago

    I felt it too🤴🏾

  • Tommy Neville
    Tommy Neville Month ago

    Jheeeez a legend is born my brothers 🙏🏽❤️

  • Naveed Ahmed
    Naveed Ahmed Month ago

    This is one talented young brother man. I hope he flourishes for years to come. My bro

  • teddy gevaux
    teddy gevaux Month ago

    only 14 as well

  • q Mohamud
    q Mohamud Month ago +2

    01:10 ohhhh myyy

  • The_ GamerZ
    The_ GamerZ Month ago


  • ardzz
    ardzz Month ago

    Chunks’ younger brother

  • Killacammy17 38
    Killacammy17 38 Month ago

    Best singer out there

  • Nighthawker
    Nighthawker Month ago

    Banger 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Dave Bacon
    Dave Bacon Month ago

    Good lad loved it bro hope you go far in life!!! Remember the Beautiful world don't turn your back on it like most do that hit fame kid....

  • Aiden Munyengeterwa
    Aiden Munyengeterwa Month ago +1

    Chunkz ft Deno

  • Bkay Vibez
    Bkay Vibez Month ago

    Bro dis ting is better than the original. Big ups bro👍🏾👊🏽💯

  • Charlotte Britten
    Charlotte Britten Month ago

    So much better than the original

  • Safina Amin
    Safina Amin Month ago +3

    I feel this emotional song for deno is for cadet 🔥RIP underrated legend

  • Joel Fleming
    Joel Fleming Month ago

    Ur voice I got goosebumps my guy

  • Joel Fleming
    Joel Fleming Month ago

    Fucking banger

  • WeOnSmoke Group
    WeOnSmoke Group Month ago


  • joseph doyle
    joseph doyle Month ago


  • Michael Yohans
    Michael Yohans Month ago

    Love you my brother❤️🇪🇷

    TCA OWJ Month ago +1

    best song deno

  • HTG
    HTG Month ago +1

    Kyla to deno: "i put my guard down and then u pulled the rug" #SHIROSTORY

  • Follow That
    Follow That Month ago +1

    Smashed it

  • Pat Williams
    Pat Williams Month ago

    Better than the original

  • Ste Anderson
    Ste Anderson Month ago


  • Xoutics
    Xoutics Month ago

    Go to americas got talent perform th8s music it would be sick

  • Chidera Ofili
    Chidera Ofili Month ago

    this yute is mad talented

  • Daizyyy
    Daizyyy Month ago

    Awwww 🥺❤️