Rebels Recon #4.8: Inside "A Fool's Hope" & "Family Reunion - and Farewell" | Star Wars Rebels

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Rebels Recon says goodbye to Star Wars Rebels with a deep dive into the series' final episodes "A Fool's Hope" and "Family Reunion - and Farewell." Host Andi Gutierrez discusses these episodes with cast and crew including Dave Filoni, Carrie Beck, Taylor Gray, and more.
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  • Jesus Noland
    Jesus Noland 11 days ago

    Thank you Dave Filoni and the entire cast and crew! Rebels is one of the best stories in all of Star Wars!!!!! I really liked Ezra from the beginning and the landscape shots of Lothal in season one, so beautiful. The first time Ezra and Kanan visited the Jedi Temple on Lothal show a dazzling piece of Star Wars cinematography. Kanan's lessons to Ezra were insightful and Hera and Sabine are just fantastic warriors. Star Wars stories truly are ensemble stories and this is one of the best there is. Dave you learned a lot from George, please keep making more Star Wars. Dave is the only reason I still believe in Lucasfilm right now.

  • lee turton
    lee turton 6 months ago

    Tiya..oh be jesus she's a fit girl

  • Matt Barker
    Matt Barker 6 months ago

    we really need a follow up on this. Thrawn is such a great character and Ezra is the hero Character. Having them just disappear isn't a good ending. There should be another season, just like the Clone Wars, where we see Ezra return, maybe fall in love with Sabine (he always had a crush on her) and mabe even meet Luke

  • SalsaCookies
    SalsaCookies 6 months ago

    Doesn't this mean Ezra and Ahsoka could make an appearance in Episode IX?

  • |Maciejo|
    |Maciejo| 7 months ago

    now we need resistance recon

    NOMO FOMO 8 months ago

    Palpatine/Sidious became deformed in Revenge. How did he go back to normal in Rebels?

  • Bryant Susilo
    Bryant Susilo 9 months ago

    Really like rebels, i'm sad when it ended but the ending is good

  • rollercoaster478
    rollercoaster478 9 months ago

    What did Ahsoka do after fighting Vader in that temple and before going to find Ezra?

  • SNOWGG 123
    SNOWGG 123 11 months ago +1


  • podcastbard
    podcastbard 11 months ago

    Can't wait to see you back doing news for the next Star Wars Anime. No one is ever gone. MTFBWY Thank You All at the Star Wars Show.

  • Gabriel Chacon
    Gabriel Chacon 11 months ago


  • RandomAmericanBoy
    RandomAmericanBoy 11 months ago +1

    This series really matured and became much greater than I initially thought it would ever be. I've really enjoyed the ride and I want to see more of these characters. This series has proven itself as a worthy edition to the star wars canon and mythos. Also, Kanan and Ezra have both broken into my top 5 favorite jedi, which is something I thought I'd never say back in season 1

  • Bryan Sannicandro

    Wait, how do I get to ask Rebels questions to them?

  • Happy John
    Happy John Year ago +1

    1:54 I guess you never heard of Clone Wars
    7:16 PM

  • Rain Raining
    Rain Raining Year ago

    Jai Kell 😉

  • swmark78
    swmark78 Year ago

    I'm not going to lie, when I first heard about Rebels I wasn't excited at all. Not only was it on Disney XD (ie a "kids" network") but also the characters. I also wasn't terribly impressed by the first few episodes. There weren't bad, just kind of meh and I didn't know where the season was going. Though now I'm gonna miss it.

  • geekout16
    geekout16 Year ago +1

    Season Four was definitely the worst.

  • Justin Reilly
    Justin Reilly Year ago +3

    Rebels was an awesome series and a great addition to all things 'Star Wars'!
    Lot of love behind this series and I hope Dave Filoni and crew get together for another adventure really soon!

  • Luan Simões
    Luan Simões Year ago +1

    Chopper in Rogue One.... :O

  • Ben Chapman
    Ben Chapman Year ago +1

    Why did you delay the uk release?

  • darthdmc
    darthdmc Year ago

    31st March and I've finally seen this episode.

  • laurenmcquilty
    laurenmcquilty Year ago

    can't believe its finished *cries* but MAN THAT WAS AN AMAZING FINALE~~ never expected any of it and the flash forward in the end and also AHSOKA LIVES I KNEW IT!!!

  • K.A.R.M. Productions

    4:12 Well, Filoni officially sunk the Ezrabine ship.

  • Z Man Gamer
    Z Man Gamer Year ago +2

    Personally in my opinion I like Rebels more than the new sequel trilogy. Rebels is definitely the best thing to come out of the Disney era

  • Joshua Christiansen

    I really enjoyed the whole series. And I think it ended in the best way possible. Kudos to the cast, crew, and Dave Filoni for their hard work in this epic conclusion! Personally I too have some opinions with the final scene as well as my view on Sabine and Ezra's shippping, but for the latter I understand Dave Filoni's reasoning and it make sense to have a strong connection without being in a relationship, however he didn't flat out say that they would not be in one at least not in this series. From my perspective and analysis of season 4 it focused more on their friendship, mutual trust and their ability to work together in tight situations. All leading up to when Ezra convinced Sabine to let himself surrender to Thrawn by distracting Hera and the Lothal rebels to buy the time they needed to complete their plan. Finally in the Epilogue, Sabine had remained on Lothal in Ezra's tower overlooking the capital city, protecting and preparing it for an attack that never happened, cutting her hair short to honor him and touching his face on a portrait in a tender manner before setting out with Ahsoka on a journey to find him (Ezra). I maybe overanalyzing it with speculation but who knows? We will have to wait and see.

  • Trevor Estrada
    Trevor Estrada Year ago

    Filoni is the true creative heir apparent to George Lucas. It’s amazing the depth of understanding of Star Wars he has all while boldly adding new layers to it. He’s got such a connective vision that I’d love to see in other aspects aside from animation.

  • The Lego Seraph
    The Lego Seraph Year ago

    I refuse to accept it is over.
    *Enters portal

  • gamerp0pstar3
    gamerp0pstar3 Year ago

    I’ll admit, the ending made me cry, but I rolled my eyes when I saw that Dave voiced Chopper and said to myself, “I should’ve seen this coming. It’s the same logic that dictates how Blizzard bigwig Chris Metzen got the role of the nature-loving robot Bastion in Overwatch.”

  • boys ansbacher
    boys ansbacher Year ago

    I just wish that The Clone Wars had an ending and was finished off as good as this.

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath Year ago

    Rebels > clone wars

    Fight me bro

  • MsCreepyChan
    MsCreepyChan Year ago

    "What I do know is that they both live"
    *Puts away flaming torch and pitch-fork.*
    Good... Mah boi Thrawn's ok... You live another day, Filloni.
    But the big question is: If Thrawn survived, what about Ruhk and Paelleon?

    SINGHDASLAYA Year ago +1

    I wish Dave Filoni wrote the new Star Wars trilogy! He would have thought everything out well and have a concise beginning middle and end and wouldn't have a large mess like what TLJ left us with when it comes to continuing narratives and character depth.

  • HGC
    HGC Year ago +1

    Could Hera's kid be Temmin from the Aftermath Trilogy?

  • AsimoImposter
    AsimoImposter Year ago

    What I Came For. 7:27

  • A C
    A C Year ago

    After seeing Ezra rescuing Ashoka Vader through the porthole from A World Between Worlds and Rogue One I was thinking if Cassian and Jyn can be saved? Can a non force sensitive being be able to enter and the realm and be saved?

  • Matthew Burnett
    Matthew Burnett Year ago

    Yeah thrawn is definitely alive. Don’t forget, he is an expansive universe character and in the ending of rebels he looked like he was in a much worse position in Ezra.

  • sorry no one is here now plz wait until 2019

    U MADE ME CRY AT THE ENDING!!!!(of the ep)

  • sorry no one is here now plz wait until 2019


  • Ezrabine
    Ezrabine Year ago

    I MISS EZRA :c

  • Ezrabine
    Ezrabine Year ago


  • Ezrabine
    Ezrabine Year ago


  • Markus Raissen
    Markus Raissen Year ago

    desde Barcelona España, esperamos que retomeis esta saga de ST Rebels tan impresionante y tan epica, aqui la gente se ha enamorado de esta serie. Un abrazo grande.

  • nicsu
    nicsu Year ago +1

    Filoni Forever!

  • Arfadhila Adam
    Arfadhila Adam Year ago

    First of all Star Wars, I WANT SEASON 5 AND I WANT EZRA TO BE ALIVE. I DIDNT LIKE THE WAY HOW EZRA SACRAFICED HIMSELF. I love it when the empire finaly ended BUT STILL ;(

    • Wester Frost
      Wester Frost Year ago

      Arfadhila Adam Filoni confirmed that Ezra’s still alive.

  • Beverly Cash
    Beverly Cash Year ago

    I love you Filoni, I love all the Rebels staff who've worked so hard on this series. I'm from the original Star Wars movie when I was a kid in the 70's. I bought the original Thrawn books when they first came out in the early 90's. I couldn't believe it when the prequels actually came, after such a long void of SW. I loved the very first Clone Wars. Out of all of it, man, Rebels has been so amazing! So sad it's over...but so glad it's been SO superb!! Thank you guys SO much, it's been the best!

  • Galvatronus113
    Galvatronus113 Year ago

    Anyone else wish they made one last special Rebels Recon where Andi sits down with Dave and Pablo and has them answer our questions about the finale?

  • Murtagks
    Murtagks Year ago

    I didn't like Rebels and i i didn't like the "perfect" ending. Its a shame thats nobody frome the "heros" died in Rebels except Kanan.The only reason i watched this serie was because of Thrawn.
    He is my favorite in star wars

  • JC1028
    JC1028 Year ago

    Now let's get onto important questions. Where do we get to see Andi next????????

  • jonathan beatty
    jonathan beatty Year ago

    David Filoni is the Heir of the Empire! If Lucasfilm gives him the reins the future of Star Wars will be bright indeed.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +2


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +2

    Dave Fioni should direct a Star Wars Movie!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +1

    Who else is gonna miss Andi?

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Year ago +2


  • Tyler West
    Tyler West Year ago

    Separation accompany previously out suffer reach layer hallway farmer

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith Year ago

    So is Luke not the last of the Jedi?

  • TF2Fan101
    TF2Fan101 Year ago

    While I do admit Filoni has a point regarding Ezra and Sabine's relationship, I'd like to think that the final scene of Sabine looking at Ezra in the painting she made is a bit of a hint at a romantic relationship between the two. Although, I would like it to be developed more naturally. Maybe that's something that could be explored in future Star Wars media.

  • Joeybhoyc
    Joeybhoyc Year ago

    I see mr meeseeks in the background of andi’s office

  • Daniel Strain
    Daniel Strain Year ago

    Give Dave Filoni the keys to the films etc.

  • eyeprod
    eyeprod Year ago

    I love Rebels and am sad watching this. Thanks for the memories!

  • Shimikaze1
    Shimikaze1 Year ago

    Confirmed: Ahsoka is Gandalf

  • mw3gamerdude01
    mw3gamerdude01 Year ago +2

    I appreciate the fact that they didn't ship Ezra and Sabine. They were like brother and sister by the end of the series, not lovers.

  • Lincoln Ward
    Lincoln Ward Year ago

    This finale was amazing! My only complaint was Jacen's design. He looked 95% human and 0% twi'lek, so it was weird to think about Hera being his mother (and only surviving parent). It makes it feel like humanness is this dominant genetic trait, which honestly has weird thematic implications and kind of lessens Hera's character, in my opinion. Like she was nothing more than a vessel for Kanan. Which is frustrating. Also, Clone Wars already showed us what human-twi'lek hybrids look like: mottled skin color, small lekku, little to no hair. This design just feels not very well thought through.

  • King Namor 777
    King Namor 777 Year ago +4

    I have only two words to say: EZRA LIVES

  • King Namor 777
    King Namor 777 Year ago

    The Spark of new rebellion😂

  • Matteo Rb
    Matteo Rb Year ago

    Thank You. BEst ending EVER!!! AHSOKKAAAAA

  • SoLinkSmash
    SoLinkSmash Year ago

    I’m gonna miss Rebels Recon just as much as I’m gonna miss Rebels. Recon has been so much fun and I loved seeing Andi, Dave, Pablo, Chopper, and everyone else every week for more silliness and awesome SW behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for all the memories! And I hope we get another Recon show for the next series :)

  • Emre Muştu
    Emre Muştu Year ago +4

    thank you for making a magnificent show

  • Max77
    Max77 Year ago

    Rebels truly felt like a Star Wars story, wish I could say the same about the other franchise.

  • Ghosthand
    Ghosthand Year ago

    Ezra for episode 9?

  • solidaz80
    solidaz80 Year ago

    Dave Filoni rules! Wish he made the new star wars sequel trilogy (7,8, & 9) it would have been EPIC & the closest to the original trilogy

  • Adriyan Slavchev
    Adriyan Slavchev Year ago

    you guys are the top !!! thank you for all this years with the amazing job and making us to love the new characters :) it was a great adventure , i loud like to say that the music background in this video was wonderful - May the force be with you and see you soon

  • Russ22719
    Russ22719 Year ago

    I loved the season finale and just the show in general. Very well done and can't wait for the next series, which I really hope is about Ahsoka and Sabine looking for Ezra and more!
    I really hope Ezra (but have a strong feeling that he isnt) Suprme leaders snoke's other apprentice and please don't make him Snoke's other apprentice

  • Jackson Ryan
    Jackson Ryan Year ago

    Where's the preview for the next episode?
    Oh, wait...

  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez Year ago

    I thought Sabine was going to say " I love u " to Ezra before he jumped to hyperspace

  • J Mainor
    J Mainor Year ago


  • Yancy Canales
    Yancy Canales Year ago

    U guys need to continue Ezra’s story asap

  • Yancy Canales
    Yancy Canales Year ago

    U guys need to continue Ezra’s story asap

  • SwaggerLikeUz
    SwaggerLikeUz Year ago

    Thank u Andy! Going to miss SW Rebels and Recon so much. As a person who rarely watches TV viewing these episodes has been priceless. Its been an amazing ride and a reminder why I love SW. Thank u George Lucas :)

  • DarkDoz
    DarkDoz Year ago

    Thank you for Star Wars Rebels 4 seasons that is my favorite

  • Stuart Lugsden
    Stuart Lugsden Year ago

    I don't know if you are going to read this Andi. But if you do, when the next animated series starts... will you do another recon series?

  • Paradise G
    Paradise G Year ago

    Yay! Star wars rebels was so amazing

  • H.A.C Henry A. C.

    I would like a TV show called "The Adventures of Rex" or something along the lines of, to were it follows Rex from when Anakin gives Ashoka the 501st even though she was no longer a Jedi before order 66 and then follow Rex up to Rebels then to fill in the gap in Rebels from when Ezra goes into hyperspace to the battle of Endor. It could also be a book or comic, I mean, it would fill in gaps like how Ashoka and Rex got apart and how Wolffe and Gregor went through order 66, and then how they met. Like if you agree, and if you would like to add something or make a idea based off this put it in the comments of this comment! Thx

  • Dave Metran
    Dave Metran Year ago

    What happened to AP-5?

  • Kate Wallace
    Kate Wallace Year ago

    Thank goodness that it didn’t end like Rogue One.

  • Cosmic Wanderer
    Cosmic Wanderer Year ago

    And Steave blum.......Good Luck on Black Ops 4 In October

  • Cosmic Wanderer
    Cosmic Wanderer Year ago

    Do us a Favour............Make a Sequel to Rebels please if you do..........Please let me know because I really want to be in something Star Wars and im a Hardcore Fan

  • Samuel Kerby
    Samuel Kerby Year ago +3

    I have to say these 4years with the ghost crew has not disappointed I was sceptical at first but as soon as I saw the first episode and the liberation of the Wookies on kestel I was hooked Pablo Hidago, Dave Phillone grate work

  • Jack
    Jack Year ago +1

    Is Ezra still alive?? And where do you think he is

  • Munzur Baba
    Munzur Baba Year ago

    The finale was just as generic and boring as I imagined.

  • Hora da Punga
    Hora da Punga Year ago +10

    Finding nemo, finding dory , and now we have finding ezra....

  • the oceancraft
    the oceancraft Year ago +1

    I hope that star wars will make a serie where they will find ezra and is kanans son force sensitive

  • jimydog007
    jimydog007 Year ago

    I can't stop my tears at the ending... 😁😁

  • Victoria Meduza
    Victoria Meduza Year ago

    I truly cherish this show because at first I really didn’t like Star was then I seen the first episode of rebels and I fell in love with the franchise and I went back to watch clone wars and the entire Star Wars saga. This show holds a special place in my heart for getting me into Star Wars and ultimately making me a true fan. May the force be with you.

  • AJ Carter
    AJ Carter Year ago

    Ap5 the goat

  • Alexander Makhija

    There’s more to be told
    So tell it!!!

  • Lucas Kane
    Lucas Kane Year ago

    I KNEW it was the whales!

  • Romiros
    Romiros Year ago

    It was the most boring and unentertaining shoot out in a history of cartoons.

  • Angel Pablo
    Angel Pablo Year ago

    Please let Dave filoni make a movie on what happens next please a live action movie please

  • Angel Pablo
    Angel Pablo Year ago

    So there is litterally like 6 Jedi left in the universe

  • Matt Ross
    Matt Ross Year ago

    Great finale, it delivered everything I could have asked for and set the next series up brilliantly. I'm hyped for the continuing adventures of Ahsoka.