The Blind Hot Sauce Taste Test


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  • firekiller 127
    firekiller 127 Day ago

    Rhett: sadly we dont have a grit stick.
    Me: if you did you would call it Greg.

    WE ARE VENOM!!! 5 days ago +1

    Awesome Episode! But Tapatio Got Dissed! Not Cool.

  • Devin
    Devin 6 days ago


  • Simply Angel
    Simply Angel 6 days ago

    Why are most hot sauce red

  • whalemanthe3th
    whalemanthe3th 9 days ago

    so after watching this i understand why i love "hot ones" and why sean evans is doing so well

  • Drayken
    Drayken 10 days ago

    It sounds like ASMR when they're silent and chewing

  • king RAPTOR
    king RAPTOR 11 days ago


  • Aisha
    Aisha 12 days ago

    Ugh the chicken looks soooo good

  • muizz mehmood
    muizz mehmood 12 days ago

    what is grit

  • Mr. Football
    Mr. Football 13 days ago

    the chicken leg is my favorite part of the chicken no contest.
    and the chicken tight is my least favorite part of the chicken i'm sorry but i just don't like it.

  • Adam Golan
    Adam Golan 14 days ago

    "It's hot!"
    "It's saucy!"
    Great observations, Link!

  • aaazore
    aaazore 18 days ago

    Love you guys but the squishy chewing sounds are pure disgusting! I’m watching this in 2019 and now that I’m a fan I’m hoping the crew has learned to turn down the mics while this is happening. Can’t stand it!

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael Schneider 18 days ago

    thank god you changed your hairstyle link.

  • Ella Loy
    Ella Loy 19 days ago

    2:42 “boooo stupid”

  • Reilly Beauchesne
    Reilly Beauchesne 20 days ago

    I honestly hate how the production crew or whoever is helping out could put out the food way better like they always have the worst ideas


    still watching this in 2019

  • eman297 361
    eman297 361 21 day ago


    • Irma
      Irma 11 days ago

      What about it

  • Ivyx 1
    Ivyx 1 22 days ago

    I have the tabasco hot sauce I love it

  • HockeyTown Luv
    HockeyTown Luv 23 days ago

    Louisiana is the best!!!!

  • casanova conor
    casanova conor 24 days ago

    Hot Ones with GMM????? Please

  • PapaRespect
    PapaRespect 24 days ago

    Anyone in 2019?

    • Irma
      Irma 11 days ago

      Yes all of the people who clicked on the video in 2019... what did you expect.. 'no man im still watching in 2017'

  • Michael Mcglynn
    Michael Mcglynn 25 days ago

    Telepathic high five

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 25 days ago

    You guys are silly !

  • ricky r
    ricky r 25 days ago

    9:24 is still funny in 2019

  • Kimmy Gaming
    Kimmy Gaming 28 days ago

    My fav vid

  • Scott Camp
    Scott Camp 28 days ago

    Franks Buffalo Sause is much better than their red sauce.

  • Vista Vaziri
    Vista Vaziri 29 days ago

    I’m Canadian what are grits?

  • Purple Banana
    Purple Banana 29 days ago +1

    Link is funny hes just underrated

    • angel milton
      angel milton 4 days ago

      Purple Banana underrated? He’s literally all the comments talk about lol everyone loves Link. Rhett is definitely underrated.

    SXVAGE CAT Month ago


    • Irma
      Irma 11 days ago

      What about it

  • Thomas Lejeune
    Thomas Lejeune Month ago

    How is Tabasco popular in the world over. It’s grown and manufactured in Louisiana.

  • Kevin Whitaker
    Kevin Whitaker Month ago

    No crystals yall are missing out

  • mansa wilo
    mansa wilo Month ago +1

    They never used tapatio

    • Irma
      Irma 11 days ago

      Yes they had 6 sauces and 5 rounds... makes sense that they didnt use one....

  • CeeCee
    CeeCee Month ago

    Tapatio isn’t the best one and they never used it!!

  • First Names Last Names

    2019 anyone??

  • trwsandford
    trwsandford Month ago

    yep.. I could nail each of those cold

  • Sam O'Nella University

    I’ll always be a Tapatio man.

  • Andrew Aryal
    Andrew Aryal Month ago +1

    Anybody watching in 2019?

    • Irma
      Irma 11 days ago

      +D u a l i t y thank you

    • D u a l i t y
      D u a l i t y Month ago +1

      Everyone who clicks on this video in 2019 will be watching it in 2019.
      When it’s 2020 people will be watching in that year.
      People who are not watching in the current year cannot time travel so yea.
      I hope this answers your question.

  • Liam Bambery
    Liam Bambery Month ago

    Those wings look so gewd

  • Sneaky Bugger
    Sneaky Bugger Month ago

    Who’s here in 2019

  • Meme Vault
    Meme Vault Month ago

    Link did well

  • anela reese
    anela reese Month ago

    Why do I have all of these sauces in my fridge?

  • Cannoli Queen
    Cannoli Queen Month ago

    Link: Hm
    Rhett: Ah
    Link: Hm
    Rhett: Ah
    Link: Hm
    Rhett: Eehh
    Link: Hm
    Rhett: mm, wow
    Also Happy 2019!

  • ShowTimeTV
    ShowTimeTV Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Jolt life
    Jolt life Month ago +1

    9:23 M...Mm.MMM

  • Delaney Bradford
    Delaney Bradford Month ago

    I'd identify Tabasco and Sriracha in a heartbeat. Not as familiar with the rest, though Red Hot and Texas Pete are similar if I recall. I think I've had Tapatío and Cholula at Mexican restaurants, but they weren't that remarkable. My tastes are much hotter than this swill. :P

  • Solo Pythonz
    Solo Pythonz Month ago

    If I smelled I would make a perfect score

  • Joshua Pizana
    Joshua Pizana Month ago

    its makes my forhead swet

  • julian corona
    julian corona Month ago

    nice spice

  • Antony Ramirez
    Antony Ramirez Month ago

    How have I not seen your videos before like a month ago? Anyway, love your videos, have much catching up to do

  • honey yasss
    honey yasss Month ago

    Where is the valentina

  • Maaz Vohra
    Maaz Vohra Month ago

    Who’s watching in 2019? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  • Keet Randling
    Keet Randling Month ago +1

    This episode always makes me hungry
    Gotta stop rewatching it...
    but it's soooo good!

    • Irma
      Irma 11 days ago

      It is. I love hot sauce. In my country we have tabasco, sriracha and franks. I love franks and sriracha. I put it on everything. They serve different perposes tho.

  • lucas Frazee
    lucas Frazee Month ago

    Whos watching in 2019? 😂😂 I'm Sorry, i had to be the first to comment that

  • Hafeez Ur Rehman
    Hafeez Ur Rehman Month ago +1

    I’m seriously craving Nandos now.

  • Joaquin Motilla
    Joaquin Motilla Month ago

    They should have called the winner chilly billy

  • Cody
    Cody Month ago

    The OG Hot Ones.

  • BackMasking 33
    BackMasking 33 Month ago

    “ how good are we at trying hot sauce while blindfolded” more like “how white are we”

  • Harkness78
    Harkness78 Month ago

    I would get all of these instantly except Texas Pete cause I never had it. But Siracha and Tabasco and Frank's and Cholula are all very distinct from each other.

  • Jeremazing
    Jeremazing Month ago

    Did link actually quote T-Pain take your shirt off

  • Jeremazing
    Jeremazing Month ago

    I wish that Becca was still a mythical crew member

  • mason spittman
    mason spittman Month ago

    anyone watching in 2019

  • xd Mufasa
    xd Mufasa Month ago +1

    Christmas 2018 anyone?

  • TheFlash TV
    TheFlash TV Month ago

    This whole show Is Terrifying when you close your eyes and just imagine... and this episode isn’t as bad as the majority. Lmao just sayin no hate

  • Oh tbh
    Oh tbh 2 months ago

    Try the mad dog 357 plutonium sauce

  • Lil Jeo
    Lil Jeo 2 months ago

    Where tf is the TAPATÍO

  • SwetPotato
    SwetPotato 2 months ago

    man, I am having siracha with chicken curry right now!

  • Heribert Mendoza
    Heribert Mendoza 2 months ago

    Where’s my valentine hot sauce

  • SteVoBooZe
    SteVoBooZe 2 months ago

    So disrespectful to Tapatio

  • CarlitosWay277
    CarlitosWay277 2 months ago

    I've been binge watching your channel like a good Netflix series, love the food taste tests and blooper bits!!!

  • Henry Najera
    Henry Najera 2 months ago

    Never used tapatio

  • Sandromeda
    Sandromeda 2 months ago

    Why don't you put the dam mug somewhere else??? It's making me anxious and clearly you're trying hard to go around it. 🤔 I want chicken and hot sauce now.

  • Dat Beast
    Dat Beast 2 months ago

    GMM ASMR?!

  • Luna Gamer
    Luna Gamer 2 months ago +1

    Unoriginal comment, anyone?

  • conexant51
    conexant51 2 months ago

    I love it how Rhett's beard and chin is all covered in hot sauce but he just sits there with such dignity!

  • Viviana Young
    Viviana Young 2 months ago

    Tobasco is the only hot sauce for me

  • Erika Callahan
    Erika Callahan 2 months ago

    Nobody ever needs thanks much grits. 😆

  • Lindsey H
    Lindsey H 2 months ago

    You should do the blind hot sauce challenge with the hot ones hot sauce

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts 2 months ago

    3:16 is where they begin

  • Koda Leminyufosikitsinikilime

    Speaking of grits.... I'm eating quinoa with hot sauce while watching this. lol

  • Joe Morris
    Joe Morris 2 months ago

    I always enjoy watching early versions of what will be gmm staples

  • Takarra Carter
    Takarra Carter 2 months ago

    I have some hot sauce I would love you to try on your channel. It’s fruit-infused “Love in a Bottle”🔥❤️ Check out my IG as well @hotsauceshero. I would love to connect. Thank you!

  • I am project zorgo
    I am project zorgo 2 months ago

    2018 anyone

  • Eddie Johnson
    Eddie Johnson 2 months ago

    Those chicken legs show'll is small

  • Mat c
    Mat c 2 months ago

    “Unfortunately you are both wrong”
    -Link- “YEAAAAAH!!”

  • Dago Aldrete
    Dago Aldrete 2 months ago

    What happened to tapatio?

  • HeHaHu✅
    HeHaHu✅ 2 months ago +1

    4:20 that is a see through blind fold 😂😂

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 2 months ago

    That last round was a little unfair because that particular sauce has a very smokey flavor to it, and doesnt at all capture the true flavor of fresh habaneros. Rhett got robbed on that one.

  • MaaziGaming
    MaaziGaming 2 months ago

    Makes me soooo hungry 🍗

  • Deadbeat 53
    Deadbeat 53 2 months ago

    I looked around my house for hot sauce but I couldn’t find any, this is so sad.

    Alexa play Despacito

  • Donnoha
    Donnoha 2 months ago

    I got a big bottle of Pete in the fridge.

  • Miss Angella
    Miss Angella 2 months ago

    I lol when they said mystery sauce

  • Roger P. Ceballos
    Roger P. Ceballos 3 months ago

    You're missing Valentina hot sauce.

  • Briana R
    Briana R 3 months ago

    Can't believe y'all didn't have Louisiana hot sauce. That's a staple hot sauce at any fish or wing spot

  • Nathon Fleming
    Nathon Fleming 3 months ago


  • Jenna Moini
    Jenna Moini 3 months ago +1

    I don’t know why.....but when they eat the chicken with the hot sauce on it, it’s satisfying to me.
    Anyone else?

  • Chris W
    Chris W 3 months ago

    Dude on the left is on some good shit.

  • Legendarygaming 161
    Legendarygaming 161 3 months ago

    I need subs

  • Quinn J
    Quinn J 3 months ago

    I was eating top ramen that had sirach on it while watching this. Spicy.

  • Kyle Robert
    Kyle Robert 3 months ago

    Super late comment but it kind of goes to show how little the two of them actually eat hot sauces from them saying their lips are burning after eating 3 sauces that aren't even remotely hot.

  • saber rajindrall
    saber rajindrall 3 months ago

    Link and Rhett are so sexy and handsome...especially that Link....come to nyc im a Latina honey...: D