Minesweeper AI VS human WORLD RECORD

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • I test out my mine sweeper AI against the best human player
    Also I added more bombs in to see how many it could take
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    check out the world record
    which is actually really impressive

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  • NightHawkInLight
    NightHawkInLight 4 years ago +578

    Your ai needs more parameters. There are many situations in which the ai picks randomly when the location of mines can be deduced by numbers not directly adjacent. A human player can solve maps with many mines consistently where your ai tries and fails dozens of times before finding a map easy enough to be solved without more complex parameters.

    DANDAN THE DANDAN 4 years ago +2

    Can you try creating an infinite grid with a fixed amount of average bombs per 5x5 grid and letting the AI solve it till eternity, or until it dies?

  • Alex Leach
    Alex Leach 4 years ago +753

    I think the only thing you are missing is that most of the time there are multiple squares with the same lowest chance of being a mine. Some squares are likely to reveal more information than others.

  • Penapenis
    Penapenis 4 years ago +4

    That last grid was way too small, cmon.. only 128 x 72.. YES I COUNTED

  • sakmi kuhl
    sakmi kuhl 4 years ago +444

    Hey, have you thought of putting an AI to play against an AI in some 2 player game?

  • Amateur Programmer
    Amateur Programmer Year ago +11

    The thing I love about Code Bullet is he would rather sit there watching his inefficient code take an hour to process than spend 20 minutes making it more efficient and having it complete in 5

  • MrRolnicek
    MrRolnicek 4 years ago +42

    Watching the perfect algorithm fail on its first click makes me feel much better about my playstyle which also has me lose in the very first or second move most of the time.

  • MorTobXD
    MorTobXD Year ago +1

    Is this AI really perfect?

  • Tired
    Tired 4 years ago +1

    Muranski's Expert Minesweeper WR is one of the most amazing records in all gaming - when you realise just how exaxctly perfect his choices and execution are.

  • Enexplogen
    Enexplogen Year ago +1

    I recommend having your AI read #2's better, that is almost a requirement in getting consistent at harder maps

  • see201
    see201 4 years ago +1

    Thanks for showing what an increased bomb density does. It's fascinating to see how the difficulty increases seemingly exponentially as you increase the bomb density.

  • Ty Peterson
    Ty Peterson Year ago +3

    This version of Code Bullet is so much more polite than his future self

  • resinate
    resinate 4 years ago +2

    still wanna see 1920x1080 grid lol

  • Wiggle Master
    Wiggle Master Year ago

    I feel like there actually is a way for an AI to learn how to play minesweeper overtime instead of just being hardcoded. Maybe if you kept it on the exact same map every single time with the same arrangements, and possibly keep it spawning in the same area everytime. Once it completes that course, you could give it another, then another, and see how it does

  • Strudders29
    Strudders29 3 years ago +1

    When it failed/struggles with 150 bombs I wonder if it’s some sort of density issue.

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones 4 years ago

    I love how you can appeal to both coders and non coders, by explaining the coding, and by making something interesting. Thank you, and keep making these videos

  • Tar Alacrin
    Tar Alacrin 2 years ago +20

    It's interesting that your AI sometimes dies when there are moves it could make that are 100% safe.

  • Elliander Eldridge


  • Alex Magee
    Alex Magee 4 years ago +7

    Your videos are very inspiring as I delve into the wonderful world of ai. Thanks for publishing your work!

  • Chad Halbdeer
    Chad Halbdeer 3 years ago

    That AI is impressive! insanely so! I know, programmatically, that isn't too insanely complex, but to do so with the human mind and only three contraceptive descriptors intellectually, that is quite impressive, my props!