Loose Canon: Mystique

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
  • She's the embodiment of evil feminine archetypes and fears about feminine sexuality (and also is my favorite X-villain so nyeh)
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  • Huckleberry87
    Huckleberry87 4 hours ago

    My, one moment in that 3rd movie they never made, is in the church, when Magneto pulls his sleeve back to reveal his serial number tattoo and says "No needle shall ever touch my skin again."

  • Allen Babylon
    Allen Babylon 13 hours ago

    I thought Mystique gave the government wrong information on purpose

  • Turtleproof
    Turtleproof 2 days ago

    Why not show Mystique being choked by Apocalypse on billboards? It is a marketing plot signalling that in THIS Xmen movie the nigh-unstoppable Mystique may have met her match.

    • stranger59
      stranger59 2 days ago +2

      Blue people choking blue people, the motion picture.

  • Jake Goodwin
    Jake Goodwin 3 days ago

    Thank GOD, that Xmen is being handed over to people who actually know how to make Comic book movies. (MCU) One more Fox movie and i'd shoot myself.

  • Jake Goodwin
    Jake Goodwin 3 days ago

    The First Class ones were just about Mystique. Shes better as a side Character. Unimportant.

  • AntiRivet
    AntiRivet 5 days ago +4

    I see no issue with Professor Xavier controlling the women in his life, mentally or otherwise. As a wise prophet once said, "X gon' give it ya. Fuck waitin' for you to get it on ya own, X gon' deliver to ya."

    • AntiRivet
      AntiRivet 2 days ago

      A B Well, knock knock, open up the door, it's real, my friend.

    • A B
      A B 2 days ago

      AntiRivet Gross.

  • Annette Hasnas
    Annette Hasnas 15 days ago +15

    „I think we should call it...your grave!“
    „Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!“

    • Murkwater
      Murkwater 13 days ago


  • varego Gothi
    varego Gothi 15 days ago +6

    X men evolution was in my opinion pretty good.

    • varego Gothi
      varego Gothi 3 days ago

      I tend to think animation is generally better than live action.

    • Jake Goodwin
      Jake Goodwin 3 days ago

      Yeah, the Cartoons are really good. They made sense. Fox movies are just Not Xmen. At all. Its just what people who don't like the comics think about it.

  • Hannah Gs
    Hannah Gs 16 days ago +9

    I know this is a bit off topic but I’ve always found the X-men=POC parallel (even though it’s completely what the writers are going for) a little off. Because the reality of the world is they aren’t just different looking, they literally have powers that could kill people and they have no idea how to control those powers unless they are taught. Now of course the whole plot line of the government wanting to just kill the mutants and the registry being used to discriminate is awful and understandably so, but the people wanting to know that mutants are in places where they can learn to control their powers is also understandable. Like a girl can kill you if she just accidentally touches you. That’s something she NEEDS to learn how to control. Or cyclops, without training he could accidentally kill soooo many people, it only makes sense to want to have mutants in some known list so they can be placed in schools that will teach them not to kill people. I think it ends up being a way more complicated issue than just race related

    • Simon Buchan
      Simon Buchan Day ago

      The comic book explanation was that there's a sentient bacteria (or something) that mutants are immune to, so it makes everybody subconsciously recognise and hate mutants.

    • Jonothan Thrace
      Jonothan Thrace Day ago

      The metaphor completely breaks down when you take a step back from the "world that hates and fears them" level and notice the "these persecuted people have literal superpowers and most could kill a human with very little effort" level, yeah.

    • studioyokai
      studioyokai 7 days ago +1

      " And why didn't any mutant EVER tell anyone: "I was bitten by a radioactive gerbil."? Made no sense whatsoever."
      Actually there's an interesting element to this with some characters. Kitty Pryde more than once in more recent comics at least, has compared it to being Jewish (which she also is) and the fact that her powers AND her Jewishness COULD fly under the radar if she wanted them to, is addressed at least once, as is the fact that people have a thing against Mutants and why would anyone want to call themselves the thing people have such a problem with - basically, at least in current stories, her take is that people who think there is anything WRONG with being Like Her (Mutant/Jewish), aren't the people whose opinions she wants to cow-tow to and bow to. Openly declaring herself a Mutant (and, yes, "Jew"), is an act of quiet, righteous defiance (so, funnily enough, very similar to Mystique's "because we shouldn't have to" that was mentioned here!)
      But also....
      " And why didn't any mutant EVER tell anyone: "I was bitten by a radioactive gerbil."?"
      ....better question: has anybody ever accused people like Spider-Man (or the Hulk, etc) of being "a Mutant" and if not, WHY NOT? You'd think it would be a very obvious assumption in that universe!

    • edlaprade
      edlaprade 9 days ago

      I never bought it, and I bought X-Men #1 when it first came out. My main complaint was two-fold. Why didn't the populace EVER complain about non-mutants? (Until much, much later.) And why didn't any mutant EVER tell anyone: "I was bitten by a radioactive gerbil."? Made no sense whatsoever.

    • Hannah Gs
      Hannah Gs 13 days ago

      Angry Robot I understand that X-men is entertainment lol

  • r u f f i a n k i c k .


  • Pim Peccable
    Pim Peccable 21 day ago +16

    All good points. One less used thing that always fascinated me about Mystique is that she is a bisexual shapeshifter. Comics had her in a canonical romance with Destiny, Sabertooth, etc. You spoke of toxic motherhood being one of her major tropes and its true, but Chris Claremont originally wanted to make Nightcrawler the bio-child of Destiny and Mystique. So this would make Mystique his father, not his mother (which would be Destiny).

  • Joel Berkey-lewis
    Joel Berkey-lewis 26 days ago +9

    Mystique is one of those characters that has never really been handled that well once she went to different media. As an x-men reader going back to giant sized x-men #1 I have always been disappointed in the way she is handled. She does possess a well rounded complex character in the Comics, a strong independent confident but damaged character, who unfortunately has had more retcons in the X-men narrative than any one save Wolverine. Her position as a threat, and leader has never ever been properly shown, her reason for being is always tied to a Man, which is really weird considering her and Destiny's relationship. I consider Mystique a true femme fatale , who if you cast her or wrote her independent of everyone, and then didn't give her the tropes usually seen in the movies especially she would have made a decent movie series, provided you cast her correctly.

  • Nigel Johnson
    Nigel Johnson 28 days ago +8

    I'd rather Mystique be the mysterious kick ass she was in the first 3 films than how they made her into a teen hero in the last few films smh..

  • bo brown
    bo brown Month ago +6

    X-2 made me fall in love with Magneto and Mystique. A shame Sir Ian and Rebecca Romijn couldn't have been better utilized.

  • Sophia-Helene Mees de Tricht

    See, I'm not a huge comic book fan, but I do like canons. I was unaware of Mystique's, to be honest, but I always thought hers was one of the best performances in the movies. She did a lot with an economy of lines.

  • Iyumi Blue
    Iyumi Blue Month ago

    i enjoyed this immensely.

  • Declan Hargrove
    Declan Hargrove Month ago +2

    Hey, I don’t really have anything to say....I just want a nice supportive comment to balance out the irritating, anti feminist jerk-off who are peeved that you’re willing to talk about comics and movies. Xoxox ur awesome.

  • Shawn N
    Shawn N Month ago +13

    First Class is the better movie. You may not like the "I want boys to see me beautiful" character motivation, but it is a realistic one nonetheless. Jennifer Lawrence is an awful Mystique though. And to make matters worse, because she became the most popular actor in the franchise, at that particular time, the producers felt compelled to make her character more and more important, when a good and useful henchman was really her niche.

    • Boredthom
      Boredthom Month ago +1


    • Shawn N
      Shawn N Month ago

      Days of Future Past is idiotic. Mystique can only copy other mutants' physical forms, NOT their powers. Therefore, taking her blood would get you no where. They ran with that moronic premise because they had to make Mystique the most important mutant in the movie. Plus, Xavier is an A-hole for no reason. People were just glad to see Wolverine back, making the movie totally overrated.
      First Class is more drama orientated, but I can watch Jeremy Fassbender and James McAvoy portray those characters all day. They make it work tremendously.

    • Debo Datta
      Debo Datta Month ago

      First class is boring trash compared to days of future past though both are dragged down due to Mystique being portrayed by an idiot with no acting skill

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis Month ago

      Shawn N I think J Law was good when she was trying in First Class,she seemed to be phoning it in on Days of Future Past and she really wasn't trying in Apocalypse. She really wasn't the most famous person in First Class, the only thing she was in before was Winters Bone. She really shouldn't have gotten that big of a role in the story.

  • Levi Thorstone
    Levi Thorstone Month ago +2

    You missed the premise of what they were going for completely because your feminist ideology blinded you to the factor of her Humanity not just be a blue boner causing sex symbol but a girl a woman and a teenager who just wants what everyone else has and understanding then she has to be okay who's who she is what she is and make the decision of what she wants or who she wants but ended up trying to deny her nature of being a shapeshifter

    • Leo W
      Leo W 9 days ago

      Levi Thorstone Literally what the fuck are you even saying

    • Chris Meyer
      Chris Meyer Month ago +10

      I'm confused about what you think she missed here. Also, proofreading is your friend.

    • Carol Ferris
      Carol Ferris Month ago +23

      She mentions all of this or did you just quit the video once you got triggered

    • Tia Williams
      Tia Williams Month ago +18

      Punctuation would go a long way in having you make any sense.

  • Levi Thorstone
    Levi Thorstone Month ago +4

    Feminist dumb shit

    • Xeno Yaxley
      Xeno Yaxley Month ago +21

      Yeah, how dare someone analyze a female comic book character while also adressing aspects of said character's feminine foundation. Preposterous, I say!

    • JT Mengel
      JT Mengel Month ago +19

      Ho man, your playlists have a lot of jordan peterson and alt-right stuff don't they?

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart Month ago +4

    I wonder if the MCU will have a Mystique if they get the X-men rights

  • SamWallace Artisan
    SamWallace Artisan Month ago +15

    You actually included Epic Movie in this? ... You went there.

    • SamWallace Artisan
      SamWallace Artisan Month ago

      Shadow Serpent Hey just because I like it doesn’t mean I’m going to recommend it in a million years.

    • Shadow Serpent
      Shadow Serpent Month ago +1

      Parts of the movie where funny... But no, it's not really worth getting into a keyboard tug of war. I'm just going to say if a friend or family member gave me either movie. That I would assume they hated me and I should burn their present.
      Because while some parts where funny it was a hot bag of NOPE!
      Oh, forget it Pistols at dawn?

    • SamWallace Artisan
      SamWallace Artisan Month ago +1

      Shadow Serpent Disaster Movie and Meet The Spartans are still underrated. Fight me.

    • Shadow Serpent
      Shadow Serpent Month ago +1

      I know right I thought it was funny.

    RSOULIER75 Month ago +3

    Hello i like your work on loose canon. I hope you will do one on Emma Frost.

  • Shadow Serpent
    Shadow Serpent Month ago +7

    I thought Magneto was Bi... I mean the mans got like how many kids?

    • Angry Robot
      Angry Robot 13 days ago

      He's not bi in the comics and it doesn't seem like he's bi in the films, though a bi Magneto would be interesting.

    • Tia Williams
      Tia Williams Month ago

      I think at that point in the X-Men movies, it was assumed he was gay. It’s not until the prequels that there’s any indication that he was bi.

    • Krista
      Krista Month ago

      Shadow Serpent yup

    • Shadow Serpent
      Shadow Serpent Month ago

      I see so I should have gone in with more of my thoughts. Then just a short clip I understand. Thank you for your candor thus far. Let's see growing up I saw X-men as a wonderful show/comic series. Where it really spoke to me and was a tool I could use to make people see about either their racist or bigoted worldview. And in a non-threatening way to promote change through the parables.
      Now I know in the 80's around their the whole growing kids or soldiers in test tubs. Was kind of a thing given the super soldier/monster themes that were kind of popular. I feel his relationships that resulted in children. Prove he is bisexual rather than gay.
      I'm happy we could agree and while I can't say he wouldn't hook up with women just to get more mutants into the world. I also feel with his mind and the other people he collected and his whole... Experience at the hands of the Nazis... Well, the it's not that hard of stretch if this was the goal to write him off as someone who had no romantic feelings towards the ladies. He could have just made a baby assembly line.
      Happy, that wasn't the case.
      (does this help?)

    • Krista
      Krista Month ago +2

      Shadow Serpent I'm not arguing that he's not bi, I also believe he's bi, it's just that in the physical sense two men cannot conceive a child therefore any kids he has with men would be adopted or through a surrogate. The whole "he's got so many kids!" Isn't a solid basis for arguing for his bi-ness that's all.

  • luciddreams
    luciddreams Month ago +13

    Ugh, I think Mystique was never handled well in an X-Men movie. She's never the strong, devious lone wolf. Lawrence's is insecure. Romijn's is a devout henchman for a strong man (White Queen has this role in First Class). All the strong women in the X-universe are either subservient (those two), confused and manipulated (Rogue and Jean), or weak and lacking in personality (Storm and Kitty). It's disgusting. I honestly don't blame Lawrence for checking out, because all those great actors hired by Matthew Vaughn did NOT sign up to work for Bryan Singer.
    Also, if anyone wants to see a good live action Mystique, just watch Firefly. She shows up in two episodes and if you don't realize who I'm talking about you've never read X-Men.

  • TRexMareOnElmST Gaming

    To be fair Beast was bitter and selflothing in the Comics as well

  • Holobrine
    Holobrine Month ago +3

    16:35 Did anyone else notice that two of the complex femme fatales were the same actress?

  • kobaltkween
    kobaltkween Month ago +8

    Um, yes, Destiny getting Mystique to raise Rogue _was_ in the comics. You know how Cable is the badass anti-hero who does what's necessary to prevent a dystopian future? Well, that used to be Mystique's role. Destiny keeps telling Mystique what to do based on what she can see of the future timelines, and Rogue was supposed to be part of that.

  • Bonnie Lynn
    Bonnie Lynn 2 months ago

    I love your loose canon videos!

  • Aron Hromalic
    Aron Hromalic 2 months ago +3

    Why did this sound so salty?

  • Drake Depew
    Drake Depew 2 months ago +20

    Rebecca Romijn will always be my mystique. Before her Mystique always seemed like a character with unrealized potential. Rebecca was the perfect example of "show don't tell".

    • MechanoidWarhead
      MechanoidWarhead Month ago +1

      Agreed. Romijn Mystique also always came off to me as (MUCH) more of an equal to Magneto, and perhaps even superior. She had no problem with getting her hands dirty even when she didn't actually need to. Romijn Mystique even takes the initiative and develops a brilliant plan to liberate Magneto from his plastic cell, literally becoming the White Knight who saves her Prince trapped in a castle--I wish I could meet a woman like that. Damn.

  • tastyshades
    tastyshades 2 months ago +4

    Yaassss bitter ex's!!!😍😍

  • Michael Coon
    Michael Coon 2 months ago +1

    Raze is another of her children with Wolverine

  • Ioana Lazar
    Ioana Lazar 2 months ago +6

    well mystique and zeus have something in common. ... Lol :D

    • Apophis
      Apophis 13 days ago

      Ioana Lazar
      Don't forget​ Spiderman!

  • Intoxicated Gray Hulk aka Mr. Fixit

    I like Jlaw but not as Mystique. I believe she's terribly miscast. Rebecca was way better.

    • Steel Xcaliber
      Steel Xcaliber 2 months ago +1

      Drunken Mr. Fixit I feel like she works as the Mystique she plays is an alternate timeline version who never went down that dark path.
      That being said, she's still boring.

  • TheLithp
    TheLithp 2 months ago +29

    "What makes Mystique, Mystique?"
    I'm gonna say her mystique.

  • Auset McChristion-Thomas
    Auset McChristion-Thomas 2 months ago +5

    This was awesome in so many ways. Thank you so much for making this. I have been a fan of Xmen lore for years, but I never really thought about how complex Mystique was just until a few weeks ago, I was studying the character Agent Smith from the Matrix. Kemetics use the character Agent Smith to describe Azaezel, a demon that can jump from body to body and possess people. I realized that there is no woman archetype for this same philosophy in Kemetics, however Christianity uses the concept of Lilith. Mystique was the only archetype that I could think of that had a similar lore. Ironically, her and Azaezel had Nightcrawler together, and she was cast out and forced to drop him off a mountain, similar to Lilith in Christianity. The more I studied Mystique I realized that she has such a complex background, and I began researching more and more, and I never thought that I would find a video like this that confirmed so many conclusions that I came to, simply by meditating. This video is brilliant and you are on another level. Thank you very much for posting this.

  • thompse412
    thompse412 2 months ago +4

    On the mythology front: gotta love Norse myth for being the opposite of most Western mythologies, particularly with gender norms! And sadly, I think the films aren't diverging timelines, I think they're some sorta weirdass merging timelines.

  • TearDownGenesis
    TearDownGenesis 2 months ago +7

    Why do you say Professor X is gay in the X-Men Movies?
    The reason Mystique is different in the prequels because of J Law, Star Power trumps literary logic.

    • TheJadedJames
      TheJadedJames 2 days ago

      Magneto and Xavier were obviously never meant to be seen as gay in text. Ellis was jokingly reading into things "Hey look, two old friends with no apparent female romantic interests, one of which is played by Ian Mckellen"

    • Rhys Corlett
      Rhys Corlett 2 months ago +12

      That comment is figurative and not literal. Due to the way they were written, the dynamic is like Eric/Charles had romantic history.
      The X-Men movies were the pet project of Bryan Singer, a bisexual Jewish guy and has stated that his identity has strongly influenced his movies. While the original comics were heavy on the allegory around being the outsiders and racial inequality, the Xmen movies (the first two, anyway), the movies have a lot of LGBT allegory. In fact, Ian McKellen took the role specifically due to what he saw as gay-rights parallels.

  • lorddiosliving
    lorddiosliving 2 months ago +1

    Loved you on seinfeld jeanine garofalo..you are a wow

  • lorddiosliving
    lorddiosliving 2 months ago +1

    Aren't you over analizing mystique??

    • A B
      A B 2 days ago

      lorddiosliving Deep analysis is the point of "Loose canon".

  • demolitionGoat
    demolitionGoat 2 months ago +8

    I had a HUGE fetish for mystique's blue form when i first saw the movie. All that "oh no i am so ugly in blue" never caught on with me.

    • Clayton M
      Clayton M Month ago +1

      I think a lot of men would be down to be with a woman as attractive as her. She may have scales and be blue, but she sure does have curves.

    • Steel Xcaliber
      Steel Xcaliber 2 months ago

      demolitionGoat Glad to see I'm not the only one. Though it took me a while after it came out. I was a child, after all.

  • Brent Phillips
    Brent Phillips 2 months ago +9

    "Search your memories - you *are* my daughter.
    It's like the writers ran the line ""Search your feelings - you *know* it to be true" through a thesaurus.

  • Timothy Haldane
    Timothy Haldane 3 months ago +9

    We are both TOTALLY on the same page about the relative quality of the X-Men movies. I seriously miss the ass-kicking take-no-prisoners X2 Mystique. That slide away from the camera while flipping the bird is classic. Although I have to say it's funny that you didn't read sexual subtext into Mystique and Magneto's relationship in the first two X-movies. Wolverine: "She's good." Magneto: "You have NO idea." If that subtext doesn't say at least a history of some side benefits, I don't know what does. They are definitely more than just professional acquaintances. I also disagree somewhat about the whole sex as a weapon thing. Yeah, it's a storytelling cliche, but I think the sex thing is secondary to what's really going on here. Mystique is first and foremost a spy; she's smart and charismatic enough to identify and exploit a person's weakness, whatever it is. It just so happens that this guy she was targeting was an easy mark for the seduction angle. She had zero intention of actually sleeping with the guy and she just does the ruse to get the guy alone and vulnerable. The tumble with Wolverine? I think she does find him attractive, she's curious, and she enjoys sex, but again she is just playing him. Logan is enamored of Jean; impersonating Jean is a good way to get his guard down.

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer 3 months ago +12

    Jennifer Lawrence sucked as mystique she looks so dumb in the blue makeup

  • LupineShadowOmega
    LupineShadowOmega 3 months ago +19

    I always felt she less wanted to bang Wolverine and that instead she enjoys fucking with him. Because she freaking *hates* him.

    • LupineShadowOmega
      LupineShadowOmega 3 months ago +5

      LOL. Indeed. She likes messing with his mind Starscream91. Because if you notice, she first "seduces" Wolvie as herself. Then goes to Storm whom she could easily guess Logan is attracted to, only to gut punch him with Jean whom he wants more than anyone, but can't have.
      She makes him uncomfortable because he really wants it, but he's ashamed of that desire. She knows exactly what buttons to press to get the reactions she wants out of Wolverine and then she just leaves with him pissed and wondering just how much she knows about his feelings. Which is kinda everything just because she's paying attention.

    • Water Nebula
      Water Nebula 3 months ago +3

      They mean she likes teasing him

    • Starscream91
      Starscream91 3 months ago

      LupineShadowOmega She hates him so she wants to bang him? What?

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz 3 months ago +7

    Where are the white women at? er blue women .

  • Solanuma
    Solanuma 3 months ago +11

    Oh god Lara Croft falls right into the demand for complex femme fatales too

    • LupineShadowOmega
      LupineShadowOmega 3 months ago

      So they made her Nathan Drake...

    • brian watford
      brian watford 3 months ago +3

      And they butchered her in the new movie. They made her an uneducated street criminal instead of an eccentric, highly educated heiress, and I cried.

  • Solanuma
    Solanuma 3 months ago +10

    Magneto/Mystique is more like a mlm/wlw solidarity thing where Mystique specifically is bi for her shapeshiting and the stereotype of untrustworthyness. Also there is the instance where Magneto betrays her/expresses his biphobia when she loses her mutation. Yeah it's right there in the subtext

    • studioyokai
      studioyokai 7 days ago +2

      I bet you got shit for this comment so I won't read their replies to but I'm actually laughing because it weirdly works?? I don't think it was intentional at all (I doubt Bryan Singer is that deep) but the parallell is kind pricelessly on-the-nose.
      Mystique IS supposed to be bi, though, too, literally! And the Subtext between Magento and Xavier in some continuities is something many have commented on...so it works surprisingly well.
      This is why I love "meta" type commentaries honestly; what the original author was "trying" to say often isn't half as interesting as what can be read into it by different readers.
      Like how both trans men AND trans women have identified with Disney's version of Mulan before (trans men because "I know how hard it is to work to pass as a dude and be afraid of being found out" and trans women because "being secretly a woman, amongst men" is something they can also empathize with), even though she's probably not literally "intended" as either of those two things by the filmmakers. (Or how Disney probably thought the core romance in that movie was heterosexual, because "but she's really a girl, and she's pretending to be a man so her father doesn't have to go to war!", while ignoring that Sheng seems to grow attached to and trust Mulan on a level that's clearly intended to help the final romance seem natural, even when she's outwardly presenting as and indeed "passing" as a dude lol)
      Subtext is often slippery or even unintended and accidental, and honestly it's a lot of fun sometimes to see the different angles one can view it from. Thank you for this comment, it was exactly that.

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 2 months ago

      Lol you can find any kinda subtext if you try hard enough

    • Rebeca
      Rebeca 3 months ago +4

      No...it's not.

  • Maxwell Edison
    Maxwell Edison 3 months ago +11

    bitter X's

  • darkevilazn
    darkevilazn 3 months ago +9

    At the very least, in Apocalypse, Jennifer L. was WAAYYYYYYYYYY better than the girl who played Jean. Like WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Better. Conversely, the guy who played scott was really good. Because he made me legitimately hate cyclops, the worst piece of shit x-men. He played him rather well.

  • Gattz Flappa
    Gattz Flappa 3 months ago +35

    Rebecca Romijn as Mystique is far and away superior to Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Even the way that the film handles the character with Rebecca Romijn's Mystique having multiple simultaneous voices when she's in her natural blue form. One of the best Mystique scenes was when she was explaining to Nightcrawler that she shouldn't have to be in disguise all the time, and that says so much about her as a character. But then you get to Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Mystique where she just looks like Jennifer Lawrence throughout 85% of the films. Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal is lazy, lackluster, and really a different character all together. I don't for a moment believe that Jennifer Lawrence is portrayal of Mystique would ever grow up to be like Rebecca Romijn's Mystique.

    • Eoin O'Connor
      Eoin O'Connor 3 months ago

      She doesn't grow up to be her. That's the point.
      She ends up becoming an X-Man in an alternative timeline.

    • brian watford
      brian watford 3 months ago

      Rebecca is best mystique.

  • Fionn Gallag
    Fionn Gallag 3 months ago +3

    9:58 couldn’t she literally turn into Britney Spears?

  • Fionn Gallag
    Fionn Gallag 3 months ago +1

    5:49 maybe she didn’t literally mean that Xavier knew? Maybe it was more of a jab at his ignorance

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez 3 months ago +5

    Charles and erik are more like brothers than lovers.

    • LupineShadowOmega
      LupineShadowOmega 3 months ago

      Guy that uses scrub lord as an insult. XD

    • John Squarez
      John Squarez 3 months ago

      Scrub lord

    • Fionn Gallag
      Fionn Gallag 3 months ago +1

      Eduardo Lopez what makes you say that? I’ve never read this so...

  • Cjack Productions Cj's Random

    Why have I never subscribed to you before? Good job excellent show cheers

  • J.I Mendaro
    J.I Mendaro 4 months ago +4

    1:15 those sailors look so JoJo

  • unfa
    unfa 4 months ago +5

    What did they do to Jean-Luc Picard and Gandalf?!

    • Terry Jones
      Terry Jones 4 months ago

      Oh man, going from Kill All Humans Magneto to Save All Humanity Gandalf was certainly a trip back in the day XD

  • Conor Phillips
    Conor Phillips 4 months ago +8

    Of course she's duplicitous, her one skill is shape shifty ( just like morph) and she's a villain. It makes her way more interesting to be two faced and have extreme self interest and shifting loyalties.

    • Ungreatful Duck
      Ungreatful Duck 4 months ago +3

      It makes sense withing the character, but still most of the time her "changing side" moments come from a particular writer wanting her to be on the good side and the next one going "no damn it, I remember her being a villain, so back to it". There has being sometimes where she even changes sides out of panel and between different series, although she doesn´t have it as bad as Sabretooth.

  • Dorian Wilde
    Dorian Wilde 4 months ago +11

    Please do Storm! And Jean Grey. XD

  • Robin Schicha
    Robin Schicha 4 months ago +4

    Yes, Charles and Erik are Gay. Why not?

  • Darth Shartstar666
    Darth Shartstar666 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for another round of understandable Awesome-ness Lindsay!

  • Murphy Leigh
    Murphy Leigh 4 months ago +9

    I would love to watch like half an hour of you dragging First Class. That movie is in essence the chip on my shoulder - it contains my favorite character, but he gets murdered, and thus mostly only appears in fanfiction as a side character and half of a side pairing, because the whole XMFC fandom seems to revolve around Hot Young Gay Cherik. I......may be a little bitter.

  • Apan Apandottír
    Apan Apandottír 5 months ago +18

    The "I shouldn't have to." line, while true, is probably an easier thing to say when you have the choice to pass as human, unlike our dear Nightcrawler.

    • studioyokai
      studioyokai 7 days ago

      A fair enough point, though her own point was probably more along the lines of "they're oppressing and trying to kill us, why would I want them to LIKE me" which, funnily enough, Kitty Pryde in recent years has also expressed a variant of, re: why a Mutant like her whose mutation is non-visible and can "pass" for "normal" is open about being a Mutant (she compares it to her experience being Jewish, about how it's an act of defiance to OPENLY declare yourself to be in a marginalized group even when you can "pass" for the dominant one).
      I mean, she says she SHOULDN'T have to - that's the actual wording. Which, she shouldn't - it's totally unfair that Mutants are treated like crap, right? Being forced to, or pressured to, is evidence itself of the system that oppresses those Different than the norm, and that's bs, right? So not doing it, is an act of defiance against that system.
      There's also arguably an element of solidarity, though - like, yeah it's easier to say when you can, in fact, literally just make yourself look "normal", but think about that: even given the option, she usually doesn't. That's not just an assertion of her own identity, it's very easy to read that as "because Mutants like YOU can't, so why should I benefit so much from that privilege when you don't get to?" I mean, that version of Mystique is a Mutant Rights activist, albeit a very radical one, so that would make sense.
      A better question is what the hell was going through STORM's head in X3, when she was saying "we don't need a 'cure'!!", when she KNOWS ROGUE. Like??
      Yeah, real easy to say you don't need your mutation removed when it makes you a WEATHER GODDESS, but it's a lot more ethically fuzzy when you're someone whose mutation literally serves as a DISABILITY as much as it does a superpower, which keeps you from having normal relationships or partaking in pleasant, common acts of TOUCH that are normal in your culture, like holding hands or kissing. (Can you imagine how touch-starved Rogue must be?? That can do some serious damage to a psyche) Come on, Storm, think outside yourself, willya?? That line always bugged me :\

  • Ghostwriter
    Ghostwriter 5 months ago +30

    So... why is she naked in the movies?

    • Ghostwriter
      Ghostwriter 5 days ago

      swamdono but why doesn’t she just wear regular clothes

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 2 months ago

      And maybe Mystique is coldblooded , she's like a reptile right?? So she probably doesn't feel cold so clothes would be uncomfortable...but I think it's like how Magneto says, when he compares her to a tiger- she thinks of herself of outside humanity, outside of human laws...she's a total nudist....if she had nipples and blue pubes instead of gorgeous opal blue scales things might be different lol

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 2 months ago

      I'd buy a cape😊

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus
      ChaosSorceror_Davidicus 3 months ago +3

      @swamdono Okay... so... why doesn't she wear clothes OVER her body? Like a normal hooman do?
      If I were an all powerful sorcerer who can conjure anything into existence with sheer force of will... I'd still just go to target and pick up some clothes, no sense burning MP daily to MAKE clothes...

    • Brett Symons
      Brett Symons 4 months ago

      They make the point swamdono does in First Class. Magneto does it about her doing weights while shapeshifted.

  • Redding D. Shanks
    Redding D. Shanks 5 months ago +26

    First Class is one of my favorite movies, but I’ll never understand why the HELL they decided to make Mystique of all people Charles’ sister. If you want a sexy sometimes villain, sometimes hero mutant to be the sister of Charles Xavier, then why not, oh I don’t know... EMMA FROST?! Narratively, she could’ve been everything Mystique was in the movie PLUS she’s telepathic just like Charles. Honestly, they should’ve just switched Mystique’s and Emma Frost’s roles.

  • SpacePinkerton
    SpacePinkerton 5 months ago +8

    I forgot Apocalypse existed

  • CaptainTaco97
    CaptainTaco97 5 months ago +18

    Am I alone with loving First class?

    • TheJadedJames
      TheJadedJames 2 days ago

      First Class is far and away my favorite movie in the X-Men series

    • Redding D. Shanks
      Redding D. Shanks 5 months ago

      CaptainTaco97 Hell no

    • CareerKnight
      CareerKnight 5 months ago

      It has some problems but over all I like it, I'm also willing to give some of its flaws a pass since Matthew Vaughn was dicked over by Singer insisting it become a prequel (and him somehow having the clout to do that), which in addition to other changes forced Vaughn to drop all of the characters he was planning to use for the team (and it seems like he couldn't give a damn about the ones he went with which is on him ultimately).

    • KageMaxwell
      KageMaxwell 5 months ago

      CaptainTaco97 Nope.

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 5 months ago +33

    Mystique was fucking amazing until Jennifer Lawrence portrayed her and the films became Mystique and the X-Men. I don't know why I just do not like that iteration of the character.
    I love Mystique though I think she is one of the best villains/anti-villains in the X-universe.

    • TheJadedJames
      TheJadedJames 2 days ago

      I never really got this criticism because Lawrence is explicitly playing an early version of Mystique who is decades away from becoming the bad ass she is in the original movies. It is an origin story. In First Class she is still using her power to hide, hasn't gotten to "Because I shouldn't have to" but she is taking the initial steps towards joining Team Magneto and coming to straight up detest Xavier

    • Poi Lethe
      Poi Lethe 4 months ago

      i really liked JLs story arc and i like that it was a part of the movies, but i did not like that arc applied to the character mystique, not that ive really watched or read enough Xmen to be well versed or anything. i just didnt enjoy the portrayal and didnt like that it didnt lead up to, or see that build up of her character becoming what the original one was. I like the independence and the confidence and that its not so much loyalty that is what compells her to chose a side, but her beliefs. And even though the arc connects the dots of that, it seems like too much of a personal journey to get to that rather than...idek. The firmness of her beliefs later just make it seem so weak that that was the foundation they were based on. It wasnt convincing,

    • Stromtrooper 123123
      Stromtrooper 123123 5 months ago +6

      da ba dee dabba die

    • wowzer
      wowzer 5 months ago +12

      Because Jennifer Lawrence wasn't clever, sexy, strong, confident, athletic. She was essentially nothing that makes the character of Mystique, Mystique. She's just blue.

  • labbet&daniel REVIEW
    labbet&daniel REVIEW 5 months ago +25

    completely lost it at "my names paul this is between yall"

  • Rebecca Åstrand
    Rebecca Åstrand 5 months ago +7

    they're bitter exes!!

  • baileysmithful
    baileysmithful 5 months ago +5

    Are you not a fan of First Class generally or specifically because of its treatment of mystique? I only ask cause I think it's actually a better movie than Future Past. I'd be interested to know what you think of its themes, narrative, characterisation, etc.

    • baileysmithful
      baileysmithful 4 months ago

      Gilli Weed aight, will do, thanks. Though just to let you know, I feel a bit insulted that you think just because I didn't pick up on its misogyny I never watched it with a critical eye. I wrote a paper on it and viewed it within a framework of trauma theory, without paying perhaps due attention to feminist theory.

    • Gilli Weed
      Gilli Weed 4 months ago +3

      First Class's treatment of all its female characters is creepy and misogynist (dressing up the CIA agent in fetish gear, tying up Emma Frost to a bed as they subdue her and making her nothing more than the baddie's fashionable girlfriend, making Angel into a prostitute that does a sexy on-screen dance for Erik and Charles, as well as the downright misogynist joke about "letting women into the CIA" at the end). Its treatment of Mystique is just the tip of the iceberg. Rewatch the movie with a critical eye and you'll *know* why Lindsay dislikes it.

  • FrustratedWhiteMale
    FrustratedWhiteMale 6 months ago +23

    That Mystique solo comic was really freaking good.
    Featured a lot of interesting uses of her shape shifting too.
    At one point she moves her internal organs around to survive a hail of gunfire

  • CorbCorbin
    CorbCorbin 6 months ago +3

    Even though in the comic books Mystique was the leader of the Brotherhood at multiple times, and always makes it out alive. She didn't need a rewrite. Although those spoof movies missed the perfect chance to call her Feminine Mystique, to scare a muscle bound hero to death at the mere sound of the name. And they could've done the same, to a female hero, with a villain named Male Gaze.

  • MrDman21
    MrDman21 6 months ago +16

    In the first X-men movie Mystique was a VILLAIN. It seems like they keep flip-flopping her character.(I guess they haven't read the comics) NO, she wasn't a founding member of the X-men (sorry FIRST CLASS). She's a villain, keep her as a villain. I hope they recast her in the new X-men movies becuz I'm sick of Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 6 months ago +2

    Ooh! ooh! plz do a analysis of JJ. Abrams' Star Trek!

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 6 months ago +5

    You're really gorgeous and intelligent, i started watching your videos when i saw this the apothosis of lazy worldbuilding video on Bright. Thats a really good video too you do a great job in these videos, nice humor, you break them down and really give good analysis.
    I frickin hate the way she got hit by the cure and just ditched by Magneto, after all that she was a really good Mystique.

  • Sean Holmes
    Sean Holmes 6 months ago +7

    You go girl. X-men 3 the movie really sucked, and it's about time someone said it. However, it's a bad idea to fix the X-men movie time-line mess by explaining it.

  • Dorohedoro
    Dorohedoro 6 months ago +4

    Original Trilogy Mystique had a bombing body

    • SanguinaryBlade
      SanguinaryBlade 6 months ago +2

      Entirely agree there Scapels. Her performance defined Mystique for me.

    • Scalpels
      Scalpels 6 months ago +12

      You're not wrong, but I found Rebecca's confidence and competence to be stronger character traits than what she looked like. Lindsay is right, Rebecca doesn't get enough credit.

  • what does the g stand for
    what does the g stand for 6 months ago +1


  • Terry Stearns
    Terry Stearns 6 months ago +2

    Love your work.. You're incredibly intelligent explanations and opinions are duly noted.

  • Trover
    Trover 6 months ago +1

    Harley Quinn please! ❤️❤️❤️

  • pamelam4
    pamelam4 6 months ago +29

    I always thought Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique was incredibly annoying - very whiny. I liked Rebecca Romijn much better as the character.

  • Viserion Targaryen
    Viserion Targaryen 6 months ago +8

    Ok if Marvel does end up buying X-Men, Leena Heady should play her...period...

  • ThePurestMayhem
    ThePurestMayhem 6 months ago +3

    i could watch these videos all day. learn something new and hear interesting perspectives. lindsay's pretty awesome :P

  • Benjamin Candib
    Benjamin Candib 6 months ago

    Hey. The grow those back line is pretty great

  • TheAutobotPower
    TheAutobotPower 6 months ago +1

    CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! The principal Amzy is in reality Yzma!!!
    PS: I don't know who she is; I like her because she is naked in the movies... or at least that's the only thing I remember, didn't see the movies either.

  • Tombocartoons
    Tombocartoons 6 months ago +18

    i'm surprised Lindsay "feminist theory" Ellis talked about First Class without ONCE mentioning the fact that every woman in that movie is a literal stripper and/or is shown in lingerie/nudity at least once

    • Clayton M
      Clayton M 5 months ago +1

      I swear remember the first scene of that movie being Moira getting in stripper gear to inflitrate someplace to find out about the bad guys' plan.

  • Nick T
    Nick T 6 months ago +2

    Internalized mutantism????? WTF???? Can't he just not "like the girl" that way????

    • nigel spencer
      nigel spencer 4 months ago +1

      Have you missed how Charles promotes a passing standard to mutants.

    • A Olson
      A Olson 6 months ago

      Lukas Sprehn That is not the case for the movie, so that's a non-sequitur.

    • Lukas Sprehn
      Lukas Sprehn 6 months ago

      +Thisold Hatte
      Some answers to questions are untrue and true though. It is possible.

    • Thisold Hatte
      Thisold Hatte 6 months ago +4

      its a schroedinger's cat. The question is left there for us to answer ourselves, therefore all possible answers are true simultaneously, because as passive observers of the story none of us has the authority to say someone's else's answer isn't true.

  • FutureBerea Alumn
    FutureBerea Alumn 7 months ago +4

    I don’t think Mystique was a woman scorned. I think, even though she lost her powers and got kicked to the curb, she was still loyal. She gave them the coordinates of a campsite she’d never been to that she had to know had been deserted.

    • David
      David 2 months ago

      Omar Harris
      Probable means likely

    • Gilli Weed
      Gilli Weed 4 months ago +1

      You're giving the movie too much credit, my dude

    • Omar Harris
      Omar Harris 6 months ago +2

      FutureBerea Alumn - I’ve always read that it was probable that she intentionally led them to an empty camp so Magneto can go to Alcatraz unchallenged. Probable, but not likely.

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 7 months ago +6

    Your supplementary comments........so funny, so insightful, so good.

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    I feel like I'm in college lol....these video essays are awesome

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    Jennifer Lawrence is checked out of being a person

  • 8mad
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    After seeing this, I would love to see one of your video essays on the X-Men films. Would love to hear, your complete thoughts on them.

  • Steel Xcaliber
    Steel Xcaliber 7 months ago +5

    I have a solution for the First Class plot hole. After the events in Cuba, Charles became depressed. But we never found out how he overcame that in the original timeline. I think that he wiped his own mind and the minds of Eric and Raven. When he came back after Jean killed him, he remembers because he is in a new body so his mental blocks aren't there.
    I think this makes him more tragic. He never got out of that on his own.

  • Lew Archer 1949
    Lew Archer 1949 7 months ago +15

    My problem with Lawrence’s Mystique, especially in Apocalypse, was that her character arc and role on the team should have been Emma Frost’s, not Raven Darkholme. Emma Frost is my favorite X-character and I’m pissed at how the movies wasted her.

    • Maestro
      Maestro 3 months ago

      Twice freaking Origins...

  • Barnabas D
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    She said I like's me that Brian Cox

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    Great video. Funny, I thought Wonder Woman was "the embodiment of the 1970's Wonder Woman you've come a long way baby attitude"

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