Top 10 Goosebumps Monsters (ft. Kat Cressida!)

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • Top 10 Goosebumps Monsters
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    These are the Top 10 Goosebumps Monsters ever! For this list, we’ll be showcasing the scariest, most interesting and most iconic monsters from the Goosebumps franchise. Our list includes ghouls such as The Mummy, Murder the Clown, The Scarecrows, The Lawn Gnomes, Monster Blood and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Goosebumps Monsters.
    List Entries and Rank:
    10. The Lawn Gnomes
    9. The Mummy
    8. The Abominable Snowman
    7. Murder the Clown
    6. The Cursed Camera
    5. Monster Blood
    4. The Scarecrows
    3, 2, 1: ???
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Comments • 776

  • Klips of Awesome
    Klips of Awesome 11 hours ago

    she says nightmares and the character says it too 7:13

  • Fireman Squashy
    Fireman Squashy Day ago

    I like the camra and wear wolf

  • Andrea Orr
    Andrea Orr 2 days ago

    Whatever goosebumps sucks

  • Kool Gaming
    Kool Gaming 3 days ago

    Just me or does murder the clown look like original pennywise?

  • Christa Courtney
    Christa Courtney 4 days ago

    you will be wall you be for a scared R.L stine

  • Amanda Bishop
    Amanda Bishop 5 days ago

    I love goosebumps ❤️

  • Súper Mario Samuel
    Súper Mario Samuel 6 days ago

    I got scared when the first goosebumps movie came out

  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 7 days ago

    Mud monster and vampire

  • Nathan Ricci
    Nathan Ricci 7 days ago

    Haunted Mask is like SCP-035

  • email gacha
    email gacha 7 days ago

    boyim still a kid

  • Brody K
    Brody K 7 days ago

    The lawn nomes don't freeze when a dog whistle is blown they freeze when there in light

  • Katerina Kalkbrenner


  • Katerina Kalkbrenner

    It's same name as me. My name is Kat

  • Jeni Bennett
    Jeni Bennett 8 days ago

    Yes BTS!!!!!!!

  • Trinity Rodriguez
    Trinity Rodriguez 8 days ago

    My two kids got scared by goosebumps.

  • Finley Matthews
    Finley Matthews 9 days ago

    it is currently the 11th of october for me.
    so i find this really confusing!

  • Cody Boothe
    Cody Boothe 13 days ago

    Actually in say cheese and die he ripped up the photo and the girl came back

  • Cody Boothe
    Cody Boothe 13 days ago

    Sucks that some of the books were never made into episodes

  • Chandler York
    Chandler York 14 days ago

    #10: keemstar

    TAZELONE 14 days ago

    I probably watch every goosebumps ever made including the new ones. They scared the shit out of me but I still watched them cause I got huge balls

  • Majin Mike
    Majin Mike 14 days ago


  • Harry the moth
    Harry the moth 16 days ago +1

    The dad in stay out of the basement is quite scary

  • Eduardo Delgado
    Eduardo Delgado 16 days ago

    To me the hunted mask looked just like jeepers creepers

  • gumm cottente
    gumm cottente 17 days ago

    Liking to my own comment cuz no one else will

  • stripe801
    stripe801 17 days ago

    the swamp monster from how to kiLL a monster wasn’t on here? Are u serious? That Lame ass mutant was though. they missed a Lot of good monsters.

  • Shannan Schuster
    Shannan Schuster 17 days ago

    I know #6 and #2. I’ve read say cheese and die and the haunted mask. But I know someone who doesn’t like #7. That someone is cinema sins. He says, “ nope” to this clown. But you’re right, he’s wrong.

  • Cathy Gallagher
    Cathy Gallagher 18 days ago

    That’s Dee Dee’s voice!

  • Sterling Grant
    Sterling Grant 20 days ago

    What about the bloob

  • Zdenka Korijan
    Zdenka Korijan 21 day ago

    Project Zorgo is watching

  • Azmil Azme
    Azmil Azme 21 day ago

    Shark ? Iam mean hammerhead

  • Spawn Loudermilk
    Spawn Loudermilk 21 day ago

    Do are you afraid of the dark

  • Derrick Green
    Derrick Green 21 day ago +1


  • Bedardo
    Bedardo 22 days ago

    Ryan Gosling???

  • gumm cottente
    gumm cottente 23 days ago

    much faster than the method on the video!

  • Granny Granny
    Granny Granny 23 days ago

    Congrats on 19m subs

  • Dylan Max
    Dylan Max 23 days ago

    There is one episode where a guy keeps getting fatter reverse thinner

  • Sour Straps
    Sour Straps 23 days ago

    I don’t like her voice

  • Julia Cortez
    Julia Cortez 23 days ago +2

    Why do I feel like Slappy is gonna be #1, or at least on this list. Also the show is now a weird, trippy, and goofy, probably because it was made in the 80's.

    AJ GAMING 23 days ago


    AJ GAMING 23 days ago

    I read say cheese and die

  • fortnite things
    fortnite things 23 days ago

    before i watch this video im guessing slappy is #1

    i was right (:

  • Margaret Willis
    Margaret Willis 24 days ago

    I am a child

  • Greyson Hyland
    Greyson Hyland 24 days ago

    Slappys number one go home

  • staci brueck
    staci brueck 24 days ago

    There's a game named Goosebumps and Lexie Beary fun you run away from the monsters and every level you unlock there's a different character but they're still the same characters that were last levels.

  • carlos el mamon
    carlos el mamon 24 days ago

    I Got a goosbumps 2 tráiler ad on this

  • Angie Lott
    Angie Lott 24 days ago

    I read most of there books

  • CoolGuyGames
    CoolGuyGames 24 days ago +2

    The garden gnomes froze when light not at a dog whistle.

  • Powered Pyro
    Powered Pyro 24 days ago

    The haunted mask gave me nightmares

  • kelly owens
    kelly owens 24 days ago

    So there's more goosebumps

  • Mohd Azril
    Mohd Azril 25 days ago

    My favourite is the invisible boy

  • Megalodon Media
    Megalodon Media 25 days ago

    The gnomes don't freeze because of a dog whistle! It freezes when its caught in light

  • Glitch And Co.
    Glitch And Co. 25 days ago +2

    Are you going scare me or secuding me!?

  • TheReccher
    TheReccher 25 days ago

    The Lord High Executioner because he's a human monster. Someone from history who wanted to torture and murder the kids.

  • Edson Gaming barrera
    Edson Gaming barrera 25 days ago


  • Dan D
    Dan D 25 days ago

    The abonbale snowman

  • keo respati
    keo respati 26 days ago

    I knew that slappy is number 1

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson 26 days ago

    I bet slappy is number one

  • Ømëga Ïsmë
    Ømëga Ïsmë 26 days ago

    The author of goose bumps went to my school

  • FoolishVids INC
    FoolishVids INC 26 days ago


  • macksmom1313
    macksmom1313 26 days ago

    the monsters from the episodes are creepier because I don't know they just are

  • im am legit
    im am legit 26 days ago


  • Gamer_ Boi124
    Gamer_ Boi124 26 days ago

    Wait is the old version still on Netflix I bet I have a long binge watch to do

  • UIvegito playz
    UIvegito playz 26 days ago

    It's warm it breathes.....and it doesn't do dishes...

  • UIvegito playz
    UIvegito playz 26 days ago

    My friend had that book that had the clown on it

  • The Dash
    The Dash 27 days ago +1

    Everyone knows who is number one

  • Eder Sanchez
    Eder Sanchez 27 days ago

    Does anyone else remember the mud monster and the pumpkin people on that Halloween episode

  • Slappyforever66
    Slappyforever66 27 days ago


  • Andy Senju
    Andy Senju 27 days ago

    Monster blood best

  • Erick Pokemon
    Erick Pokemon 27 days ago

    Who here likes bts

  • Panda Man
    Panda Man 27 days ago

    1. I got a dig bick
    Just kidding I'm not doing that

  • WAR golden argus
    WAR golden argus 28 days ago

    Slappy is not scary but to funny

  • Kathryn Griffin
    Kathryn Griffin 28 days ago

    This is a no clown sone

  • Megatechtonic
    Megatechtonic 28 days ago

    What about the monster from how to kill a monster?

  • zombieman james
    zombieman james 28 days ago

    Honestly the narrator is great but whoever wrote the script is kinda bad at making list

  • Soybean Sawyer
    Soybean Sawyer 28 days ago

    R.l Stine is the kid Steven king

  • Moon Walker4096
    Moon Walker4096 28 days ago

    I’ve read all of them and the scariest monster for me is the scarecrow that walks at midnight

  • Alan Bridges
    Alan Bridges 28 days ago


  • PianoPerson101
    PianoPerson101 28 days ago

    DO A TOP 10 FOR R.L STINES THE HAUNTING HOUR! (the most recent kind of goosebumbs)
    Who wants it back on netflix??

  • XxAJWgamerxX
    XxAJWgamerxX 28 days ago

    I’ll look out for your voice in the new movie

  • XxAJWgamerxX
    XxAJWgamerxX 28 days ago

    I’ll look out for your voice

  • Fengliuz Ng
    Fengliuz Ng 28 days ago +1

    Invicible Boys And Slappy omgggggg😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • APug ThatsCute
    APug ThatsCute 29 days ago

    I read alllllll the goosebumps books I’m a huge fan

  • Wonder Baby
    Wonder Baby 29 days ago

    Whos narrating?

  • Doggo Memes Rule
    Doggo Memes Rule 29 days ago

    I’ve literally read all the goosebumps books, I started in 3rd grade, and finished in 6th grade, it took em 3 years to read A damn book series

  • Skyler Maves
    Skyler Maves 29 days ago

    Please do Top ten monsters from Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Haunting Hour, and Nightmare Room

    APRIL STOUT 29 days ago

    Yeah, it's scary, until you see the episodes while getting used to scary stuff, it's easy to be brave.

  • KatTV
    KatTV 29 days ago

    10 should have been 1 I'm still scared of those things....😣

  • Rachael Curran
    Rachael Curran 29 days ago

    i got more afraid of the waerwolf

  • the ebirah channl Delgado


  • Jezebel Rodriguez
    Jezebel Rodriguez 29 days ago +1

    The need to do more of this

  • Shigu Shingu
    Shigu Shingu 29 days ago

    Thought the camera should have been #1 or the mask.

  • Darth Vitiate
    Darth Vitiate 29 days ago

    I read a few of books like the werewolf of fever swamp,, the haunted mask, the vampire, ghost camp, I live in your basement, that other ghost camp book, and worms

  • Glitched gamer 99999
    Glitched gamer 99999 Month ago +3

    Slappy:Wait that was your dad? Wow, what a relief. I thought the cat got stuck in the dishwasher! Hahahaha!
    Amy’s Dad: Amy that wasn’t very nice?
    Slappy: and how about that mother of yours? She went to the front clerk and asked him for anything her size and he told her to try the elevator! Hahaha!
    Amy’s Mum: Amy!...
    Amy:it wasn’t me! It was him!
    Amy’s brother: Oh, alright, the dummy made me do it!
    Slappy: I wouldn’t laugh your such a booge of a brain, he thought that you can grow an eggplant, Burying a chicken!

    I remember those wonderful words from, night of the living dumm II

  • Cesar Velasquez
    Cesar Velasquez Month ago

    Top 10 anime characters

  • Zelda
    Zelda Month ago

    There's a second goosebumps movie?

  • Herminia Maldonado
    Herminia Maldonado Month ago

    And the books are still better

  • Herminia Maldonado
    Herminia Maldonado Month ago

    Man this things are weird looking

  • Herminia Maldonado
    Herminia Maldonado Month ago

    I only read the books :o)

  • Aiden Medina
    Aiden Medina Month ago

    I like the scarecrow walks at midnight.