Top 5 Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • Walter, Heather, & Aiyanna count down their Top 5 picks for Worst Superhero Movie Costumes.
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Comments • 760

  • Avery Hilbig
    Avery Hilbig 8 months ago

    I would have a top ten worst costume list. So here is my list.
    10. Venom(Spider-Man 3)
    9. Steppenwolf(Justice League)
    8. Cyborg(Justice League)
    7. Goku(Dragonball: Evolution)
    6. Victor Von Doom/Doom(Fant4stic)
    5. Green Lantern (Green Lanturn)
    4. Batman(Batman & Robin)
    3. Nuclear Man(Superman IV: The Quest For Peace)
    2. Catwoman(Catwoman)
    1. Captain America(Captain America 1990)
    Dishonorable Mentions:
    •Robin(1960s Batman TV show)
    •Ares(Wonder Woman)
    •Deadpool(X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

  • Avery Hilbig
    Avery Hilbig 8 months ago

    Steppenwolf looked much worse than Ares.

  • Avery Hilbig
    Avery Hilbig 8 months ago

    What about the Batsuit in Batman & Robin? The nipples ruined that costume.

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    I don't call that thing Deadpool. Is there anyone in Marvel Comics with powers similar to this thing?

  • Uganda Beaver
    Uganda Beaver 9 months ago

    Seems like everyone forgets that shit pool gets his mouth ripped open in the end credits. Still it doesn't make up for horrible design and the laser eyes.

  • Trainfan 1995
    Trainfan 1995 9 months ago +1

    Batman and Robin's suits from Batman and Robin should've been number 1. So why not?

    • Avery Hilbig
      Avery Hilbig 8 months ago

      I don't know. I would've put those suits on this list over Ares.

  • whutzat
    whutzat 10 months ago +1

    The Wonder Woman movie was a big ol' bag of hot diarrhea as far as i'm concerned.

  • Omnombiskits
    Omnombiskits 10 months ago

    The "Deadpool" in number 1 wasn't even played by Reynolds. He left half-way through shooting because of what they were doing to the character. If I remember correctly, it was just a stunt double.

  • Barnabus Blackoak
    Barnabus Blackoak 11 months ago

    What about the horrible Steel costume ?,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/lbtkeykpaa8ll2isecp1.jpg

  • Barnabus Blackoak
    Barnabus Blackoak 11 months ago

    The Green Goblin looks like Evil Ed from Fright Night.

  • Mary Susan Milam
    Mary Susan Milam 11 months ago

    For what it’s worth i like all of the injustice villains more than their DCU counterparts

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt 11 months ago

    Aries: I don't know why I'm number 4 on the list I'm very, very intimatating, I can make slipknot cause world War 3, I can make donald trump press the nuke button anyday

  • oldschool1987
    oldschool1987 11 months ago

    The skit got old long ago. The two girls are awful as well

  • Luis McRotten
    Luis McRotten 11 months ago

    Catwoman is not that much about the costume but it's a completely random actress for the role

  • жур 21
    жур 21 Year ago +1


  • David Ray
    David Ray Year ago +1

    #1 will undoubtedly be Halle Berry's costume in Catwoman.

  • Random Internet Weirdo

    They didn't CGI out the mustache of Ares.

  • Spiderguy257
    Spiderguy257 Year ago

    The goblin suit is sopposed to look like a goblin it doesn't belong on this list

  • Gael Garcia
    Gael Garcia Year ago

    but the cat woman i really like the costom i hate a little bit the movie but the costom its amizing

  • Gamesta100
    Gamesta100 Year ago

    Well the only wrong thing about him teleporting is that in the comics he uses a devise to do so instead of it being one of his powers.

  • Pacroid
    Pacroid Year ago

    I didn't mind Ares. There are far worse offenders out there.

  • Star Wars Talk
    Star Wars Talk Year ago

    I don’t know why everyone hates X-Men Origins wolverine

  • Mitchel Anhalt
    Mitchel Anhalt Year ago +2

    I thought Ares looked great. Except for the moustache.

  • jon471000
    jon471000 Year ago

    Man I only saw 1/3 of you there

  • SalusFuturistics
    SalusFuturistics Year ago

    Its funny how the green Goblin in Costume is less ugly than the Actor

  • James Lawner
    James Lawner Year ago

    Why did Ares look like that in the movie? The toys LIED about what his appearance was going to be!

  • Scott Reacher
    Scott Reacher Year ago +3


  • Zarus Tyran
    Zarus Tyran Year ago +2

    I would've dropped Ares and put the costume from Steel.

  • velociraptor4you
    velociraptor4you Year ago

    I personally liked Ares' costume in "Wonder Woman," though I do understand where she's coming from.

  • MASK Crusader
    MASK Crusader Year ago +1

    Catwoman's costume was hot and sexy!

  • Elise Wouters
    Elise Wouters Year ago

    error bacteria garage ill occasional deficit lens companion estimate right.

  • Brian the Trainer

    I the Deadpool we know and love was that crapool or that crapool is a clone and if he it I *really* want the see Deadpool kill him 😂😂😂⚔

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Year ago

    dude, aiyanna looked hot in this

  • Gottfried Osterbach

    The Green Goblin looks like if Johnny Knoxville lived like Steve O and was given the hairstyle of Howard the Duck with bad hair gel.

  • cyrad
    cyrad Year ago

    So much time wasted on an unfunny skit.

  • jediarco
    jediarco Year ago

    You all suck. That's not even Ryan Reynolds in the end of "Wolverine"; you need to do your research. Glad "Channel Awesome" is dead; long overdue. R.I.P.

  • Firecool
    Firecool Year ago +1

    you lost me at 0:44

  • Daniel Yerke
    Daniel Yerke Year ago

    This expo was open April 6-8

  • Aldantler
    Aldantler Year ago

    Really? No Suicide Squad Joker?

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall Year ago

    Wait: “Green Lantern” was highly anticipated?

  • ryder mccall
    ryder mccall Year ago

    Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern costume. It’s not even a costume.

  • Anthony Wilton
    Anthony Wilton Year ago

    Well Harry is technically the hob goblin

  • Tj Kearney
    Tj Kearney Year ago

    sorry, ares costume isn't nearly as bad as shaq in steel

  • Nic McConnell
    Nic McConnell Year ago +2

    I liked Ares's and TASM2 Green Goblin's costume

  • camden sparks
    camden sparks Year ago

    They were jannet and bad jannet love the good place

  • Jackie Page
    Jackie Page Year ago

    idk what this series is but it is a good vid :)

  • Gerardson
    Gerardson Year ago

    the like dislike ratio!!!!

  • Victor Kempe
    Victor Kempe Year ago

    Imo Ares looked badass in Wonder Woman

  • Striljr
    Striljr Year ago

    dr doom from Fant4stic?!! seriously?!! not on here?!

  • Anthony Barratt
    Anthony Barratt Year ago

    Green goblin is simply Justin Bieber on Crack

  • Nulono
    Nulono Year ago

    Video starts at 1:58.

  • Djurdjix Radic
    Djurdjix Radic Year ago

    What was good in a wonder woman movie again? except gale gadot's charisma and charm

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Year ago +2

    Absolute cowards

  • TheLadySilverMoon

    Next time they should do top ten best superhero costumes.

  • The Abortion
    The Abortion Year ago

    i realy liked dane dehans goblin

  • Christian Ogden
    Christian Ogden Year ago

    I agree they shouldn't have kept the human face on ares. But the cgi and design aren't that bad. But what else should I expect from channel awesome? Physically incapable of complementing dc

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor Year ago

    So is she the girl from Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back that farted and set off the alarm? lol

  • Dapple Dog
    Dapple Dog Year ago

    The shit-show in the comments is funny.
    P.S. I don’t think Ares was that bad, although the mustache was... odd.

  • New Order of Alexandria

    No offence girls but you're boring to listen too, just do these vids with walter talking to the camera

  • 12
    12 Year ago


  • Space Coffee
    Space Coffee Year ago

    Why am I crushing on a dude dressed as a building? Please make me stop

  • Rachael Reviews
    Rachael Reviews Year ago

    Who is Aiyanna dressed as?

  • Keegan Kimbllin
    Keegan Kimbllin Year ago +2


  • Drew Kaplan
    Drew Kaplan Year ago +2

    Why put Ares from Wonder Women on the list but not put Captain America from the old Captain America movie or Daredevil from the Daredevil movie

    • Avery Hilbig
      Avery Hilbig 8 months ago

      They probably hate DC. If they did dishonorable mentions, I would rather see Ares on there.

  • Ryan's Channel
    Ryan's Channel Year ago +1

    Dehann’s Green Goblin > Dafoe’s Green Goblin > New Goblin
    There. I said it.
    Also, there was not “awkward script” in TASM2. And his backstory was not convoluted either. It’s very easy follow what he went through when he was younger.

  • Zelda Wolf
    Zelda Wolf Year ago +1

    The people in this video had nothing to do with the controversy. It's sad that people disliked this video when it has nothing to do with the people who were involved.

  • MagCynic
    MagCynic Year ago

    1:32 to skip all the bullshit and get to the point.

  • Quantum Ranger 99
    Quantum Ranger 99 Year ago +1

    New Goblin>>>>>>>>>>>>Green Goblin (2014) all the way. He/Dane looked like a fucking heroin addict.

  • JL member
    JL member Year ago

    3 of these shouldn't be on here.

  • John Blake
    John Blake Year ago

    Wow, it sucked.

  • Tyler Pigg
    Tyler Pigg Year ago

    Cool good place cosplay

  • Its your boi BOSSBOY57

    1:58 what you came for

  • Jesse Hamilton
    Jesse Hamilton Year ago

    i would say apocalypse was worse than ares schumaker batman and robin, and lest we forget electro, Malekith the Accursed and rhino

  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner Year ago


  • Patrick Turner
    Patrick Turner Year ago +3

    Guys I just want you to know that for every one of your videos which I love, I can not stand to watch your silly attempts at comedy. It is cringe-y 100% of the time. I just end up fast forwarding to the serious bits. Every time. I'm just saying this as constructive criticism. I bet you I'm not alone in thinking this.

  • Randy Steele
    Randy Steele Year ago +1

    "Fart Fact"
    Okay, fuck this video. I'm out.

  • Jesin
    Jesin Year ago

    so good

  • SKT
    SKT Year ago

    count down to 999k

  • Princess Ruto
    Princess Ruto Year ago

    I'm not disliking for the scandal.
    _I'm disliking because Ares was fucking awesome._

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald Year ago +1

    Catwoman’s costume makes her look like she belongs in a strip club

  • Mr H
    Mr H Year ago +5

    Are channel awesome holding you against your will? Blink twice for yes.

  • Paradisio
    Paradisio Year ago

    Quit while you can

  • fullmetalmasify
    fullmetalmasify Year ago

    somehow at least there is a story reason why there are top 5's though i like that Dino Rob gets to be used more.

  • Jane Ross
    Jane Ross Year ago

    I preferred it when these were just lists. In fact I struggle to think of any show that newly surrounds itself with awkward sketch comedy that I didn't prefer before it tried that. Maybe seperate the two? The people who like the storyline can watch that, the people who want just a list can watch that, and the people who want both can still watch both.

  • StarKiller 56
    StarKiller 56 Year ago

    I mostly watch these videos now just to read the comment section.

  • Sander Nielsen
    Sander Nielsen Year ago

    Something actually fell out.

  • Insane Ian
    Insane Ian Year ago

    OH MY GOD, those Good Janet and Evil Janet cosplays are DOPE. Well done, ladies.

  • Southern Fried Media

    just came here to down vote any video this channel puts out

  • President Kudsi
    President Kudsi Year ago

    The Green Latern Movie looks like a tv movie.

  • Matthew Micelli
    Matthew Micelli Year ago +1

    I'm just here for the shit show.

  • Thicc Boss
    Thicc Boss Year ago +70

    this is literally WatchMojo now
    how can you kill something that's already dead??
    im amazed

    • Ugly German Truths
      Ugly German Truths Year ago

      You say that as if it (Watchmojo ONLY bringing a debatable list with no silly cosplay BS strewn into it) were a bad thing... this crap only stretches the very thin list that otherwise would have lasted 2:30 to 3:00 into over 10 minutes for the dratted YT monetization! Worthless garbage.

    • Seleen Shadowpaw
      Seleen Shadowpaw Year ago

      the top 5's existed for a long time, and i can't remember watchmojo featuring dinosaur subplots

  • supergeno128ds
    supergeno128ds Year ago

    You guys know that there is a whole library of Channel Awesome videos that have an excellent like to dislike ratio bar, right? Take the Pinky and the Brain video! Look at that like bar! Why don't you guys go there and ruin it?

  • Chris Gerrard
    Chris Gerrard Year ago +2

    I like the impression "The Human Building" did of Channel Awesome there at the end.

  • xXInfinityDiesXx
    xXInfinityDiesXx Year ago

    Still ignoring the issue?

  • Douglas Ammirati
    Douglas Ammirati Year ago +9

    Top 5 ways of denying a controversy

  • TopangaC
    TopangaC Year ago +2

    This is awkward

  • Obiwan Kenboi
    Obiwan Kenboi Year ago +4

    Hey Walter your better then this channel.

  • Shivery
    Shivery Year ago

    Unsubscribe. Soulless as Mojo.

  • Ash De la Flores
    Ash De la Flores Year ago +2

    I always thought the Green Goblin from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looked like that guy from the original Fright Night. "Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster! "