Best of Yogscast Streams 2019

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
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  • Mysterious Murpp
    Mysterious Murpp 10 hours ago

    7:58 - because that is badass.

  • EpicBunnyXD
    EpicBunnyXD 17 hours ago

    What did Lydia say about Nidoking?

  • A Lucas
    A Lucas 20 hours ago

    >First time tuning into your stream Pyrion, I expect top-tier plays
    >*Immediately shot to death*
    >You will NOT get top-tier plays

  • animewarrior3
    animewarrior3 Day ago

    30:30 the sounds of a ben during mating

  • MrZombieBoii YouTube

    remember kids, always check your surroundings before you hit the dab

  • ojisdaman
    ojisdaman 4 days ago


  • ojisdaman
    ojisdaman 4 days ago

    what skyblock were they playing at 10:20?

  • Jacob Kinch
    Jacob Kinch 5 days ago

    1:12:31 fucking got me twitch shot

  • Adsper2000
    Adsper2000 5 days ago

    25:06, 46:48, 55:57 Simon and Nina is the most underrated Yogscast duo.

  • stygn
    stygn 8 days ago

    What's the first game that Ravs is playing? I need it for a science project..

  • Jameson Wells
    Jameson Wells 9 days ago

    Dick washer!

  • Tech-5 DotaT.V
    Tech-5 DotaT.V 9 days ago +1

    @hatfilms 7:58 is no joke, bigger fan base with that kind of keyboard player!! Ross the Regend!

  • Syrnian
    Syrnian 10 days ago

    The Jingle Jam will not be the same without Sjin.

  • ether
    ether 10 days ago +1

    2019 compilation but the editor’s using early 2000’s memes

  • Zarak Hall
    Zarak Hall 10 days ago

    49:12 is the best Sips clip ever

  • Cuddles
    Cuddles 12 days ago +1

    I miss Sjin :(

  • Stuart Christ
    Stuart Christ 12 days ago

    Smith at 22:18... Incredible. πŸ˜‚

  • Hageman
    Hageman 13 days ago

    1:07:08 Soo...does this mean ThatMadCat is Dutch...?

  • Tom Hubbard
    Tom Hubbard 14 days ago +3

    8:10 what was this from?

  • Derpy Zombie
    Derpy Zombie 15 days ago

    since when was rimmy apart of the yogscast?

  • victoria c
    victoria c 15 days ago

    25:56 what game are lewis and lydia playing? and when did they play it?

  • Roy Seignette
    Roy Seignette 16 days ago


  • Not Gary Oldman
    Not Gary Oldman 17 days ago +1

    Jingle Jam without Turps is going to be both odd and melancholy. For fuck sake, why did he have to do that shit? He really let us all down.

  • Marco _
    Marco _ 17 days ago

    15:25 was the best

  • peter9295
    peter9295 17 days ago

    What game or stream is this at 49:57?

  • Lliam Davis
    Lliam Davis 18 days ago

    1:07:45 not best of the Yogscast, not my Yogscast!

  • Never-Ending Pocket Sandwich

    7:58 I was hoping this would be in there. Ross is legendary for this shit right here!

  • Rajivrocks Ltd.
    Rajivrocks Ltd. 18 days ago +2

    xDDD God damn, I haven't laughed this much in months xDDDD

  • Tok Nation
    Tok Nation 18 days ago

    Im gonna get wrinkles by the end of this.

  • mark homer
    mark homer 18 days ago

    I cant see sjin as a badguy without some actual clarity on the matter, which lewis has decided not to give anyone.

    • Kaan Gider
      Kaan Gider 14 days ago

      redzepher2 what happened All I know is he left but there isnt any vids or anything which explains anything. He just stopped posting vids... Im confused

    • redzepher2
      redzepher2 16 days ago

      Probably because its all old news that was gone over before

  • Filip Molczyk
    Filip Molczyk 18 days ago

    dont dis food wars, its the fukin best

    tho imo s4 is a bit shit

  • KickazzStudios
    KickazzStudios 19 days ago

    radders is a bad actor

  • SlimPastey
    SlimPastey 19 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what game is being played at 58:56

  • Winston Wright
    Winston Wright 19 days ago

    for the love of christ please volume mix this shit some of these clips are loud af lol

    • ThatMadCat
      ThatMadCat  19 days ago

      I'm trying! It's not easy to get exact same volume for over 100 different clips ;(

  • Body Pen
    Body Pen 19 days ago

    30:29 Just close your eyes. And enjoy.

  • Sage Channel
    Sage Channel 19 days ago

    1:09:35 - Sips Dog Hate really gets on my nerves. Glad it doesn't come out much.

  • Sage Channel
    Sage Channel 19 days ago +2

    13:30 - That is still the most extreme oof any Yogs member has publicly done.

  • JokeCubed
    JokeCubed 20 days ago +8

    I feel like Lewis is in love with Leo, and he says something genuinely heartfelt and nice and then goes "Oh shit, how do I get out of this?" and says something stupid.

    • Rajivrocks Ltd.
      Rajivrocks Ltd. 18 days ago

      Lewis said in a stream a few weeks ago he has been in a relationship for a few years so I don't know if that is the case. :o

  • Joe Vahle
    Joe Vahle 20 days ago +1

    1:22:33 is one of my fav clips of ALL TIME

  • PiousMoltar
    PiousMoltar 20 days ago

    "TAKE THAT, BOY" - Sips

  • SmallMediumLarge41
    SmallMediumLarge41 20 days ago

    32:10 is the best

  • Life is Feudal PvP
    Life is Feudal PvP 20 days ago +1

    4:52 amazing and unbelivable .. woow

  • A G
    A G 20 days ago +1

    β€œWe dont deserve you” :c, i miss him

  • Hilko Jongsma
    Hilko Jongsma 20 days ago

    ThatMadCat is Dutch? 1:07:07

  • Snark Plays
    Snark Plays 21 day ago

    32:21 o_o

  • Stijn Weijters
    Stijn Weijters 21 day ago

    11:26 ........... oh SHHHHHIIIIITTTTT!!!!

  • ThatEditingBaka
    ThatEditingBaka 21 day ago +2

    I thought he was gonna say "Oh my god! pull down the skirt!!"

  • Maxence Morel
    Maxence Morel 21 day ago +8

    That welsh condom joke made me laugh way more than it should have tbh

  • Steve Keen
    Steve Keen 21 day ago

    I can not hear what lydia said at 4:14 for the life of me.

  • Minni Clarkey
    Minni Clarkey 21 day ago

    What stream is the 8:00 Hat Films clip from?

  • Gamer
    Gamer 21 day ago


  • Jasper van Hest
    Jasper van Hest 22 days ago

    I still miss turps :(

  • User-Name-Needed
    User-Name-Needed 22 days ago

    the part when Lewis looks as Leo and period thing, i think i more lines up with he looked at her when he seid hassle

    EDEVOX 22 days ago


  • Lord Cookies
    Lord Cookies 22 days ago

    What's the name of the game on the second clip? and the one at 13:20? They look like fun games!

  • ComicSerif
    ComicSerif 22 days ago

    5:56 I'm gonna need the sauce for those ears :o

  • obsidian marker
    obsidian marker 22 days ago

    when mousie dabed on zylus madcat should have put in the gta wasted sound effect it would have been buetiful.

  • shakenj
    shakenj 22 days ago +6

    22:37 god that was the funniest series of events i have ever seen

    • R'mur
      R'mur 21 day ago

      - Smash - * dies inside *

  • TheTeremaster
    TheTeremaster 22 days ago +1

    Seeing the hoi bois in these videos always spooks me because i never thought those guys would ever be in the yogscast, i even thought they were all joking when they said they were in it