The Pixel 3 XL was buggy for me :(

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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  • OneMad
    OneMad 4 hours ago

    marques red gave you my subscription ;)

  • x_G_d_I
    x_G_d_I Day ago

    Mark ass brownie

  • Will Chen
    Will Chen Day ago

    Wow... a TON of Google/Android fanbois crying in the comments. Cmon pansies - you dish out so much to Apple but when it comes to objective critism of your holy grail you cannot stop with the salt? lol (note the irony "critisms on MY stuff isn't valid. critisms on stuff that's not mine IS VALID lololol")

  • Luke Diggle
    Luke Diggle Day ago

    I personally wish all phones defaulted to media rather than ringtone, because even if you're in the youtube app, spotify, ect, if you press the volume button it does ringtones unless audio is currently playing, that is stupid.

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark 2 days ago

    Lol awww that’s sad that yours has been buggy..
    My bf bought his right after Christmas and hasn’t had any issues whatsoever so I guess you just got a bad egg.
    I just have an iPhone 6s Plus, and I could not BELIEVE how amazing his Pixel’s speakers and screen quality was.
    The speaker is literally 3x louder than mine and the video/image quality is insanely sharp with more depth than the Mariana Trench😆

  • John Black
    John Black 3 days ago

    Old video funny..solid phone pixel 3 and 3xl.. think your was more user specific issue...honestly I never encountered any of the issues with mail. Oh well ..user specific ..

  • Siddhant Hullur
    Siddhant Hullur 4 days ago

    Marques Read. Ha

  • Nayeem Abdul Rehman
    Nayeem Abdul Rehman 4 days ago

    has google solved the issues mentioned above?

  • Gerox
    Gerox 7 days ago

    Uh-oh, just ordered one :S

  • Matt Borkin
    Matt Borkin 7 days ago

    @linus or anybody else having the slow shutter lag problem, if you disable Bluetooth on your Google pixel 3, the shutter goes back to instantly taking photos and being very Snappy. It will not slow down again until you turn bluetooth back on. There's definitely some connection. Everyone try this out, and let me know in my comments if it worked for you!

  • Han Wenchou
    Han Wenchou 8 days ago

    Right on point. He knows what he's saying

  • quantumangel
    quantumangel 9 days ago

    Actually there's an option to turn assistant access to personal data when the screen is locked. It's in the little compass then you open the menu and click settings -> assistant -> device.
    Also you can customize your reminders a lot on the Google app on more -> settings -> notifications -> discover -> reminders. This is very useful if you are like me and need a full ringtone every time.

  • Maulerw
    Maulerw 10 days ago

    11:50 That slow shutter response may be because you have it on HDR or HDR Enhanced mode. Both which take longer, especially in lower light, yet give a better photo usually.
    Standard mode is instant in basically all instances however.

  • Brandyn Valenzuela
    Brandyn Valenzuela 10 days ago

    That's all he does is complain. Fuck you Linus

  • Warren
    Warren 10 days ago

    This is why I stick with Samasung. They haven't let me down yet.

  • Lain Macauley
    Lain Macauley 10 days ago

    This is right on. Google has regressed so far back in Android 9.

  • Don Crispens
    Don Crispens 11 days ago

    My cousin had this phone before he changed to the One+ 6T due to how buggy the phone was behaving. Aside from the software i always thought the pixel devices were great...but it feels like Android is dragging it down.

  • royrobsn
    royrobsn 11 days ago

    This is funy i Installed: "Grafity Box" to chance the vollum Bottons for audio even if i be in Homescreen on all my Phones. Because i only ones set the Rington volum and i hate if this getting chanced becous i com on the button and dont realize it, and next time i dont hear my Phone. The nex reason is, if you get a Whats App messege with an ideotic video they often verry loud, and so i can easily change the volume bevor i start this or any video.. So how often do you chance the volum of your Rington?, i want to hear it and it should be loud enouth for all kind of situations, if i dont wana hear it i switsch to only vibration, or complete silent.. Its funy how difrent People are :-) Best greats from Austria sorry for my english..

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King 12 days ago

    I did not know Linus had a wife...

  • Bob Burger
    Bob Burger 12 days ago

    I like the way you stat off easy, for fear of retribution from the pixel fanboy army and let your true feelings be known as you go. Most overhyped phone imo. Pixel 3owners should want these issues fixed as well. That shutter time is awful for taking anything but selfies or group photos, horrible for anything moving. My mate has the pixel 2 and let me borrow it for a week so i could see if it were any better than the pixel 1 , and I hated it. Doesn't look like the pixel 3 is any better. We are payinjg way more for flagships that don't perform any better than the previous flagships. It's out of control. I got my 64gb s8+ for $850 aud on sale when they were new and cost $1399 aud. I won't pay more than a grand for a phone.

  • Kamal Kristipati
    Kamal Kristipati 12 days ago

    Absolutely hideous hardware, slow processor, lacking 5 years of software support, value retention of a paperweight, no expansion, no headphone jack, big ass notch without Face ID tech, not enough ram, low storage, no unique features like iOS, iMessage, air drop, etc that you can get with a cheaper android phone like the one plus 6t, AND buggy software (pretty much the only reason anyone buys a pixel in the first place) - all that while being one of the most expensive flagship smart phones out right now. And they call IPhone users sheep lmao. Edit. AND IT HAS A BIG ASS CHIN WTF ARE YALL BLIND TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE 😂😂

  • Nickolas Lim
    Nickolas Lim 12 days ago

    love these rant. i thought you only hate apples.

  • Tsuneka Kou
    Tsuneka Kou 12 days ago

    6:33 i would love that feature. my samsung s7 couldn't not detect video player (or the video player in buffering state not actually playing) fast enough before i hit volume buttons. the porn video blown my ears off.

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 12 days ago

    A built in fidget spinner

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 12 days ago

    Pixel 3 is just an Android iPhone

  • Ingen Jelly
    Ingen Jelly 12 days ago

    Lol I still have a Nexus. However, my daily driver is my Moto z. Yes you heard that right.

  • Zafriq Tuah
    Zafriq Tuah 12 days ago

    his crazy

  • ro pro
    ro pro 12 days ago

    This is what happens when companies like Google prioritize hiring to meet arbitrary and discriminatory diversity quotas instead of product management and engineering.

  • Joseph Cobb
    Joseph Cobb 12 days ago

    enjoying my s9:)

  • seventhday savior
    seventhday savior 12 days ago

    "if I had an assistant this inconsistent they'd be fired!" *Points to Terran*

  • Paul Reed
    Paul Reed 12 days ago

    I really don't get why people want the back button on the right when it's been universally on the left side from the very start of Android's retail existence. Back, Home, Menu / App Switcher. Only Samsung have it on the right and it throws me off any time I have to use a Samsung phone.

  • WillieRants
    WillieRants 13 days ago

    Okay, well looking to the Pixel 4, hopefully they'll address the Notch and other issues.

  • ez45
    ez45 13 days ago

    Wait what, I've been using Gboard since the Nexus 4 and I didn't know you could reposition the cursor like that! Thanks dude. And you actually used to have suggestions for speech-to-text on Gboard as well, but for some reason it was removed.

  • Eginhardt Schmitz
    Eginhardt Schmitz 13 days ago

    I don't use google assistant I like the pixel 3 not the XL awesome phone the camera is great and the phone is fast I don't have many issues with it

  • War Kitty
    War Kitty 13 days ago


  • Yusuf Gökçe
    Yusuf Gökçe 13 days ago

    9:14 Marques Red 🤣🤣🤣

  • TaG
    TaG 13 days ago

    That spacebar trick is amazing. I've been using Android almost since launch and had no idea. Thank you!

  • Hamid Djn
    Hamid Djn 13 days ago

    @LinusTechTips You can actually set the squeeze thing to work without having to unlock. You have to configure the Smart Lock to detect if the phone is on you / or to unlock with voice recognition

  • OG_Host
    OG_Host 13 days ago

    Pixel 2 is still holding strong for me

  • Daniel Juarez
    Daniel Juarez 13 days ago

    And the MOST annoying thing they did (In Android Pie 9.0) is to totally mess up and destroy the Do Not Disturb options. They dumbed it down to iPhone levels of stupidity. This was such an issue for me and my workflow, that I GOT RID of my upgraded Pixel 2XL phone and bought a Moto x4 phone with Oreo 8.1 on it. And today I refuse to upgrade it to Pie. Google - we DO NOT WANT AN iPHONE!! I had an iPhone for 10 years. I'm done with it and want something that has many OPTIONS and FEATURES and CONFIGURATIONS. If you must dumb things down then provide us with the *OPTION* to activate an ADVANCED feature to get back what you took away!!

  • Evyn Nored
    Evyn Nored 13 days ago

    T-mobile has visual voicemail

  • Dennis Alexander
    Dennis Alexander 13 days ago

    I personally absolutely love that the default volume control is media.

  • Sir Gavanator
    Sir Gavanator 13 days ago

    "There are privacy concerns" *gets upset about phone not knowing what time he goes to work*

  • Victor Valdez
    Victor Valdez 13 days ago

    Thanks for this as I am facing this same issue..

  • Old Random Computing
    Old Random Computing 13 days ago

    I don't want this phone for one reason...

    *N O T C H*

  • ZFi
    ZFi 13 days ago

    Just make your own phone

  • MinBCraft
    MinBCraft 13 days ago

    The change to media volume 1st actually is a good change for me, but I guess this depends on the person.
    When it was tingtone 1st I would change my ringtone instead when I want to mute my phones speakers...

  • Kat5uki
    Kat5uki 13 days ago

    8:53 if you pause and toggle through the frames you can actually get that number. Great editing. xD

  • TheArKtec
    TheArKtec 13 days ago

    Google sucks at making phones.

  • George DelRosario jr
    George DelRosario jr 13 days ago

    Hey man i see you won't be using the pixel 3 XL....can you hook me up with it? 😊

  • dr34dh34d
    dr34dh34d 13 days ago

    Not a fan of Andriod P so far.

  • Bryson Rose
    Bryson Rose 13 days ago

    Dude, I love your coat! What is the name of it in the merch store?
    Edit: When looking for the merch store it said that it doesn't exist yet!?!? Oh noes!!!

  • Cheap Shot
    Cheap Shot 13 days ago

    I Miss nexus

  • Whobilly
    Whobilly 13 days ago

    11:40 Vancouver?

    SPARKY 13 days ago

    I have a Pixel from one week after the first release (28 Nov 18) and I really love it. It's fast, slick design, comfy to the hand, and fast compare to my old HTC 10. and slighty bigger.
    Since that phone is new, Love Mei did not make a case yet for the Pixel 3 XL.

  • Jake N.
    Jake N. 13 days ago

    Thanks, I'll stick to my iPhone XS Max

    • Mc Cunt
      Mc Cunt 13 days ago

      What a retarded statement. Of course you would stay with the 1000$+ phone that you haven't even had for a year yet

  • Monkey D.Luffy
    Monkey D.Luffy 13 days ago

    this is the easiest bug but when your new phone is full of malware that actives always that your internet is on what can you do , even if you reset your phone they still wont desapear. NOTICE these malwares are system apps

  • Joubin Zargarbashi
    Joubin Zargarbashi 13 days ago

    you can fix the assistant issues by using siri!

  • Christian Ortega
    Christian Ortega 13 days ago

    Back on the right side makes no sense. Get your pleb ass Samsung head out

  • Andrei Birsan
    Andrei Birsan 13 days ago

    anyone else noticed the nazi symbol on his hoodie

  • Nolan See
    Nolan See 13 days ago

    Who else saw the reference to r and m?

  • Chaosdude341
    Chaosdude341 13 days ago

    Google is shooting themselves in the foot continuously. Can't wait for a TheXvid alternative to come to light.

  • Austin Cameron
    Austin Cameron 13 days ago

    It's funny that all of your Pro's were basically UX "innovations" borrowed from iOS. Shocked at how many cons their flagship has.

  • lord_nerd_hammy
    lord_nerd_hammy 13 days ago +1

    Hold down 7 for pc users.

    MÂGÂMÊR D BÔΠ13 days ago

    The only thing that sucks is that it doesn't have a headphone jack

  • PizzaLovingNerd
    PizzaLovingNerd 13 days ago

    8:54 You can see the number he tried to blur out...

  • Daniel Zhan
    Daniel Zhan 14 days ago

    Pixel 3=the iPhone with all benefits of iPhones removed

  • Nolan C
    Nolan C 14 days ago

    Sounds like a ton of user error IMO. Also, you need a reminder to take out the trash?! You're a grown ass man! SMH. and he complained about the back button and having to re-adjust his grip?! Thats hilarious, truly hilarious. Also, it is a universal fact that google assistant is the best of all the "assistants." #LinusFakeTips

  • Nikhil Guda
    Nikhil Guda 14 days ago

    You nailed it. I agree 💯%. Even I was wondering how quality software it should I have been when it has come from Google's engineers.

  • ανδροιδ
    ανδροιδ 15 days ago

    Linus deserves a lot of credit. I think Android developers need to listen to his suggestions. These are all very good points.

  • Shyam M K
    Shyam M K 15 days ago

    I use the Nokia 7.1 with Android pie and I don't mind the motion control

  • Shoobo Loco
    Shoobo Loco 17 days ago

    It has a god damn notch ...throw that crap at the bin ! NEXT !

  • Vicky Bro17
    Vicky Bro17 17 days ago

    THAT Mark-As-Red

  • Krutz Nutz
    Krutz Nutz 17 days ago

    Nice hoody

  • Bacon Persuasion
    Bacon Persuasion 17 days ago

    I traded my icloud storage pop-up for a constant TheXvid premium spam.

  • Ben Leonheart
    Ben Leonheart 17 days ago

    I'd suggest you revisit it after the December patch. Thank you.

  • Renwark
    Renwark 18 days ago

    That notch is ugly as fuck. I'm not even a notch hater but good God what were they thinking?

  • PatRiot
    PatRiot 18 days ago

    *Maybe if they focused on making a few good phones- instead of simply shitting out phone after phone*
    They could make something worth owning.

  • 223 Remington
    223 Remington 20 days ago

    Apple removes the headphone jack and make their phone with a notch - people act like itks the most absurd thing.
    Google removes the ehadphone jack and makes their phone with a notch - oh’ itks ok because itks not apple.

  • Sanjay Parsi
    Sanjay Parsi 20 days ago

    Does @google react?? For this video...

  • Joey N.
    Joey N. 20 days ago

    Getting scared for how Samsung is going to implement Android 9 now...

    MrACSRC 20 days ago

    Not buggy for me

  • Scamming Central
    Scamming Central 21 day ago

    Who even adjusts their ringtone volume.

  • deathbydevice
    deathbydevice 21 day ago

    I guess Google caught me trying to tap the end of the word I was trying to edit and added that spacebar trick. Thank you Google for spying and adding features that bug the hell out of us without a complaint

  • BALISTIK928 /
    BALISTIK928 / 21 day ago

    Please do a review of the Motorola Moto z3. PLEASE

  • Paul
    Paul 22 days ago


  • Manuel Vargas
    Manuel Vargas 22 days ago

    I still have the original Pixel and I can say that most of these features seen on the Pixel 3, along with the pros and cons work the same on this original pixel that I have. I almost bought the pixel 3 yesterday but after watching this video, I'm going to wait for the 4. Honestly, I can do almost everything that the pixel 3 does. Obviously the camera is better on the pixel 3, but I still love the camera on the original pixel. It's really awesome. Hardware, camera, and wireless charging are better advantages on the pixel 3 but still not enough for me to upgrade. I didn't see a reason to upgrade to the pixel 2 and I thought I would upgrade to the pixel 3 but I'm willing to wait another 10 months for the next pixel. Thank you for this video. Software makes these phones do almost everything the same.

  • arman asrhaf
    arman asrhaf 24 days ago

    Lmao that mkbhd red joke was hilarious

  • Argon
    Argon 24 days ago

    Pixel 2 is still better.

  • ansarirayyan
    ansarirayyan 25 days ago

    well at least im not the only one who thinks stock pie is bad

  • brewski118sempire
    brewski118sempire 25 days ago

    I have been using gboard forever... didn't know you could do that with the space-bar. Thanks!

  • rjc0234
    rjc0234 25 days ago

    Marcus red?

  • Saurabh Dhaul
    Saurabh Dhaul 26 days ago

    I get your software problems but siri can't do even half of it. So this is best you can get.. so you are talking too much

  • Yumir Cheng
    Yumir Cheng 26 days ago

    my gud you save my money.

  • mustang chevrolet
    mustang chevrolet 26 days ago

    Who saw the caveman unlocking the phone?😂😂😂

  • Punit Gor
    Punit Gor 26 days ago

    LOL that 'Marques RED' (mark as read) reference got me rolling. XD

  • Gavish Gupta
    Gavish Gupta 26 days ago

    U can access the app list by one single gigantic swap😂

  • Professor Neila
    Professor Neila 26 days ago

    i love linus's hoodie

  • Professor Neila
    Professor Neila 26 days ago

    linus is so cute when he says 'that's so much'

  • Professor Neila
    Professor Neila 26 days ago

    i love hearing linus rant for 13 mins