• Published on Jul 18, 2019
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Comments • 1 448

  • Gavin L
    Gavin L 4 days ago

    Welp terroirser is better then jacksepteye.

  • PileOfSapp
    PileOfSapp 11 days ago

    wildcat has to be the biggest baby when it comes to games (even if it's fake acting)

  • RagingGaming
    RagingGaming 13 days ago

    i like how wither was taking like no damage in the 1st fight

  • Deekhill
    Deekhill 14 days ago

    Terroriser you can kill nogla with this command if you type
    /Kill dathidenogla

  • Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
    Dr. A.I. Kryptanical 15 days ago

    you are now pro minecrafters

    I'm joking of course

  • cameraREDeye
    cameraREDeye 15 days ago

    All hail the Content Monster xD

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion 16 days ago

    this is a good outro

  • NatLightnin9
    NatLightnin9 17 days ago +1

    the group : who had the nether star??????!!
    the terroriser : this will be a fine chunk of content

  • Darin McNeal
    Darin McNeal 19 days ago

    Yoooo y’all should change the color of the beacon with color glass. Have it to y’all colors. Yellow, green, blue, pink, etc

  • Crux
    Crux 19 days ago

    I wanted to here Brian’s muted conversation 😂

  • Cupson Plush Productions

    Jack: top a of the mornin to yah, laddies
    Brain: top a of the mornin to yah, you bitch

  • Senziyy
    Senziyy 20 days ago

    Thank you for joining us at Famous kast words

  • Azizul Zul
    Azizul Zul 20 days ago +1

    Hello brian

  • The Immortal Halfbreed

    Just letting you know tye weither targets animals mostly

  • the last scoundrel
    the last scoundrel 22 days ago

    Bunghole opened by wither bombs

  • Ismael Mata
    Ismael Mata 23 days ago

    Piece of advice for everyone, this is why you should make your house out of obsidian 💡💡

  • Jessen Christofer
    Jessen Christofer 25 days ago

    Why you make delarious face on the thumbnail so scary (PS i like your video)

  • Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    8:32 ok Tazerface

  • Alexander Inoa
    Alexander Inoa 29 days ago

    Everyone: who has the Star?
    Brian: a fine addition to my collection.

  • SoaTheProphet
    SoaTheProphet Month ago

    He doesn’t do anything when he spawns dumb nut😂
    Edit: the use of that emoji wasn’t warranted. I apologize

  • Shadow Strider
    Shadow Strider Month ago

    Top of the morning to ya, ya bitch! Easily the best line.

  • TytoAlbaSoren
    TytoAlbaSoren Month ago

    Terroriser: CHAAAAAARRGE!

  • Luka Čulig
    Luka Čulig Month ago

    Speed 1 is the best

  • Danielle Tiller
    Danielle Tiller Month ago +1

    "You gave it fucking ricky retardo over there"-- terroriser 2019

  • Aiden Grey
    Aiden Grey Month ago +3

    My favorite line of the terroriser 8:16
    Love it 😂😂

  • fucken killer jason


  • fucken killer jason


  • Yourmomlikesme 6900

    Moo “awwww 🤤 milk” 😂😂

  • Pilsbury Fuqboi
    Pilsbury Fuqboi Month ago

    Brian: uuuuh i had it i had it

  • lexi_lu
    lexi_lu Month ago

    Pure genius holding that star, came here to see what really happened lol

  • Nick Riggs
    Nick Riggs Month ago

    I have a great idea the minority club should steal the becon and hide it in the new minority cave

  • Corbjira TheKing
    Corbjira TheKing Month ago

    So much screaming!!

  • Corbjira TheKing
    Corbjira TheKing Month ago

    Just wait until Brian starts doing *MODS*
    Then there will be some *Serious Content*

  • Marcial Dino
    Marcial Dino Month ago

    The beacons been lit! Nogla calls for aid!

  • LpsRadio Tv
    LpsRadio Tv Month ago

    no one:
    absolutely no ‘normal’ human:
    everyone in this video at 18:10 : oOoOoOOOOooOoOhhHHhOOoOhHhhOOoOoOohhOoOOooooh!!!!!!11!1!!1!!!1!!!

  • Kool Lee
    Kool Lee Month ago

    Hi bro

  • Rune Galin
    Rune Galin Month ago

    what resource pack is brian using

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Month ago

    Wow so savage.

  • Vel'Cosby
    Vel'Cosby Month ago

    Now this is content.

  • ZethYT
    ZethYT Month ago

    Terroriser, Brian, you guys can use the /gamerule KeepInventory true so that whenever you guys die you don't lose important stuffs

  • Calvin Manio
    Calvin Manio Month ago

    does anyone know what resource pack they use?

  • L Abkusta
    L Abkusta Month ago

    3:24 my cat!

  • Ghost_ shadow
    Ghost_ shadow Month ago

    6:12 wildcat just 90 on it duh

  • Q M
    Q M Month ago

    16:26 😂

  • Ripster 5000
    Ripster 5000 Month ago

    4:48 what’s the background music??

    Please I’ve been looking for it for months

  • Ripster 5000
    Ripster 5000 Month ago

    4:48 what’s the background music??

    Please I’ve been looking for it for months😩

  • fox b5
    fox b5 Month ago

    So much content

  • Joaquin Bartolome
    Joaquin Bartolome Month ago

    I just came here to see what Brian said while he was muted

  • DJ.TK.Kobra.17
    DJ.TK.Kobra.17 Month ago

    I don't get it, brian can't deal with Jacksepticeye jokes but he does shenanigans like hiding the nether star for ages or pranks that drived David & Tyler insane.

  • dragonsteel
    dragonsteel Month ago

    BRIAN: fuck fortnite love Brian.
    Nogla: CONTENT (99x)!!!!!!!!!

  • megalovania 13
    megalovania 13 Month ago

    We're going to Canada XD

  • Jen 9539
    Jen 9539 Month ago

    You can kill the wither with health potions

  • Omega
    Omega Month ago

    I was choking on my drink hearing "awww Milk!" at 10:21...but fucking worth hearing!

  • TurtleGaming
    TurtleGaming Month ago

    Resource pack ?

  • MisteR Buboy
    MisteR Buboy Month ago

    Yess they all together Nice Game Team 6 !

    FUTURE_ NOTS Month ago

    nogla: this is us you're probably wondering how we got here
    Brian: the story of how we formed the harem we are today

  • ÉÇHØ
    ÉÇHØ Month ago

    I dont want to be a nerd but the wither attacks every mob in the game except monsters

  • Cyfier
    Cyfier Month ago

    one does not simply get close to the wither while its charging for it will explode XD

  • Zhenoid 16
    Zhenoid 16 Month ago

    I just love this because the crew were playing together again 😭😭😭

  • 1K subs no vids Ok :/
    1K subs no vids Ok :/ Month ago +1

    Shave my balls

  • Kelly Tanner
    Kelly Tanner Month ago

    Never did I think I would enjoy Minecraft more than when I was 12. I stand in awe of the content I never knew was possible.

  • Jayden Novak
    Jayden Novak Month ago

    Do i hear shake my balls😂😩

  • charlie Lawrence
    charlie Lawrence Month ago

    Don t get me wrong terroriser is great but like Jack will always be better and I hate that you see it as offensive cause he has more subs than u anyway

  • Alison Hörn
    Alison Hörn Month ago

    you have the best outro's of all time

  • DeadShot_Sloan 1
    DeadShot_Sloan 1 Month ago

    Love the videos

  • Antuno
    Antuno Month ago

    I love this outro

  • Wolf Fang
    Wolf Fang Month ago +1

    me: are you seriously fighting the wither on a horse with a fence? really?
    also me after realizing: wait... he's FENCING!!!!

  • jay desjarlais
    jay desjarlais Month ago

    shut up moo idiout

  • kami king
    kami king Month ago

    Awe milk😂😂

  • Delisha Lindsey
    Delisha Lindsey Month ago

    You’re not funny

  • Tommy Templar
    Tommy Templar Month ago

    The tessaract!!

  • Mad Hater
    Mad Hater Month ago

    I almost always watch Brian's first-

  • Vərtx Pīķąçhū

    "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out motha-fucka"