Send Saturdays Ep 8.

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Another Send with the fucking squad, we met up with boys at Franklin HighSchool and got to it..
    little homie ripping it instagram is actually @filipemotaskate

    filmed @edgarbarrera01
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  • Shaun Haley
    Shaun Haley Day ago

    whats sick
    is that gnarly all seeing eye and triangle tattoo on his neck
    like give him the money this sellout deserves
    lets go hunting ;)

  • Zack Alger
    Zack Alger Day ago

    bro when are we gonna get another send Saturday? You still hurt?

  • assino skate
    assino skate Day ago

    Nyjah un juego de skate con chirs joslin

  • Free Man
    Free Man 2 days ago


  • Dr. Rockso
    Dr. Rockso 4 days ago

    The little blonde kid has more skill than I ever will

  • Tony M.
    Tony M. 5 days ago

    "Catch up on some old Jah" Jah stuff haha took me awhile to think about it Nyjah i almost didn't recognize you buddy I've pictured you the same for years. You the man

  • Jonathan Araujo Skateboarding

    Video video video 👽👽👽 please

  • Sunny Souvannachit
    Sunny Souvannachit 8 days ago

    i hear that chief keef playing in the bacc

  • Acquired Thoughts
    Acquired Thoughts 8 days ago +2

    You’re pushing the skateboard culture forward thank you for everything you do!

  • Dianne Day
    Dianne Day 8 days ago

    Ur the next tony hawk

  • Hailey Morgan
    Hailey Morgan 8 days ago

    I saw you in one of my magazines I was looking at seventeen magazine and you were in one of mine. I thought you were cool!!

  • Sam Tindell
    Sam Tindell 8 days ago

    I love the mix of goons and professionalism here. Like it's the boys, it's the squad, they're fucking around a little bit, but nobody's doing stupid dangerous shit, nobody's doing tons of drinking or drugs (on camera), etc.

  • denzel klausevitz
    denzel klausevitz 10 days ago

    Hope you win the crown next month!

  • Dylan Nicholas
    Dylan Nicholas 11 days ago

    I want to move to Huntington

  • Acquired Thoughts
    Acquired Thoughts 11 days ago

    Do you miss your dreads??

  • zeokenX
    zeokenX 12 days ago

    "I just hurt my shin badddd"
    2 seconds later mother fucker is back grinding on the same rail LOL This dude here when its all said and done will be in the skateboard HoF,along with Tony Hawk and co.

  • Vicky Jost
    Vicky Jost 12 days ago

    Nyjah is a skate machine!

  • DAnthonyGTR A
    DAnthonyGTR A 12 days ago

    I love these vlogs. Bt at the same time you are showing why you're not an Olympian. You drink, eat unhealthy we dont know what else. Bt if you were being held to olympic gymnast standards. YOU DO NOT QUALIFY SIR... You were a better candidate when you were 14.... money got to your head, and changed your lifestyle. If skateboarding isn't seen as legitimate, your vlogs and lifestyle have alot to do with it son.

  • Bryson B
    Bryson B 13 days ago +1

    Bro keep killing it ur my favorite skater and these videos always are the highlights of my day

  • Troy Phillips
    Troy Phillips 15 days ago

    Nyjah is the best

  • bearded tiger
    bearded tiger 18 days ago

    This is dope as fuk straight legendary shit

  • Obscure Sampology
    Obscure Sampology 19 days ago

    your the maddest brother ! love ya work and ya honesty ! keep it lit !

  • TotheK I N G D O M
    TotheK I N G D O M 19 days ago +1

    Is the doc gonna be apart of "the motivation" series? That's what it sounds like. All those films did really well.
    Also, all you people watching need to sub...yall sub to revive and all that bs but the core actual pros that are pushing skateboarding don't get enough TheXvid love. Dude gets more views than subs which means yall are watching but not subscribing. Manny Santiago, Boo J, this channel, etc core pros yall not subscribing to. Support the traditional guys as well.

  • francisco gonzalez
    francisco gonzalez 19 days ago +1

    Saludos desde argentina Man

  • Julpopgaming l
    Julpopgaming l 21 day ago

    My name is Kelly heist and my brand is super creep

  • Yomi Khishiy
    Yomi Khishiy 23 days ago

    07:07 music?

  • Zack Dowdy
    Zack Dowdy 25 days ago +1

    Also - lets see the Send Saturday after hour edition? HA

  • Zack Dowdy
    Zack Dowdy 25 days ago

    I back these, keep em coming!

  • vadie marcos
    vadie marcos 26 days ago

    Damn bro..ill be waiting for this sat hahaha..i do a request..can i get your shoes or deck..i want to learn give me ditermination to play that kind of games..awesome..

  • teeroy 98
    teeroy 98 27 days ago

    Jesus you boys are ripping every line

  • André
    André 27 days ago

    É o Felipe Mota mano?

  • Keith Remedy
    Keith Remedy 27 days ago

    Seeing Nyjah skate in shorts makes me cringe there’s a reason why I spill it both shins wide open too the one twice cause I used to wear shorts

    • Kyler Durden
      Kyler Durden 26 days ago

      fabric can offer protection from shearing forces but not blunt trauma

  • michi19935
    michi19935 27 days ago

    They treat that handrail like a curb

  • Cam Douglas
    Cam Douglas 27 days ago

    Can we get a Jamie Foy aperence maybe?

  • NorCaLove1
    NorCaLove1 27 days ago

    Send it

  • Carlos da Rosa
    Carlos da Rosa 27 days ago

  • JJScott Productions.
    JJScott Productions. 28 days ago


  • Dian Marga
    Dian Marga 28 days ago

    Tight bruh

  • 123
    123 28 days ago +1

    this girl is insane


    U know who we don’t care about .. dom

  • Family Teeth
    Family Teeth 29 days ago

    Those back to backs! Ah man, so good.

  • Enemy Gundam
    Enemy Gundam 29 days ago +2

    Don't get injured Nyjah Team USA needs you

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown 29 days ago

    These are awesome man

  • Mason D
    Mason D 29 days ago

    i met you at a tourtament.

  • Yanto Surung
    Yanto Surung 29 days ago +1

    Mantap jiwa 👍

  • Hbbhb Hb
    Hbbhb Hb 29 days ago


  • Aaron Summers
    Aaron Summers 29 days ago

    10:20 definitely a plumb tree

  • Mark Loya
    Mark Loya 29 days ago

    Hi Nyjah.

  • Milton Flores
    Milton Flores 29 days ago

    Keep the videos up man!!! Love it

  • cb7rider18
    cb7rider18 29 days ago

    Y does nyja always get Illuminati tattoo s

  • Playboi_ Lexuz
    Playboi_ Lexuz 29 days ago


  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 29 days ago

    you guy are the shit man!

  • bird
    bird Month ago

    your professional attitude really inspires me nyjah, stoked to see the doc of ur life and then see u at the olympics

  • bird
    bird Month ago

    idk how id be able to handle witnessing so many falls in person. i might throw up. or try to nurse you guys. "come here let me put ice on it :-("

  • Devin Collins
    Devin Collins Month ago

    Leave it to domo to miss a vlog

  • bird
    bird Month ago

    oh my god how fun, youre very cool nyjah, and GORGEOUS and i enjoyed this a lot

  • SWLWW Chase
    SWLWW Chase Month ago

    Lmao, I wish I was at school when you guys did this💀😂

  • guillermo arenas
    guillermo arenas Month ago

    Wasn't McGregor the Kmart shoe brand back in the Days ☺🤗

  • Casey Redhouse
    Casey Redhouse Month ago

    Dude used to go to that high school fucking sick

  • GOD
    GOD Month ago

    Highland parkkkk✌🏼

  • calabrese098
    calabrese098 Month ago

    What in the world does that tattoo even mean?

  • Rafly Murayama
    Rafly Murayama Month ago

    I got fisrt time kicflip in my life check on my youtube channel

  • William Choza
    William Choza Month ago

    Went to school there. Watched Shane o'Neil get smoked trying to sw heel. A ton of pros ollie that 16. To bad they nobbed it. Wasnt like that in 2004-2006.

  • Ajie Koesherbowo
    Ajie Koesherbowo Month ago

    5:20 dude was casually landing a shuv front board in the train. Sicccc

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills Month ago

    i was directed here by someone who knows you guys well, im taking this video to the police ive got footage of you and your friends breaking and entering.... you guys think you can fuckk with my property?

  • Joshua Gagnon
    Joshua Gagnon Month ago

    The shinner 🤪😩

  • K Vanderbilt
    K Vanderbilt Month ago

    When Nyjah lands a rail trick he always rolls away-------- 'Crouching Tiger Style' --

  • alessandro nicoletti

    Love it

  • Revive skateboards is the best 1o1

    When can you come to Australia?

  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran Month ago

    Nyjah, why do you have to talk like an uneducated nig and use profanity as a filler in your sentence? You are such an inspiration to a lot of the youth out there, and you should be a better role model. I am impressed by your talent and respect you so much, but you have to stop gwannin' like dem idiot bwoi mumble rappa-dem...

  • Pablo Skate
    Pablo Skate Month ago

    hey nyjah go for the big legendary stairs!! seeya

  • Канал Адилет303

    Кто руский

  • Brian Griffin
    Brian Griffin Month ago

    that is a really sick graphic, very nostalgic

  • Mice Elf
    Mice Elf Month ago

    5:01 I liked this switch line a lot.

  • NickStone68
    NickStone68 Month ago

    9:27 that looks very fuckin painful