Carl Frampton vs Tyler McCreary fight highlights | Frampton steps up to super featherweight

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Carl Frampton returned to the ring for the first time in a year to take on the undefeated American Tyler McCreary in Las Vegas.
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Comments • 168

  • Paul Reynolds
    Paul Reynolds Day ago

    That was an all out war he had with Warrington one of the best fights of the year ,am glad he put that behind him .

  • Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    Great win, well done Carl.

  • Ralf Roovers
    Ralf Roovers 6 days ago +3

    Carlos Frampton is far superior to Barry McGuigan in and OUT of the ring

    • Ralf Roovers
      Ralf Roovers 2 days ago

      @Robert Wilson wee canny boy barry was bad news for carlos

    • Robert Wilson
      Robert Wilson 3 days ago

      I get the feeling Carl isn't as dedicated as he used to be though. Even though he comfortably won here, I still feel he is better than this performance

  • Grogster2007
    Grogster2007 8 days ago

    If all boxers were heavyweights Frampton would be the one I'd least like to fight.

  • Asco Jr
    Asco Jr 8 days ago

    Is BT sport broadcasting the Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz fight?

  • Disco Biscuit
    Disco Biscuit 8 days ago +4

    Frampton looked fantastic, his conditioning, movement and speed was really impressive.

  • Dan Gee
    Dan Gee 9 days ago

    McCreary's counters were amazing.

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher 9 days ago

    Yeah Frampton done him didn't he yeah he did yeah levels to this isn't there yeah there is isn't there yeah thanks for that yeah thanks for that be safe

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher 9 days ago

    All 4 belts around the waist of one man - the black skelington

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher 9 days ago

    The black skelington on the mic

  • Mike the Moocher
    Mike the Moocher 9 days ago


  • Worlds End
    Worlds End 9 days ago

    Brilliant Carl Frampton. World-class complete schooling. Great fight.

  • Blue Face
    Blue Face 9 days ago +1

    White excellence 🤜🏻

  • Ginger Oats
    Ginger Oats 9 days ago

    McCreary reach 11.5 inch longer! Frampton get a phylidamide 2 stand in 4 the measurements or did McCreary hav his gloves on the end of broom handles. 😉

    • Ginger Oats
      Ginger Oats 9 days ago

      Or guy wi tape shoulda gone 2 specsavers!😎

  • face the truth
    face the truth 9 days ago +6

    Let's hope in his next home fight his sectarian "fans" tone down the f*** the pope chant when he comes on to sweet caroline..

  • Aidtom
    Aidtom 9 days ago +2

    Carl was better when he was with the mcguicans

  • Lee Matthews
    Lee Matthews 9 days ago

    Them rib ticklers are lethal 😆

  • Adam Fogg
    Adam Fogg 9 days ago


  • Health, Wealth & Life with Kelvo

    Hes partying in Kelly's this weekend 😝😜🙈👊👊👊💥

  • Sam Magill
    Sam Magill 9 days ago

    Impressive from Carl tbh hope he gets another shot at a title he deserves it

  • Philip Simpson
    Philip Simpson 9 days ago

    Just another American thinking he’s floyd

  • lee gent
    lee gent 9 days ago

    frampton should have had points off for using his head, he was still a clear winner though

  • jose mourinho
    jose mourinho 9 days ago +2

    Go on Tha Jackal from a local lad in Norn Iron

    • Whippz
      Whippz 21 hour ago

      jose mourinho ive met him so many times

  • z G
    z G 9 days ago +2

    Carl Frampton is one of my favourite boxers. Really want him to do well.

  • 0 1
    0 1 10 days ago

    Frampton son, ur done. No world title im afraid to say.

  • Glesga Boldyin
    Glesga Boldyin 10 days ago

    He looked like he enjoyed that but the division gets so much tuffer than this guy no diss respected to him .

  • stevie's flyit
    stevie's flyit 10 days ago

    Frampton won well but he was fighting nobody anywhere near top world class level.

  • DoctorKillamassaLOGS
    DoctorKillamassaLOGS 10 days ago

    Nice win...but this is about his level.

  • stephen nsubuga
    stephen nsubuga 10 days ago +1

    No match for Frampton!

  • lethal weapon
    lethal weapon 10 days ago

    Frampton looked the part until he stepped in with guys that can take a shot then he looked average.

    • Paul Harper
      Paul Harper 9 days ago

      Did he look average against Santa Cruz in their first fight? What about the kiko fight? Scott quigg?

  • MatrixBoi P.P
    MatrixBoi P.P 10 days ago

    Carl is a scrub

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino 10 days ago +3

    Another brit defeating a overhyped unbeaten yank lol 😂

    • Al Pacino
      Al Pacino 8 days ago

      @Big Gay hes british

    • Big Gay
      Big Gay 8 days ago

      If ur Northern Irish ur a british citizen but it’s weird cuz Northern Ireland isn’t in Great Britain

    • myself and i
      myself and i 8 days ago

      Northern irish pal

  • lee deaton
    lee deaton 10 days ago

    What a display of power, speed,and boxing brilliance from frampton those body shots were explosive.

  • abdul gaffer
    abdul gaffer 10 days ago

    I think Frampton had he's best days?

  • JA Purnell
    JA Purnell 10 days ago +1


  • Ifthekar Hussain
    Ifthekar Hussain 10 days ago

    Cherry pick from Carl,Josh mauled him BAD

  • Martin Hill
    Martin Hill 10 days ago +1

    Quality performance from Frampton.More measured and patient.

  • Haz R
    Haz R 10 days ago +1

    Good fighter just needs to pick the right fights now

  • James Gray
    James Gray 10 days ago +1

    No match for the wee man from Belfast!

  • Phil Bemji
    Phil Bemji 10 days ago

    Not taking anything away from Carl... but to have your first name tattooed on your back... that is a special type of special!

  • tincan tincan
    tincan tincan 10 days ago

    Warrington ended this guy big style and Selby

  • Chris Ford
    Chris Ford 10 days ago

    Good to see frampton back & winning
    I like to see him fight for another title soon

  • donkey face jordan
    donkey face jordan 10 days ago +3

    From Belfast , both sides - go Carl ...well done

    • indiana146
      indiana146 10 days ago +1

      Akways liked him good lad

  • Ant Price
    Ant Price 10 days ago +2

    Rib breaking shots, ouch, good to see Carl back.🥊🥊

  • Kelvin Sullivan
    Kelvin Sullivan 10 days ago +3

    Serious fighter... Excellent movement.. 👌

    • indiana146
      indiana146 10 days ago

      Correct me if im wrong im sure carl had a martial arts back ground
      Thats where the movement comes from

  • marc jackson
    marc jackson 10 days ago +1

    Boring and past it now. No power 😴. Hang em up

  • EskiLdn
    EskiLdn 10 days ago +2

    Have to show some respect to
    Tyler for getting up after those body shots, a lot of boxers would have been out. Also that he boxed smart after the fact. Outclassed but still

  • Marcel Boogaard
    Marcel Boogaard 10 days ago +7

    Even I felt them body shots. Carl looked good for a man with such a long time out off the ring and two fractured hands.👊🏻

  • PhflyDan1
    PhflyDan1 10 days ago +4

    Good, professional performance from Frampton!
    Gets in a SOLID 10 rounds after all that time off.
    Better out there than this young fella. But a good workout for The Jackal imo, and he looked & boxed well..

  • John Murphy
    John Murphy 10 days ago +2

    Good display of boxing. From Frampton he is. Back with a back after the. Warrington loss, the opposition wasn't in the. Same League he got win. That's is i hope He wins another World Title, 🥊🌎

  • Darren Fry
    Darren Fry 10 days ago +3

    He got beat by Josh because I think he took him too lightly at his own cost but he's still a good fighter has he's proved tonight but I think he's finished fighting at the very top he's had too many wars as them twelve rounds all the time add milage but good luck to him in whatever he decides...but frampton of old would of got his man out of there as soon as he was hurt.. i.m.o.

  • 7pinky7
    7pinky7 10 days ago +2

    Carl has improved he is boxing like an American, using his feet going in and out. Head & body variation. No longer just slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Has he got a new trainer?

  • Philip Arrell
    Philip Arrell 10 days ago

    Big fan of Frampton but he should have put this guy away in the second half of the fight . I think he has peaked in his career and will not achieve any more major titles -- will be lucky to win next fight when he steps up a level .

  • Lucas Maximus
    Lucas Maximus 10 days ago +5

    Frampton's still got it. Anyone who doesn't rate him doesn't appreciate quality. I find him nice to watch when he's on form. His defence is slightly leaky though, against tough opponents he will get hit, he leaves his chins in the air too often.

  • Gary Edmonds
    Gary Edmonds 10 days ago

    Poor fight and frampton is washed up.

  • Gary Edmonds
    Gary Edmonds 10 days ago

    How bias was the commentary!!

  • MrWayno1231
    MrWayno1231 10 days ago +2

    Looks good.. Loma esque almost.. great fight with Herring in the making now.. welcome back champ

  • Mujtaba Mustafa
    Mujtaba Mustafa 10 days ago +3

    Damn Frampton was good

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 10 days ago +14

    Great to see Frampton back in the ring and looking hungry. Good luck in your new weight fella. Respect from Leeds.

    • S90 Tol
      S90 Tol 10 days ago +3

      Yeah he’s skipped dinner, he’s starving

    • Mick Clarke
      Mick Clarke 10 days ago +2

      He does look hungry

  • Cms 1
    Cms 1 10 days ago +1

    Frampton vs Selby at this weight