Am I Scared To Lose My Fight?

  • Published on May 26, 2021
  • I met up with heavyweight boxing legend Tyson Fury also known as Gypsy King, in Las Vegas, at his private jet with @FaZe Kay @TeaWap
    Directed + edited by TeaWap
    Special thanks to:
    ♫ Music by: Pierce Clark - Burst
    ON JUNE 12TH SOCIAL GLOVES JARVIS IS KNOCKING OUT MICHAEL LE as part of the TheXvid vs. TikTok event with Austin McBroom from The Ace Family, Bryce Hall, Deji aka KSI brother, DDG, Tanner Fox, Tayler Holder, Vinnie Hacker, AnesonGibson and more!!
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  • Jx7_ YT
    Jx7_ YT Year ago +4710

    Tyson is such a down to earth person

    • Fyron
      Fyron 11 months ago

      @Jpgamer Sharp i really hope ur joking

      TRYCKSI 11 months ago


    • C T
      C T 11 months ago


    • Jx7_ YT
      Jx7_ YT 11 months ago

      @Artist.KAIDEZ 🤝

    • Artist.KAIDEZ
      Artist.KAIDEZ 11 months ago +1

      FR FR😉

  • hugso
    hugso Year ago +1255

    You literally can’t get better advice. He speaks form his heart saying what he went through and actually being real with Jarvis. Jarvis I hope you the best. And good luck

    • Robinson Rodriquez
      Robinson Rodriquez 11 months ago

      Faze Jarvis I thinking he have a feeling like he is going to Lose

    • Robinson Rodriquez
      Robinson Rodriquez 11 months ago

      Jarvis have scare he scare because do not want lose fight 😅😅

    • archiejh
      archiejh Year ago

      i reckon mike tyson could give better advice maybe how humble he is and what he’s been through for the past 30 odd years

    • Nikic
      Nikic Year ago

      I absolutely spat on clix in my last montage lol he's washed no wonder he stopped streaming 🐶

  • Life of Tom
    Life of Tom 11 months ago +150

    Why did this video put such a smile on my face! 😁

    • No Name
      No Name 11 months ago

      Did you watch the fight Tom ?? It was fking legendary !!

    • No Name
      No Name 11 months ago +2

      @Maya E It’s fkng syndicate mate.

    • Maya E
      Maya E 11 months ago

      What’s up checkmark

  • tiktok compilations
    tiktok compilations Year ago +765

    Props to Tyson for letting javis win the arm wrestle to give him confidence

    • Rabbit TKO
      Rabbit TKO 11 months ago +1

      I actually believe that jarvis thought tyson was going his hardest 😂

    • spa ce
      spa ce Year ago +1

      I mean yeh it’s cool but obviously Jarvis knows he let him

    • Glow
      Glow Year ago +1

      @Zeq now you have another :)

    • Pinoy Kicks
      Pinoy Kicks Year ago +1

      Props to you for spoiling the video

    • Nikic
      Nikic Year ago +1

      I absolutely spat on clix in my last montage lol he's washed no wonder he stopped streaming 🐶

  • Quadmft
    Quadmft Year ago +1399

    this was a great video, love tyson

    • Siah 100k
      Siah 100k Year ago

      @Nikic Jesus loves you 🤣

    • Siah 100k
      Siah 100k Year ago

      @kyexelaloll Jesus Christ loves you

    MMABOXING Year ago +580

    I'm an AJ Fan but Tyson's Wisdom Here really is admirable.. That Talk on the Jet was inspiring asf💯

    • Tom
      Tom 7 months ago

      Who u got in aj v fury?

    • Beginner Programmer
      Beginner Programmer 11 months ago

      Must be hard work Typing With Capitals Like This.

    • Yummy Bong
      Yummy Bong 11 months ago

      AJ is gonna get knocked spark out once were done with the bum Deontay, you can bet the house on it.

  • Joe Cirin
    Joe Cirin Year ago +153

    The guy is so damn relatable and inspirational. You’re getting advice from the right guy here. Train up jarv and beat this bum of a tik toker we believe in you

  • Waddles
    Waddles Year ago +91

    this genuinely was one of the best interviews I have ever seen with Tyson Fury

  • Austin
    Austin Year ago +61

    Jarvis is taking this way more serious than anyone else! Great work man!

  • SouthAuckland 274
    SouthAuckland 274 Year ago +226

    Jarvis went from Playing Fortnite to training and boxing. I love what he's doing right now.

    • M z
      M z 11 months ago

      Yeah this definetly wont be the last time he boxes i think he has passion for the sport

    • ThomasW06
      ThomasW06 11 months ago

      @Bruh. i was talkin to a dude that deleted his comment and i misinterpreted his comment.

    • ThomasW06
      ThomasW06 11 months ago

      @Bruh. tf u talking about?

    • Bruh.
      Bruh. 11 months ago

      @ThomasW06ik what he did is disrespectful but how in the fuck is that racist?

    • ThomasW06
      ThomasW06 Year ago

      @LMG JEFF oh sorry it's just the way the comment was worded, that's why i was confused.

  • Deleon311 _
    Deleon311 _ Year ago +18

    “You can only control this time, so live in the moment. And moments in time are the only thing we truly have “ I have no words.. that truly hit the spot

  • Elliott James
    Elliott James Year ago +102

    The way Tyson let him win the arm wrestle just shows the kind of person he really is

    • JokerSZN
      JokerSZN Year ago

      @Nikic bro no one cares

    • Nikic
      Nikic Year ago

      I absolutely spat on clix in my last montage lol he's washed no wonder he stopped streaming 🐶

    • Candies :)
      Candies :) Year ago +1

      Exactly, he's a sweet person

  • benbartley2k
    benbartley2k Year ago +211

    seeing tyson talk just makes me like him even more. he seems like such a down to earth loving guy. best of all he’s a Jesus lover which makes it 10x better

  • YxngBT
    YxngBT Year ago +6

    I learned a lot about Tyson in this video, and if I can say one thing it’s that he seems to be a very genuine guy

  • Danny Z
    Danny Z Year ago +1

    Beautiful story, what a legend! Good luck on your fight Jarvis!! Rooting for you

  • W'oWn
    W'oWn Year ago

    Had to pause just to say this is your best video so far. Really good to ear something like that from the GOAT himself and really important advices that we can take for our lives. Nice One Jarvis

  • Racquel Young
    Racquel Young Year ago

    This was actually like a motivation to me 💯💯

  • My Name Is Liam
    My Name Is Liam Year ago +2639

    I won’t lie I think Jarvis is taking this a lot more serious than anyone else on the Tiktok side

    • AdamB 2k19
      AdamB 2k19 Year ago

      Jarvis isn’t on the tik tok side what you on about

    • Itzbixin
      Itzbixin Year ago

      Bro but Maiko is training secretly nobody knows what will happen

    • vamp
      vamp Year ago

      @Santa Baldayac no shit

    • Owen FTW
      Owen FTW Year ago

      Jarvis isn’t on tiktok 😶

    • Sunischal Gyanwali
      Sunischal Gyanwali Year ago

      Bryce hall is also taking it too seriously. That kid get too overconfident

  • FA
    FA Year ago +78

    why is this video so good it’s like a documentary rt🤣

  • Xeth_Slayer
    Xeth_Slayer Year ago

    I love seeing videos like this. Like videos based on more behind the scenes. It’s motivating in every perspective like as a content creator but also the work ethic they have. Exercise videos should be made 👀🤝

  • Grejsi Duraj
    Grejsi Duraj Year ago +7

    7:33 Jarvis i feel u bro the pain is real😵

  • Soraya Ipl
    Soraya Ipl Year ago +2

    This was such a good idea to meet him and listen to his story and tips. U got this Jarvis. U can do it. ✨🙏🏽💙

  • S
    S Year ago +3

    This is such a dope video, hearing tysons down to earth advice and hearing his struggles with mental health is really cool and interesting

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Year ago

    Okay that was actually way deeper and REAL life advice and more opening up then i ever thought any mega celebrity boxer would ever do. That was amazing. Like genuinely. I myself as someone who had to rebuild after hitting rock bottom with addiction, Fury had great points on how to deal with anxiety and depression and over thinking, Man that was great. Good luck on the fight Jarvis, i haven't followed your content before but i have just watched your training footage and i think you are looking crisp as F#@K, i really think your getting serious skills with this boxing thing. Keep up the hard work dude, and congrats on the great payday, i hope you and your family will live comfortably after this. Kick ass man, ill be cheering you on.

  • DRE
    DRE Year ago +71

    🔥TYSON FURY Is the real deal and To get Advice from him and him keeping it 100% real with you guys. It was nice to actually see someone mentoring younger people into doing the right thing with your life even when things aren’t at its best. NOW GO WIN🥊JARVIS.

    • DRE
      DRE Year ago

      @Sub_Zero The Fury/Joshua fight will happen but there both going to keep getting paid and when there about to call it quits or near the end of there careers will we will a Trilogy with them too it’s almost like the Pacquiao Mayweather but with them I think will see them fight more than once

    • Sub_Zero
      Sub_Zero Year ago +1

      Still ducking joshua

    • Brian.
      Brian. Year ago +1

      He’s a clown

  • Rob Hentz
    Rob Hentz Year ago

    This was so neat. Tyson speaking so candidly you could tell he really wanted to help Jarvis and make an impact on him. The best part was that Tyson let Jarvis now the mental side of things is where you can truly win or lose everything... not just a boxing match. And Tyson made that point clear by being honest and very open by speaking on his own experiences. This video had nothing to do with a flex off or drip or anything materialistic. (besides the jet but come on, if ya got a jet why not kick back on it and have a meeting?) This was all about truth, honesty, and mental strength & health. Great work Tyson good on ya. And great job Jarvis for always being humble and aware of the great opportunities and situations you find yourself in. Thanks for the vid!

  • Mathew T
    Mathew T Year ago

    Love you two guys, great brothers to each other.
    Hope my three sons have same bond as you.
    Also how cool and down to earth is Tyson 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Jibril Abdulkadir

    He gave him some real good advice Tyson is the man even though I wanted wilder to win he is so open with his struggles which truly helps others great 👍 man hope Jarvis wins 💯🤩🤩

  • f4h1m12
    f4h1m12 Year ago

    I’m happy he’s taking this serious, cause it’s a fight at the end of the day if you don’t put in the work you won’t get the result

  • Karan Desai
    Karan Desai Year ago

    we need more content like this from Jarvis. top tier stuff

  • Bore
    Bore Year ago +1

    Damn, I have a lot more respect for Tyson after this video, living legend!

  • SocMan
    SocMan Year ago +62

    How lucky can one’s height be?
    Tyson Fury: Yes

    • SocMan
      SocMan 6 months ago

      @Mirjinou did you get your gaming pc?

    • Guido Arévalos
      Guido Arévalos 6 months ago

      omg tyson is a legend

    • Mirjinou
      Mirjinou Year ago +1

      My parents Said iff i gott 15k subss before thee endd off thee yearr,I wouldd get a new gaming PC

    • LeoLovesJesus
      LeoLovesJesus Year ago +2


  • Isnipe4 Fun
    Isnipe4 Fun Year ago +2

    Tyson is such a wholesome man and I can’t wait to see him again in the ring

  • Khaylan Lalla
    Khaylan Lalla Year ago +2

    Tyson's speech really touched me! 😢

  • Faroj
    Faroj 11 months ago +16

    being in faze, jarvis has access to connections like no other

  • Joshua Waters
    Joshua Waters Year ago

    That awkward double high five from Jarvis at the end ahaha! Sick video big up

  • FTWItachiPlays
    FTWItachiPlays Year ago +1

    This is crazy, Faze members always bang out great videos every now and then this is one of them. Good Luck Jarvis :D Hope to meet up someday and colab as I live down the street in LA :P

  • Hi im Loz
    Hi im Loz Year ago +7

    Tyson is an amazing bloke and is stronger because of his ability to open up about himself
    Also I think his manager sees something in Jarvis

    AIMUDIE Year ago +302

    Tyson is such a good guy if he wanted to he could of broke jarvis arm in that arm wrestle match instead he let jarvis win what a legend

      AIMUDIE Year ago

      @ChangoFeo420 my comment was just me being a smart a$$ wasn’t expecting for it to blow up 🤣😂

      AIMUDIE Year ago

      @ChangoFeo420 lmao

    • ChangoFeo420
      ChangoFeo420 Year ago +9

      dont know why the guys in your replies are being sarcastic when you were just pointing out how nice of a guy Tyson is

    • Jhon Hollaway
      Jhon Hollaway Year ago

      God damn rlly I would have nvr guessed

  • Dusheu Hdhsidh
    Dusheu Hdhsidh Year ago +2

    Shoutout to Teawap for the sick editing and all the context he gave to people who don’t know Fury

  • MattN77
    MattN77 Year ago

    Wow that was amazing to watch. Such a genuine guy

  • Eskii NZL
    Eskii NZL Year ago

    The fact that Tyson has 2 "personalities" is what keeps him sane, if he went around as gypsy king he will damage his mental health but because gypsy king is his fighting personality it drives him to better his real mental health whilst hes not in the zone. Calm and clear minds in the ring is just as deadly as the physical training

  • vStall
    vStall Year ago

    This man is truly the best of all time

  • The Monday League

    Tyson is such an inspiration! Banger of a video! Best of luck in your fight Jarvis!

  • ItsKieronP
    ItsKieronP Year ago

    Tyson is a champ for a reason. He is an incredible boxer and just an amazing person. He is so honest and a legend, huge inspiration in my life. Crazy to see you guys getting to meet him

  • Isa Pathan
    Isa Pathan 11 months ago +1

    You just got to love Tyson,
    What a man!

  • Watermelon Head
    Watermelon Head Year ago +10

    jarvis goes everywhere with his slides 😂😂 the only time he wears shoes is when he’s boxing 😭

  • M4NNY
    M4NNY Year ago +1760

    omg tyson is a legend

    • ughh bauh
      ughh bauh 7 months ago

      @Fragx! lol he beat the hell out of Wilder

    • i am a hero!
      i am a hero! 11 months ago

      Mike tyson? Hell yeah!

    • romeo boy
      romeo boy 11 months ago

      I’m a gypsy as well

    • Maya E
      Maya E 11 months ago

      What’s up checkmark

    • Abbasthehistorenofwe Khan
      Abbasthehistorenofwe Khan 11 months ago

      @Merczye he is he ducked him for welder watch a video or 2 so you can catch up a bit

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P Year ago

    Look at Tyson man what an inspiration

  • It’s Ali
    It’s Ali Year ago

    Bro this speech by Tyson made me feel like I could take on the world

  • Acton Lord
    Acton Lord Year ago +19

    7:30 bruhh Jarvis went in for a second one 😭

  • Corey Cunningham
    Corey Cunningham 11 months ago +4

    Who is here after Jarvis took home the W

  • Your shsh
    Your shsh Year ago

    Hey Jarvis i’ve been watching for around two years I think and I think you’ll beat the fuck out of him so just good luck for you I’m mad respect. Please replie

  • TheDiamondKing16
    TheDiamondKing16 Year ago +3

    If your going to put your whole bank account on a boxing match, it's this one. There's no way Jarvis loses this fight.

  • BEAN
    BEAN Year ago

    I think imma start watching Tyson fury’s interviews he’s such a legend! Love ya jarvis

  • tkfc
    tkfc 9 months ago +2

    I love how Jarvis did not use Tyson's name in the title just to get views

  • Witek GmZ
    Witek GmZ Year ago +1

    The way he let him win in the arm wrestle 😂😂😂

  • golden gurl
    golden gurl 11 months ago +7

    Jarvis-I’m not very scared to lose
    Tyson- just wait....

  • hosein jalalvand
    hosein jalalvand Year ago

    tyson is an absolute legend always motivate me plus he has a very very unique voice

  • Rinku Das
    Rinku Das Year ago +1

    This video shows how much kindness Tyson has.

  • Jordi Rojas
    Jordi Rojas Year ago +3

    I know Tyson was saying stuff about canelo:( but he’s still a good boxer and I have to give him respect for all the stuff he’s done

  • LittleBlaster
    LittleBlaster Year ago

    I genuinely can't believe you actually met tyson fury my legit reaction to the thumbnail was 😲

  • kelesh
    kelesh Year ago

    I literally didn't stop smiling when i watch this

  • Señor Pablo
    Señor Pablo 11 months ago +25

    I fuck wit the UK they're not over arrogant just confident humble and they handle up

    • Drexx
      Drexx 11 months ago

      Confidence without arrogance is a common theme in the UK we are prideful and we believe we can take on anyone.

  • Phyx_ytシ
    Phyx_ytシ Year ago +478

    Ngl, Jarvis is taking it more serious than Michael le, Michael le is always on tiktok and Jarvis is training everyday.

    • Striker plays
      Striker plays 11 months ago

      @DeadlyfistzZz what happened lmfaooooo

    • DeadlyfistzZz
      DeadlyfistzZz 11 months ago

      @S Manny dont fight internet thugs. Might end up hurting u

    • MiniKing
      MiniKing Year ago

      And you don’t think Jarvis is doing anything else with his life either?

    • S Manny
      S Manny Year ago

      @DeadlyfistzZz how about you and me hop in a ring and well see whos got form my bro

    • S Manny
      S Manny Year ago

      Hes about to get a beating of his life us UK mandem dont play around fammmmm

  • Aditya Potla
    Aditya Potla Year ago +3

    For the opponent you are fighting, this is too much 😂😂 atb tho!

  • Dhanalakshmi Senthilkumar

    His mentality and advice tho,that's called experience

  • Maarten pollet
    Maarten pollet 11 months ago +1

    7:32 Jarvis trying to dab him up twice 😂

  • مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR

    I think his advices were very good and will benefit Jarvis
    but this was very rude of him to lay down while talking while y’all are sitting
    I would’ve got mad if I was in Kay’s or Jarvis’s situation

    • Haroon Miah
      Haroon Miah Year ago

      @مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR yes i would lay down if they were younger than me, if it was elders then i would sit u

    • مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR
      مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR Year ago +1

      @Haroon Miah oh so if guests visit you will u lay on the couch or will sit with them like a “gentle man”

      MAJEED HD Year ago

      @مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR bro He’s literally older than them and he’s laying down in his own private jet like who cares

    • مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR
      مْـقـّـاتٍِــلّ • WÃRRĪØR Year ago +1

      @Ricky Chen idk about dat🙂

  • Chri$ Playz Tv
    Chri$ Playz Tv Year ago +12

    You should always be down to earth, true to yourself, humble, and believe in your hype.

  • Rami Coobtee
    Rami Coobtee Year ago +1

    If Jarvis loses now he’s gonna get clowned so hard 😂 mans got help from one of the best boxers oat

  • Gurtaj Beesla
    Gurtaj Beesla Year ago +4

    good advice and facts from Tyson
    jarvis got this 💯🔥

  • Soul on FIRE
    Soul on FIRE 11 months ago

    Your a lucky man for being able to have this opportunity, if you really understand the sport you’d not be far off in saying he’s probably one if not the greatest heavyweight to ever do it.

    RANDOMS Year ago

    He gave a lot of good advice!!! Respect!!

  • Oscar Lv
    Oscar Lv Year ago

    I hope he really realizes that he got the best advice ever

  • Steven Sarot
    Steven Sarot Year ago +1

    My lord. The collab we didn’t know we needed

  • Hayden Wallace
    Hayden Wallace Year ago +1

    Great video! Teawaps forming of the vid and editing 🔥🔥

  • Mango
    Mango 11 months ago +1

    This man is amazing.

  • kota
    kota 11 months ago

    Dude wish you good luck I want you guys to both tie I both love your’s content

  • blitzz
    blitzz Year ago

    Easy win you got this Jarvis 💪

  • Candies :)
    Candies :) Year ago +10

    Tyson Fury is the best example to beat depression and come back to give your best.

  • Matt Belcher
    Matt Belcher Year ago +103

    You got a blessing from the gypsy king

  • Lee Lambert
    Lee Lambert Year ago

    I love how this video is more a highlight on furys advice and demeanor and not focused on you, its really well put together

  • Maximus Smithy
    Maximus Smithy 11 months ago +4


  • Viktor Kools
    Viktor Kools Year ago

    Jarvis was just in awe

  • Fronky11
    Fronky11 11 months ago

    That speech about living in the moment and not worrying about the past or future was actually proper helpful

  • gg12345ification
    gg12345ification Year ago

    The way tyson spoke about his two personalities and how he gets lost in the game becouse its a way to keep happy and keep that ''high'' rly got to me. It was some deep shit

  • Bryan Martinez
    Bryan Martinez 11 months ago +1

    Jarvis I'm rooting on you for the fight go team youtubers

  • JDer
    JDer 11 months ago

    Oh my Jarvis so strong 💪🏼

  • Ender $w@g 😜
    Ender $w@g 😜 Year ago

    Jarvis you got this beat his butt up you got these been here since 2012 you got this 👍🏻

  • aluminium
    aluminium Year ago +11

    this was one of the most motivating videos I've ever seen

  • jiu jsj
    jiu jsj 11 months ago +1

    Tyson let Jarvis win the arm wrestle. It was meant to give Jarvis more confidence in the fight. Great move.

  • Leon✞︎
    Leon✞︎ Year ago +1

    Jarvis now training super hard and getting advice from a champion.....And the other guy is probably doing tiktoks😭🤣

  • Peter Andrei Factor

    7:32 Jarvis tried to high five him again when it was meant for Tyson 😭

  • ThatBoiFromHtx
    ThatBoiFromHtx 11 months ago +4

    Tyson was nice enough to let Jarvis beat him in an arm wrestle

  • Runics
    Runics Year ago +1

    Damn Tyson Fury is actually such a nice guy

  • Mr Mcgregor
    Mr Mcgregor 11 months ago

    Well done.. fantastic interview.

  • Nw
    Nw Year ago

    Wow seeing this now I know he is the world most humble fighter❤️🐐

  • Foss Khan
    Foss Khan Year ago +1

    Such an amazing video awesome directing and commentary @teawap

  • BDE 2390
    BDE 2390 Year ago

    My favourite boxer. I've learnt soo much from him, he gave me the courage to speak up about Mental Health. If anyone hasnt read BEHIND THE MASK, read it NOW!. Stay safe and God bless you all💙🇦🇺