Ms popular and I || lesbian love story || GLMM || Gacha life || 8 sub special

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Hello 😔
    So oi I made this lesbian love movie thing and it sucks but okay-
    Over 2000 screenshots wowe :,D I’m crying
    Oi oi oi and I just wanna say thank you for 8 subs!
    I relize there’s mistakes it’s 1:30am right now leave me aloneeee
    Subscribe or I’ll literally come to you and steal all your cake 👀
    I just checked and I now have 103 subs. Ty ty ty sm for the support 🤧❤️ and ima post “if I was a mom” in about ten-twenty minutes, so one seccc loves. Oh and, if you have a problem with the LBGQT+ community than fam what are you doing here?
    When I went to check yesterday I saw it had reached 100k views and I told Harper (my sister) to have a party with me but she wouldn’t listen 😔

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  • Chloe Merritt
    Chloe Merritt Minute ago

    Omg I loved this it was:

    Funny, emotional, and romantic I love it 😍

  • Kin And friends
    Kin And friends 29 minutes ago

    I’m on Nicole’s side.

  • Xi'Sha B
    Xi'Sha B Hour ago

    For some reason I like hanging with gay,lesbien and bisexual people....
    Cause I am one

  • It’s_lollipop Gacha

    Like if u don’t care.

  • •ItsWolfy Love•

    8 Subscribers no

  • Emma Stroud
    Emma Stroud 2 hours ago

    I LOVE this SOOOOOO much it’s the BEST minmove

  • mystery _Orca Dork
    mystery _Orca Dork 2 hours ago

    *Loretta walks into the closet*

    Me:oh I see chu has found meh room

  • mirella Alzamora
    mirella Alzamora 2 hours ago

    Mah ship has sailed U_U
    DONT ruin it
    I kill u >:C

  • Trickery Skyz
    Trickery Skyz 2 hours ago

    To infinity and beyond!

  • peacxhy_kia
    peacxhy_kia 3 hours ago

    Happy Christmas?

  • peacxhy_kia
    peacxhy_kia 3 hours ago

    It's supposed to be miss for Arianna
    And for the teacher it's supposed to be mrs

  • Jacqueline Perez
    Jacqueline Perez 4 hours ago

    to infinity and beyond
    woah buzz lightyear

  • *Devil_DDragon*
    *Devil_DDragon* 4 hours ago

    Tho Otherwise I Like It

  • *Devil_DDragon*
    *Devil_DDragon* 4 hours ago

    Its Always Annoying

  • DDG xHDx
    DDG xHDx 5 hours ago

    This story rules, I love it good job

  • Its Cookie
    Its Cookie 5 hours ago

    36:16 MiSs sTeAl yO cAkE :O

  • Adam Bagwill
    Adam Bagwill 6 hours ago

    hold up, so yo gonna steal my birth day cake :(

  • Chilly56
    Chilly56 6 hours ago

    I used to watch these and wonder how people believe someone else over the one they care most about. But recently something happened, My gf left me after someone told her I’d cheated on her with my guy friend, she believed them despite knowing I’m les. It taught me a lesson; no matter how much the person trusts or loves you, sometimes the hurt will over power that, and suddenly everything you say seems like a lie.

  • The nameless channel
    The nameless channel 6 hours ago

    When your friend is so rich , they can afford a movie camera 📷

  • Kurt Schuldt
    Kurt Schuldt 7 hours ago

    Why did that evil girl get dressed in the mall where every one could be watching?
    Besides that, I LOVED IT!

  • chung velex
    chung velex 8 hours ago



  • ℹ︎ℹ︎BrxkenFlxwerℹ︎ℹ︎ ♥︎

    “I Dont Even Like Pancakes...”

  • _-itz_Nightime-_ _*-Immagetyounowz-*_

    I got to tell you that the vid is gay

  • _-itz_Nightime-_ _*-Immagetyounowz-*_


  • *Sky Blooms*
    *Sky Blooms* 9 hours ago

    When happier came on..I cried because of my life..):(

  • • Hiro Gacha •
    • Hiro Gacha • 10 hours ago

    13:26 Hey, what time is it ? *ITS MUFFIN TIME*

  • Tara Milevic
    Tara Milevic 10 hours ago

    part 2?

  • Monica Garrido
    Monica Garrido 11 hours ago

    but first get out of the prision if this is too much then dont worry -3-

  • Monica Garrido
    Monica Garrido 11 hours ago

    Im not a hater and I give you a like, the thing is that my name is nicole and nicole is the bully could you pls do a part 2 and put nicole a little bit changed pls ;w;

    SO BASICALLY LOGIC 12 hours ago

    *just wait until you fall in love with her*
    Mary is breaking the fourth wall, everyone

  • DreamiRei
    DreamiRei 14 hours ago +1

    that’s wrong on many levels like- loretta JUST started high school how old even is she-

  • TheEndSlime
    TheEndSlime 14 hours ago +1

    I found the “hehe, you’ll never see this” 😂

  • Passion Fruit
    Passion Fruit 14 hours ago


  • Rachel Dorrance
    Rachel Dorrance 14 hours ago

    -40000 subs in a month?- *WHAT?* ♤♡♤

  • LeMOnS yOuR fAvOrItE
    LeMOnS yOuR fAvOrItE 15 hours ago +1

    Why is every girl in this gacha vid lesbian?

  • Allegra Onions
    Allegra Onions 18 hours ago

    Who is lesbian here in a little bit lesbian but I also like boys so yeah

  • Aubrey D.
    Aubrey D. 21 hour ago

    How many bells do they have??

  • gucci tears グッチの涙

    This is good, but people need to make the storyline a bit less predictable. People get dorms, main characters are in same dorm, they fall in love, yeah. Otherwise, great job!

  • strawberryfreakshake
    strawberryfreakshake 22 hours ago

    Yup, best friends....

  • strawberryfreakshake
    strawberryfreakshake 22 hours ago

    Yup. Best friends....

  • abby iorga
    abby iorga Day ago

    no offense i would like this vid more if it was not lesbian like why did you make it lesbian also im not trying to be mean but i did not like this vid that much but it was good bye

  • galixy wolf Warrior

    Me as soon as I saw the bloopers: I need to sub to dis person

  • Sunflowergacha
    Sunflowergacha Day ago

    I’ve watched this like over ten times I love it

  • Brianna Dorling
    Brianna Dorling Day ago +1

    Mary casually has a bike in her closet

    GaChA lOgIc

  • Narisse Murie
    Narisse Murie Day ago

    I wish my gf was like that but she cheats and takes all m money. Some one give me advice

  • UwU
    UwU Day ago

    Loretta loretta your name sounds like tortilla

  • Kaila Craggett
    Kaila Craggett Day ago

    so good i don't get how you don\'t have subs!!!

  • ILikeWatermelons AndK-Pop

    *_*Belly Flops Off The Bed*_*

  • Persais White
    Persais White Day ago

    Why is there only sad songs and love songs

  • Navira Samad
    Navira Samad Day ago

    I saw the little message thing

  • María Kay 2009
    María Kay 2009 Day ago

    8 subscribers and 1 million views :v

  • Not_ Cali
    Not_ Cali Day ago

    I love this it is the best one I saw

  • Gacha Berry
    Gacha Berry Day ago

    Lol my brothers hamster was called hammy

  • Sienna Firth
    Sienna Firth Day ago

    When Arianna and that guy were fighting and he said 'she is mine' Arianna could of just said 'if you love her she won't love you coz she's lesbian and I'm her girlfriend

  • Aesthetic Gacha
    Aesthetic Gacha Day ago



  • lukaritho ʟʊӄåʀ

    i feel mary
    *sees loretta and arianna talking* also mary *HEAVY BREATHING*

  • Christy_ The Gangster

    Why in this video i dont see stupid drunk bois

  • Adrian is short
    Adrian is short 2 days ago

    Me and mah sis was watching this and whene loretta said *ahem* "lets go shopping!" i randomly blurted out KitTEn ShOPinG

  • Christy_ The Gangster