Honest Trailers - Black Panther


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  6 days ago +2815

    Which tribe from Wakanda is your favorite? The Jabari, Border Tribe, Golden Tribe, River Tribe, Mining Tribe, or Merchant Tribe?

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  • Sally just Sally
    Sally just Sally Hour ago

    Do MEAN GIRLS!!!!!!!

  • thomas jefferson qiu

    Please Say "Omae wa mou shindeiru."

  • Jessica Walsh
    Jessica Walsh Hour ago


  • mrouie
    mrouie 2 hours ago

    Please say, “Go to sleep...”

  • Cup Of FantasyTea
    Cup Of FantasyTea 2 hours ago

    Do pocahontas please!!!!!!!!

  • Mllr hr
    Mllr hr 2 hours ago +1

    So thankful that michael b jordan got killed off, he was so annoying, the character just feeled so forced.

  • thunder cleez
    thunder cleez 3 hours ago

    say "everyone only watches smosh-games because of honest trailers"

  • Ajay tippannavar
    Ajay tippannavar 3 hours ago

    Please say beebs

  • elalesound
    elalesound 3 hours ago

    Nakia is the Heimdall of BP. There, i said it


    Won the moral argument? Um... nah. Your politics are warped, dude.

  • Wayne Hill
    Wayne Hill 4 hours ago

    Lupita is sooo fine

  • Karintha Cary
    Karintha Cary 4 hours ago +1

    You should do the expanse because well people seem to really really care about what ever it is....?

  • Hudson
    Hudson 4 hours ago

    Say “When life gives you lemons make orange juice”

  • iiAshlyn
    iiAshlyn 4 hours ago +1

    Honest Trailer Infinity Wars!!!

  • Ship Rose And Finn!
    Ship Rose And Finn! 4 hours ago

    Do A Quiet Place honest trailer

  • Jeffrey Lin
    Jeffrey Lin 4 hours ago +1

    Do The Expanse plz!!!!

  • Artuc Tell
    Artuc Tell 5 hours ago

    I guess it's mandatory for you to read the comments below. Which is a good thing for us.
    This is my honest opinion: I very recently watch the first and second seasons of Honest Trailers. Back then this was a fresh and very different concept. Now people are used to this kind of humor. But also you've changed. Maybe because now this is a big deal but back then you were much more vicious. Honest Trailers seems more tamed now. You don't attack to the weakest points of a production like you used to. MCU especially seems to be immune to your brains. I'm not saying attack like vikings. But you're becoming much softer. Sometimes a 4 minute video of yours contains less zing than a Statler and Waldorf comment.
    Also an Honest Trailer for The Muppet Show would've been perfect.

  • Christofer Ancheta
    Christofer Ancheta 5 hours ago

    Do Deadpool 2!!!!!

  • Lídia Rios
    Lídia Rios 5 hours ago

    Can't wait for deadpool 2!!!

  • Hayden Eborn
    Hayden Eborn 5 hours ago

    Please make an Honest Trailer for The Sandlot because it's the anniversary

  • Killswitch348
    Killswitch348 5 hours ago

    Do one for Infinity War!

  • Scotty
    Scotty 6 hours ago


  • ASMarred
    ASMarred 6 hours ago

    please do an Honest Trailer of 'Ernest Goes To Camp'!

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods 6 hours ago

    Please say "NO! You are Baby Smooch and I and I am King Smooch!"

  • vinifari
    vinifari 6 hours ago

    Amazing!!! Thank you

  • My Selected Movies
    My Selected Movies 6 hours ago

    I thinking to enjoy with it

  • goalieguy60
    goalieguy60 6 hours ago +1

    Please do an honest trailer for The Expanse

  • E420man
    E420man 6 hours ago

    I GOT ONE!! Say, "Bet ya didnt kno this, but im actually a woman."

  • Melchor Fernando Zapién Morales

    You should make one about "The apprentice"

  • Dominic Martinez
    Dominic Martinez 6 hours ago +1

    Say "What if I told you the towers aren't tilted"

  • Clown Prince
    Clown Prince 7 hours ago

    Please say: your mama is a chimichanga

  • Mermaid Motel
    Mermaid Motel 7 hours ago

    Can yall please do Lucy I've been waiting 4 years for that

  • Jayeee
    Jayeee 7 hours ago

    Say: Deadpool and Deathstroke are long lost twins

  • Kashef Gordon
    Kashef Gordon 7 hours ago

    Time for INFINITY WAR

  • Noah Marquez
    Noah Marquez 7 hours ago

    Deadpool 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tacocat The amazing
    Tacocat The amazing 7 hours ago

    Do infinity war when it's on blue ray

  • Kitasu Kirimi
    Kitasu Kirimi 8 hours ago

    Do Infinity Wars!

  • Dave Praetorius
    Dave Praetorius 8 hours ago +1

    Do The Expanse!

  • OdeToTheSquall
    OdeToTheSquall 8 hours ago +1

    Expanse please!

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson 8 hours ago +1

    Do an Honest Trailer for The Expanse!

  • Ajit Pai
    Ajit Pai 8 hours ago

    Infinity war

  • xXG0DZ1LLAXx
    xXG0DZ1LLAXx 8 hours ago

    Wakanda forever

  • Michael Tetto
    Michael Tetto 8 hours ago

    2:!4 What about Zemo? Zemo was an excellent villain! He was the first one without the "Destroy the world" plot!

  • Daniel Brandão
    Daniel Brandão 9 hours ago

    Please, make a video from anothers seasons to marvel agents of shield

  • Richard Sands
    Richard Sands 9 hours ago +1

    Please do an Honest Trailer for The Expanse. It’s the only show left trying to do intelligent space sci-fi.

  • George Koprowski
    George Koprowski 9 hours ago +1

    Say 'welcome to the rodeo' and 'I am that guy'. Blast one out for The Expanse, kickass sci-fi!

  • TheNotoriousLime
    TheNotoriousLime 9 hours ago

    Say "destiny Arrives"

  • Just  blaze
    Just blaze 9 hours ago

    do infinity war

  • Jeremy Fordoski
    Jeremy Fordoski 9 hours ago +1

    Do The Expanse before it's too late!

  • Alex Kapinga
    Alex Kapinga 9 hours ago

    H.I.T.s - high-impulse thermobaric fuel-air explosives consists of a two-stage aerosol ignition that produces a blast wave of significantly greater power and duration than any other known explosive except nuclear. The vacuum-pressure effect ignites the oxygen between 5,000 and 6,000 degrees and is used when the greatest loss of life and damage to structures is desired.

  • Merrell J
    Merrell J 9 hours ago +2

    Please do an Honest Trailer for The Expanse- let’s save this show! Best sci-fi show out there!

  • W Cross
    W Cross 9 hours ago

    Do a honest trailer on discpible me 3

  • Paul Fallaha
    Paul Fallaha 9 hours ago +2

    Please do an Honest Trailer for The Expanse!!!

  • ImDefinitelyHigh
    ImDefinitelyHigh 9 hours ago

    Please say -" Why can't we go backwards for once? backwards really fast, fast as we can. really put the pedal to the metal you know. Bill and Ted did it"

  • Ahuva Poch
    Ahuva Poch 9 hours ago

    Do infinity war!!!!!

  • jo3stickcandle
    jo3stickcandle 9 hours ago

    Pls do sherlock holmes the movie

  • Daniel Glenn
    Daniel Glenn 9 hours ago +3

    Can you do The Expanse?

  • Junk Tdg
    Junk Tdg 9 hours ago +3

    Please do an honest Trailer for The Expanse

  • Chris Frandsen
    Chris Frandsen 9 hours ago +3

    Please do an Honest trailer for The Expanse:-)

  • Joe Holloway
    Joe Holloway 9 hours ago

    "Got Out" lol

  • Vcize
    Vcize 9 hours ago +3

    The expanse. Do the expanse next!

  • Agrat bat Machlat
    Agrat bat Machlat 9 hours ago +3

    Please do an honest Trailer for The Expanse

  • MoonBoy2000 //minecraft och andra spel

    Do Doctor who

  • Rosa Bethany Iglarsh
    Rosa Bethany Iglarsh 10 hours ago

    Do you think you might do American Psycho?

  • MyAnto09
    MyAnto09 10 hours ago +4

    Do The Expanse!

  • Brian Douglas
    Brian Douglas 10 hours ago +5

    We need an honest trailer for The Expanse, focused on how hard SyFy failed to promote such a good show!

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell 10 hours ago +5

    Please do an honest trailer for The Expanse!

  • Julián Meclazcke
    Julián Meclazcke 10 hours ago +6

    Please do an honest Trailer for The Expanse

  • [MADD]Scientist
    [MADD]Scientist 10 hours ago

    Dead at "Angela Bassett as herself"

  • Ryan John Wheatley
    Ryan John Wheatley 10 hours ago

    Please do an honest trailer for 15:17 to Paris. It's like Clint Eastwood made The Room but with a terrorist.

  • Valentina
    Valentina 10 hours ago

    Deadpool 2 pleaseee

  • Valentina
    Valentina 10 hours ago


  • WeAreMAtes
    WeAreMAtes 10 hours ago +5


  • Dread Evil
    Dread Evil 10 hours ago

    Honest trailer for 13 reasons why

  • MacThe Luxe
    MacThe Luxe 10 hours ago

    Infinity war?

  • Adrian Petford
    Adrian Petford 10 hours ago +5

    Please do an Honest Trailer for The Expanse! REMEMBER THE CANT.

  • Abdifitah Awale
    Abdifitah Awale 10 hours ago

    Say "ohhhhhhh yyeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!"

  • Jan
    Jan 10 hours ago +5

    Please do an honest Trailer for The Expanse, it's one of the best SciFi Shows ever!!! :D

  • Derek Wing
    Derek Wing 10 hours ago +5

    please do an Honest Trailer on the Expanse!

  • JustAGuy
    JustAGuy 11 hours ago

    Say "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good" in your awesome voice

  • Futuristic Skies
    Futuristic Skies 11 hours ago

    The Got Out joke took a half second for me to get but then I was cracking up 😂

  • Ron Ondechek
    Ron Ondechek 11 hours ago +1

    Love the Buster Bluth reference!

  • DiPlayz
    DiPlayz 11 hours ago


  • JKDGreg
    JKDGreg 11 hours ago

    Do an Honest Trailer of Tank Girl already!!!!!
    For lack of Tank Girl, do Clerks!!!
    For lack of Clerks, do Død Snø
    For lack of Død Snø, review Total Recall...
    Seriously, no Sin City Review!!!! Shame on you epic voice dude!
    Street Figther the Legend of Chun Li !!!!!
    You got plenty of stuff to work with!
    But you keep reviewing 50 Shades of PG-13 kinky stuff!

  • Fuoco Film
    Fuoco Film 11 hours ago


  • Zarina A113
    Zarina A113 11 hours ago +1

    Please Say: "SAVE MY WATERMELON!!!!!"

  • Zarina A113
    Zarina A113 11 hours ago +1

    Please Say: "In a world. There, I said it."

  • Zarina A113
    Zarina A113 11 hours ago +1

    Please Say: "Hey is that a giant tooth?"

  • Christian Ramiro
    Christian Ramiro 11 hours ago

    Please say "Papa, can you hear me?"

  • Malec2Nightingale
    Malec2Nightingale 11 hours ago


  • Toasty Ge
    Toasty Ge 11 hours ago +3

    I'm just another one of those do the expanse comments.

  • Lydia Sensei
    Lydia Sensei 11 hours ago +4

    EXPANSE!! Please and thank you.

  • bubblie_sweetie mahtab
    bubblie_sweetie mahtab 12 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Neville de Conceicao
    Neville de Conceicao 13 hours ago

    Damn! I thought he'd mention about the flying electric razors :/ Guess I was the only one who spotted it. Pfft.

  • Adhiti Krishnan
    Adhiti Krishnan 13 hours ago +1

    Make 13 reasons why honest trailer..cmon man

  • Fizz Bish
    Fizz Bish 13 hours ago

    please say: " what happened to Paco?"

  • Danielle Ellis
    Danielle Ellis 13 hours ago

    *Just when you thought Chadwick Boseman had called dibs on every black icon*

  • James Smith
    James Smith 13 hours ago

    Please do more Disney films like Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • James Smith
    James Smith 13 hours ago

    please say "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Hooooo"