President Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • The White House

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  • Loredana Cardillo
    Loredana Cardillo 13 days ago +1

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  • Jacob
    Jacob 14 days ago

    God bless America. Amazing work Mr. President... you really do inspire countless lives. MAGA! 2020

  • Mr. Precedent
    Mr. Precedent 21 day ago

    Somebody REALLY needs to drop a house on this Witch.

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll 22 days ago

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    Troy Crith ll 22 days ago

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    Troy Crith ll 27 days ago

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  • patricia holliday
    patricia holliday 27 days ago

    GREAT JOB MR. PRESIDENT! We are standing in Your name and the power of Your Word in agreement to protect our President Trump and his family, Administration a his supporters in the name faith/trust in of Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Woogy 1
    Woogy 1 27 days ago

    How many people in Government, Vatican, and Hollywood need the Presidents intervention to combat criminals involved in the horrid crime of Human Trafficking.

  • Walter R D Brown
    Walter R D Brown 27 days ago


  • 4evermrez
    4evermrez 29 days ago

    he's such a pathetic lying fraud on every level,,,, he's so sad, so weak, so corrupt

    YO MAMA 29 days ago

    This should be on Billboards & every MSM outlet

  • Evienna E. Aigner
    Evienna E. Aigner Month ago

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Don'tPoke TheBear
    Don'tPoke TheBear Month ago

    BUILD THE WALL-this house is not getting paid because of The government shutdown, we will go without,cut back and push forward, build that wall. With the government shutdown we get a little set back; Without the wall we loss our country and our freedom.

  • mmclaugh08
    mmclaugh08 Month ago

    President Trump has accomplished more in less than two years than his predecessor did in eight. And he did it all regardless of the obstruction and negative and false accusations that any other POTUS has ever faced. You Dems cannot even keep up.
    Thank you Mr President for all you do for US!

  • Brad 1
    Brad 1 Month ago

    Personally, I’m not a fan of trump. You don’t have to hate comment me, it’s just my opinion , sense I don’t like most of his actions. But stuff like this are things that are good. Let’s hope he gets better, and continues doing things like this.

  • A Stuijt
    A Stuijt Month ago

    President @realDonaldTrump using very effective language while emphasizing the horrors of what happens to the women and children who fall victim to
    #HumanTraffickers while signing
    #AntiHumanTraffickingLegislation 9Jan2019 -

  • Coty Crawley
    Coty Crawley Month ago

    This is fuckin Kentucky Americans stand up for us plzz

  • Coty Crawley
    Coty Crawley Month ago

    The shits happen in in Kentucky of all places allot

  • Jeanie Delgado
    Jeanie Delgado Month ago

    Has it occured to anyone that maybe the reason democrats are against a border wall is that they are involved in the human trafficking?God bless the President and his family for pushing on this to get it done!

  • epi zentrum
    epi zentrum Month ago

    Damn i was crying while he signed it! He is the best.

  • Patrick Miller
    Patrick Miller Month ago

    Best President Ever

  • Anthony Sparks
    Anthony Sparks Month ago

    Thank you Mr. President we need to fix things not the old Change slogan. The change slogan was just running away from the real problem.

  • Dillon Bromilow
    Dillon Bromilow Month ago

    Please translate those hand signs made by the man on Trumps left

  • Shawnee Love HHD, PhD

    Human Trafficking is here in the Americas and Donald Trump is a human trafficking organized criminal.
    I started the Anti-Human Trafficking legislation along with my combination of movements and org. in 2010.
    Shawnee Love HHD, PhD

  • John S
    John S Month ago

    👍🏾 President Trump and team are restoring the sense of justice in our government. It was noticeably lacking 2008-2016.

  • FastDamone
    FastDamone Month ago

    The worst offenders of human trafficking are from Russia. Why didn't Trump mention that?

  • Jacob Akpe Ahouanwoto

    Love U Mr President. God bless You!!!

  • Wes Burgan
    Wes Burgan Month ago

    The most active President when it comes to honoring his promises. I'm glad I voted for him. MAGA Mr. President!!

  • ruslana f
    ruslana f Month ago

    Please sign my petition. Thank you in advance.

  • 김선준
    김선준 Month ago

    트럼프는 무슨 맨날 사인하는데 재미들렸냐?

  • anthony unionb
    anthony unionb Month ago

    think I'm dumb. his ex wife is clearly a fucking trans. where the kids come from?

  • ReapingtheWhirlwind

    What about trafficking through our ports? Is that monitored closely?

  • cecilia Fuentes
    cecilia Fuentes Month ago

    President Trump don't give in, we need the wall.

  • Zachary Ayala
    Zachary Ayala Month ago

    Mr President please uphold our Constitution. We the people support a leader who will uphold the Constitution.

  • Big E Holmes
    Big E Holmes Month ago

    U a good man 👌

  • jeffdahlgren
    jeffdahlgren Month ago +1

    Trump is being more presidential right now than any time in his presidency and certainly more so since Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt. It is astonishing to witness him truly now wielding pure political power. The last two and three days have been a magnificent political tour de force. Like him or not Trump has become a major historical president in US history and his impact and effects are being felt powerfully worldwide
    Just watched the president's border trip. Most all Americans are thankful 1/11/2019

  • Lady Christian
    Lady Christian Month ago +1

    We have the best President, in the world. Yeah ~~!!
    Thank you USA USA USA ~~!!

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan Month ago

    funny how this isn't being reported through major media outlets

  • leonlim007
    leonlim007 Month ago

    "I mean, I watched your one sided reporting, do you think I should do it? Do you think I should just sign?"
    "John, would you do that if you are in my position?"

  • Designedbyinstinct2

    It would be nice to see others catch your common sense sir and regain some sort of trust from the American citizens.

  • Designedbyinstinct2

    Mr President it is my opinion and several others I converse with that this mass immigration taking place in Europe and here is a cover for human trafficking.
    How about all the thousands of young people that are not accounted for in Europe that took part in this migration across the lands.
    Where are all the missing?
    In some dungeons somehow?
    Slaves, and property?
    This massive migration is a cover for the human trafficking you are bringing to light.

  • all done
    all done Month ago +1

    Standing with Trump 100 %

  • JohnQRandom
    JohnQRandom Month ago

    I really don't care what the dems say, that "motherf**ker" is a BOSS.

  • Munky Bidness
    Munky Bidness Month ago

    At the end he owns a liberal reporter - "you should never be in this position because you'd never get anything done. Goodbye."

  • Terry Ann
    Terry Ann Month ago

    I believe God heard our cries and sent us Donald John Trump

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes Month ago

    A psycho bitc# said Im stupid. Mr. Pres

  • Charles Rhodes
    Charles Rhodes Month ago

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  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez Month ago

    Mr. President, you and your administration are doing an excellent job!

    SIGIT PRASETYO Month ago


  • Cado Man
    Cado Man Month ago

    So President Trump is cutting of the food supply to Hillary and the gang! Awesome!

  • Argyle McGoogin
    Argyle McGoogin Month ago

    John, that's why I'm the President and you're not.

  • silver vixen
    silver vixen Month ago

    All the people who are seriously irrational about the border are panicking because there will be no more money for them. President Trump will stop the money train made from Human Trafficking which is slavery under a different name. (Mic Drop)

  • Renae Munson
    Renae Munson Month ago

    If everyone takes on the loud mouth media folks each time they try to make their own narrative....I think it will stop. Beat them at their own game. Maybe invite them to the mic and then leave and let them lead the press conferences.

  • Where in the world is Tyra Angelita?

    Wow, this is so bad. He's senile, who really is running this PEDO/KKK/reptilian/WHITESONLY country?!?! France can you please kidnap me and my brother.... cuz we are good kids and I love baguettes 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🌻🌻 #giletsJaunes #lyon #MenaArkansas #iranContra

  • Janine
    Janine Month ago

    LMAO schooling that fake news jourNO john carle, who wouldn't dare answer your question "whether or not HE would sign it" AWESOME ;)

  • NanL Phillips
    NanL Phillips Month ago

    We need an Executive Order that stops the deceased from voting. Dead people are voting in California. Possibly in other states as well.

  • jim young
    jim young Month ago +1


  • Camboris
    Camboris Month ago +1

    President Trump is so classic! Tell them like it is.

  • chau nguyen
    chau nguyen Month ago

    More putting the negative fake reporters on the spot please. Sick of them, constantly blurting out negative slanted twisted questions

  • Renae Munson
    Renae Munson Month ago

    BUILD THE WALL/BARRIER....unless the democrats want to weaponize the drones and shoot at folks crossing the border. Walls stop the crossings while drones/technology only record the crossings.

  • spiritedstar1
    spiritedstar1 Month ago

    Perversion of innocents is the calling card of Baphomet
    and a prerequisite in the Faustian pact.

  • SuperChicken SuperChicken

    train and hire Americans first with good jobs before you bring in immigrants to work these jobs, for decades Americans have been treated unfairly because of the outsourcing of good jobs to immigrants and foreign countries...

  • SuperChicken SuperChicken

    Mr. president you are doing the right thing, get it done

  • AndDrewskY
    AndDrewskY Month ago

    American's are with you President Trump! Appreciate so much your hard work!

  • Snuggles2017
    Snuggles2017 Month ago

    Thank you President Trump!!!! Best President world wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you and keep you safe!!

  • Frank Nash
    Frank Nash Month ago

    Past presidents have signed an area of that desk. I bet Trump signed his name larger than those before him.

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude Month ago

    Don't give in. The wall must be built. It will be your greatest legacy, it will go down in the history books. America can't be great again while we are being invaded by hostile foreigners who don't share our history or values

  • Ed Kurtz
    Ed Kurtz Month ago

    Thank You Mr President for trying to protect our people! Best POTUS Ever!!!

  • bob brown
    bob brown Month ago

    Everybody in that room, except for the reporters is a filthy fucking scumbag. Of course the biggest one is sitting behind the desk.

  • bob brown
    bob brown Month ago

    This sucks! Now those 800,000 federal employees can't make a little extra money doing human trafficking. I hate unelected presidents.

  • anand panjwani
    anand panjwani Month ago

    Excellent work President Trump. God Bless USA.

  • Orville Dunworth
    Orville Dunworth Month ago

    What a f@cking idiot.

  • Analilia Gomez-Oros

    Also, hold American corporations accountable who have businesses abroad exploiting cheap labor and wages. #AllisPossible

  • Analilia Gomez-Oros

    Walls will not create peace, communication with world leaders and developing currency equality will help the world. Migration will not take place if the economics are great and wages sustain families.

  • Beau Grieve
    Beau Grieve Month ago

    The movie Taken in real life in America. Well done everyone

  • IsraelDiegorivera Eugeniolucientesgenius

    Trump should get the Chinese to build his wall.

  • Daniel Levine
    Daniel Levine Month ago


  • Dyanne Gavin
    Dyanne Gavin Month ago

    I don’t know why the Democrats don’t even care about children and women being trafficked. It’s disgusting...we need a wall AND everything else we can think of! Wake up! Trump 2020

  • Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell Month ago

    They want a strong border and if we have to tighten our belts we will get security

  • sullyz girl89
    sullyz girl89 Month ago

    Did some do a hand fart. Wth

  • sullyz girl89
    sullyz girl89 Month ago

    Love the exchange at the. End. John. Was flipped on that one

  • Rachel Lavian
    Rachel Lavian Month ago

    We are indeed blessed with a great president GOD BLESS TRUMP

  • Adiraj Chauhan
    Adiraj Chauhan Month ago

    Sign the f**king CR!