The Try Guys Surprise Eugene With His Nightmare Car

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • In Part 2 of "The Try Guys Pimp Eugene's Ride," Keith, Ned, and Zach get full control over their best friend's total car makeover and surprise him with their vision of the perfect vehicle. Are you ready for the jaw-dropping reveal of his new pimped out whip?! Lord knows these roads are not ready (and probably never will be). If you had the chance to prank your friend's car, what would you do?
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Comments • 10 835

  • Introverted Tomboy
    Introverted Tomboy 5 hours ago

    Yo someone help him buy a new car XD

  • vanillabean411
    vanillabean411 7 hours ago

    11:05 the face of true fear 😂

  • roxy Iliescu
    roxy Iliescu 8 hours ago

    This sucks? I’m sorry like Ik all jokes aside but there should of been like a turn where they actually got him a new car or something this is just like mean... like what did he do to deserve this

  • Unanium
    Unanium 9 hours ago

    Get.A.New.Car.Eugene Lee Yang!

  • My name Is jazmine
    My name Is jazmine 15 hours ago

    Omg when I go to la I’m going to search for him 💀💀

  • Awesome SK55
    Awesome SK55 15 hours ago

    Next Time on The Try Guys
    Eugene: *This* *is* *why* *I* *left* *The* *Try* *Guys*

  • Jason Beaudry
    Jason Beaudry Day ago

    So... these guys are gay right?

  • Claire Ashley
    Claire Ashley Day ago +1

    Please tell me Eugene was planning on getting a new car so he just let them run with it and do whatever for a video and to promote the awesome place that did it! I really hope he isn't driving this car around for real! If so...comon guys..they had experts helping them design literally ANYTHING. They could have made it look amazing! Really hoping this was just for the video and he actually got a new car!!

  • Meli
    Meli Day ago

    As someone who leaned how to wrap cars, my teacher would be me the fuck up if I tried it this way.

  • Alex Le
    Alex Le Day ago

    I can see why Eugene has trust issues now

  • Sjach Decadere
    Sjach Decadere Day ago

    On one hand, this was a pretty terrible thing to do (unless it was April Fool's Day--was it April Fool's day?).
    On the other, Eugene has enough friends--has the "good enough" friends--TO do stuff like this to him. (And with him, obviously, but mostly to.)
    You decide which is which.
    Also, there is no way this car is EVER gonna get stolen. Perfect anti-thief measures!

  • Hanny Mary
    Hanny Mary Day ago

    Still driving?

  • Lily
    Lily Day ago

    wondering whether he managed to get a new car already

  • eVa NaH
    eVa NaH Day ago

    HAHAHAHAHAH!! I just can't stop laughing!! Priceless!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • galectic _
    galectic _ Day ago

    unsub for Eugene’s car

  • galectic _
    galectic _ Day ago

    why was this the best three full grown adults could come up with

  • C.o.R
    C.o.R Day ago

    They're gonna need to go back there to wash the blood off when he runs them the fuck over

  • Viv
    Viv 2 days ago

    6:51 is ned german or why does he swears in german?😂

  • TyneMint
    TyneMint 2 days ago

    So... Are yall gonna sell the car? Or like it becomes the company car?

  • Alicia Rodriguez
    Alicia Rodriguez 2 days ago


  • Genevieve Higman
    Genevieve Higman 2 days ago

    It’s the try mobile

  • Em
    Em 2 days ago

    Aurian is hot

  • Pokams
    Pokams 2 days ago

    11:51 when youre on the water ride and youre about to get wet

  • Isaac Rees
    Isaac Rees 2 days ago

    Time to call david dobrik/ seat geek

    HELEN XUE 3 days ago

    “you ever seen the Jojo Siwa car?”
    that sent chills 💀

  • Wassup Homie
    Wassup Homie 3 days ago

    I think the inside is actually a cute Lil spunky finish for Eugene and it fits with his inner drag but the out side is actually just ugly they could have made it better no offense 😬

  • Joo Honey
    Joo Honey 3 days ago

    Why is eugene looking so tall at the beginning? XD his knees look like they are way down

  • omi -
    omi - 3 days ago

    They knew he would hate it 😑

  • Traian Luca
    Traian Luca 3 days ago

    2:12 i died laughing

  • Sarah Henderson
    Sarah Henderson 3 days ago

    I'm really sorry, Eugene, but this was funny af.

  • DrPhiller DeNamjoon
    DrPhiller DeNamjoon 3 days ago

    The vinal guy and Eugene looks related tbh

  • Salty Soup
    Salty Soup 3 days ago

    I'm so sorry Eugene.

  • Emannie Garcia
    Emannie Garcia 3 days ago


  • el park
    el park 3 days ago

    13:26 i love how they blurred the plate number like that would be the most giveaway from eugene’s car 😂

  • Jennifer Myers
    Jennifer Myers 4 days ago

    Tut ........ tut ........ tut ............... why is it always Eugene well I guess you can’t have good looks and good luck

  • vjoyyy ismylifeu
    vjoyyy ismylifeu 4 days ago

    I'm happy that you babysit wes
    And you ended love him

    You sit in keith's lap
    And you already love him

    They decorated your car and i'm sad together with you too
    Eugene's Car

  • Soup Time Now time
    Soup Time Now time 4 days ago

    Honestly I’m surprised he didn’t cry

  • Soup Time Now time
    Soup Time Now time 4 days ago

    Poor kid....

  • Wanna Nike Sb
    Wanna Nike Sb 4 days ago

    Get a steamer and remove that deadass wrap

  • Jaritza
    Jaritza 4 days ago

    I actually feel really bad :( how about we dont skip ads on their videos until Eugene gets a new car?

  • Kelsie Smyth
    Kelsie Smyth 4 days ago

    All three of these men share only one braincell and I think in this episode, no one had it. It's gone. It's out the door. Its going on vacation

  • Taylor's Daily Mistakes

    I would love to have this car, just me??? XD

  • corey umamoto
    corey umamoto 4 days ago

    I want an Uber in this car

  • Valintina Lopez
    Valintina Lopez 4 days ago

    I bet he had cash for a new car and that’s why he agreed to this

  • Vivian Do
    Vivian Do 4 days ago

    Ayo I cant with Keith at 11:57 😂😂

  • HunterZ21
    HunterZ21 4 days ago

    The try guys becomes a Ricer

  • like a sir
    like a sir 4 days ago +1

    I won't skip any ads for a long time, my boy Eugene needs a new car lmaooo😂
    R.i.p Eugene's car

  • fuglyandsmexybitch
    fuglyandsmexybitch 5 days ago +2

    Y'all need to stop torturing Eugene like this. XD

  • S. R.
    S. R. 5 days ago

    The toxic masculinity crowd is going to see this car in public and go apeshit

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 5 days ago +1

    I say this quite a bit: You 4 give me hope for the future.

  • Gemma Diaz
    Gemma Diaz 5 days ago +7

    *”He’s so happy he’s crying!”*
    IM DYING 😂😂😂

  • 420JC
    420JC 5 days ago

    Anyone else think the owner of that shop is kinda hot

  • Anorexic Gacha
    Anorexic Gacha 5 days ago


  • Noémie Claire
    Noémie Claire 5 days ago

    At this point they're just mean... poor Eugene

  • kacy oen
    kacy oen 5 days ago

    But why couldn't they have done something nice to car?

  • Braxton Lane
    Braxton Lane 5 days ago +1

    no one:

    ned, aggressively: _i said shut the fuck up_

  • Elizabeth Greenawald

    I'm laughing so hard because of how hilarious... And sad it was. His caaaaaar. 😭😂

  • Hello it is me Jessie

    I’m just gonna watch the commercials over and over again

  • Eliot Elias
    Eliot Elias 7 days ago

    Eugene is a mir mortal, ya sure Zack

    I can’t spell pls help me and correct me

  • Popart Films
    Popart Films 8 days ago

    One of the funniest episodes

  • David
    David 9 days ago

    I bet he can’t drive a Manuel

  • Alika Kianga
    Alika Kianga 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks the car looks super awesome? (On the outside..)

  • Chronic Randomness
    Chronic Randomness 9 days ago

    Why isn't Eugene on the car?

  • Remy Fagerstrom
    Remy Fagerstrom 10 days ago +1

    ok y’all we need a part 3. when did eugene blow up his car?

  • Yi Hong Ng
    Yi Hong Ng 10 days ago

    Ned wants everything to be his way and baby proof the car WTF

  • Pia Michelle
    Pia Michelle 10 days ago +2

    I watched through all the ads so poor Eugene can afford a new car after they played him with this one 🙏🏻

  • Nisuju
    Nisuju 10 days ago

    No one heard that porn intro instumental at around 2:40 to 2:55

  • isabella cheng
    isabella cheng 10 days ago

    i love how they blocked out the license plate but now that his car has ALL OF THAT, everyone knows his car. no matter what

  • Saskia Meli
    Saskia Meli 10 days ago

    I need to follow Eugene’s Look Book

  • Asja Kresevljakovic
    Asja Kresevljakovic 10 days ago

    I love you guys...🤠💓