Best Nail Art Compilation 2019

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Best Nail Art Compilation 2019
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Comments • 132

  • Esther Romero
    Esther Romero Day ago

    How do u do that it is so amazing i wish i was that talented💖😂

  • Stéphane D
    Stéphane D Day ago +1

    C'est très joli, c'est très original mais, je ne peux m'empêcher de penser à une chose... De faire des vidéos sur les vernis, de faire, refaire et refaire sans cesse ses ongles, et donc appliquer une quantité importante de produits chimiques et des solvants qui pénétrent, est ce que cette dame à conscience de risquer sa vie en développant un cancer ?

  • Toni Aaron
    Toni Aaron 2 days ago

    What do they rub on the nail to make it look metalic

    • sara Alaaa
      sara Alaaa 2 days ago

      Toni Aaron a silver matte pigment (powder) 😀

  • Simona Romano
    Simona Romano 4 days ago

    Come si chiama il prodotto che usi per i disegni?????

  • محمود القحم

    مًنِ وٌيِّنِ يِّشُـتٌـروٌ طِأّبًعٌهّـ أّلأّظُأّفُـر ردوٌ لَوٌ سِـمًحًتٌـوٌ

  • Christianah Alagbe
    Christianah Alagbe 5 days ago +4

    I probably can't do any of this. But it is really nice. Love the designs.💖

  • Diana Muñoz
    Diana Muñoz 5 days ago +2

    I Love your videos i want to make all that you know

  • Juwela Ferreira
    Juwela Ferreira 6 days ago

    Who else likes it when they put shine at last on their nails????

  • littlepotato100
    littlepotato100 6 days ago

    What is the clear thing(not the clear nail polish the thing used to put the shapes on the nails) and the thing you put the nail polish on to make the shapes?

    • Ahana Kumar
      Ahana Kumar 6 days ago

      littlepotato100 a nail stamper thingy

  • karima chekal
    karima chekal 7 days ago +3

    Trop cool c très originale

  • Рагиф Нуриев

    I like canal🤗👍

  • الإسكندر المفترس

    ماهو الشئ الي بتسهملوه عشان طبع الصورة على الاطافر

  • Camila Saldarriaga
    Camila Saldarriaga 17 days ago +2

    Muy bonito, no son muy extrabagantes son bonito.
    Por ahora la única palabra con la que puedo definir esto es bonito

    KALAL SUPRIYA 24 days ago

    V can enjoy by watching this video but v can't try this 🤷‍♀🤷‍♀

  • Saran saleen
    Saran saleen 25 days ago +5

    your nail art is beautiful but the thing is I don't have these things

  • Saran saleen
    Saran saleen 25 days ago

    love your nail art

  • Barbara Liles
    Barbara Liles 25 days ago

    I need help cause I have been trying to put a top coat on my nails after I stamp them but when I'm applying the top coat it smears my stamp and completely messes up my nails

    • Mythical Beast
      Mythical Beast Day ago +1

      You could get a no smear top coat. I have one by born pretty, it was $2!

    • Ahana Kumar
      Ahana Kumar 6 days ago

      Barbara Liles wait fr it to dry

  • Fer Souza
    Fer Souza 25 days ago


  • Nagamani Gangadar
    Nagamani Gangadar 26 days ago

    very interesting i like it

  • hiral nayak
    hiral nayak 26 days ago +2

    Jo faisu ko janta he like karo so i cann no how much populer he is👩💬Cool💫

  • mundo da yara santos
    mundo da yara santos 27 days ago

    Amei todas

  • Lejla Beslija
    Lejla Beslija 27 days ago +5

    Why she used acetone in the first clip and in the second used liquid latex ?
    She could have used liquid latex doing the first nail art because then u would need a lot of cuticle oil.

  • vianah kothari
    vianah kothari 27 days ago +6

    The 1st 2 clips reminded me of cristine lol( simplynailogical)

  • Aline Conta
    Aline Conta 27 days ago


  • Arenamarvel !!!
    Arenamarvel !!! 27 days ago +1

    Water marble is.........WITCH CRAFT


  • Parimal Kundu
    Parimal Kundu 27 days ago


  • Sangam sai tejaswini . teju

    the way of keeping nail polish is gud but we cant try guys
    gud 👍

  • Connie Lee
    Connie Lee 28 days ago +6

    First one-This is why we use liquid latex like the second one

  • Zibiya Bachalakuri
    Zibiya Bachalakuri 28 days ago +2

    I opened it by seeing the thumbnail

  • Ramesh Ramesh
    Ramesh Ramesh 28 days ago +2

    I am from lndia 💅please like

  • Shagun Soni
    Shagun Soni 28 days ago

    Ye jo design bna rhe ho isme ye bottle c ky h

  • Rakesh Bharya
    Rakesh Bharya 28 days ago


  • Kaoutar ab
    Kaoutar ab 29 days ago +1


  • gurnoor kaur
    gurnoor kaur 29 days ago +9

    I can't do this much PERFECTION😭😂

  • gurnoor kaur
    gurnoor kaur 29 days ago +26

    SimplyNailogical where u at?😂

    • Dija
      Dija 2 days ago


    • eve mcmullan
      eve mcmullan 16 days ago +1

      I love SimplyNailogical!!

    • Yandre Chan
      Yandre Chan 27 days ago +4

      Ayyyy a fellow holosexual XD

  • gurnoor kaur
    gurnoor kaur 29 days ago +4

    All that acetone going on your skin is probably not good for your skin😓

  • gurnoor kaur
    gurnoor kaur 29 days ago +13

    These are great, but I probably can't do any of these😂

  • Osya Sa
    Osya Sa 29 days ago +2

    What fluid do u use for removing gel on the sides ?

  • Ilona Strzelczyk
    Ilona Strzelczyk 29 days ago +6

    @simply nailogical is crying in the corner watching this

  • توتة العراقيه

    هل يوجد عراقين هنا يا ترى😍🤔🤔🤔🤗🙂☺😚😙

    • محمود القحم
      محمود القحم 5 days ago

      بًلَيِّﺰ ردٍيِّ فُـدٍوٌهّـ

    • محمود القحم
      محمود القحم 5 days ago

      مًنِ وٌيِّنِ وٌأّحًدٍ يِّشُـتٌـريِّ طِأّبًعٌهّـ أّلَأّظُأّفُـر

  • Sankar Nath
    Sankar Nath 29 days ago


  • ikitidar soylu
    ikitidar soylu 29 days ago

    koförmüsünüz? koferden daha güzeld oyüzden sordum

  • hiral nayak
    hiral nayak 29 days ago +4

    Bichme jo add ayi thi vo fabby makeupartist ki thi

  • rosa miguel
    rosa miguel 29 days ago

    Fixe 😉😉

  • Zeba's World
    Zeba's World 29 days ago +1

    Hi!! Can I get atleast one subscriber as a gift bcoz today is my b'day

  • Gitesh Dutta
    Gitesh Dutta 29 days ago +1


  • Arshiya Naheed
    Arshiya Naheed Month ago +3

    I cant do this much perfect 😫

  • Breanna brown_3200050
    Breanna brown_3200050 Month ago +6

    water marble isn’t Nadir art.... ITS WITCHCRAFT

  • Dasuri Torres
    Dasuri Torres Month ago +2

    I would like to do a constructive criticism without being rude, some of this nails filing still needed a little bit more of work, like they were still visibly uneven, now, I don't know if your costumers you know like them like that or have any medical issue, if that's the case it's another story, but other that that you have great art skills and ideas.

  • Sehaz Bilaspur
    Sehaz Bilaspur Month ago +1

    Very nice 😘

  • hilda alintria
    hilda alintria Month ago

    That's nail stamping. There's a code name nail stamping plate. I hope you showing it. So we could remake it

  • hilda alintria
    hilda alintria Month ago

    I luv your mermaid scale idea

  • Samsung J5
    Samsung J5 Month ago +1

    Обмануйть картинка била друга

  • Basetty's kitchen
    Basetty's kitchen Month ago +2

    Wow 👌 new fnd 🤝🔔👍

  • Bible Barbie
    Bible Barbie Month ago

    What color pink is on the default picture. What brand.

  • ButterGirl Roblox
    ButterGirl Roblox Month ago +6

    My nails are long just like they have but I can’t find those color things where u put the polish on the sticker things.

    • ButterGirl Roblox
      ButterGirl Roblox 28 days ago

      Emma Blackthorn ok thx for telling me. Now I can probably find then more easily now that I know what there called.

    • Emma Blackthorn
      Emma Blackthorn 28 days ago

      @ButterGirl Roblox it's stamping plate

    • ButterGirl Roblox
      ButterGirl Roblox 28 days ago

      Emma Blackthorn no I mean the black things where u put the polish on the design. Like in 0:01

    • Emma Blackthorn
      Emma Blackthorn 28 days ago

      You mean the liquid latex?

  • Gajndr Ranawat
    Gajndr Ranawat Month ago +4

    I will try this and it's awesome

  • Gajndr Ranawat
    Gajndr Ranawat Month ago +2

    I will try this and it's awesome

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan Month ago +2


  • Madi Grace
    Madi Grace Month ago +1

    What is the pink stuff XD Ik I’m dumb

    • Madi Grace
      Madi Grace 26 days ago

      Bitches And Cream tysm!

    • Bitches And Cream
      Bitches And Cream Month ago

      Liquid latex. You put it on your finger around your nail so when you get nail polish on your skin you can just peel it off

  • seriouslyWILD person
    seriouslyWILD person Month ago +1

    Whats this and
    And how you do dis?

    • hilda alintria
      hilda alintria Month ago +1

      That's nail stamping. But there's a code name nail stamping. Hope she showing it

  • Adam Balogh
    Adam Balogh Month ago +5

    Nice I am from India any you please reply

  • Saleh Hafida
    Saleh Hafida Month ago

    Chofi nti li katsaybi bhale hade nou3e dyale dicoure zwine walakine fihe chwiyate lhmoda....👧👼

  • Karen Louis
    Karen Louis Month ago

    trypo warning until 0:57

  • Shadab Fatma
    Shadab Fatma Month ago +9

    Ur nails is so long and beautiful how ?

    • Arenamarvel !!!
      Arenamarvel !!! 27 days ago

      Just wait till it grows duhhhh

    • Shadab Fatma
      Shadab Fatma Month ago +3

      Queenaliyaazhar 1 ok thanks 🤗

    • Queenaliyaazhar 1
      Queenaliyaazhar 1 Month ago +3

      Apply garlic and give massage to your nails (15 min) and then wash your nails without soap after washing apply Vaseline.... Do this for 2 weeks and see the results after 2 weeks your nails become strong and long

  • Ady's Nail Design Hub
    Ady's Nail Design Hub Month ago +2


  • Nipa Orini
    Nipa Orini Month ago +2

    দারুণ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rama Chandran
    Rama Chandran Month ago +1


  • Shivani Aangre
    Shivani Aangre Month ago


  • Alexandra Bustos
    Alexandra Bustos Month ago +2

    Like si eres la unica mexicana que estas biendo el video y comentarios en ingles

  • sizzlingg prity
    sizzlingg prity Month ago +7

    its awesome

  • Ahana Anaha
    Ahana Anaha Month ago +6

    I am from kerala

    • Ahana Kumar
      Ahana Kumar 6 days ago

      😂 hi my name is Ahana too but I’m from Delhi

    • Top 10 Things
      Top 10 Things  Month ago

      hi, and welcome to our channel

  • Ahana Anaha
    Ahana Anaha Month ago +2


  • Kamla Singh
    Kamla Singh Month ago +8

    Your video profile is something and u r showings something

  • Kiran Gupta
    Kiran Gupta Month ago +120

    Amazing but can't try😔😔😔
    IF U Agree 😁😁
    HIT A LIKE 👍

      HUSSAIN ALi 26 days ago

      Kiran Gupta you have done same comment in 5 minute craft girly.

    • gurnoor kaur
      gurnoor kaur 29 days ago +4

      Kiran Gupta stop asking for likes

  • Miss Cadets
    Miss Cadets Month ago +31

    Love how you show your errors and fixes! 👍💕

  • Kusum Sajwan
    Kusum Sajwan Month ago +29

    Nice I am from India and you please reply

    • Ahana Kumar
      Ahana Kumar 6 days ago

      Pratyasha Routh she wasn’t saying that
      She said to the person “UR RUDE.” Not India

    • Summer Kittrell
      Summer Kittrell 27 days ago

      World of dance and art how are you talking to booh

    • j6red
      j6red 28 days ago

      World of dance and art period

    • Pratyasha Routh
      Pratyasha Routh 28 days ago +3

      Mía: P India is not rude
      You are idiot 🤬😡😡

    • Dasuri Torres
      Dasuri Torres Month ago +1

      @Barbie Onions I never realized that Barbie had onions until now 😂😂😂😂😂 cool name 😂😂😂😂

  • mama _iyang_
    mama _iyang_ Month ago


  • Manjit Kaur
    Manjit Kaur Month ago

    I'm early

  • Nadir Muradov
    Nadir Muradov Month ago +2

    İlk yorum

  • Pinky aruna
    Pinky aruna Month ago +3

    I like thiss😍

  • Owl
    Owl Month ago +2

    Where is: 'Want more videos like this?'